Ask yourself these questions if your income has stalled out

Ask Yourself These Questions If Your Income Has Stalled Out.png

When you started your business, you had a fire raging in your soul to do this THING that you had in your mind.

Whether your reason was to make money or you’re one of those who says, “I just really love helping people” people, that fire ignited you enough to get you to take the tough steps of starting.


Now it’s time to take that fire and pour fucking $14,449 Pappy Van Winkle on that shit and light it the fuck UP.

But HOW, Tania??

I’m making $4000 a month, so spending $14K on some juice ain’t gonna happen.”

Or is it??

See? If you’re making that kind of money, you know a few things:

  1. You have some shit people want and need and are willing to pay for. (That’s a great start!)

  2. You have a certain appeal that gets them to buy. (Another advantage you need to capitalize on)

  3. You need to check in and see where you can improve your business (Can’t fix what you don’t know is broken, amirite?)

So the next step is action.

Dig in and start analyzing your business, your business model, your current audience and customers, your brand perception, your vision, your message, your messaging, your marketing, your actions, your intentions, your strengths, your weaknesses, your marketing, your ads, your offers, etc.

Go through it all.

Try to look through the lens of the people you want buying your products. Not through your own.

That can be hard.

But the SAVAGE Copy Experience helps you determine all of that.

Because a questionnaire is FUCKING FABULOUS (it’s more than some copywriters start with), but the SAVAGE Copy Experience is just that. It’s an EXPERIENCE that TRANSFERS YOUR ENERGY to ME as your copywriter and copy strategist.

Not only am I able to pinpoint your shortcomings in your business and business model, I’m able to feed off of your energy around your vision and your mission to create brand language and copywriting that feeds the hearts and souls of the people you want to buy your product.

It’s fucking insane.

Through a technique that I’ve learned through my training with world-class copywriters, marketers, and my own years in this business, I’m able to get plow THROUGH the walls that are currently in the way.

And while the SAVAGE Copy Experience is designed to give you web copy that speaks to your readers and influences them to take action through a mix of direct response and creative copywriting methods, you can also branch that out into email marketing and social copy done for you or perhaps an ongoing monthly consult that sits a professional copywriter at your side helping you design offers, create sales pages, and craft ads that all beckon to your audience with a lustful gleam they can’t ignore.

Oh, and if you’re into magic and sorcery, we can put some of the most powerful stuff I’ve found on it, too.

But whatever you do...regardless of whether or not you choose to put a copywriter and copy strategist to work for you, you HAVE to do your brand assessment mentioned above to find out how you can grow past your current income levels.

What is my business?

What is my business model?

What is my vision?

What is my message?

Does my messaging on my website align with my message?

Who are my current audience and customers?

What is their perception of my brand?

What are my offers?

How am I currently marketing?

What actions do I consistently take?

What are my strengths?

What are my weaknesses?

What ads am I running? To whom?

What monthly volume of traffic do I currently have?

What methods of traffic generation have I tried?

What methods of lead generation have I tried?

What am I willing to do to increase my traffic and lead generation?

What restrictions and challenges do I face with my marketing?

What plan can I build and put into place next?

Now. Go get busy. OR schedule a jam session to see if I can help you grow past your current income ceiling with bold copy that speaks to your audience and a strategy that makes you irresistible.

The Reason Your Facebook Ads Might Not Be Doing Well


“Damn, I need some sales!”

Immediately boosts post.

When in reality, if this biz owner would have taken the time to sit down and craft a well-thought out strategy that addressed the different stages of the customer’s journey, she would have done a shit ton better.


Because when content is thrown at the wall with little to no regard about the customer’s point of view or her place in her journey, the biz owner risks the reader not resonating with the copy.

Disclaimer: This post is simply to address a top level problem that many small businesses suffer when it comes to running ads. We will only address COPY, not the creative (graphics) or audience targets in this post.

What do I mean?

When a reader reads an ad for X product, but they don’t even know they NEED X product, they are not going to read the ad and say, “HEY! I NEED X!” They will scroll on through.

BUT, if you hit the reader with the emotions they feel that can lead them to realize they need X FIRST, THEN you talk about X, you stand a better chance.

What the FUCK does all this mean, Tania? I mean, MY GAHD!

It means:

  1. Your reader is being kept awake by a problem. It’s called the “Sleepless Night Syndrome”. What causes their sleepless nights?
    No money to pay bills, an unhappy marriage, not being enough for their family, etc.

  2. You need to write to whatever THAT is first so they will see their own faces in your words when they read them.

  3. THEN you offer solutions that create a connection and have them running to look for those solutions.

  4. Then you offer YOUR solution and the why YOU + testimonials, studies, proof, etc.

So, if you sit down to craft a structure like this FIRST and pull readers in at each stage, you will be able to stop with the last minute boosts of desperation.

In technical terms, when we talk about ads and funnels, last minute boosted posts are basically spaghetti thrown at the walls.

It’s trying to pull people into a funnel that they don’t know they need. And who’s going to let you do that?

They are suffering with problems (the top of the funnel), through research they find solutions (middle of funnel), and then they decide on a the right answer for them (bottom of funnel).

What a Funnel Looks Like


An example to flesh it out:

Let’s just use a simple example...because it’s butt ass early and I’ve only had three sips of coffee.

Problem: The reader cannot focus to make writing flow easily. She needs a solution because she’s DONE being stuck.

Ad: Alo Moves

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 5.11.14 AM.png

Note the copy addresses their class times only.

Her problem is not that she needs yoga, it’s that she can’t FOCUS (as she sees it and experiences it). Is she going to see this ad and say, “YES! THIS IS MY ANSWER!”

No. She’s not made the connection between a calmer mind and being able to gain focus.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 5.15.14 AM.png

While this ad at least addresses the stress, she still doesn’t see HER problem here.

IF Alo Moves wanted to go renegade and start collecting customers who are not “at this point” in their journey, they could begin creating content for ads that address different specific problems that yoga is the solution to.

But I suspect they are doing as well with what they have.

HOWEVER. If YOU need to grow your audience, you have to grow the content that you put out.

Address all levels of your customer’s journey in your content: The Problem (and yes, that means sitting down and addressing all the various situations that your customer might be struggling in that would lead them to you), the Solutions (offering different options and solutions - including yours), THE Solution (you, feedback and testimonials, compelling data, etc).

