Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style) - Featuring Louie Baur

You know you love music. You know you love your biz. What better end to a kick ass week than a jam session with other entrepreneurs that love what they do as much as you love what you do? Come party at the Garage Party one night and see where it takes you. You never know who's path you'll cross and the gifts they'll come bearing! You know what I'm doing now: Shutting up. Because I want you to meet some amazing entrepreneurs and some killer tunes this week!

Aliza Stein Aliza Stein

Meet the badass love child of strategy and storytelling! Aliza Stein’s A Freaking Great Company aims to be the secret weapon of choice for entrepreneurs. But ONLY if you’re in the biz of hustle, ambition and general online foolery.

Say hi to fellow badass, Aliza Stein! And check out one of our few international shares!



 Candice Blaesing

Love affiliate marketing AND the arts? Connect with Candice Blaesing! She’s a marketing and PR ass-kicker ready to help you make money on da interwebs! Check out her kickin’ song and her site! (WHICH has gorgeous, romantic roses! And shut up…even badasses love roses like that!)



Cathy Miller Cathy Miller

Fellow biz writer, Cathy Miller’s got 30+ years experience in web/print business writing & healthcare, wellness & employee benefits…she knows how to help you keep it simple, clear & uniquely yours. Check out her kick ass song and her site!



Rebecca Tracey Rebecca Tracey

Chick? Offer retreats? Or want to? Check out Rebecca Tracey’s Retreat Retreat and walk away knowing how to rock yours so you can kill it at the bank while you get PAID TO TRAVEL! Heeeeelllloooooo?? Check out Rebecca’s site…and her song!



Juan Ortiz Juan Ortiz

You couldn’t meet a better dude. Juan Ortiz is a digital media content specialist (that means he’ll help you rock your content across the digital landscape) and he rocks at what he does. Check out Juan’s digs and his KICK ASS song!



ColinFBarnes Colin F. Barnes

Meet a man who has worked in rat-infested workshops, and scoured the back streets of London looking for characters and stories for his techno thrillers and sci-fi titles. Colin’s a high-tech, high-thrill writer that you’re going to love! I’m proud to present his favorite tune and his books…check them out!

Get a free novel here!



Louie Baur | Badass'D Biz+Ink Louie Baur

I gotta tell ya. ANYONE who has "miscreant" in their bio is ACE with me. Meet our Surprise VIP, Louie Baur! You may know him as Long Beach Louie. He’s a skateboarder. He’s a biker. He’s a Desert Storm vet. And true to his bio, he’s chosen a song that reps the rep! This dude’s Instagram, awesome. His taste in bikes, impeccable. And his tunes, rockin’! Welcome to the Garage Party, Louie!



Plug in to the Official Garage Party Spotify Playlist

Super party Friday night! Loaded with colorful entrepreneurs who dig what they do and have a blast kickin' it. Now, it's your turn...share and/or comment on this post to let them know you're digging their work, too! Then, email me at tania(at)taniadakka.com to grab your spot on an upcoming Garage Party VIP list! See you soon!

Kick Ass!

Tania Dakka |Badass'D Biz+Ink



Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style) - Featuring Bob Burg

Whether your poison is Mudvayne or Bach, as long as you're an entrepreneur with a kick ass attitude, you can be on the Garage Party. And if you're on the Garage Party, your shares will be emblazoned in the Monday Mosh Pit post so that anyone who had a date and may have missed how cool you are on Friday can catch it on Monday when things look a little clearer. :) You work hard. For yourself and your customers...so I want to show you off and brag to the world about what you're doing! And if you haven't been a Garage Party VIP yet, you need to be one. Email me (tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com) with your favorite song and a link you want pimped, you'll be added to an upcoming party. Which, by the way, if you have plans to hit the Claddaugh for drinks, is not a problem, only your link NEED appear. Howevz, it is soooooooo much more fun when you do play with us!

You know what I'm doing now: SHUTTING UP. Meet these 7 cool entrepreneurs and enjoy the music that moves them.

DraganDragan Sutevski

Our first guess was one of the first to welcome me to Twitter. Please welcome Dragan Sutevski. Dragan teaches you to innovate your own future and take it into your own hands. Gotta love that!

