Evolve toward your higher self

Staring out over the glass that is the ocean, listening as the gentle waves caress the shore. Thoughts of the war and ravaging that occurs below surface as carrion in the ocean itself.  We are more than our surfaces.  We are our depths, but so rarely do we reveal those depths.  Even more scarce is the opportunity taken to see into that of others. 

By seeing their inner waters, we see their humanity.  We remember ourselves.  We connect.  We, at that moment, are mindful of the struggles and challenges of another.  We, at that moment, honor humanity and recognize that it is what is below that creates the surface. 

Looking into the depths of the Cantankerous

We have all been there before.  The grumpy cashier at the grocery store, the out of sorts mailman (ok, maybe not the best example…or maybe it is), or the hateful neighbor are all people that are where they are because of what they have suffered (as are we).  It is our job as mindful mavens to look beyond an incident into the deep, dark waters to see the tragic, and not so tragic, events that have brought them to where they are today.

By seeing the war and ravaging that occurred beneath their surface we extend a hand of humanity to someone who probably rarely sees it.  We, hopefully, brighten their day. 

But, if we don’t, that’s ok, too.  Because the goal is to better ourselves…to better our idea of ourselves.  And our idea of ourselves is based on our OWN thoughts and not those of others…By bettering ourselves, we will better the world.

So, when we encounter others, our goal isn’twhat we can get out of them, but what we can put in…wait…I mean, what we can put in – EMOTIONALLY.  Geez.

Mindfulness of self brings peace.  Serenity.  Calm. 

Mindfulness for others brings humanity.  Compassion.  Evolution.


Share a moment that you could have diffused by looking depthward in the comments. What do you think would have happened if you chose to see past the situation and shown an awareness of the person you were dealing with?

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The High Life

A dear Tweep was exposing himself on Twitter today, not as you think...perv.  :D He was actually exposing the gorgeous view from his home overseas.  We are talking planting fields and majestic mountains in the background.  Against the gray sky, their grandeur is magnified.  I told him to enjoy because he deserves it. Then, I thought, you know, everyone deserves it.  

And everyone HAS it

While our High Life may not be sitting on an elegant veranda overlooking august mountain ranges, it is whatever we do have and it is up to us to see it.  Seeing beauty in what we have and not chasing everyone else's ideas of what is the High Life is what brings peace.  It brings serenity.

Appreciating the moment, the situation, we live in is pivotal to Mindfulness.  (Are you tired of hearing me say that word, yet?) What we have today is it.  This is The Life.  The High Life.  We can enjoy it or we can spend our lives in search of it.

Searching for the High Life

We will never find it.  It isn't to be found.  For if we are not satisfied with what we have today, we will NEVER be satisfied.  The High Life isn't owning the perfect car or the perfect house.  Because they don't exist...unless we are living the High Life now.  Gadgets come and gadgets go.  As soon as we get that new HTC Evo 3D, the HTC Evo 3D with {insert newest thingy here} will be out, then we will chase it.

Why spend our lives in pursuit of a dream when the dream is in front of us?

What does your dream look like?  Thanks for stopping by to read, feel free to add your $0.02 below! 

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Breaking through the Writer’s Block/Human Wall

As writers, we all suffer writer’s block at one time or another.  As people, sometimes we experience an equivalent called human wall.  It affects us on all levels: work, personal, familial. Today, after four days of a severe cold (which I rarely get), I have hit human wall.  I cannot function.  I cannot think.  I have projects coming out of my wazoo, kids screaming and fighting in one ear, phone calls in the other.  With each word typed or read, there is a child standing in my face demanding attention or requesting food, preventing me from concentrating.  So what do I do? 

I shut down 

It’s just easier.  Why upset everyone by making choices they don’t like?  Just stop functioning altogether.  Right?

Right.  Now, nothing will be done.  There will be no failures to claim.  No hurt to console.  No more excuses to be made.  And when I die, that is all I will have.  Nothing. 