And then use them to generate ads that you can send out to different audiences, exposing not only your level of understanding of their struggle, but your expertise in the solution they are looking for...instead of just boosting bottom-level content when you think about it or need it most.

When you do this, you will likely see a greater impact with your ads on your bottom line.


operate on validation, not just inspiration. (2).png

There are pillars to creating a brand that people adore.

And copy is only ONE of those pillars.

The others?

  • A visually appealing brand

  • Marketing that speaks to the clients

  • Being GREAT at what you do

Because if you don’t have these bits and pieces in place? It won’t really matter what I write about you.

  • If your brand isn’t visually appealing, they won’t put stock in my words.

  • If your marketing isn’t on target, you won’t have the right traffic and they won’t FEED off the emotion I write for you.

  • And if YOU are not the best? What I write won’t get you anywhere because they’ll test you out, but they won’t stay with you.


Let’s expand on them, shall we? What do the above look like in practice:

You cannot have a visually appealing brand if your: 
Images are outdated
Site looks like 1999 called and wants its template back
Your colors and fonts are all jacked up, don’t flow together well, or create the emotionally visceral reaction your customers need to feel

You cannot get people to buy your shit if:
Your only marketing strategy is to stand on Facebook or LinkedIn and scream, “BUY MY SHIT!” all day. This is NOT a plan.
And if you are NOT great at what you do? People will know it and they will find someone who is.


IF you have all of these things in place with world-class copy? You’ll be gold.

But if not? You will struggle. Hard.

Unless you fix what’s broken.

How do you fix broken branding?

You are a business owner, you are not supposed to be a branding expert or a marketer. Give it to someone who is. Danielle is the best of the best. Hands down.

Let her or someone else handle it for you because you need to focus on something that is far more important to your business than colors and fonts.

How do you fix broken marketing?

Again, you are not a marketer. Let someone else help you with that. YOU have a higher responsibility.

Hire Danielle to manage your ads for you (because she is KILLING IT with ours and is more cost effective than an agency). Or go all out and hire that big ass agency and let them do what she does for a ton more money.

But your first step to fixing broken marketing is to acknowledge that you are not a marketer and be willing to let someone else set you up for success.

(This whole business about business owners thinking they are marketers was unleashed with the dawn of online business and way too many people are unwilling to admit they can’t.)

How do you fix a broken...YOU?

YOU are the end all be all of your business. If you are broken, your business will be broken. If you can’t be fucking FABULOUS at what you do? Don’t fucking BOTHER. Srsly.

Your ONLY goal is to say FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE. I am here to be the best ____ ever. And set your mind to improving your shit.

NOW. That said, the ___ that you are working to be the best at? Make sure there’s a market for it. Don’t be the world’s best ant relocation service when there’s no market for ant relocation.

And the last part of YOU? Your belief.

I cannot stress enough...even in all my ranting and hooha-ing this desperately serious I am about this.

If YOU do not believe you are the best? The people your marketing team are marketing you to? They won’t believe it either.

And that is the worst fucking shit you can do for your business. Ever.

Does that mean be arrogant? No. That’s my job.

It means be RESILIENT. It means don’t let ANYTHING slow you the fuck down. Not even low numbers.

Because no matter what? If you’re good? Those numbers COME UP.

How can you cultivate a conviction so deep that NOTHING stops you?

James Chartrand of Damn Fine Words once made us write what we wanted to be true about our work 25 times and then made us walk around reading it. Write out your affirmative and imprint it.

Listen to the feedback people give you.
But don’t get lost in it. If the majority of people you deal with give you negative feedback, there could be some things you need to learn and grow through. If they are mostly positive, feed off of them. But don’t walk around with those rose-colored glasses on thinking you don’t need to improve. We all do. How do you think I got my copy game up to world-class copy? Study with the right masters. Do it. It works.

Start and end your day with success.
Start out with the idea of what you want the day to bring you and work to make it happen. End it by remembering what you did well and visualizing tomorrow being even better.

Whatever path you choose - or choose all of them because they work - put it in your mind that success is your only option. Period.

And when you’re ready? THEN my copy will be ready for you.

The Key Differences Between a Landing Page and a Sales Page and Why It Matters

The difference between a landing page and a sales page

A prime question prospects and clients always have is: What is the difference between a sales page and a landing page and why is the sales page so much more expensive? Can’t I just put up a landing page instead?

So...let’s talk about the differences and why the pricing is different.

Say you want to sell a $5000 coaching package. You have a marketing/business model choice to make: Do you want to spend your time on the phone selling to people or do you want the answers to the questions they seek answered on your page for you?

Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

It is and it isn’t.

If you have time to book call after call, and to sit on the phone for an hour or a half hour per call, then the landing page will be fine for you. (You still need to run traffic to the page, it’s not automatic ;) )

But if you don’t have time for that kind of investment, you need to put up a sales page to do the SELLING for you, so that when they arrive at the page, their questions, fears, doubts, and objections are already answered for you.



BUT that’s also why a sales page can run up to $25,000 for copywriter who is so good at what he does that he has no website or social media LOL. Or you can grab mine for a fraction of that price and still make insane profits.

The point is that we, as world-class copywriters, know the importance of research and testing. We know that we have to answer every single emotion they may experience while reading the copy we write.

We don’t just slap shit on the page, edit it and BAM, we’re all done.

We study the product. We study the ideal customers. We study the emotions they need to feel. We study how they form bonds of trust and what makes them buy with a “FUCK YES”. And we craft and create around THAT.

As a copywriter who has been writing power copy for bold businesses since 2011, it took me a bit to figure out that you can’t write just what you feel, like new and inexperienced newbs who can get away with only charging pennies for a sales page do.

So, while you can definitely find good copy out there for’s likely not going to be the powerhouse you need it to be.

Leave those newbs and cheaper writers to write your landing pages for you. Because the selling will be on your shoulders, not theirs.

That said, though? If the landing page is not intriguing or hit the right emotions and bullet points, your chances of booking the calls in the first place will be lost in a sea of sameness. Because people are not looking for “sameness”. They are looking for results and the real answers to their problems.

So be careful.

Choose a world-class copywriter who can get you results, regardless of whether or not you choose to do the selling (landing page) or to let the page sell for you (sales page).

I should also note: Landing pages in this post refer to pages people put up to get people to book sales calls with them for their packages. HOWEVER, landing pages are also used for items with low-cost or free price points (think books, group programs, etc). Generally, anything under $100, I recommend a landing page for. Between $100-$500, I usually recommend a short form sales page. And above $500, I recommend a long form because it needs ALL the stops pulled out. Of course, each case is different, but that’s usually the recommendation.