Check out Dragan and his Rain Man Theme by Hans Zimmer



EricaErica Lieber

Meet Erica Lieber. Her other half has a LUSCIOUS place YOU can rent in San Pedro, Belize that overlooks the bluest of blue oceans and is called: NIRVANA. Check it out and drool! Say hi to Erica and enjoy this oldie :) **UPDATE: The home is sold and is no longer for rent by the Liebers.**



Jon WilkeningJon Wilkening

This next dude’s photographs will put you right in the middle of the subject. You can get your OWN breathtaking single editions of some of his shots. Warning: The shot of “Dark Matter” will suck you right into the ocean.

Say hi to Jon! And dig on his tune!



Bhavik HariaBhavik Haria

I’m soooo diggin’ Bhavik Haria’s videography skills. He’s going to make your biz look UHMAYZING (assuming you’re in UK like Andy and Gertraud :) )…check him out and check out his tune by R. Kelly!



ImranSiddiqImran Siddiq

Like fiction? Imran's prolific when it comes to self-publishing books, but he also wants to give you the tools to do the same with his latest non-fiction work: Simple Creative Writing Book, which you can get free until April 7, 2014! Say hi to Imran and grab his book!



Anthony ThompsonAnthony Thompson

Want to HUMANIZE your digital experience?? Anthony's going to help you do that. Because people connect with people, not avatars. Check out Anthony's awesome oldie and say hi!

Oh, and see what he has to say about this in his "The Facebook Crush" ebook!



Bob Burg | Badass'D Biz+InkBob Burg

What can I say about our Surprise VIP,  Bob Burg? He's a man you want to know. He's kind, caring, and he works for the good of the furry citizens of the world. He authored 9 books (so far!), like the Go-Giver and Endless Referrals. And he sits on the Board of Directors for Furry Friends Adoption and Clinic, helping sweet pets find deserving homes.

Say hi to Bob and enjoy his most kick-ass tune, Kashmir! (swoon!)



The Official Garage Party Spotify Playlist

That's it for this week's AMAZING entrepreneurs...lots of cool music and even more badassery! Claim your spot as an upcoming Garage Party VIP by dropping your deets! And don't forget to follow the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist!

Kick ass! Tania Dakka |Badass'D Biz+Ink

Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style) - Featuring S. Anthony Iannarino

THIS. http://youtu.be/0qfdzjmPDr8

is why the Garage Party and the Mosh Pit posts exist. This is why we come together every week: To get to know other entrepreneurs on this big wide web and to better understand their souls through the music that moves them.

Because the power that rushes through us when the music flows is the same power that courses through us when we create solutions for people and bring businesses to life.  That force is the essence of who we are. It is us.

Join us each week as we meet other entrepreneurs who have the same passions we do, find new people to grow with, and enjoy all kinds of kick ass music from Beethoven to AC/DC! Drop an email at tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com or jump over here and drop your deets in the form to be added to the VIP lineup for an upcoming Garage Party! So I'm shutting up now...enjoy the music while you get to know this week's VIP entrepreneurs!


Alicia Sparks | Badass'D Biz+InkAlicia Sparks

Alicia Sparks is kicking freelancers teeth over at her site where she helps them get it in gear so they can actually make more money at what they do. I’ve known Sparks for a while…she’s good people…stop in and get to know her! And enter her contest to win a business planner!

And I love this song…my metal dudes, it’ll be alright…sit back and enjoy anyway ;)



Cindy Paine | Badass'D Biz+InkCindy Paine

This next woman is a wonderful shot of positive energy. She’s been teaching people for almost two decades how to let go to connect and how to bring the things they really want to life. She’s also leading a Manifest Your Heart’s Desire retreat in Sedona, AZ – an amazing, life-changing trip!

Connect with Cindy and say hello after you enjoy the music that is moving her these days!



Amy Porter | Badass'D Biz+InkAmy Porter

Are you ready to harness your feelings of overwhelm into productivity?

Work with Amy Porter to identify what problems are causing your overwhelm, strategize how you can overcome the issue(s), and implement action steps to get things done! Now…what’s stopping you, procrastinator? :D (That’s my middle name, by the way ;) )

Stop by and say hello to Amy while you enjoy some TP!



Mike Bruny | Badass'D Biz+InkMike Ambassador Bruny

This is next dude is a smart dude. He’s started an online co-working hangout in one of our groups (because we always need a kick in the rear to get things going!) and he’s creating a new professional development tool that I won’t reveal any secrets about YET. It’s going to kick ass, though ;) Say hello to Mike Ambassador Bruny :) and check out his site!



