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Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring Andy White

Remember riding with your BFF when your favorite song comes on? The volume's suddenly pushed to ear-damaging. The pedal meets the floor. And your spirit soars far outside your body. Music takes away your sensibility, gives you a sense of power and removes doubt...even if only for a moment in time. Music has the power to change worlds. To change lives. That's the beauty of the Garage Party: Business is about changing lives so we get to meet new people who are doing the same thing as we are, the same thing as the music we all love.  Want to share your business with 3000+ entrepreneurs, too? Email me why you're awesome (and trust me, you are!) with your favorite song and the link you want shared :) But first...see what these cats are up to!

OmarZenhom Omar Zenhom

This first dude? Is offering something you want, trust me. LOL

What if you could skip all the guesswork behind your biz? Omar Zenhom wants to make sure you do! Check out his FREE course and his DAILY 10 - minute free business lessons via his podcast and his song:$100-mba-show-daily-10-minute/id906218859?mt=2

Please give him a listen and leave a rating and a review! (Pretty please ) He's delivering the goods just for you!


AdamBrowne Adam Browne

This next guy? Is doing it right. He will deliver you a customized meal plan and workout plan so you can keep your biz going without sweating the crapwork you know you have to do, but don't want to do. Your business needs you and for the cost of one of your sales each month, he'll help you make sure you have the tools to be at your best! Check out Adam and what he's working for you!


AndrewWee Andrew Wee

Andrew Wee?? He's got the deets on how to get what you really want. (YOU need him.) He's teaching the what's what on affiliate marketing, blogging, and social marketing. Check him out and his song! (And earn some extra moula!)


NickKizirnis Nick Kizirnis

Nick Kizirnis has a new album out. And you know me, I loves some new tunes! His latest, Barrier Reef, covers everything from surf rock to full-on sci-fi themes. Check out what he's cranked out for you. It's great focus and getting things done!

Check out his song Wilco's "Via Chicago" and his album!


CorrineMarasco Corrine Marasco

Corrine Marasco wants to take you from Ah-HA! to project delivery! And how many times you've gotten stuck and not known what to do? Corrine is going to get you unstuck. Check her out and start delivering!


DanaReed Dana Reed

We have more handcrafted beauties for those every day occasions! Dana Reed's creating gorgeous stuff in Vancouver. Check all the unique cuffs, earrings, and necklaces she's crafting for you! There are two collections: Japantown and Vancouver. So be sure to check out both :) (PS Check her site name: Dan's Garage, Fine Metal Workshop - LOOOOVE!)


AndyWhite Andy White

This next dude? He's a troublemaker. He's helping worlds collide. He's helping the worlds that should be invade the worlds that are.

Get to know Andy White and put fuel on that fire that's burning inside you. Sign up for his weekly email that will keep you inspired and up-to-date on new courses and material you'll need to help you change your world.


And don't forget to plug into the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist when you need some inspiration. Follow the list to get updates on new tracks added every week!

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Kick ass (forget taking names)!



Tania Dakka

Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring CROBOT!!

Music. Motorcycles. Marketing. There's little as endorphin-inducing (keep this clean people!) as the 3Ms. Well, for me, anyway. But music and marketing is what brings us together every Friday night. It's time for us to kick back, crack open a beer, and meet entrepreneurs like us, who give everything they've got to their projects. The treps who aren't satisfied with cranking out shit, but will work until they bleed over it. We are the game-changers. The passionate ones. The ones whose lives? Are spent changing others'.

We always meet killer artists and craftsmen, like Seth Godin (remember that?? Killer song he shared), Chris Brogan, James Altucher. CHAD GRAY. Well, tonight is no different. You are in for such a treat!! And if you want to appear on an upcoming Garage Party to show of your tastes and talents, email me at tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com and let me know why you ROCK!

I'm shutting up now!

Suckerpunchltd Sucker Punch, Ltd.

Cruising on the open road isn't any fun if your baby's not running right. Or if your ass is numb because you haven't changed out your stock seat! Sucker Punch Ltd.'s got your Sportster parts' needs covered. From foot pegs to grips, equip your Sporty with parts from Sucker Punch Ltd. (And grab a cool tee or two, too!)


JimHouse Jim House

"Sit down!"

"Stop hitting your sister!"

Imagine not having to scream or lose your temper with your babies ever again. Jim House (aka Goose - because he's my wingman LOL) has written the book on techniques from the Principal's Office that he's used to defuse kids and their moods in schools in gang-riddled neighborhoods. He has experience helping parents cope with the moods of their kids and is sharing that knowledge with the world very soon! Sign up to join his Facebook Book Launch and get your hands on your copy as soon as it's out!