Now you know the difference between a sales page and a landing page...and why some people write for pennies and why world-class copywriters don’t.

Got a product or service that you want to sell? We should talk.

5 Ways Your Copy Is Hurting Your Business (+ the fixes) (2).png

Between the Copy Edge participants and about 78% of the small business sites I visit (probably an underestimate, actually), I can say, with all honesty, there’s a severe problem with online businesses and how they’re showing up.

It's bad copy. And it hurts business in so many ways because web copy is how your ideal clients across the globe, who you likely will not meet in a Facebook group, will determine whether or not you are the coach for them.

Bad websites = bad business and lower profits. Period. Because even if you DO meet them on Facebook, they're running straight to your site to see if you ARE the right coach for them. And if they don't feel like you are because your site did a poor job of expressing your expertise and instilling the seeds of trust? Well...they won't dig any further. And you lost a chance to serve them.

So I'm going to tell you about the copy problems and how to fix them today. 

1. It gives the impression that you are new. 

When you use language that doesn't sound impactful or indicates that you might not know WHO you're "talking" to, it makes the reader feel that you haven't been at this long enough to get them real results. 

Examples: "Are you ready to..." (why do you not already KNOW they are ready?) 
"Change your mind, change your life" (use of buzz phrases means you're throwing words at the wind and aren't sure if they'll stick)

Fix: Use words that FEEL like you've been doing this for decades and KNOW your ideal clients inside and out.
"Take on the role of a lifetime and lead the change you want to create in your home" (life coach to the mothers who struggle - starts with action, fills them with hope, lets them FEEL that the coach KNOWS she wants to make change) 

2. It makes them feel like you're not sure you can get the results. 

When you write from a place of "hey, come work with me...I can help you X", it sounds like you're not really sure that you can bring results and therefore enters doubt, a point at which it makes it harder to sell to people. 

Example: See above LOL 

Fix: Use words that express the emotion that you know you can get results

"Jump into the fire. Ignite your soul. And burn through your own fears and doubts. Because when we're done? Life will be exactly what you dreamt it could be." (NOTE: Be careful not to promise something that you WILL NOT be able to help them achieve)

Feel the difference?

3. They don't even read it to know who you are, what you sell, or how you can help them.

When we say "write like you talk", it doesn't mean for everything - it doesn't mean explain every little detail on the Home Page or in your About. Hell, the sales page is not even the place to just sit and let it all hang out. 

Example: "You want more from your life. You want to have the energy to play with the kids again. You want to be able to have a relationship with your spouse. You want to have the money you want from your business and still have time to enjoy it. 

So what can you do?

Sure, you can sift through coach after coach, looking for the one that best suits you. Or you can connect with one who gets you. 

You see? I know what you want to achieve and it's hard. But it's simple. I'll help you make up your mind and take the action you need to take to achieve your goals. 

Life doesn't have to get in the way of your business...and your business doesn't have to get in the way of your life." 

OMG - that took a lot to write. And you likely won't hang around to read it, especially if it's boring like this. 

So, when you write copy, don't get longwinded. Keep it fun, concise, and interesting. 

Fix: Write like you talk in TONE and CONTRACTIONS...not in long winded, tell-tale narratives. 

4. There's no trust. 

When they read copy from big brands and highly successful businesses, they can feel that they are reading something different. Something powerful and impactful. Something that was likely not written by the owner. Why? The owner is too busy serving their clients to write copy.

Example: All of the above examples. 

Fix: Write in narratives that draw pictures. Write with action words. And with authority. (This last one is HUGE)

5. They don't like to be "told" what they want, feel, or struggle with.

Copy that starts with "you" and drivels on about what you think the reader feels or struggles with, is copy that screams that the business owner is inept at writing it themselves and likely doesn't know the ideal client - which is an indicator that they are new and likely not that great. 

Example: "You want..." (Are you really starting your copy telling them what they want? They KNOW what they want or at least what they don't want and they don't want you "telling" them. They want to FEEL your pictures about it.

Fix: "The finest of lines separates you from the diamonds and the Maserati. Take the chance that is in front of you and jump headlong into them, leaving behind every doubt and fear that says you can't have them." 

See? I said, there are more things plaguing online copy, but take these five and go fix yours and you'll be 50 paces closer to sounding like you hired someone to do it. 

OR - hire someone to do it and get there in a fraction of the time it would take you to write, edit, and test) without even breaking a sweat. Book your Black Diamond Copy today (payment plans now available).

There. Any questions? Looking forward to upleveling your business with you! 

Writing vs Copywriting

When writing is selling, writing is copy. When writing isn’t selling, writing isn’t copy. Period.

So be careful when you hire someone to write “copy” for you, and make sure you are getting “copy” and not prose.

Because there are many people out there, hustling to make ends meet and they will tell you they can write your copy for you. And some can.

But not many.

So these are things to look out for when you buy “copy”:

  1. Are the right emotions present in the words you’re reading?

    If there is no emotion, then you don’t even have good writing on your hands. 

    If there is emotion, but it’s not the emotion that your ideal client is looking for, then you aren’t going to make any money off of it.

  2. Are the right elements present in the copy?

    Elements you need to make sure are in the copy: Doubt-crushing arguments, the pain they feel with their current struggle, the relief they need to feel in order to know this is the right solution for them, details about the delivery.

    If you don’t have these elements, you’re likely not going to make money or get the email.

  3. What if the elements are in the wrong order?

    There’s a mental flow to copy that takes the reader on a journey. And while you can dance around them, if they are completely jacked? You’re screwed.

    What I do when I write sales copy is present the headline (duh), then a supporting blurb, then dive into pains, then dive into solutions, then I give the deets of the owner (solidifying WHY they are the only choice), and then complete journey by revisiting the pains and struggles and benefits and give the details.

    Now, that’s too much for, say, an opt-in, but this is the trip my readers go on right before they say yes to my clients.

  4. Is your copy written in a voice that elicits trust?

    That means weak, doubt-inducing words have to be avoided when necessary.

    If your copy has “if”, “maybe”, “perhaps”, “could”, “can”, “might”, etc in it, your readers are not reading that you are an expert that is to be trusted.

    And making money? Well...will be hard.

