Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - 6th Edition

You know, music is so much more than sound waves. For many of us, it's more like life-waves. They keep us going. They dictate our moods. And so often they create the soundtrack for our lives. Favorite tunes also tell loads about a person's soul. I wanted to see what kind of music moves entrepreneurs, so I started the Garage Party last year to get to know other entrepreneurs and their tastes. Each week brings eclectic styles and flavors together as we meet new peeps and look into the windows of their souls! It's also a great way to meet people you may like to collaborate with or follow in social. Take the time to get to know these peeps and you may find some gold in these hills!

Without more of my rambling, let's see who played the Garage Party Friday night in today's Mosh Pit!

(Want to get in on the party to share your own work? Email me at tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com) Shutting up now...


Nicole LiloiaNicole Liloia

OMG Who doesn't want to be less stressed?? Entrepreneurs are prone to giving into its evil. Nicole Liloia wants to help you enjoy the journey without the struggle. She has a 5-Day Stress Less Challenge to help you do it! What’s more, she has a kick ass song for you to enjoy tonight, too!

Enjoy a little Bon Jovi and say hello to Nicole!



Casey Palmer

Casey Palmer

This next dude keeps me in stitches...he’s a riot to work with and claims he’s not a blogger, he just talks a lot. Pft. Such a poser. LOL Enjoy Casey’s track!

And say hello to Casey  (word is he’s working on making you dudes be dads with cool duds, too…but that could be a rumor) and check out his #100daysofhappiness posts! (It's kind of sickening all the happy he's got going on...;) )



Sallianne Norelli

Sallianne Norelli

We love picture books, right? As a parent it’s a requirement. But Sallianne has a Facebook page just for us where readers, writers and illustrators can get together and talk all things picture books. And for the second time ever, we’re sporting country. Enjoy the tunes - it’s good to be diverse ;)

Check out Sallianne Norelli’s picture book Facebook page  and say hi!



Dan Franks | badass'D Biz+Ink

Dan Franks

You know Dan Franks? You should. He kicks ass on a weekly basis on the Entrepreneur Showdown podcast. Debating hot topics regarding being an entrepreneur so you can make smarter decisions. Check out Dan’s kick-ass tune that inspires him to take things up a notch each week.

Check out Dan’s Entrepreneur Showdown podcast and, if you’re a podcaster or a wannabe, check out the Podcast Movement Conference for peeps like you who dig podcasting!



Amy Chick

Amy Chick

Worried about the message you’re sending your clients when they land on your site? Don’t. Amy’s got yo back! Copywriter, brand discoverer, and design junkie, Amy’s got all your site needs covered. Enjoy Amy’s favorite:

Then check her out at Hey Amy Chick!



Pat Flynn | Badass'D Biz+Ink

Pat Flynn

Time for tonight’s Surprise VIP! And I’m sooo honored to present to you the MAN who wants YOU to make the money he makes online: Pat Flynn! And we exchanged Tweets this morning about his favorite tune…totally off when I tried to figure this one out…

After you enjoy the tune, pop over and sign up for Pat's email list to learn how to make more passive income online (over $77K last month to be exact!!)!



Pam Slim | Badass'D Biz+Ink

Pam Slim

And now for tonight's SECOND Surprise #GarageParty VIP:

Meet Pam Slim! She's an ACE at getting you out of the cubicle so you can do what you love. Check out her song, her site, and her latest book on Amazon, Body of Work! Pop over to her site and register for her free monthly call where she answers everything from what kind of biz you should start to how to do it while you're still working!

Thanks to CA Hurst for the intro to such an amazing woman!


Follow the Garage Party's Official Spotify playlist so you can stay up-to-date on the wild flavors served up for your ears each week!

That's it for this week! If you want in on a future Garage Party like these VIPs, email me at tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com and fill me in on the tune that moves your soul and the link you want shared with 2600+ entrepreneurs!

See you soon!

Tania Dakka | Badass'D Biz+Ink




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The Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style)

Getting to know new people. That's what's at the heart of your marketing efforts (or should be). It's not about blasting your message across the webs and hoping people come to you. It's about meeting people, nurturing their efforts, and getting to know them. It's about the passion to help others.

