Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring Johnny B. Truant

Music is the strongest form of magic.

~Marilyn Manson

Music captures our creative souls and holds them ransom. Being an entrepreneur unleashes them onto the world and allows us to become our fullest selves in a world where we were only encouraged to "be". The Garage Party is about bringing those two parts of us together in one arena where people can see the music that casts spells on us and the businesses that come about because of those spells. Every week, 7 entrepreneurs take "the stage" in front of an audience of 2700+ to show off their magic. Every week, I'm amazed at the people I meet.

Join me in celebrating people that have passion, dedication, and a fire to make their mark on this world. :) And sign up to be a part of an upcoming Garage Party, so you can show off your soul and your business!


Paul Bond | Badass'D Biz+Ink Paul Bond

I’ve seen this gentleman’s attire more than once on Chris Brogan’s head. And I’ve heard good things about him from Ajax Wooley. Let me introduce you to Paul Bond of Brix Workwear. The first time I saw the hat on Brogan’s head, it made an impression. Brix. What? Love the name and, though I just met the man, I’m highly impressed! Check out his site and his song!


Megan Pangan Megan Pangan

Our next VIP celebrates entrepreneurs who run their business and their life from their heart! The ones who don’t get caught up in statics, tactics, and external motivations rather than love. She blogs about them on her site and has hopes of creating a community of lovepreneurs! Check out Megan Pangan’s song and her site!


Monica Neilsen Monica Nielsen

This next VIP is absolutely brims life and love! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Monica Nielsen on a couple of projects and she has an amazing spirit! (Not to mention a product that makes us chicks feel utterly luxurious!!) Check out her song and her site! (Dudes, it’s a chick’s site, but if you have one in your life, she may LOVE what Monica sells!)


Jody Maberry Jody Maberry

Meet Jody Maberry! He started out as a park ranger, left and became a financial analyst turned park ranger (again!) and now has a site for Park Leaders up and running! Thanks for the kind intro Jared Easley :) Jody's goal for Park Leaders will connect the wisdom of those who did with the passion of those who will.


John Forbes John Forbes

Get online psychological help and advice through e-meetings, email, and newsletters at John Forbes' new site Lift My Mind. His goal is to make trained professional help available across the web to anyone who needs it, regardless of where or who they are. Check out Comfortably Numb and Lift My Mind!


Joe LaLonde Joseph LaLonde

Joe works hard to help mold students into leaders. To give them the skills they need to thrive in a hectic world. He teaches them how to navigate the waters of business and to make the most of the tasks they face. Please welcome Joseph LaLonde, check out his site and his song.


Johnny B Truant | Badass'D Biz+Ink Johnny B. Truant

Time for tonight’s Surprise VIP! Johnny B. Truant, articulator and story machine behind Realm and Sands, is one character who creates characters you won’t soon forget. And right now, he and his partner, Sean Platt, are working to reach their stretch goal for their Kickstarter campaign. If there’s anything you can learn from these two loons (said with utter love and affection) is how to write, how to write well, and how to write well fast. Check out Johnny’s favorite song (which was among 8768K other ones and he almost couldn’t choose!!) and his Kickstarter! Please contribute or share! :) (after you give a listen to Social Distortion!)


Check out this week's and all the past VIP picks in the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist!

That's it for this week's VIPs! Don't be shy, if someone here looks like someone you want to know, pay them a visit and tell them where you learned about them. Who knows, projects have been started this way and so have many, many friendships!

Kick Ass!! Tania Dakka



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