  5. Does your copy snap your brain out of Snooze?

    There are ways to say things that keep the brain at attention and there are ways to say those same things that literally put the brain to “sleep”. What happens is when we read words we’ve read over and over again (like buzz words and phrases) our brains say, “Stop reading here, we have already read this and know it...NEXT!”.

    Not a joke. Take that for a test drive and see if your brain doesn’t shut down after reading “transformation”, “change your life forever”, and crap like that. So make sure your copy is not written in ways that put the brain to sleep.

  6. Does your copy have character?

    Following #5, this is the best way to avoid that problem. Because if you’re throwing yourself or your writer has thrown your character (assuming you’re slightly entertaining and not the least bit vanilla), your copy should shine.

    That personality also allows further bonding with the reader, helping to nurture the trust you need to make money from your copy...or to get that coveted email address.

  7. Is your copy wordy and doesn’t hold attention?

Wordy copy that doesn’t hold attention is copy that won’t be read. You cannot take long, meandering routes to your point. Copy that’s good is concise and makes powerful points with fewer words.

It lets the emotion do the selling for it.

So, regardless of WHO wrote your “copy”, whether it was you, your VA who, ahem, said she could write “copy”, or a writer you hired because they said they knew how to write copy, hell, even if it was a copywriter!, you have to make sure these elements and components are present, otherwise the writing isn’t copy that sells, it’s writing that distracts.

Why and how to hire out your copywriting

How to Hire Out Your copywriting.png

Art is art. Whether done in acrylics or clay or in words.

And it can be done well, or it can be done...well...painfully.

Regardless of the medium, art can evoke emotion or turn people away.

Copy that is done with and for emotion is the kind of copy that garners the price tag you want, be it a share, an email address, or $5000+.

Because when one plays the notes that call to the soul, the heart and the mind tend to follow. Thereby, guiding the hand to open the wallet...or push “Pay” on their phone.

That’s why it’s important to take your words as seriously as you take your product/service/business.

The copy is what fuels the connection to the reader.

The copy is what fuels the connection to success.

What makes good copy?

Specifics, emotions that are illustrated, rather than experiences that are merely “told”, visuals that bring out the power of those words, intimately understanding the person you want to move with said words and knowing what they long for in their soul of souls.

And what they struggle with.

What they fear. Because when you can put yourself in that space, you can’t NOT write powerful copy.

And, lastly, you need a copywriter with the experience to reach those souls you are looking for.

Which is why, even if you’re a writer, the chances are, you’re struggling to make sure all of your systems are in place, that the tech doesn’t fail you on the day of your launch, who else you can contact about affiliate marketing for you, and every other freaking hat that you have to wear...even if you have a team under you.

Having all of those things on your head at once guarantees one will struggle to slow down enough to create the kind of art that commands the results you really want.

When your mind is torn between too many objectives, your heart cannot be in the game, even if you are a writer.

Because copy doesn’t have the same cadence as prose, though it shares a lot of features with it.

Copy has to be concise, but not so concise that the details that matter are eliminated.

Copy has to pull out specific emotions, not just the emotions that the writer feels.

Copy has to incorporate the elements of surprise and predictability, simultaneously.

Prose is written to entertain.
Copy is written to seduce. To peel back the layers that protect their logic and emotions.

So, allowing yourself to accept anything less than something that might not do that is accepting that your program or service doesn’t deserve the chance to succeed.

But how do you find the RIGHT copywriter for your copy, for your precious baby, for your success?

You look for voice.

Now, when they write your copy, they’ll not use their own voice - I HOPE. They’ll use yours. BUT you can get a feeling from the voice they use if they’ll be able to pull off writing in someone else’s voice.

How? By feeling into the feeling YOU get when you read their words.

Your gut will lead you right 100% of the time. If you trust it.

But, don’t think that if a writer has a strong voice, they can only write for power. I have one of the strongest voices in my industry, but I have some of the woo-est, heart-centered clients whom I DON’T write in my own voice for.

Yeah, I write mushy stuff, too.

So, don’t judge HOW you think they might sound writing for you, because if they are worth their weight in this industry, their voice will be strong for themselves, and will be whatever the client needs them to be when they write for them.

Ya feel me?

What else?

Once you have felt into their voice, then reach out and feel into your interactions. Seriously. Emails mean a lot. How long does it take them to respond to you?

How do you feel when you do hear from them? Do they feel heavy? Struggling? Frustrated?


Your copywriter should make this process easy and light.

They should also be able to make you feel at ease. They should take any questions you have and put your mind at ease.

Don’t be afraid to back away even if it’s just the emails or the call that doesn’t sit well with you because these are key indicators that the project may not go down the way you hope.

Ask for previous work

This seems obvious, but make sure you see more than one example of what you want your copywriter to write for you. Everyone can hit it once, but hitting it with each example is a good sign.

But don’t just read them. FEEL them. How did you feel when you read the samples? Did you get excited about the product or service? Then that’s def a good sign.

If you did not, then bow out. Keep your dollar for the next writer.

What to expect if you go with the lower-cost copywriter

Low-cost copywriters are generally lower quality. Lower quality means lower ROI (return on investment). And that’s fine if that’s all you can open up for this time around, but know that you’ll have to work harder on your own, making and taking calls to sell, rather than your copy selling you for you.

Can you afford that? I’d like to argue not. Because lost time is money spent. Add that into the cost of that lower cost copywriter and your ROI takes a nosedive.

Miscellaneous items to look for

What do they expect of you? This process should be as painless as possible. Why hire out your copy if it’s going to be a struggle or frustrating for you?

How many rounds of edits do you get? Any copywriter that stops at 2 rounds of edits already doesn’t plan to deliver something you’re in love with because copy is a dance and sometimes the band is playing Stairway to Heaven and you’re only at the 7:36 minute mark and you can’t possibly deliver until the last note is played.

Sometimes that means more than 1-2 edits. Sometimes. That said, I rarely go past the second round of edits and usually that’s only tweaks. But...I make that third round of edits available just in case you need it because I need you to love what I write as much as your readers will.

So be wary if a copywriter only offers 1-2 rounds of edits.

What’s the turnaround time? Don’t get sucked into turnarounds that are ridiculously short or ridiculously long. Normally, I have a 2-4 week waitlist, meaning it will be that long before I get to your project. But once I start, depending on the size, you should have your work back within 5 business days of that time.

But be careful with people who can’t or won’t outline a reasonable date for delivery.