Since starting the Garage Party, I've met so many wonderful people and passionate entrepreneurs, it's inspiring. And they deserve a permanent home, not just a moment's flash in social media. That's why, every week, the Garage Party will culminate in the Monday Mosh Pit posts on the blog. The VIPs from the weekend before will find their links, their songs and their faces here after the effects of the music wear off. :) (Want to be a VIP? Email me your favorite song, the link you want promoted, and a sentence about what you do to tania@taniadakka.com to get your biz in front of 2600+ on the next open bill!)

We never know what's going to happen at a Garage Party. Last week we had loads of fun! FooPlugins even offered a 20% discount on their branded plugins with a special code for the party! Lots of chatter and meeting awesome entrepreneurs. You should come by this Friday! Really! You have an open invitation :)

Let's meet last Friday's VIPs!


JoeKerouacJoe Kerouac

Joe helps bring down the costs and improve the results for real estate buyers and sellers, while increasing the income of the newly defined “best” agents in the real estate industry. If you’re in real estate, you really want to know Joe. Actually, even if you’re not because he’s cool like that!

Out of Commission - Joe Kerouac

Check out Joe's book AND his favorite song, "Little Room"!



AmbroseAW Ambrose WB

When I asked Ambrose to send me his sentence, this is what he said , "My passion is helping people be better by serving others through experience + knowledge as a coach. Nutrition + fitness are my specialties. Sneakers + music are my interests. I love history, hustle, + huskies." Not once did he mention his killer trainer biz! So, here, I'm telling you :)

Mispibo - Ambrose WB

 If you're in Milwaukee (home of HD! Lucky you!), check out Ambrose's biz, Mispibo!



Tracy BakerTracy Baker

Tracy teaches people how to live happy and look younger and follow their path to a Healthy You! She's also part of this cool thing called the Happiness Movement and you can join the 410,000 or so people that have already pledged to Live Happy everyday! Check out this coolness :)

Tracy Baker

Join the Happiness Movement with Free Website and Ripple Tracker.

Look Younger and join Healthy You community on Google + to help you on your path to a Healthy You...



Jack BornJack Born

His work helps you. He creates software that helps entrepreneurs connect with their tribes on deeper levels. (And YOU know what you do when THAT happens, yeah?) Jack’s an ace marketer and knows how to build products you need and inspire others to reach their potential. Get to know him and his work!

Check out his site AW Pro Tools to turbo charge your Aweber account!



Adam WarnerAdam Warner

Adam is the cofounder of Foo Plugins. He chose this song because the lyrics are sooo apt for us as entrepreneurs: Fantasy and free thinking (that brought us Mickey Mouse) can easily be lost. SOOOO right! Light those fires and KEEP them lit!

Meet Adam and check out his site, Foo Plugins (Where you can enter the code GARAGEPARTY and get 20% off your purchase of any Foo-branded plugin like FooBox, PostFlow and more!)





Amelia Ramstead


Amelia Ramstead

Amelia's an amazing rockstar and is doing a fab job of juggling a full plate with her hands full as a full-time mom and copywriter!

Check her out at Seattle Healthcare Copywriting and spin this ass-kicker. (Love this song!)



And, you know, we always have a Special Surprise VIP!


Nir EyalNir Eyal!

OMG When I saw Nir's vid on developing products that are habit forming, I was HOOKED! No kidding!

Love his work! Please check out Garage Party VIP, Forbes, TechCrunch, and Psychology Today writer, Nir Eyal and his course at www.HookModel.com, where you'll learn how to build habit-forming products. (Think: Facebook, not drugs. Yes, I'm 12! You know that by now!)

WARNING: If you're an entrepreneur, Hooked may make your mouth water!

Nir Eyal

PS Is this not a kick ass jam??



That's the view of last week's Garage Party from the Mosh Pit! Hope you enjoyed it and more importantly, I hope you discovered some new peeps to follow, like, share, meet, collaborate with, or even share some music with. Thanks for reading, please consider helping them by clicking the share button on this post to spread the word!

Thanks! Kick ass this week! Tania


Haven't been a VIP yet? Email me at tania@taniadakka.com with your favorite song, the link you want promoted and a sentence about what you do and get in on the next party's bill!