AshleySmythSrokosz Ashley Smyth Srokosz 

This is a night for parents! Ashley has the perfect challenge to go with Jim's parenting handbook: The Calm Mom Challenge! Yep, you heard that right. She knows what it takes to go from that screaming out-of-control feeling to that cool-as-as-cucumber premommy feeling you used to have. Oh's possible. With Ashley, you're 30 days from savoring silence like it's the last cupcake on Earth! Sign up and take the Calm Mom Challenge!


IanNguyen Anh Nguyen Duy

Handcrafted jewelry and trinkets speak volumes about you and the things you love. Anh has pendants, rings, and charms that you won't find in any mall. Ones that say, "yes, I am as unique as my necklace and just ANY accessory will do". Check out her site and see what pieces speak to you!


SigurdurGudbrandsson Sigurdur Gudbrandsson

Get more visitors and more sales - just by increasing your website load time? Well, yes. Site that take longer than 3s to load lose visitors. Lower your bounce rate when you give them what they're looking for faster. And make more money when they actually hang around to see what you have to offer them. Get your website speed review from Quick Falcon today!


JulieAnneJones Julie Anne

Julie Anne wants to transform you into a Virtual Rockstar! She uses her experience as a speaker and a coach to turn you into the Rockstar you are! Get in touch with her and shift your game!


TomRosenak Tom Rosenak

Tom's a certified Book Yourself Solid coach and a sought-after speaker who's just kicked off his podcast, Where Diamonds Meet, dishing conversations that help business owners fine tune their sales and business strategies. If you're looking for ways to grow and earn more, check out Tom's podcast and his site!



I canNOT tell you how many times I've listened to their EP. When they say Dirty.Groove.Rock? They mean it! These riffs are addictive and the rhythm (along with Brandon Yeagley's voice) are *nothing!* short of hypnotic. They were recently nominated by Loudwire as one of 2014's best new bands, they have two new videos out: "Nowhere to Hide" and "Legend of the Spaceborne Killer", and have just announced we'll have a NEW album to burn up our earbuds out October 28th! Watch these guys. Watch them carefully! Because, before you know it? You'll be shaking your ass and banging your head, too! Check out Crobot and their song for the #GarageParty:

(WOOOHOOO! I LOVE it when the music I love is the music YOU love and want to share, too! LOL)

Grab their EP from iTunes: now!

Don't forget to follow the Official Garage Party Spotify Playlist!

That's it for this week! So glad you stopped in! If you want to grab your spot as  VIP on an upcoming Garage Party, email tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com and tell me why you kick-ass so you can be featured in front of a killa 3000+-strong community of likeminded entrepreneurs!

Kick Ass!

Tania Dakka





Monday Mosh Pit Post (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring Miki Strong

Friday means it's time to have a blast meeting entrepreneurs who are working their asses off so they can make the lives of others better. But we get to take a peek through a tiny peep hole into their hearts, into who they are, when they share their favorite songs with us! And as always, there are some amazing peeps on board, so check them out and connect with them. Tell them you heard about them on the Garage Party!  

MollyPatrick Molly Patrick

I don't know where I keep finding these vegans...but they're pretty cool! Meet Molly Patrick! She's the Bold Vegan and is offering a one week clean food cleanse! And after reading that sexy copy, I'm ready to cleanse!


MelissaGWilson Melissa G Wilson

This is an amazing woman that I've had the pleasure of working with on several occasions! Melissa G Wilson is into some amazing projects like the Spark Tank! It's where Chicago locals can go to get high tech learning with a human touch. It was Melissa's dream to make tech accessible for all in her corner of Chi-town and she's made it happen!


ModernSavage Modern Savage

Okay. I'm giving these guys a spot. I've been after them for weeks to be a VIP on the Garage Party. Mainly because I ADORE their mentality and their LOGO! Is that thing not insane??? The Modern Savage isn't about experiencing life through multi-media. They believe in getting out and living it, in creating a magnificent life through hard work and toil. Their tees are emblazoned with "Relentless Determination. Unwavering Resolve." YES! Check out their lifestyle apparel!

So. Meet Modern Savage!

I'm giving them "Determined" because they are all about determination! (Plus it was an excuse to play MY favorite song!! Bahahahah!)


LimitlessMegan Limitless Megan

Learn how to read Lenormand - It’s kind of like Tarot, but not. It shows you an image of right now and what’s going on in your life. Check out Megan’s class and learn to read your intuition in your life and your biz.

