Get Your Customers to Pay Full Price

You've been offered a discount, but you refuse it. You refuse it. WHY?? Why would you turn down MONEY? Essentially, you're insisting on giving away what you had in your pocket. WHY?

Blame It On Your Foolish Heart

We buy because of emotion. We don't buy because of price. Think about the last time you walked into American Eagle or your favorite store. What did you feel when you walked in? That store's your fave because of how it makes  you feel when you go inside. The clothes you choose, you choose because of how you feel when you wear them. It's emotion, not price tag that propels you.

Your customer is no different.

Make Customers Want to Give You Their Money

This morning, I called our mechanic to make an appointment to have the car looked over before we trek through the mountains of West Freaking Virginia (no offense, but it freaks me out) and break down – again. I want him to make sure everything's running and in good shape.

"How much?"

"$69.95, (stuttering) but, um, I'll see what I can do. Maybe I can get you a discount."

"No. I don't want a discount. I want you to take your full price and look at every lug nut and every bolt to make sure the car is safe before I haul my precious monsters in it." (Okay, if you tell on me for turning down a discount, you're off the cool list. :p )

Emotion made me want to give him everything he deserves.

It Isn't About the Money

I want to pay full price because I want piece of mind that our SUV will get us there safely. I want piece of mind that he's not going to cut corners. Hell, I'll probably  give him extra to make sure he's super thorough. But his willingness to accommodate me, our history of working together, and the feeling of reassurance made me turn down his offer. I am perfectly happy with paying full price because I FEEL he'll do a better job if he knows I'm not trying to nickel-and-dime him.

Are you turning on emotion in your customers?

Getting Your Customer to Pay Full Price

So, if you want customers to come back to you again and again. If you want customers to accept your prices and fees without haggling. If you want them to look forward to doing business with you, make them FEEL the way they want to feel. Bring up emotions in them that make them connect with you.

Your words will make or break your business in this digital business age.

Connect with their hearts and minds in everything you do, from your social media to your blog posts, to your emails.

Because people will forget every word you ever said to them, but they'll never, ever forget the emotions you stir in them.


 Take this, turn your customers on, and kick ass next week!

Tania Dakka