In conclusion, hiring out your copy gives your product/service/business the edge you need to take a leading edge over your competition, but only if you team up with the copywriter that’s the best choice for you and your business.

If you happen to want to talk to me to see if I am that copywriter, book your call here. I wish you the best of luck, regardless of whether or not I am the right writer for you!

The ONE Thing that Fuels Profitable Copy

What you want to say is trapped inside. Being terrified to bleed means that the people who need you, can’t recognize you. 

I’ve asked in groups and I’ve done assessment after assessment and the one thing that comes to me is the coldness that so much copy is riddled with. 

Do they tell what you do? Yes. 
Do they let people know how you can work with them? Yes. 
Do they introduce your detailed background in hopes of connection? Way too much yes. 

But the one thing it doesn’t do is move the soul. 

When you sit to write your copy for your site, you look at it from an analytical standpoint. 

“What do they want to know?”
“How can they work with me?”
“I have to put my entire life’s story in my About so they can love me.” 


That’s not at all how you write copy. 

Profitable Copy Has To Have FIRE

Profitable copy MUST be written with passion. With fire. Whether that fire fuels comedy (there’s a ton of passion in being funny) or deep wisdom of the ages. 

It’s the passion, YOUR passion, that your readers are looking for. It’s your passion that makes you stand above the noise. 

There’s not a single person that’s you, besides you. Until you write copy. Then you’re just like the chick standing next to you in Google search. 

You can’t have that. You can’t ALLOW that. 

Accepting less that the cathartic bloodshed that reveals the depths of your soul and your deep passion for helping them is accepting that no one will read your words. 

This is the kind of reaction you want from the people you want to work with
Just read the FIRST DRAFT of the sales page Tania Dakka is writing for Real To Ideal and I'm practically in TEARS!
Not only did she speak from my soul in a truly authentic way, but she also reached deeply into the soul of my ideal client and spoke HER truth too!
Not a single exaggeration or embellishment of what I can deliver, not a single pain point manipulated or bullied. This sales page had me running for the Sign Up Now button even though it's my own program! ~Mollie Fagan

You want them to read your words and be MOVED. You can’t move them to the “Book Now” or “Buy” button, if you can’t move their emotions this way. 

So. Either learn to bleed or let someone bleed for you. Even if it’s not me. 

Because that’s where your money lies. In the bloodletting and the soul shedding. 

What the F*!? Is Compelling Content, anyway (and how do you craft it)?

If your content sucks, you’re sunk. Period.

And you might have the best/most interesting topic matter in the world, but if your writing tanks, the readers won’t dig on it and if they don’t, you’ve lost. Literally

People will only follow up material that kicks them in the feels.

What feels?

Any and All of them.

And on

Because if you can arouse in them the things that matter most to them, you fucking win.

So, How do you do that??

1. By knowing your ideal clients inside and out.  If you’re new here, this won’t be the first time you hear me say this.  And if you’ve been around a while - sorry, not sorry.

This is the crux of your entire business.

If you don’t know your customer/client intimately, you can’t create products/programs/ services/promos/specials/ads/content that they actually want to read.

Therefore, you struggle more than you profit.

Feedback to signal your brain

  • Pay attention to comments/likes/shares your ideal clients make in social

  • Analyze them and adjust your content/copy to reflect what you learn.

For example, listening to what people in my community were saying, we were able to give birth to Witchy Business, the daily planner that anticipates rituals, spells, and other lunar awesomeness because people were longing for one that was all inclusive of their aspects of life (time, biz, body, witchiness).

2.  Craft your own unique vantage point.

Everybody regurgitates content they’ve seen, even when, especially when they’re starting out. But I beg you to pull out of that slag quickly.

People follow people who teach them new things and you can’t be that somebody unless you are cultivating your own viewpoints, ideas, and voice.


By practicing - fucking being willing to be seen and heard - that’s where your voice comes from.

And by stepping away from the computer to allow yourself uninfluenced time to think.

By taking action and letting shit fail, so you arrive at what doesn’t.  And publish the fuck out of it ALL.

Become that creator that people come to know, like and trust easily.

3. Give them shit that’s going to jet propel them forward.

Rather than posting a plain opinion blog post, give them meat and ask them to take action.  By giving them steps to take your position yourself as a caring leader in your industry (hello know, like, and trust).

4. Craft headlines that have them racing for the link to see what you had to say.

This comes from knowing them and writing to them in intriguing ways.

  • Avoid asking weak, watery questions

  • Use cliff hangers - not click bait

  • Speak directly to their fails or their pleasures

So if you want eyes, you have to give them a reason to look.

Send your next creation through this test and see if you pass:

  1. Is this information that I’ve heard my clients asking for?

  2. Have I taken my own stance/angle with the info? Did I interject my own research/data?

  3. Did I make it actionable?

  4. Does the headline feel weak and obvious or unusual and intriguing?

Ready to sell your next program/product? Pick up a Money Page and you’ll also get a traffic plan that includes what your clients want to see most from you.

You Have to Do More Than WRITE the Sales Page

You have a grand idea. So you did what every business owner does and put up a for sale page.

Maybe wrote a blog about it. Maybe sent an email about it. Maybe you even did a video.

And then you likely forgot about it.

That sales page was fabulous (especially if you got it from me). 27 people saw it. And out of those 27 people, you might have had one ask about your service.

The problem wasn’t the sales page. The problem wasn’t your service. The problem was that not enough people saw it.

So when you create a product that is being released as a long-standing (not a timed) service or product, you have to put in your mind that you need to drive traffic to it consistently to get your numbers up.

How much do you want to make from that page?

You have to calculate the revenue you want from your new sales page. Then you need to calculate how many people you need to buy it. Then you multiply that times ten and that’s how many QUALIFIED people you need to see the page.

Then you work to drive the traffic.

Not with just a blog post.

Not with just an email.

Not with a simple video.

You create a plan. A long-standing plan that allows you to take it step by step.

What I’m talking about here is what the big advertising agencies call a campaign. Yes, you are a solopreneur, bootstrapping your way to fame. But RIGHT NOW...with the way the landscape is shifting you have to become a marketer.

And Money Pages help you do that.

Money Pages are sales pages that come equipped with campaign suggestions that will help you stand on the level with great marketing teams to help you drive the traffic you need and want for your sales page.