CricketWilsonHarris  Cricket Wilson-Harris

If you want to close the gap between what you envision your website to be and DO for you and what it IS, Cricket Wilson-Harris is the woman to do it! She comes highly recommended, so she always has a waiting list. You want a pro site that screams you are even more magical than you already are? She'll make it happen! You want to be an A-lister, your site needs to be an A-lister, too. Hit me for more info.


MikiStrong Miki Strong

Meet the woman who wants to make you more money, Miki Strong! She's going to give you the blueprint you need to stop taking less than you deserve! She works with women to help them develop packages and signature programs that you'll love to deliver so you can stop under-earning, stop over-working, and unstick your cash flow!


And don't forget to plug in the awesome that is the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist!

That's it for this week's Garage Party! Reach out to these cool cats and say hello! Want to be a VIP, too? Email me at tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com! See you next week!

Kick Ass – Always!

Tania Dakka





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Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring Princess!

Friday isn't the end of the week for entrepreneurs. But Friday night? We get to let loose with the general population and behave like the rest of the world. Well, most of us can, at least. So, Friday night is the night that I spend introducing new-found ass-kickers to my little community of over 3000 entrepreneurs. And we get to enjoy plenty of great music while we do it! The Garage Party is always a load of fun, but what's more important are the friends that are made, the products that are discovered, and the talent that is exposed. If you haven't been on the Garage Party, drop an email to tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com and let's get you on!


Lynette Barbieri

Moms are no longer left to figure out this entrepreneurial gig all on their own! Lynette Barbieri and EThinkTankMoms is dedicated to giving them the tools they need to finally realize their dreams!


IanMcNay Ian McNay

Meet Ian McNay and Marketing Stick! Ian's fanatical about businesses and their success and he has a killer tool to help you get organized, increase traffic, and manage your online rep!


NicoleLarson Nicole Larson

Nicole Larson wants you to be brave, not broke! Real creatives drink champagne...well, they do when they work with her! Tell the odds to SHOVE it!


BariTesslerLinden Bari Tessler Linden

This chick? Is a rockstar! You want to meet and be a part of her world! She an amazing chica, a financial therapist (HELLO!? As long as you tell me I can spend on my Thunda, I'm good, chica!), and a mentor!

Meet Bari Tessler Linden!


JerryDennis Jerry Dennis

Which Trailblazer is right for you? Which Camaro is going to give you the freedom to hit the road like at bat out of hell so you can experience life again?

Jerry Dennis can help you figure that out! He's the newest rockstar to join the Chevy team and you can find him on Facebook!


PrincessTheBand Princess

And let's meet tonight's Surprise VIP: Princess! This band comes highly recommended by Cricket Wilson-Harris and we all know what that means!

This is a local Denver band with music that will melt your face! m/ Horns up, people! They have a live show at Lost Lakes Lounge in E. Colfax tomorrow night. Check them out!


Plug into the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist and crank up an eclectic array of goodness to inspire your creativity!

That's it for this week! Join us Friday night at 8pm ET on Facebook, Twitter, or G+ to see who next week's VIPs will be!

Kick ass!

Tania Dakka





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Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring Joel Libava

Friends, music, and biz...what better way to end a tough week of reaching out, negotiating contracts, fulfilling purchase orders, and just making the world go 'round?? So each week, 7 VIPs are celebrated and flaunted in front of 2700+ entrepreneurs via social media at the Garage Party in hopes to spread the word about the kick ass work they do. And every Monday, all their info from Friday night is compiled into this Monday Mosh Pit post to corral them into one place. You can get in on the Garage Party fun, too! Simply drop a quick email to tania(at)taniadakka(dot)com with your favorite song, the link you want promoted with it, and a bit about why you kick ass! See? Easy peasy! our royal VIPs for this week!


Jackie Lea Shelley |Badass'D Biz+Ink Jackie Shelley

Our first #GarageParty VIP is Jackie Lea Shelley and I fell in love with her site because she makes things...sometimes with glitter! She's an artist with an undeniable free spirit. Check out the eternal 6-year old, Jackie and her song!


Nick Loper | Badass'D Biz+Ink Nick Loper

You have to dig entrepreneurs who are devoted to helping each other reach financial freedom! Check out Nick Loper and his song! Join to kick ass, too!

"Doing things my own way" <---YEAH!


