I have to be honest. When I signed up for Q1 it was because of FOMO. Even though structure is not my thing, I knew Tania and Dani always, always, always, over deliver and there was no way I was going to take a chance on missing a golden nugget.

To say I’m happy I went ahead and signed up is an understatement.

I walked away withknowing how to use structure to create freedom. That alone has been life and business changing.

And even more than that?

Every single class and workshop I’ve offered since then has sold out to the point where I had to scramble and find a way to let more people in.

Plus, my current program only just got started and it already has a waiting list for the next time I run it.

And it all started with the ideas and structures that were birthed during Q1.

Thank you, Tania and Dani. You’ve changed my life and my business.
Robin Badler, Manifesting Accelerator
Omg omg omg omg omg!!!!

Just read the FIRST DRAFT of the sales page Tania Dakka is writing for Real To Ideal and I’m practically in TEARS!

Not only did she speak from my soul in a truly authentic way, but she also reached deeply into the soul of my ideal client and spoke HER truth too!

Not a single exaggeration or embellishment of what I can deliver, not a single pain point manipulated or bullied. This sales page had me running for the Sign Up Now button even though it’s my own program!

If you’ve ever wanted to ditch the stress of getting this all-important thing right, hire her! The price feels like a steal once you see the results!

Thank you Tania!!! You’re the baddest of the bad asses!
Mollie Fagan, Coach
I was working on a launch for a funnel that began with an opt in for the mindset of sales leading into a 5 week sales mastery course. Tania grasped ‘me’ and my message brilliantly while turning it into something far more exciting and engaging than I could have come up with in the really short timescales I was working to. She gave me a super quick turn around and we were able to use what she had written for Facebook Ads and social media posts as well as the emails and landing pages. First class - quality and speed! I’ll definitely use Tania again when I need her and recommend her to anyone considering a copy writer - if that’s you, you need look no further!
Liz Hancock
This girl has a way with words... Tania crafted a slew of powerful and impactful tag lines and social posts for my Champagne Launch. I loved it so much, I hired her again to craft a kick ass bio and perfect pitch to get more media attention and interviews. This woman can take your thoughts and turn them into gold (like, literally cash money). If you’re looking for a quick, witty wordsmith that “gets” you, you must hire Tania!
Jenn Scalia, Business Coach for Online Entrepreneurs
Tania is a fireball so it’s no surprise that the Fire of the Diamond group is any different. The daily check-ins and action prompts are just the icing. Tania and Danielle are in the group every single day to review copy and answer any and all biz-related questions. This group has quickly become my top go-to for support and motivation in my business.
Desiree - Biz Coach for Women in Direct Sales
It was sooo easy to work with Tania, she got me, my personality and my service and worked her magic to make my words shine. I tried to do my copywriting alone and it took hours and still felt vanilla. Tania really nailed it in the first draft. I would not hesitate to recommend this bad ass!
Kelly Morgan, Life Coach
I’ve never before opened a first draft and laughed and nodded to much because it was so SPOT ON. Tania is a true pro, an artist and a BADASS. She saved me HOURS of banging my head on my keyboard because she nailed it in the first go. She helped me shape my message into something I’m truly proud to put out there thus speeding up the launch of my program and giving me the confidence to KNOW it’ll get the attention it deserves (which let’s be honest… is so often what makes us procrastinate and worry about putting our idea babies out there). She’s a joy to work with & I’ll definitely be back.
Amy Humphries, Marketing Strategist & Mindset Mentor
I have no words. But I’ll try anyways – you are truly a miracle worker. I’m so in love with this copy, and after reading it 10 times, I only feel its power more. I shared it with someone in my target market and they told me that the work-with-me copy describes to a ‘T’ what they’re thinking…which is exactly what I needed. Thank you.
Luisa Zhou, www.luisazhou.com
Tania is a fireball, she brings the heat to her words. Every – single – time. She crafted up two sales pages for me within days, both stellar creations, that I know will capture the head and hearts of my ideal clients. Tania, you’re a doll, thank you.
Sarah Liddle, Coach
Tania was super helpful and supportive in helping me brainstorm naming my signature offerings and giving me feedback on making my website more personal to my clients. I’m super grateful to have connected with her and urge anyone considering getting that outside expert opinion on their offerings, copy and website to give her a call.
Vanessa Corazon, Psychic Medium
Tania Dakka is so good at what she does that when she finishes a project for me I go right back to her services page and see what else I can have her do for me. She is fucking awesome.
Kimberly Lin Pollard, Troll Tamer
If you want copy that’s clever, clear, and reflects your brand’s true personality you should definitely hire Tania. I’m thrilled with the web copy she wrote for me and am really looking forward to working with her again.
Maria Lironi, Leadership Coach + Career Strategist at Love Your Work Coaching
OMG…this is soooo amazing!!!!!!

