7 Reasons Why Assassin Training Increases Your Value

Editor's note: Perfection is NOT required OR suggested in this training! You guys have seen the posts, the tweets and the Facebook updates.  In case you are still wondering what in the heck that crazy woman is talking about, here it is again.

Training (PAT) to annihilate your projects in little time and with GREAT quality is the one way that you can get a leg up on your competition and leave them wondering "Who just stole my client!?" :)  And these are the reasons why:

1. Chemicals in the food stuffs of the modern diet cloud your mind and your body.  PAT rids you of those creativity/productivity thieves.  (Have you seen the list of diseases related to fast food???)

2.  Exercises pumps the blood harder and faster through the system and invigorates you, leaving you MORE creative than when you started...thanks to those endorphin and serotonin releases by the endocrine system...(dang science teacher).

3.  Focusing on the feeling that you get AFTER you eat healthy food (rather than focusing on the "mouth fiesta" feeling of lab generated food), helps decrease the Chemical Crave that comes with premade carp and lets you form happy connections with clean foods and break away from the chains of modern food marketing:).

4.  Eating clean and moving your body makes it feel good.  And THAT makes YOU feel good(i.e. your SOUL).  When you feel good, you can FOCUS on what's ahead. Assassins have mastered the art of hitting the bull's eye:)

5.  Because PAT brings focus, you can create/produce more with top quality.  Do you know any assassins that are NOT aces at what they do?

6.  Moving well each day lets you rest better.  Proper rest is necessary for increased performance (in ANY venue):)

7.  You develop your Assassin's Eye for your work because your Mind/Body Machine is finely tuned and purring like a (insert high performance vehicle here).  :)  You've got a lot of hurdles in front of you and being a Project Assassin will give you the edge you need to produce more quality work  for a higher price!

There you have it...7 reasons why YOU NEED to train like an assassin to develop your skills and work habits to make you even more valuable.  And if you haven't joined us already, DO IT NOW.  :)

If you are not training yet, I would love to know why in the comments.  And if you WANT to, join us by letting dropping a line below (Feel free to snag the PAT badge for your blog and let's get everyone trained!)

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Treat your body

Credit: Judy Zachariah

You work hard.  Very hard.  You have the kids to tend to, the turtles to feed, the house to keep up.  Your work is never done.  So, when you have the opportunity to relax, what do you reach for?

A cup o' joe?  Perhaps an alcoholic refreshment?  If you are like me, it is chocolate and soda.

The question is:  Are those the best choices?

I agree...100%... that we all deserve to have our little slice of heaven as a reward for our hard work.  100%

However...(my nice "but"), I propose that we do something more.  That we take our treats to a new level.  What if we opted for fresh ones?   Or healthy options?  Would we enjoy it less?  Would we feel that we were being "treated"?

What is it about your treat that you love?  Me?  If I am HONEST with myself, I no longer REALLY enjoy the Dew like I did.  Perhaps in the morning is the time I enjoy it most, but if I have a second...I end up miserable.

Here is your challenge.  If you are a partaker of unhealthy treats in lieu of goodness, I want you to partake and evaluate.  Give yourself 15 minutes after you have eaten or drunk your treat, then have a chat with your bod.  Ask it how it feels.  Do you still feel the affects?  Are they good ones or bad?

If that lovely bod of yours can honestly say that it totally enjoyed your input, then GREAT!  If it didn't, then work on replacing it.  Your bod will thank just have to listen.

What are your treats that you feel you can't do without?  Are they good for you?  Let's talk!  Leave me your $0.50 in the comments:)

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I have what you are looking for...

In place of your regularly scheduled rant, I bring you…me.  Well, I am sorry that you were expecting something a little more shiny and exciting…wait.  I AM shiny and exciting!  Well, that’s what I keep telling myself at least.  Enough with the silliness...onward with said post! What are you looking for?

We search high and low looking for answers.  Looking for the magic pill to make us better than what we are or to bring us more than what we have. 

I have the magic pill.  I have your answer. 

Look in the mirror.  Go ahead.  I'll wait. 

Great, you’re back!  Thanks for giving me a moment to explain.  :)

YOU are the magic pill.  Everything you ever wanted is inside you.

That fad diet that you keep reading about…useless.

That new exercise machine…useless.

That new marketing scheme…useless.

By filling yourself with healthy, whole foods in amounts that are satisfying to your gut, you will lose weight. 

By doing 15 minutes of high-intensity interval training daily, will get you there that much faster. 

By being YOURSELF when you blog, write, network, you will make more connections.    

YOU are a star and there is NOT a thing in this world that YOU can’t do…


What do you find yourself constantly searching for?  Is the answer in you?  Let's talk about it!  Leave a comment down below:)

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Thanks for coming by! :)

Photo credit: Ross Sage via WikiMedia Commons

Do It Now List

It has come to my attention that I procrastinate things that I have forethoughts about.  I put something on a list.  Look at it.  Fear the outcome, the time spent, or the unknown...whatever it is...I think about it.  As of now, I am erasing the "To Do List" and creating the "Do It Now List." With the DIN List, I will not allow myself to THINK.  Overthinking stops here.  It is useless and it doesn't help.  It allows the uncertain to be entertained.  It allows us to subconsciously decide to AVOID what it is that needs to be done. 

Yes, we HAVE to exercise.  It is not a choice.  If we lived in the time of the cavemen, we would work off our calories.  But, we don't.  We sit for a living.  We become slugs for a living.  

Just do it.  Thanks Nike.  They mean don't think about it.  Get it done. 

You want chicken tenders for lunch, but you NEED grilled chicken (thanks to Chris Brogan for bringing this to my attention :)).  Don't THINK. 

Just eat it. Thanks Weird Al.  :)  Anyway, food is overrated...we only need it to survive, not to enjoy.  Pleasure comes from experiences not taste.