Farnoosh Brock | Badass'D Biz+Ink Farnoosh Brock

Meet the woman who is committed to making you healthy! (Notice I said "you"! ) Farnoosh Brock has a killa book out called the Healthy Smoothie Bible to set your feet in motion down the path to feeling like 1.4 million dollars. DO IT!


Casey Lewis | Badass'D Biz+Ink Casey Lewis

Casey Lewis wants you to know the 40-Hour Work Week is DEAD! Put your money and your dream on the same team with Casey! Stop in and say hello!


Liz DiAlto |Badass'D Biz+Ink Liz DiAlto

Imagine letting your soul run wild. That's what Liz DiAlto teaches! You have to check out her GORGEOUS site and what she's doing to give you the keys to infinite joy, love, and freedom!

Check out her song before you jump over to !


Eric Gati | Badass'D Biz+Ink Eric Gati

This guy is interviewing people everyday to help you push your limits and reach far beyond what your teachers wanted you to reach when you were in school.

Meet Eric Gati and check out his song!


Joel Libava |Badass'D Biz+Ink Joel Libava

Time for our SURPRISE VIP, Joel Libava!

Joel recently saved my ass from buying up a losing franchise with his books and I'm forever grateful! Thanks, Joel!

If you're looking into buying a franchise or think you might want to go that route one day, check out his books and his Franchise King® site!


As always, the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist is here for you to plug in and begin creating your own awesome with these inspired tunes!

That's it for this week! Hook up with these VIPs and change your world for the better! See you at Friday at 8pm EST on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for this week's Garage Party!

Kick Ass, Always!

Tania Dakka




Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring Jason Falls & Jacqueline Carly

Music expresses that which cannot be said and that on which it is impossible to be silent.

~Victor Hugo


Every Friday night, 7 VIPs come to you with their songs and what they do. This week's entrepreneurs kick all kinds of ass! And it's my honor to introduce them to you. Please say hello in the comments or follow them on Twitter (or Facebook) and say hi! But get in their worlds, you'll be glad you did!

To get in on the Garage Party and to stand in the spotlight yourself, drop an email to and tell me what your favorite song is, a bit about yourself and the link you want promoted with your music choice! Looking forward to hearing from you!

On with the shoooooowwwww......


Craig Carpenter Craig Carpenter

You work hard, right? You’re an entrepreneur trying to make your mark in this world and you know the hurdles you face on a daily basis. Craig Carpenter has support for peeps like you! But FIRST, I want you to hear this KILLLLLLLA track that HE laid down himself! It’s titled “We Own This Place” and I want a big HELLYEAH for him and this track!

Check out his tune and his site! (PS JOIN his communities because you want to kick ass like he does!)


Kim Trumbo Kim Trumbo

Need inspiration to be generous?? Kim Trumbo has a podcast for that! She exploded onto the podcast scene this year and already has listeners in 64 countries! She was on already on track to hit 75,000 downloads in April, too! WOW! Meet Kim and see all the amazing she’s up to!


Satya Colombo Satya Colombo

Satya wants to teach the rebels, the nonconformists, and the magic misfits to awaken the fires of their spirits, build their own magic kingdom and live Fierce Wisdom. Living Fierce Wisdom means embracing all of your existence and emerging through the darkness of your past into a life of great meaning, inspiration and personal power.

SOO, there’s that awesomeness - that you SHOULD NOT MISS. Sign up to get his Soul-Letter (NOT your typical newsletter) and check out his tune!


Kendra Kantor Kendra Kantor

Kendra wants to live in a world where mental health wellness and self care is a top priority. As a Wellness Mentor and Guide, Kendra Kantor helps creative women learn to focus on themselves and learn they are not alone in their struggles.

Her latest offering: “Dear Self: a collection of poems and art” is Kendra's first publication. Signed per-orders are available through Kendra's website, today!


Paul Zelizer Paul Zelizer

I’ve had the honor of interacting with this next guest loads via G+, he’s a SUPER guy who coaches spirit based entrepreneurs so they can create a success mindset and communicate their value to a wider audience than they had in the past. Please welcome Paul Zelizer!


Jacqueline Carly Jacqueline Carly (aka Fitarella!!)

YEP! Chris Brogan's hot ass woman shared that she works out a lot to Lady Gaga's Applause (and that makes much sense because she's rockin the stage LOADS these days!) She's on her way to her next competition after winning NPC nationals a few short months ago! Holy hell, she's one amazing chick! Check out her fit mag: BOSSFIT (how awesome is THAT?) and get YOUR ass in shape, even if you're a busy entrepreneur!