Savvy Digital Business | Badass'D Biz+InkSavvy Digital Business

This next biz duet is run by Lisa Shaughnessy and her biz partner Lisa Karl. I’ve known Lisa for a while and she’s a smart, smart chica who’s helping small businesses create social media strategies that attract their ideal customer through individual coaching, webinars, courses and online resources.

Stop by and check Lisa and Lisa out!



Ritu Rao | Badass'D Biz+InkRitu Rao

This woman…don’t get to know her. She’s hilarious and has a sick, twisted sense of humor peppered with an infectious personality! Meet Ritu Rao - ultra-runner (I’m talking MILES AND MILES, people), dentist and biz owner!

Check out her posts below and say hello!

What you need to succeed, even if you've failed before 

Predictability, power, and going big for success



S Anthony Iannarino | Badass'd Biz+Ink

S. Anthony Iannarino

It's an honor to introduce our Surprise VIP, S. Anthony Iannarino!

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Smart Salesman through Chris Brogan. He’s always very real, very genuine, and he always has amazing selling smarts to share. If you’re an entrepreneur, you want to circle Mr. Iannarino, president and Chief Sales Officer for Solutions Staffing out of Columbus, Ohio, on Google Plus! Do that. And enjoy his kick ass tune! Let’s ROCK!


It was an amazing lineup, as always, with lots of cool businesses who are ready to make your life better...check them out! And plug into the Official Garage Party Spotify Playlist!

Want to be a VIP, too? Just drop me an email or fill out the form on Pimp Yo' Biz page! See you soon!

Kick Ass!

Tania Dakka |Badass'D Biz+Ink



Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style) - 7th Edition


Music is passion. Successful business takes passion. What better way to celebrate them both than with a social party each week?? At this week's Garage Party, we've got a lineup of fascinating entrepreneurs and eclectic tastes in music.  And I kid you not, I had never seen Bruno Mars before looking for our first VIP's song! OMG. There's a reason for that. :D

Soooo, if you want in on a future Garage Party, email me at tania@taniadakka.com or fill out your deets on the Garage Party page :) I'm shutting up now so you can listen to some good tunes and meet some cool cats!


Karen Taggart | Badass'D Biz+InkKaren Taggart

“Mama! I wanna play!” “Baby, we’ll, just let me finish this blog post.” “Ohhh! You’re always working!” “I’m sorry!”

Sound familiar?? Karen Taggart can change that. She helps moms start their own biz, spend a ton o’ time with the kids and have a loving relationship with their SO. In other words, she teaches moms how to have it all!

Check out her song...my first encounter with Bruno Mars. No. Really. http://youtu.be/m8Ed8in9Qng


Alba Figueroa | Badass'D Biz+InkAlba Figueroa

Meet Alba Figueroa – she’s going to make your launch successful without and ginormous budget or years of experience behind you! Have a product or service you’re getting ready? DO THIS FIRST!



MaryIntuitiveMary Maireroa

Uncertain about your future as an entrepreneur? Not sure where life is going to take you next? Mary Maireroa can help clear all that up. She’s an intuitive and a psychic reader. Say hello to Mary and check out this most awesome song that had me dancing all afternoon

Check out her contest here ??and her Facebook page



Nibmor | Badass'D Biz+Ink


OMG!!! Chocolate for a year! HOLY smokin’ Joe. Now, you give me one sane reason why you wouldn’t enter NibMor’s contest?? (And by “sane”, I mean, not “I don’t like chocolate” OMG! These people exist??) Enter this contest :) (By the way, this chocolate is organic, non-GMO, fair trade and gluten-free heaven – so you can eat abnormal amounts of it ;) ??Check out Nibmor! Oh, and this tune…these are special indie performers. Check out her pipes :)



Herby Fabius | Badass'D Biz+InkHerby Fabius

Meet the guy who believes in you and that you are a CHAMPION! Meet Herby Fabius, entrepreneur, blogger, andpodcaster. He talks to successful startup founders and cofounded the small business gift card platform triplefy.com??Check out Herby’s tune, his Billion Success Podcast, and his gift card platform!



Justin Harmon

Justin Harmon

Justin Harmon wants you to help you realize your freedom, earn your wealth, and grow. Check out his site: On Freedom, Wealth, and Growth and get to know him!



Terry Simpson | Badass'D Biz+InkDr. Terry Simpson

ANNNND now for the #GarageParty’s SURPRISE VIP: He’s the surgeon that spends more time teaching his patients to cook than operating on them! LOVE this doc! Doctor T knows what he’s talking about - follow him and get your biz body healthy!