Combatting the fog in my head

My resolution is this:  I will get up and shower, put on work clothes, dress my face, put on my favorite jewelry and parfum.  And I will begin chipping away at this wall.

To break through the human wall, you have to move.  You have to put the nonsense behind.  You have to write out your Do It Now List and DO IT. 

The cold is not going away.  The kids are not going away (God forbid).  And the work is just going to keep piling up. 

So move.  Douse the fog with a tall glass of water or three.  Nourish your body with WHOLE food…not the pseudo crap.  And be MINDFUL of what you are doing!

Being mindful allows you to focus on what you are doing, thus chipping away at that human wall until it is gone. 

Feeling yucky and having a hard time getting things done? Break through your wall. 

Thanks for stopping by my home to read:)  I appreciate your time...more than you know.  Have a great week, guys!

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Self-Acceptance: one more step toward Cosmos

In the quest to connect our Facets of Self, we know Mindfulness is key to being aware and alive; key to letting Soul live and breathe within us.  Yet, Soul is still trapped without Self-Acceptance.

In order to free it and allow others into our Cosmos, the chains of guilt and self-doubt have to be broken.  Each person shimmers, but seeing that shimmer can be difficult for some.  In accepting Self for the beauty that it is and recognizing its potential as if it were the Self of another, we  afford it the opportunity to flourish and grow.  We do not hold friends and family as critically as we hold our own Self.  Why punish it in this way?  Their Self is no different from ours.  Being overly critical hinders it and creates limiting beliefs.  Thereby, binding it.  

Heart, Soul, Mind Conflict

Soul accepts Self and loves it.  Heart accepts Self and loves it.  But, it is Mind that overly disciplines Self and makes it feel less than the rest.  By being mindful, we are aware that these limits set upon Self are not true limits, but only perceptions of truth.  In this way, we recognize the moments at which Mind is needlessly reprimanding Self.  We react.  We change what we believe.  Repeatedly countering negative thoughts of self-doubt with positive thoughts of self-acceptance anchors those affirmations within us. 

Why do you not accept Self?

Ask yourself from where the criticism originated.  Perhaps it was imparted by a member of Other.  Maybe your parents parented in negative ways.  Maybe a teacher that you looked up to made you feel less than adequate about an assignment that you felt really great about.  Maybe you are truly a critical person and you are the only bestower of your own negativity.  Release them all.  They thought they were serving you by pushing you to be greater, but the truth is greatness was already there. 

Love Self as much (or more than) you love Other.  Because there is no doubt how much you love your family and friends and Self deserves the same love.

See the big picture...

Look into Heart.  Look into Soul.  See your beauty.  See that you do the best that you can do and accept what is your best.  Yes, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov won the Nobel in Physics in 2010 "for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene".  But, you are you.  Don't judge Self by what Other does.  You are SuperMom.  You are DaringDad.  You are SuperStudent.  BestSister.  Whatever.  Accept who you are as a unique creature that gives life all that it can. 

Robert Holden says in Happiness Now! that "Happiness and self-acceptance go hand in hand. In fact, your level of self-acceptance determines your level of happiness. The more self-acceptance you have, the more happiness you'll allow yourself to accept, receive and enjoy. In other words, you enjoy as much happiness as you believe you're worthy of [emphasis added]."

How much happiness/love/Self-acceptance do you believe you are worthy of?

In the end...

Accept Self.  Love Self.  Connect the Facets of it together by aligning the way Mind thinks with the way Heart and Soul feel.  You are beautiful.  Transform your chaos into cosmos.


1. Listen for the negative voices.

2.  Address them. 

3.  Counter them with a positive affirmation. 

4.  Make it a daily habit to keep an Affirmation Journal, writing down your strengths and acknowledging your weaknesses as lesser strengths, not weakness. 

What is it that you would like to fully accept about yourself?  Do you love yourself as unconditionally as you love others?  I looove talking to YOU! Leave your thoughts and comments below:)  Thanks for visiting!

© Tania Dakka and Chaotic Musing, 2011