And her site:


Jason Falls Jason Falls

ANNNND it's time for our last Surprise VIP! He told me not to embarrass him, but then that he couldn't be embarrassed...sooooo, NOW, you know my next mission in life is to find a way to do just that! 

Meet Jason Falls!! He's a brand strategist who has worked with my favorite bourbon, Maker's Mark (plus loads of other big names like At&T and Humana)! Not to mention he started this little site you know as Social Media Explorer! Welcome, Jason!!

Check out his song and his site! (He's started a cool hashtag to help us all remember to keep our phones #OutofReach to help keep the roads safe - USE it!) Connect with him at @JasonFalls on Twitter!

And, as always, plug in and get yo' shit done with the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist!

That's it for this week! Here's to new friends, great music, and killa biz!! Become a VIP for an upcoming party by emailing me your favorite song, the link you want promoted and a bit about why you kick ass to at! See you next week!

Kick Ass!

Tania Dakka



Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring Sarah Steenland

You buy the $90 Led Zeppelin Complete Studio Collection from iTunes, not because you NEED it, not because there's a hidden track on it, but because it's music that speaks to your soul. Just like you paid $399 for a business course you didn't need because the copy spoke to your soul. Like heart-melting copy, good songs aren't just strings of notes and words thrown together. Each has a purpose and a place. And each one works to shift your spirit. And those songs that move people tell us volumes about what kind of person they are. They tell us who that person is in a way that they can't explain.

This is why I love the Garage Party so much. Because music lets you meet people who you wouldn't normally meet and gives you a peek into their psyche. And if you'd like to be one of the VIPs on the Garage Party, so you can stand up in front of 2700+ entrepreneurs and let them peek into your heart and mind, join us by dropping the deets on the form. Now, I'm shutting up. Meet these cool cats!


Kristen Runvik | Badass'D Biz+Ink Kristen Runvik

As You Evolve is for people on the creative path to intentional living. Kristen believes that when we create from the heart + share it with the world, we make it a better (and a more fun + vibrant) place for us all to live! Check out Kristen Runvik’s site and her song!


Camilla Stein | Badass'D Biz+Ink Camilla Stein

Love riveting science fiction? Have a special place in your heart for children with autism? You and Camilla may have a lot in common! She’s one of the smartest women I know. She speaks, like, 75.9 languages (rough estimate) and pushed me into writing. Yep. Thanks, Camilla! Check out her books and her AboutMe!


Sara Shivani |Badass'D Biz+Ink Sara Shivani

Looking for deep, meaningful conversations with people from all over the world about things that matter most to you? Contribute to Sara Shivani’s Indiegogo campaign and help bring the conversations about greater health, happiness, and abundance to life through a community that’s being built just for you!


Bethany Mullins | Badass'D Biz+Ink Bethany Mullins

When you land on Bethany’s site, you’ll see the words: “What if I told you no more working out, no more counting calories, and no more body loathing?” WELLLL, how can you not want to know more?? (Okay, let’s assume these issues are issues you’re dealing with, shall we? Thanks.)

Say hello to Bethany and check out her killa work!


Jason Croft | Badass'D Biz+Ink Jason Croft

It pains me to honor this guy as a Garage Party VIP. You have no idea. But, he deserves it. He’s developed a KILLA app that’s indispensable to entrepreneurs who are active in social media (can you say EVERYONE?). His app lets you BRAND your images via your phone, as you take them! And at $3.99, it’s a STEAL. Grab it and make sure your images shared on IG STAY yours!


Kacie Erickson | Badass'D Biz+Ink Kacie Erickson

Sick of feeling OWNED? Well, Kacie’s going to help you Kill the Joneses - so you live and work the way YOU want. Seriously, she’s going to help you shed your shit and build a new kind of self-reliance! Check out her killa site and her song!


Sarah Steenland | Badass'D Biz+Ink Sarah Steenland

Time to meet our Surprise VIP! You’ve seen her drawings all over the net. She’s donning Srini Rao with some killer artwork for his new face, the Unmistakable Creative Podcast. And she’s cartooning the universe! Join her Cartooniverse and connect with a chick who’s rockin’ the world of art!!back-in-nam---injured-in-vietn/ce1i


Now, plug in the Official Garage Party Spotify Playlist while you knock out your own badass work!

That's it for this week's entrepreneurial VIPs!! Connect with them and who knows how your life could change! And if you want to be a part of an upcoming Garage Party, email me at tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com! See you Friday!

Kick Ass!