You’ll walk away with creative ideas, strategy, and tactics (that go beyond “post in 10 groups” 5 days per week) that:

  • Remove a chunk of fear out of creating content
  • Help you create more targeted content
  • Allow you to stand above the noise of your industry
  • Gives your creative department a shot of steroids they need to really KAPOW your reader
  • Takes out your ideas that you don’t know what to create

Money Pages are more than sales pages. They are profit-makers.

So what program, course, or service do you have that you KNOW you need Money Pages for? Hit me and let’s nail the deets and see if I can help you navigate the murky waters of marketing your wares and making money from them.

The Deets You Don’t Want to Ignore Next Year

What is your industry’s open rate?

Most industries are somewhere between 19-24%. But there are exceptions, of course. What’s yours?

What is your industry’s average click-thru rate?

Most industries are somewhere between 2-7%, with the occasional exception, of course. What’s yours?

What subject lines does your audience open most? you know what your highest opened subject line is? What’s next? And then after that? Those three give you a great idea of the voice, tone, and type of content your readers are highly interested in.

Are you tweaking said subject lines with each week’s send?

Are you SENDING weekly, at least?

93% of companies don’t even utilize an email marketing campaign, so they send when they feel like it...which is usually when there’s a sale.

What length emails do you send?

Do you know that the length affects click-thru since over 50% of emails are read on mobile? Have you studied your audience’s habits and tweaked?

Did you know that you have a potentially larger audience in email than you have in social, if you write the right subject lines and content? It’s true, especially given the increasingly restricted algorithms.

Did you know that you can make a living off that “potentially larger” audience (even if it’s small!) if you’re listening to them?

Email marketing is the main line to your audience

Email marketing is the main vein running between you and your potential clients. But most businesses shove it to the side because it doesn’t FEEL like a profitable line, since they aren’t getting the results they want from their lists.

The problem isn’t the outlet.

The problem is the way the outlet is used.

Optimized subject lines matter. Length of emails matter. But more than that? The CONTENT matters. The voice matters. The angle matters. The COPY is the lifeblood of your email marketing.

If you do know what your industry’s averages are and your business is running well below it, tweak what you are doing.

If you know your audience well enough and you have the right tools in place, your business stands to earn $44 per $1 spent on email marketing (Wordstream). But it’s more likely that you’re one of the 93% of small businesses that aren’t even utilizing it.

Dude. I fucking love email. I will send every day. Most weeks. And I get responses and replies (very hilarious ones, too!) because my audience is ready for me to jump in and educate/entertain them.

As a result, when I post programs and offers, I get opens, click-thrus, then buys. That’s how you optimize for a list under 10,000.

If you think you can’t make money on a small list, you’re 100% WRONG.

Either fix your email marketing. Or let me do it for you.

Kick ass!
Tania Dakka

3 Things Before My Brain Crashes

As you know, we burned the Merch Store a while back. All save a couple of pieces. 

Well, it's time to start rebuilding. And we're starting with an idea that made me fucking GIGGLE like a crazy woman. But check out the vid to find out what it is! 

I'm putting the links here, but check out the vid for details, too!

Click here to check out Inbox on Fire and here for Tania's Slay Your Q1 2018 PDF. 

Click here to see Sage Goddess and here to check out Rocks&Bones (for those not interested in hearing that stuff here!)

The Cure for the Solopreneur

Consider the duties of the “solopreneur”:

Market your business - create content, network with others, create ads, run ads, create and setup webinars or telesummits,

Run your business - run and keep track of the numbers, emails, website maintenance,

Retain customers - sending thank yous, creating special content,

Feed the business - money or ideas or time

It’s a painstaking process when you’re going it alone.

Let’s break down a “typical”, ahem, day

Get up
Check email
Find fire
Work for an hour to put out said fire
Get an idea
Create the content for that idea
Take the idea to market to get feedback
Find the idea flops
Get another idea
Have to put said idea on site
Go into WordPress (because you’re still behind on the times and not using Squarespace yet)
Stay locked in loops of fixing shiz that you broke and can’t repair
Post about new idea in social
Make a video
Video needs editing
Create a blog
Find the right image and tags for image
Upload the blog
Create an email
Format and upload email to ESP
Schedule email to go out

And you haven’t even touched your analytics or anything else - and this is more like three days of work, not one.

That’s not half the stuff you have to do! Alone :(

Because you know...if you WANT support, you can have it. It’s not as out of reach as you think.

Find a VA. Find a mentor. Find a support group.

A good support group can mean the difference between flailing and flying. Because when you find a place that nurtures your soul as much as it nurtures your business, you cannot help but win.

Victory is inevitable

The right support group will:

  • Put your head in the right place when you can’t because there are days when you have no idea what you should be doing next

  • Take your hand and show you the way to find YOUR way (not some big head’s path that doesn’t fit you), especially on the days when you can’t see which way to go

  • Give you the tools to grow 3 - 4 times faster than on your own because you have leaders in your corner who have done what you want to do with your business

  • Free up the peace and calm in your mind that you need to focus on your growth and expansion

This is exactly the goal with Fire of the Diamond. And our active members are growing every day.

If you’re looking for a support group that will create space and peace for you and will nurture your growth with the tools and guidance you need to succeed faster than you would on your own, I highly suggest our home and open the door for you :)

In fact, we’re running a Taste of the Fire to help you see if this is the right space for you. For 7 days, you can get access to Fire of the Diamond for $7. Bring a piece of copy that you really need to fix and get feedback on it, take a look around and swipe our docs and files, get access to our Happy Hours where we jam on questions and creating success. You get unencumbered access to the one space that will ignite your own fire.

411: If you decide to leave after the door closes, all you have to do is cancel your subscription via your PayPal. You’ll not be charged another dime. But should you love it there as much as I know you will, after that 7th day, you’ll automatically be billed $49 a month thereafter. (Pennies considering the copy work that you have access to now!)

Come on in! The door is open!

Our businesses have a mathematical potential that we’re not living up to (here’s proof)

It’s THURSDAY in the hisousssse! Who’s down for some quick math?? It’s not mine nor are they verified, but this is from what an outsider can see...are you ready to see what strategy and showing up can do for you??

Let’s take a look at a business that was already booming when I found it, but it’s realllly blowing up and it’s not slowing down.

With the explosion of the Woo in recent years, this particular owner has lit it all on fire. And it started with a message that’s held true from the get.

She went from an Etsy shop in 2011 to a roaring online and an offline presence. In six years, she’s maintained her integrity, her quality, and her message.