Check out his uber-classy tune:



You can find current and past VIPs' songs here in the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist!

Hit me with your deets and become a VIP like these cool cats who were featured in front of 2600+ entrepreneurs last Friday night :)

Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - 6th Edition

You know, music is so much more than sound waves. For many of us, it's more like life-waves. They keep us going. They dictate our moods. And so often they create the soundtrack for our lives. Favorite tunes also tell loads about a person's soul. I wanted to see what kind of music moves entrepreneurs, so I started the Garage Party last year to get to know other entrepreneurs and their tastes. Each week brings eclectic styles and flavors together as we meet new peeps and look into the windows of their souls! It's also a great way to meet people you may like to collaborate with or follow in social. Take the time to get to know these peeps and you may find some gold in these hills!

Without more of my rambling, let's see who played the Garage Party Friday night in today's Mosh Pit!

(Want to get in on the party to share your own work? Email me at tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com) Shutting up now...


Nicole LiloiaNicole Liloia

OMG Who doesn't want to be less stressed?? Entrepreneurs are prone to giving into its evil. Nicole Liloia wants to help you enjoy the journey without the struggle. She has a 5-Day Stress Less Challenge to help you do it! What’s more, she has a kick ass song for you to enjoy tonight, too!

Enjoy a little Bon Jovi and say hello to Nicole!



Casey Palmer

Casey Palmer

This next dude keeps me in stitches...he’s a riot to work with and claims he’s not a blogger, he just talks a lot. Pft. Such a poser. LOL Enjoy Casey’s track!

And say hello to Casey  (word is he’s working on making you dudes be dads with cool duds, too…but that could be a rumor) and check out his #100daysofhappiness posts! (It's kind of sickening all the happy he's got going on...;) )



Sallianne Norelli

Sallianne Norelli

We love picture books, right? As a parent it’s a requirement. But Sallianne has a Facebook page just for us where readers, writers and illustrators can get together and talk all things picture books. And for the second time ever, we’re sporting country. Enjoy the tunes - it’s good to be diverse ;)

Check out Sallianne Norelli’s picture book Facebook page  and say hi!



Dan Franks | badass'D Biz+Ink

Dan Franks

You know Dan Franks? You should. He kicks ass on a weekly basis on the Entrepreneur Showdown podcast. Debating hot topics regarding being an entrepreneur so you can make smarter decisions. Check out Dan’s kick-ass tune that inspires him to take things up a notch each week.

Check out Dan’s Entrepreneur Showdown podcast and, if you’re a podcaster or a wannabe, check out the Podcast Movement Conference for peeps like you who dig podcasting!



Amy Chick

Amy Chick

Worried about the message you’re sending your clients when they land on your site? Don’t. Amy’s got yo back! Copywriter, brand discoverer, and design junkie, Amy’s got all your site needs covered. Enjoy Amy’s favorite:

Then check her out at Hey Amy Chick!



Pat Flynn | Badass'D Biz+Ink

Pat Flynn

Time for tonight’s Surprise VIP! And I’m sooo honored to present to you the MAN who wants YOU to make the money he makes online: Pat Flynn! And we exchanged Tweets this morning about his favorite tune…totally off when I tried to figure this one out…

After you enjoy the tune, pop over and sign up for Pat's email list to learn how to make more passive income online (over $77K last month to be exact!!)!



Pam Slim | Badass'D Biz+Ink

Pam Slim

And now for tonight's SECOND Surprise #GarageParty VIP:

Meet Pam Slim! She's an ACE at getting you out of the cubicle so you can do what you love. Check out her song, her site, and her latest book on Amazon, Body of Work! Pop over to her site and register for her free monthly call where she answers everything from what kind of biz you should start to how to do it while you're still working!

Thanks to CA Hurst for the intro to such an amazing woman!


Follow the Garage Party's Official Spotify playlist so you can stay up-to-date on the wild flavors served up for your ears each week!

That's it for this week! If you want in on a future Garage Party like these VIPs, email me at tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com and fill me in on the tune that moves your soul and the link you want shared with 2600+ entrepreneurs!

See you soon!

Tania Dakka | Badass'D Biz+Ink




PS Please share this post and spread the word about these cool entrepreneurs! <3 Thanks!

Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style) - 4th edition

WHAT TIME IS IT??? Time to rock social and have some FUN meeting new peeps! You know how good it felt to have your goodies shared? I’d LOVE it if you’d give that good feeling back to someone else by sharing the #GarageParty posts so YOU can become a ROCKSTAR. SOOOOO, without further adieu…

This week’s #GarageParty is brought to you by our sponsor: ME! You want words that make your visitors drool when they come to your site? Hit meh. Badass’D Biz+Ink :: It isn’t about bikes + bad attitudes. It’s about making them fall madly in love with what you do.

Alex Broches, The Internet Man of Mystery

Alex Broches | Badass'D Biz+InkWant to use social media to become famous, rich, or happy? Meet Alex Broches! He’s worked with Andy Dick and interned for Charlie Sheen. Meet this man and join his not-so-small Facebook army of over 22k!

Say hi to Alex and check out this Internet Man of Mystery!



Dave Horan, The Go-Go-Go-To Gadget Guy

Dave Horan | Badass'D Biz+InkThis next dude’s awesome! And I’m not saying that because he’s cool enough to hang out with me everyday. OMG. How obnoxious did that sound?? OK…meet Dave Horan! He rocks loads of great stuff like Everyday Carry Gear to help you be more awesome while you’re being handy. You go, Dave!

Say hi to Dave and check out his cool go-go-gadget site!



Cesar Abeid, Project Manager Maestro

Cesar Abeid | Badass'D Biz+InkYou want to run a biz EFFECTIVELY? Then you need to be an ACE Project Manager. Not kidding. Think about all the balance and forward motion you have to pull off to grow. Meet Cesar Abeid! He’s the man that’s going to teach you to do it all!

Say hi to Cesar and check out his Project Management for the Masses and his hip podcast!



Kevin Packer, The Get Yo' Ass Gorgeous By Summer Dude

Kevin Packer | Badass'D Biz+InkI like this next dude a lot. I’m going to use his app and get my ass in shape before summer. His site, TrackFaster, is getting great results using our own habits and lifestyles to get it done. Meet Kevin Packer!

Say hi to Kevin and check out Trackfaster!



Shey Harms, The Slender Safari Adventurer

Shey Harms | Badass'D Biz+InkHere’s a woman inspiring others to lose weight by sharing her own story on her podcast where she also chats up weight loss experts who have done it. Meet Shey Harms!

Say hi to Shey and check out her site! And give a listen to the first ever country song to be featured on the Garage Party ;)



Ruth Johnston, World Traveling Do-Gooder

Ruth Johnston | Badass'D Biz+InkYou want more inspiration to do good? Our next guest is a 52-year old single mom who sold it all and headed out on an adventure with her son 18 months ago. 20 countries later, they’re still traveling and focusing on performing random acts of kindness! Meet Ruth Johnston!

Say hi to Ruth and check out her site! By the way, if you’re interested in interviewing her to find out more about these random acts of worldly kindness or their adventures for your blog, site or podcast, drop her a line via her blog or Facebook page!






Noah Kagan | Badass'D Biz+InkOMG OMG OMG!! Our Special Surprise VIP is the dude that inspired the App Battle Royale between Jason Croft and I! I WAIT for his tactical emails in my inbox each day. Meet one of my heroes: NOAH KAGAN! If you’re serious about entrepreneurship, get to know his work.

Enjoy his track and check out his list builder thingy to grow your list just like he did. (That’s a beautiful thing, by the way ;) Mine’s waiting to be put on my site as soon as I get Dani Magestro on it!!)

AND I’m going to add his site: okdork.com - GET ON THAT LIST!



Plug in all the goodness of the Official Garage Party Spotify Playlist!

Thanks for playing this weekend! It was loads of fun, lots of friends made and great tunes! Please click the little share button and help spread the word about these cool cats! Thanks!

PS If you'd like to promote YOUR biz and be a VIP at the next Garage Party, email me your favorite song, the link you want promoted, and a sentence about what you do to tania@taniadakka.com!

Enter the Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - 3rd Edition

Nachos and margaritas with Cuervo Gold? That's not ALL Friday night is for! Friday night has a new purpose! One that's connecting entrepreneurs to new friends, awesome businesses, and great music. As you may know, the Garage Party is a fun way to throw your name out there in front of a growing audience of entrepreneurs looking for your products or services. VIPs have grown their tribe because of the Garage Party. They've sold books. They've even sold plugins. (A ninja trick utilized by Adam Warner when he offered a code to Garage Party peeps for 20% off their Foo Plugins...smart dude, that guy.)