Tania Dakka




Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style) - Featuring Chad Gray

Last week, I realized how much this Garage Party means to me when I couldn't hold it. Meeting new friends and listening to good music has become part of Badass'D Biz+Ink and it's clear there's no turning back! But, we're missing one thing. YOU! If you haven't been a part of the Garage Party, what are you waiting for? We (2700+ entrepreneurs and I) are waiting to meet you and see what your biz is all about! Drop your deets in the form and let's get you into an upcoming VIP lineup! But, let's jump in and see who VIP'd Friday night and listen to the killa music we shared!

Zeb Welborn | Badass'D Biz+Ink Zeb Welborn

Zeb has this really cool gig where he sheds light on what makes successful people successful and interviews people across the world who have become successful doing something they love. Sooo, want to do what you love? His show can help you! Check out his killa song and his site! (Please say hi to this cool cat!)


Sushant Misra | Badass'D Biz+Ink Sushant Misra

I’m seeing a pattern here: Apparently, podcasters are cool! Like Sushant, he talks to entrepreneurs who share their stories as well as a few “secrets” – i.e. mindsets, strategies and tactics that worked really well for them in starting and growing their own online businesses. So, check out his site and his song!


Trevor LaRene | Badass'D Biz+Ink Trevor LaRene leads you to the "secrets" of success of people who have done what you want to do! And Trevor is TRES cool! Do yourself a favor and see what happens when you stay focused and don’t quit! Check out his site and his song!


Scott MacDonald | Badass'D Biz+Ink Scott MacDonald

Stuck in your career?? Scott can help you get back on track and so you can be true to you! Not to mention, he’s a super cool dude who’s rockin’ the words as a fiction and freelance writer! Now, go meet him and tell him where you heard about him! (After you check out his site and his song!)


Rafael Perez | Badass'D Biz+Ink Rafael Perez

Want to build a tribe of raving fans?? Creating customer service strategies that will have your customers banging down their neighbors’ doors to tell them about you, Rafael will make you the talk of the net! (And I’d listen to him just because of his song choice!! WOOHOO!) Check out Rafael’s song and his site!


ElloryWells Ellory Wells

Running your own business means you need to know how to lead and how to be a good leader. Ellory Wells’ podcast will teach you the tips and tricks you need to become one that succeeds! Check out his blog and his podcast (and tell him how you found him!) And onward with the next kick ass song of the night!


Chad Gray | Badass'D Biz+Ink CHAD GRAY

If you know anything about me, you know how I feel about this man. So, I’m self appointing him Surprise VIP because he responded to my question during the Five Finger Death Punch/HellYeah Twitter Q&A today with this song :) (Does that count as cheating?? Or being scrappy??) SOOO, meet the man I was “this” close to interviewing, a wordsmith extraordinaire: Chad Gray! Check out the tune that “moves his soul” and pick up "Blood for Blood" on June 10th!!!

And the Mosh Pit wouldn't be complete without the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist! Plug in and turn it up!

That's it for this week's Garage Party! And I want to give BIG props to Jared Easley and Berni Xiong for always introducing us to such amazing peeps! Love you both and am honored to know you! Stop by and see what THEY'RE up to, too! See you next week!

Kick Ass!

Tania Dakka




Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring Johnny B. Truant

Music is the strongest form of magic.

~Marilyn Manson

Music captures our creative souls and holds them ransom. Being an entrepreneur unleashes them onto the world and allows us to become our fullest selves in a world where we were only encouraged to "be". The Garage Party is about bringing those two parts of us together in one arena where people can see the music that casts spells on us and the businesses that come about because of those spells. Every week, 7 entrepreneurs take "the stage" in front of an audience of 2700+ to show off their magic. Every week, I'm amazed at the people I meet.

Join me in celebrating people that have passion, dedication, and a fire to make their mark on this world. :) And sign up to be a part of an upcoming Garage Party, so you can show off your soul and your business!


Paul Bond | Badass'D Biz+Ink Paul Bond

I’ve seen this gentleman’s attire more than once on Chris Brogan’s head. And I’ve heard good things about him from Ajax Wooley. Let me introduce you to Paul Bond of Brix Workwear. The first time I saw the hat on Brogan’s head, it made an impression. Brix. What? Love the name and, though I just met the man, I’m highly impressed! Check out his site and his song!


Megan Pangan Megan Pangan

Our next VIP celebrates entrepreneurs who run their business and their life from their heart! The ones who don’t get caught up in statics, tactics, and external motivations rather than love. She blogs about them on her site and has hopes of creating a community of lovepreneurs! Check out Megan Pangan’s song and her site!