That said, her Etsy beginning has led her to a fully-stocked brick and mortar, plus an online space that sells over 3000 products. She didn’t stop there. Her YouTube channel has over 16K subscribers that pale in comparison to her almost 600K page likes on Facebook. But even though she reaches over 2M people in 60 countries, that’s not the math I want you to calculate with me today.

She hosts 4 classes for which she prepares and teaches each week for an hour a week. So, that’s 4 hours of teaching (minus prep, of course). Ready?

In the one class I was in, she had 1,169 members. Approximately, 700 people in there are in the class bundle.

So there’s a difference of around 300 in each of the groups that are NOT in the bundle course.

The math, then, looks something like this:

700 x $60 = $42,000 (membership bundle)
700 x 19 x 3 = $39,900 (kits for all three classes)
Total: $81,900

Now, we have to do the separate 300’s in each group (I don’t do math well, so I’m sure you can figure this a faster way!)

300 x 3 = 900 (members total that are in the various groups)
900 x 20 = $18,000 (membership for all three groups)
900 x $19 = $17,100 (kits for all three classes)
Total: $35,100

So both the bundled and unbundled peoples LOL equals approximately $117,000 a month.

Not including sales from the site OR the headquarters!

Now. That said. This isn’t the whole picture, of course, some people won’t buy the kits. And there are more than 1000 people in each group.

But my point is not whether or not my shit math is right or wrong. My point is that if you are FOCUSED and DRIVEN, numbers like these are not impossible for you, either.

She started with a mission from her soul. She showed up every single day (and still does...multiple times a day!) and is there for her large community. She encourages and empowers. She provides tools and knowledge to help solidify that commitment. And she has a big ass team to help her build her empire.

She has a creative director now. And I’m pretty sure she’s got a PR person on hand now because her media appearances have drastically increased in the last three months. And there has to be a marketing strategist in on the biz, too, because everything is so well coordinated that it’s like a well-oiled machine.

No longer a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-American-Eagles hobby.

NOW. I need to hear from you. What are YOU going to do now that you know what’s possible? PLLLEASE hit reply and let me know if these numbers inspire you or make you want to throw in the towel.

Announcing the next evolution of your business

Business online is a living, breathing thing that changes from day to day and month to month.

The people we are, collectively and independently, today is not who we were three years ago.

Fuck, we weren’t even who we were six months ago.

Nor should your website look, feel, or sound like it. You grow and change -  your home on the web should reflect that.

Show off where you’re headed in words and design that evoke the emotion that they utterly long for from you.

If you ran a brick and mortar, it would be 5x more expensive to upgrade your business than it is to do it online - so I truly love that our sites have the flexibility to grow and change and evolve with us so easily.

It’s kind of why Dani and I come together to create something that our clients have expressed they wanted. An agency-style service that is her gorgeous designs alongside my emotional words.

This is NEXT-LEVEL business.

And this is for the owner who wants to become a legend in her audience’s mind - and her own. 

Welcome to your next evolution of success.

Welcome to the Legend-Maker.

Want to know more? Book your call with The Mage and I.

I write your legend- But you have to live it

When clients come to me and tell me what they do, I can tell right away whether or not they understand the depth of what they do.

I take the info they give me - I research their work and their results and fill in the gaps with the underlying emotion behind it.

So when I work with people, they walk away with words that express who they really are. The kick is that they didn’t see it before.

Let’s face it: We are all works in progress. We’re all doing and growing and learning and changing. This is life. Life is growing through change.

So when I write copy, I write for your past and your future.

It’s up to you to live up to what you read in your copy.

When you do, you make room for higher profits, higher end clients, and a life on lock.

So you want to build a legend? This is where you start.

Anatomy of Legend-Making

  1. Start off with an idea that has potential to stand out. (Hint: That’s not life coach, transformation coach, or business coach - think higher and deeper.)

  2. Be willing to push yourself way outside of your comfort zone to make it work.

  3. The self awareness to know your truest capabilities.

  4. The courage to do it - even if it might be wrong.

  5. The strength to do what you need to do every day - even when you don’t fucking feel like it.

  6. Display copy that pushes you to do it.

Creating your legend starts in your chest, behind your sternum. Let me in. Let me show you (and the world) what you are capable of.

Then go live it.

Keep Waiting…

The most hurtful shit you can do to your profits is wait. I’m going to wait to put up a landing page because I don’t know what I want to use it for.

I’m going to wait to invest in a Director of Operations because I LOVE doing shit I am no good at.

I’m going to wait to launch that program because I need to do more market research.

What. The. Fuck. Ever.

Just say, “I’m going to wait because I’m scared.”


Fear is the ONLY reason we ever wait.

You’re afraid of losing money.
You’re afraid of making the wrong decision (guess what? Unless you’re dead? You can always change the road you’re fuck “mistakes” that don’t exist).
You’re afraid of someone seeing your work and judging you for it.

Just fucking do it.

Launch your program because Fear is standing behind you and he’ll never leave. So you have to learn to function like that.

Send off your book proposal. Because Fear doesn’t want you to.

See? Now you get it. Now you understand that you have to call on your inner Rebel Bitch to fuck Fear in the head with its own dagger.

And the deal is? If YOU are not the one holding the blade, he won’t subside (he’ll never die, he’s immortal. BUT you can wound him beyond capacity for a while).

Fear is an excuse.

I am afraid.

I’m afraid every day that I won’t succeed.
I’m afraid that my wolves won’t survive school bullies or their own demons.
I’m afraid that life is going to happen and I’ll not be able to deliver on time.

But you know what? They are all my own lies.

Fear and I are best friends.

But he knows I don’t have time for him. So I unsheath my blade every morning and I lovingly take it to his temple, cradling his neck in the crook of my arm and my breath on his ear, and thrust the tip squarely into his temple as I hold him tight.

He whispers, “Until tomorrow, my love.” And out go his lights.

But he doesn’t usually wait until tomorrow. He shows up all teeth grinning and ready to fight before the day is over.

No matter how you see it.

There are those who will argue that Fear is a safety measure and it aims to help us. But. I know my demons. By name. And this fucker doesn’t have my safety in mind.

Regardless of how you see Fear, regardless of how you want to get rid of it, you’ll never be able to.

You have to learn to work and live around it. To shut it down for a while. Just long enough to do the thing that you need doing.

That’s what we do in Fire of the Diamond.