Starting today, throw away your To Do List and consistently work on your Do It Now List and watch your productivity, your health, your accomplishments soar.  (Dang you, bald eagle.)


What is on your To Do List that you keep procrastinating?  What if you don't give it a second thought and put it on your Do It Now List?  Will you get it done? 

© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011

Using the Law of Attraction and Intention to Create Your Reality

The Law of Attraction is simple: Like attracts like.  Whether good or bad. 

If we want to attract good, the decision is ultimately ours. 

What kind of like are you attracting?

How we talk is a manifestation of what we think.  How we act is a manifestation of how we talk.  Why not think, talk, and act successfully? (Success is relative, of course, but I love Ralph Waldo Emerson's definition to the left :) )

Belief is the basis for what we think

If we believe that we are rock stars, we think, talk, and act as rock stars.  If we believe that we are unworthy of status, we elicit behaviors that sabotage our attempts at success.

We are manifestations of our beliefs. 

That’s great as long as we believe in the true Soul that we are and not in our own skewed vision of Self.  

Does Self stand in our way?

With writing, I often find my Self throwing up resistance (in the form of procrastination by spending too much time on Twitter, my Google Reader, Facebook, etc :) ) at every peek at success(i.e. finishing a piece or making headway on the novel) Self is my roadblock.

If beliefs are aligned with the reality of Soul, then Self will not get in the way. 

Can we change our beliefs?  Yes, by changing what we say and reversing the order of the manifestations mentioned above. 

Is it easy?

No.  It isn’t easy, but if we are MINDFUL, if we are living INTENTIONally , then we set a course to rewire our hard drives to think in ways that bring about positive change and attract the results we want. 

Jane Roberts says, “You create your own reality.”

Our thinking dictates our environment

If we want change, we have to create that change. 

We have to define Self (who are we?).  Connect our dots(bring all of our roles to an intersecting point).  Connect to Other (family, friends, etc), in order to complete the image of our reality that we want to bring about. 

We all have strengths.  We all have gifts.  We have to listen to Soul and recognize those strengths and gifts.  Use positive Self Talk that we may or may not hear consciously (oftentimes, our actions manifest our beliefs more loudly than our words do, but that is another post :) ). 

Listen to Soul.  Define who you are.  Consider your reality.  Create it. 

Transform your chaos and order your cosmos by seeing Self for its beauty, defining the reality you want, and setting your INTENTION for positive bounty through the Law of Attraction. 

What are your  Soul gifts?  How can you set your intention to make your reality the best reality it can be? 

Thanks for visiting my home on the web :)

© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011

Self-Acceptance: one more step toward Cosmos

In the quest to connect our Facets of Self, we know Mindfulness is key to being aware and alive; key to letting Soul live and breathe within us.  Yet, Soul is still trapped without Self-Acceptance.

In order to free it and allow others into our Cosmos, the chains of guilt and self-doubt have to be broken.  Each person shimmers, but seeing that shimmer can be difficult for some.  In accepting Self for the beauty that it is and recognizing its potential as if it were the Self of another, we  afford it the opportunity to flourish and grow.  We do not hold friends and family as critically as we hold our own Self.  Why punish it in this way?  Their Self is no different from ours.  Being overly critical hinders it and creates limiting beliefs.  Thereby, binding it.  

Heart, Soul, Mind Conflict

Soul accepts Self and loves it.  Heart accepts Self and loves it.  But, it is Mind that overly disciplines Self and makes it feel less than the rest.  By being mindful, we are aware that these limits set upon Self are not true limits, but only perceptions of truth.  In this way, we recognize the moments at which Mind is needlessly reprimanding Self.  We react.  We change what we believe.  Repeatedly countering negative thoughts of self-doubt with positive thoughts of self-acceptance anchors those affirmations within us. 

Why do you not accept Self?

Ask yourself from where the criticism originated.  Perhaps it was imparted by a member of Other.  Maybe your parents parented in negative ways.  Maybe a teacher that you looked up to made you feel less than adequate about an assignment that you felt really great about.  Maybe you are truly a critical person and you are the only bestower of your own negativity.  Release them all.  They thought they were serving you by pushing you to be greater, but the truth is greatness was already there. 

Love Self as much (or more than) you love Other.  Because there is no doubt how much you love your family and friends and Self deserves the same love.

See the big picture...

Look into Heart.  Look into Soul.  See your beauty.  See that you do the best that you can do and accept what is your best.  Yes, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov won the Nobel in Physics in 2010 "for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene".  But, you are you.  Don't judge Self by what Other does.  You are SuperMom.  You are DaringDad.  You are SuperStudent.  BestSister.  Whatever.  Accept who you are as a unique creature that gives life all that it can. 

Robert Holden says in Happiness Now! that "Happiness and self-acceptance go hand in hand. In fact, your level of self-acceptance determines your level of happiness. The more self-acceptance you have, the more happiness you'll allow yourself to accept, receive and enjoy. In other words, you enjoy as much happiness as you believe you're worthy of [emphasis added]."

How much happiness/love/Self-acceptance do you believe you are worthy of?

In the end...

Accept Self.  Love Self.  Connect the Facets of it together by aligning the way Mind thinks with the way Heart and Soul feel.  You are beautiful.  Transform your chaos into cosmos.


1. Listen for the negative voices.

2.  Address them. 

3.  Counter them with a positive affirmation. 

4.  Make it a daily habit to keep an Affirmation Journal, writing down your strengths and acknowledging your weaknesses as lesser strengths, not weakness. 

What is it that you would like to fully accept about yourself?  Do you love yourself as unconditionally as you love others?  I looove talking to YOU! Leave your thoughts and comments below:)  Thanks for visiting!

© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011