Monica Neilsen Monica Nielsen

This next VIP is absolutely brims life and love! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Monica Nielsen on a couple of projects and she has an amazing spirit! (Not to mention a product that makes us chicks feel utterly luxurious!!) Check out her song and her site! (Dudes, it’s a chick’s site, but if you have one in your life, she may LOVE what Monica sells!)


Jody Maberry Jody Maberry

Meet Jody Maberry! He started out as a park ranger, left and became a financial analyst turned park ranger (again!) and now has a site for Park Leaders up and running! Thanks for the kind intro Jared Easley :) Jody's goal for Park Leaders will connect the wisdom of those who did with the passion of those who will.


John Forbes John Forbes

Get online psychological help and advice through e-meetings, email, and newsletters at John Forbes' new site Lift My Mind. His goal is to make trained professional help available across the web to anyone who needs it, regardless of where or who they are. Check out Comfortably Numb and Lift My Mind!


Joe LaLonde Joseph LaLonde

Joe works hard to help mold students into leaders. To give them the skills they need to thrive in a hectic world. He teaches them how to navigate the waters of business and to make the most of the tasks they face. Please welcome Joseph LaLonde, check out his site and his song.


Johnny B Truant | Badass'D Biz+Ink Johnny B. Truant

Time for tonight’s Surprise VIP! Johnny B. Truant, articulator and story machine behind Realm and Sands, is one character who creates characters you won’t soon forget. And right now, he and his partner, Sean Platt, are working to reach their stretch goal for their Kickstarter campaign. If there’s anything you can learn from these two loons (said with utter love and affection) is how to write, how to write well, and how to write well fast. Check out Johnny’s favorite song (which was among 8768K other ones and he almost couldn’t choose!!) and his Kickstarter! Please contribute or share! :) (after you give a listen to Social Distortion!)


Check out this week's and all the past VIP picks in the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist!

That's it for this week's VIPs! Don't be shy, if someone here looks like someone you want to know, pay them a visit and tell them where you learned about them. Who knows, projects have been started this way and so have many, many friendships!

Kick Ass!! Tania Dakka



Send me your deets and you, too, can become a VIP like these amazing peeps!

Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style) - Featuring S. Anthony Iannarino


is why the Garage Party and the Mosh Pit posts exist. This is why we come together every week: To get to know other entrepreneurs on this big wide web and to better understand their souls through the music that moves them.

Because the power that rushes through us when the music flows is the same power that courses through us when we create solutions for people and bring businesses to life.  That force is the essence of who we are. It is us.

Join us each week as we meet other entrepreneurs who have the same passions we do, find new people to grow with, and enjoy all kinds of kick ass music from Beethoven to AC/DC! Drop an email at tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com or jump over here and drop your deets in the form to be added to the VIP lineup for an upcoming Garage Party! So I'm shutting up now...enjoy the music while you get to know this week's VIP entrepreneurs!


Alicia Sparks | Badass'D Biz+InkAlicia Sparks

Alicia Sparks is kicking freelancers teeth over at her site where she helps them get it in gear so they can actually make more money at what they do. I’ve known Sparks for a while…she’s good people…stop in and get to know her! And enter her contest to win a business planner!

And I love this song…my metal dudes, it’ll be alright…sit back and enjoy anyway ;)


Cindy Paine | Badass'D Biz+InkCindy Paine

This next woman is a wonderful shot of positive energy. She’s been teaching people for almost two decades how to let go to connect and how to bring the things they really want to life. She’s also leading a Manifest Your Heart’s Desire retreat in Sedona, AZ – an amazing, life-changing trip!

Connect with Cindy and say hello after you enjoy the music that is moving her these days!


Amy Porter | Badass'D Biz+InkAmy Porter

Are you ready to harness your feelings of overwhelm into productivity?

Work with Amy Porter to identify what problems are causing your overwhelm, strategize how you can overcome the issue(s), and implement action steps to get things done! Now…what’s stopping you, procrastinator? :D (That’s my middle name, by the way ;) )

Stop by and say hello to Amy while you enjoy some TP!


Mike Bruny | Badass'D Biz+InkMike Ambassador Bruny

This is next dude is a smart dude. He’s started an online co-working hangout in one of our groups (because we always need a kick in the rear to get things going!) and he’s creating a new professional development tool that I won’t reveal any secrets about YET. It’s going to kick ass, though ;) Say hello to Mike Ambassador Bruny :) and check out his site!