We have real conversations about what’s real and what’s not. What you’re capable of and what you’re currently operating at. What you really, really want and what you’re willing to do to get it.

Fire of the Diamond is the sexy fight club where business owners battle themselves to let go of the distractions, the fears, the doubts, the pain, the uncertainty, and lack of knowledge to realize, to actualize the business owners they have to become in order to live and work the way they dream to.

We fight the good fight every fucking day.

And if you’re ready to beat Fear or any of your other excuses for not winning as much as you want to, then you need to click here and join us. (Besides knocking Fear the fuck out...I also get to help you tighten and hone all the words so they sell for you. Unbeatable.)

Or just keep waiting…


Save your chit chat for social media.

When you start your web copy with the likes of, “Aren’t you tired of…” or “When was the last time you…”, you 1) bore your reader into not wanting to read because EVERYBODY asks those same questions. And 2) it sounds like you wrote your own copy.

And if you want me to pay you thousands of dollars for a program and you’re writing your own copy, it means that you are likely not as successful as your fanciness is trying to make me think you are. And, therefore, likely not a master who deserves thousands of dollars for a program.

Enter Doubt.

Doubt is that son of a bitch that robs your bank account of all the dollas that should be flying in. He tells the reader, “pay attention, something sounds fishy here...why are they putting up subpar words and design if they are making $500K a month? I mean, you have time to do that??? Come on...get your head out of your ass, dude.”

So then, you’re left with less and less profit flowing in. More stress opening the door and fewer conversions making life easier for you.

Doubt kills sales.

You have to write like you know what you’re talking about. You have to start with a start that grips them from the beginning.

How do you do write copy that does that?

You start with narrative. With pain or pleasure that immediately hits home. You start with power statements that catch them off guard by forcing them to read the next line simply because it creates intrigue.

AFTER that, you can MAYBE slide into a more relaxed tone...but I don’t suggest it. Not here. You’re trying to sell. Not find playdates for the kids, goddamn it.

I mean, if you’re a BOSS at what you do...SOUND like it. Because coupling that sound with social proof and straight-talking? And you’ve got a WINNER. You’ve got PROFITS.

A few examples of headline copy that stands out and gets read




NOT? What do you mean NOT? Why won’t they?? See? The headline for the Diamond Evolution pulled you in, painted a picture of what you want to see happen in your practice, then told you you couldn’t have it. Leaving your brain asking, “WHY THE FUCK NOT, TANIA?? GODDAMN IT!”

Let’s look at another example:



Here I started the Fire of the Diamond sales page copy with a question, but it wasn’t a random, arbitrary OMFG-I-have-to-read-this-again question. It was a snap your brain at attention question.

The luxury 5-bedroom on the beach.
Retired hubby.
Random trips around the world whenever you feel like it.

Another headline from a recent Black Diamond Copy package... no questions. Just started right in with the brushstrokes of the painting for Anita’s copy over at You Can Make You Happy.

Let’s not stop, shall we?

There IS a place for you.
On the throne of your Universe.

Commanding attention from the start. Speaking to that longing to find where one belongs. Short and punchy is what springboards the rest of the power copy behind Lindsey Rainwaters’ site and her Black Diamond Copy.

Annnd this is another question done right:

The longing to create a multiple-six-figure impact on the world and your life?
Is about to become your ultimate reality.

It’s not watered down. It’s painting THE picture they’ve been trying to paint with their lives, so it speaks to their struggle. And answers with hope and intrigue. “HOOOOWWWW, Lenka?? HOW is it going to be my ultimate reality?? I’ve been spinning my wheels for months!”

Headline copy matters.

What happens if you choose the boring, I-don’t-want-to-think-too-hard headline? You choose not to make an impact. You choose to let the reader decide not to read. You choose to let money walk right out of the door it came in through.

Develop headlines that:

  • Pique interest so they want to finish reading

  • Sound like you outsourced your copy because you’re not struggling with your business and don’t have time to write it

  • Bolster trust because it speaks to the true needs they have, not lazy, watered down questions that speed your writing along, not their emotion

  • Pulls at their hearts’ desires, their souls’ longings, and their wallets to open them for you

  • Banks profits because it hits the emotional nail on the head for your readers, making you the obvious and only choice

Headlines are doorways. Open them with power copy that says you know what you’re talking about.

Or close them with “let me hurry up and get this done” copy.

The profits are yours. Or not.


The Pusher

The darkness falls.

I am there.

The light comes.

I am there.

When your soul cries to you, when it screams that there is better, there is more, there is something other than the dirt under your nails from clawing your way out of your own abyss.

I am there.

I got you.

No one will hurt you on my watch. No one will let you hit the ground when you are free-falling from your leap of faith.

But it’s so hard.

Your fear is so much stronger than you are.

And every day that you give into it? EVERY decision you make to do SOMETHING ELSE, instead of what you planned to do. Every time you say yes to your demons and not to your soul,

I am there.

I am the Pusher.

I push you beyond your demons. Not because I want you to ignore them. Mostly because you want what you want. And you deserve it. ALL>

But you also have tremendous fear that stops you from having it.

And I want to fuck that fear up for you.

But I can’t.

So I have to push you to do it with me.

In Fire of the Diamond, we fight every goddamn day. We fight the demons that want to keep us comfy. That want to keep us from possibly being rejected or seen as “less than” or as “not enough”.

These demons mean so well. I love that they love us so much that they want for us what others don’t give a shit about.


Fucker. Step to the side. I got shit to do.

So every single day, I go through the fucking mental work of telling him to sit the fuck down until later. Sometimes MULTIPLE times a day. He’s a persistent fuck.

He gets pissy because he wants what he wants. There’s just no time for it.

Think about the last time you told the demons to sit the fuck down. What happened?

You got some amazing fucking results, didn’t you? You scored a contract you didn’t think you’d get. You walked away from a life that was no longer serving you. You made money that you didn’t know you could make.

Because you took control of what’s rightfully yours...your mind.

So I show up in Fire of the Diamond every fucking day to push the Diamonds to be better than they were yesterday, to not fall for the songs the lonesome demons sing to them.

Former military.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve held titles like these. But it all comes down to the fact that I don’t like bullshit...even if you are serving it to yourself.

So I own my status as The Pusher.

You will never get where you want to go if you don’t give yourself permission to OWN what’s rightfully yours.

Want to be pushed? Ready to face the demons? Want someone to face them with you? Join us.