Kiss your competition goodbye with copy and creative strategy that show them the you deep down inside that you can’t pixelate on your own. 

Red roses and bourbon adorn your virtual doorstep in the form of incoming “I HAVE TO WORK WITH YOU!” emails. 

And the life you started your biz for? Follows suit. 

There are words and there are emotions...only one of them makes money: The emotion they long for. 

That’s what I give you. 

I give you the edge to rip your way out of a sea of blah blah blahs and rocket skyward, towering above your competition, sending you into a space all your own. 

Don’t settle for anything less than what you are worth. 



Words are words. Emotions are sales. I write for powerful multi-six figure entrepreneurs, small businesses, franchises, and even have the pleasure of a fiery $61M brand to which I contributed copy, under my belt. 

Your business becomes my business when I delve deep into who you are and who your ideal client is before ever splattering ink on your page. 

I'm Tania Dakka, Copywriter and Legend-Maker.

Nice to meet you. Come on in. The words are powerful and the emotion is overwhelming.