Savvy Digital Business | Badass'D Biz+InkSavvy Digital Business

This next biz duet is run by Lisa Shaughnessy and her biz partner Lisa Karl. I’ve known Lisa for a while and she’s a smart, smart chica who’s helping small businesses create social media strategies that attract their ideal customer through individual coaching, webinars, courses and online resources.

Stop by and check Lisa and Lisa out!


Ritu Rao | Badass'D Biz+InkRitu Rao

This woman…don’t get to know her. She’s hilarious and has a sick, twisted sense of humor peppered with an infectious personality! Meet Ritu Rao - ultra-runner (I’m talking MILES AND MILES, people), dentist and biz owner!

Check out her posts below and say hello!

What you need to succeed, even if you've failed before 

Predictability, power, and going big for success


S Anthony Iannarino | Badass'd Biz+Ink

S. Anthony Iannarino

It's an honor to introduce our Surprise VIP, S. Anthony Iannarino!

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Smart Salesman through Chris Brogan. He’s always very real, very genuine, and he always has amazing selling smarts to share. If you’re an entrepreneur, you want to circle Mr. Iannarino, president and Chief Sales Officer for Solutions Staffing out of Columbus, Ohio, on Google Plus! Do that. And enjoy his kick ass tune! Let’s ROCK!

It was an amazing lineup, as always, with lots of cool businesses who are ready to make your life better...check them out! And plug into the Official Garage Party Spotify Playlist!

Want to be a VIP, too? Just drop me an email or fill out the form on Pimp Yo' Biz page! See you soon!

Kick Ass!

Tania Dakka |Badass'D Biz+Ink



Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style) - 7th Edition


Music is passion. Successful business takes passion. What better way to celebrate them both than with a social party each week?? At this week's Garage Party, we've got a lineup of fascinating entrepreneurs and eclectic tastes in music.  And I kid you not, I had never seen Bruno Mars before looking for our first VIP's song! OMG. There's a reason for that. :D

Soooo, if you want in on a future Garage Party, email me at or fill out your deets on the Garage Party page :) I'm shutting up now so you can listen to some good tunes and meet some cool cats!


Karen Taggart | Badass'D Biz+InkKaren Taggart

“Mama! I wanna play!” “Baby, we’ll, just let me finish this blog post.” “Ohhh! You’re always working!” “I’m sorry!”

Sound familiar?? Karen Taggart can change that. She helps moms start their own biz, spend a ton o’ time with the kids and have a loving relationship with their SO. In other words, she teaches moms how to have it all!

Check out her first encounter with Bruno Mars. No. Really.


Alba Figueroa | Badass'D Biz+InkAlba Figueroa

Meet Alba Figueroa – she’s going to make your launch successful without and ginormous budget or years of experience behind you! Have a product or service you’re getting ready? DO THIS FIRST!


MaryIntuitiveMary Maireroa

Uncertain about your future as an entrepreneur? Not sure where life is going to take you next? Mary Maireroa can help clear all that up. She’s an intuitive and a psychic reader. Say hello to Mary and check out this most awesome song that had me dancing all afternoon

Check out her contest here ??and her Facebook page


Nibmor | Badass'D Biz+Ink


OMG!!! Chocolate for a year! HOLY smokin’ Joe. Now, you give me one sane reason why you wouldn’t enter NibMor’s contest?? (And by “sane”, I mean, not “I don’t like chocolate” OMG! These people exist??) Enter this contest :) (By the way, this chocolate is organic, non-GMO, fair trade and gluten-free heaven – so you can eat abnormal amounts of it ;) ??Check out Nibmor! Oh, and this tune…these are special indie performers. Check out her pipes :)


Herby Fabius | Badass'D Biz+InkHerby Fabius

Meet the guy who believes in you and that you are a CHAMPION! Meet Herby Fabius, entrepreneur, blogger, andpodcaster. He talks to successful startup founders and cofounded the small business gift card platform out Herby’s tune, his Billion Success Podcast, and his gift card platform!


Justin Harmon

Justin Harmon

Justin Harmon wants you to help you realize your freedom, earn your wealth, and grow. Check out his site: On Freedom, Wealth, and Growth and get to know him!


Terry Simpson | Badass'D Biz+InkDr. Terry Simpson

ANNNND now for the #GarageParty’s SURPRISE VIP: He’s the surgeon that spends more time teaching his patients to cook than operating on them! LOVE this doc! Doctor T knows what he’s talking about - follow him and get your biz body healthy!

Check out his uber-classy tune:


You can find current and past VIPs' songs here in the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist!

Hit me with your deets and become a VIP like these cool cats who were featured in front of 2600+ entrepreneurs last Friday night :)