WOW..now I totally get what good copy is!!!! You captured my client exactly and what I put on the questionnaire so well. Thank you.
Charlotte Olsson Bauer, Style Fleur
Working with Tania was unbelievable. All it took was one 30 minute phone call and from then on, she read my mind. She’s so collaborative – constantly in communication – and the back and forth we had was perfect.She absolutely went above and beyond with various questions I sent through to her and I now feel really clear on not only exactly what my offerings are, but how to verbalize them myself! I have no hesitations in recommending Tania and absolutely know I’ll be coming back to her for more whenever the need arises.
Christina Maree, Founder@christinamaree.com
As a solo entrepreneur with a growing business I was starting to run out of time and energy to do everything myself. Tania saved me so much headache and time by providing me with enough topic ideas for 6 months, topics that are totally relevant to my target audience. I can’t tell you how relieved I feel not having to worry about my editorial calendar for the next 6 months! Thank you Tania!
Mui Tsun, WordPress Ninja and Website Mentor
If you want copy that sings – and sells – hire Tania. It’s that simple. You can shop. You can find someone less expensive. And you’ll get what you pay for. I’ve hired Tania for myself and my clients and she never fails to over-deliver in every way. She has a unique ability to grasp exactly what the client wants to say and lay it out so that customers want it.
Rebecca T. Dickson, Bullshit Slayer & Biz Profit Maker
Thank you so much for the killer copy. I was amazed when I read it – it is effective and clever and most of all it sounded just like me. How did you get in my head and brand so quickly? I love it.
Amantha Tsaros, Artist
I am a jill of all trades BUT copy is my weak point. Thankfully Tania Dakka’s parents decided to birth a copy genius! Her copy has increased my conversion rate and my confidence.
Dani Magestro, Biz Consultant
Tania is amazing! She literally hit my copy out of the ballpark! She took my ideas and what I WANTED to say and turned them into ACTUAL words on the page. It was like she was reading the minds of my clients before I even had my client’s nailed down. So completely impressive :)
Shae Holgate, Designer
As a fiction writer, I find it hard to sell myself. As a teacher of my Get Your Book Done program, I know sending the word out there is primary to connecting with students.
That’s where Tania Dakka came in and rescued me from my own lack of sales ability. With a deft touch and a flair for the fabulous, she drafted a powerful sales letter for my web page. She was able to come up with the words and encouragement to students I myself struggled to find, a call to action that made me want to take my own course when I read it! I highly recommend her for your copy writing needs–I’ll be using her again. And again. And again!
Patti Larsen, award winning author of The Hunted series and the Hayle Coven novels
When it comes to writing marketing and website copy, Tania knows how to toss her leg over the saddle of her digital marketing Harley, twist the throttle, and make things happen. In almost no time, she’ll have your website and other media needs flying down the highway called “Success” with your customers and competitors watching and wishing they were you.

As the Chief Badass and Content Creator at TaniaDakka.com, this leather booted, motorcycle riding digital copywriting expert has the skills and equipment to shift your copy into just the right gear almost forcing the perfect customer to introduce themselves to you. There will be major engagement and at the end, new sales and profits.

Not everyone has the balls to hop on Tania’s motorcycle and take a ride but if you’re one of the smart people who do, then you’re in for an exhilarating and heart pounding experience. Let your hair down, contact Tania and see what she can do for you. I promise you’ll like all the noise, excitement and especially the results she brings to your digital table. And when it’s all said and done, you’ll ask for more. I promise!
Mitch Jackson, Attorney
Tania delivered what she promised and on time!
Before I stared working with Tania I was nervous about writing my own sales page because English is not my first language. I also wasn’t completely sure about my costumers profile. Tania’s question made me think more about what I really wanted and with that she delivered the best sales page
Nayvary Soeterboek-Angila, Business Babe & Speaker
I love what you’ve done, and I’m looking forward to integrating it into my new, sexy social! I really like the personality that you’ve given to Finance-Ability, and how you’ve made it easy to relate to. And I also love the notion of adVenture – that is super smart 😉
Stephanie Sims, Finance-Ability.com
It was raining and depressing all day long. Had a headache and it was tough to get in any kind of groove. Now this evening the sky is starting to clear and the pen is leaping in my hand. And I read your [DIY Copy Gauge]. Coincidence? Or Goddess? I vote the latter.
Bill Saragosa
Finding reliable writers on the internet is not an easy task believe me I’ve try many times over the years, so I know a good one when I see one. Tania is head and shoulders above the vast majority of writers out there. We have worked together on two of my three start-ups, Bodyhack.com and Happier.co.uk. In that time she has always been professional, proactive, and dependable. In addition, her blog posts are interesting to read and informative, plus she does everything with her trademark sunny disposition. If you have any further questions my twitter address is below.
Julian Hearn, Founder of Happier.co.uk
Tania’s ability to craft creative and engaging content that keeps audiences coming back is second-to-none. The quality, share-ability can be banked on – look forward to working with Tania again on more creative projects.
Sean McColgan, Acquisition Engine
Tania Dakka has done her homework and it shows. By studying what makes great sales letters great, she is able to distill the elements into the right power and sequence that will turn leads into buyers, buyers into fans, and fans into brand evangelists. Smart money, well spent.
Sean Platt, author of “Sales Letters that Sell”
YOU Fricken ROCK! I (heart) it! You described me and nailed it! Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart. You helped me figure out how to say who I am!
Monica Nielsen, Hair Extensions by Monica