So, what's stopping YOU from becoming a Garage Party VIP? Drop your deets to tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com. Send me your favorite song, the link you want promoted, and a sentence about what you do to get on the upcoming Garage Party bill! Easy, peasy, lemon squeasy!

Now, let's let the MOSH PIT loose to do what it does! Check out Friday night's VIPs and the Spotify Garage Party playlist below!

Jyri Paavilainen, Branding Maestro

Jyri | Badass'D Biz+InkTired of struggling with your branding and crafting a message that resonates with your ideal customer? Jyri knows how to help! Check out his site (that's actually the way you pronounce his name!) and enjoy his vid with us tonight :)

Say hi to Jyri!




Mark William Guay, Education Superhero

MarkWilliamGuay |Badass'D Biz+Ink

You know education isn’t glamorous or lucrative, but Mark William Guay is dedicated to it and makes it his mission to transform education today. Check out his podcast of the same name  and get on the boat to help make education what it should be for our babies!

Say hi to Mark William Guay!



 Scott Price, Peak Performance Tweaker

ScottPrice | Badass'D Biz+InkScott Price spent the last 28 years refining strategies to help himself and others reach their peak performance. Check out the resources he’s put together at www.pureformance.com!

Say hi to Scott!



Tarun Gehani, SEO and Design Master

Tarun-Gehani |Badass'D Biz+Ink302 Found, A/B Testing, anchor text – all Greek, right? Well, Amantha can tell us if they’re actually Greek. But Tarun Gehani at Freshtight Designs not only does design and Wordpress site optimization, but he created this awesome not-so-little SEO Glossary! How cool is that?? Check out his edgy tune and his new SEO tool.

Say hi to Tarun!



Paul Castain, Keeper of the Whupass and Sales King

PaulCastain | Badass'D Biz+InkThis next guy is the Keeper of the Whupass. I kid you not. Sooo, you know I had to connect with someone with that title. And he’s as amazing as his name says. Check out his Sales Playbook to help you close more deals.

Say hi to Paul Castain!



Ajax Wooley, Remodeler and Rider Extraordinaire

AjaxWooley |Badass'D Biz+InkNeed something remodeled?? This dude's the guy to go to! Not to mention he's a helluva rider! (And we're going to ride those NC hills one day!)

Say hi to Ajax Woolley and check out his remodeling site!



Adam Warner, Wordpress Wiz and Plugin Foo

Adam-Warner | Badass'D Biz+InkOh, you know this song?

That's Adam Warner's favorite at the moment (he's actually blogging DAILY over at http://adamwwarner.com/. Check him out over there and tell him I sent you!



Annnnnnndddddd now it's time for the Special Surprise VIP!

David-Brown | Badass'D Biz+InkMeet David Brown! You may know him from Boy in a Band or you may know him from his video that was shared a few times by Upworthy! You won't stop laughing as this Boy in a Band rambles on about anything from the true meaning of emoticons to who the music genius is behind a LOAD of number one songs on the music billboards. Check out David Brown!

Say hi to David and subscribe to his Youtube channel!



Don't forget to plugin the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist into your earhole and kill this week!

  See you at the Garage Party next week! (Oh, and share these entrepreneurs and their awesomeness by clicking the share buttons above the post! Thanks!)

Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - 2nd Edition

VIPs? Parties? Music? What's that have to do with being an entrepreneur?? Easy...music is the tie that binds. Many of us live and breathe our businesses and music is a great way to find those that are as passionate about their biz as we are. Thus, a love of music has led us to the weekly Garage Party and the Garage Party's now led us to the Monday Mosh Pit. :) This is where you'll find the VIP entrepreneurs who were cool enough to join in by sharing their favorite tunes for Friday night's social shares.

You never know what will happen at a Garage Party, either! Books have been sold, tribes have grown, and money has been made. Three great reasons to get in on the fun! (So email me your deets if you've never been a VIP and get listed on the bill next week :) )

Without further adieu, let's meet the coolios who headlined Friday night:

Keith Griffis | Badass'D Biz+Ink

Keith Griffis, Garage Party VIP & AwesomeSauce Embodied

Keith Griffis helps you turn your passion into a profitable business. And he has an awesome resource on building membership sites at IfSimply.com. Learn how to get members (read: dolla dolla bills, baby!) with Keith's free ebook, "Get Members" (Whoa! Imagine what you're going to walk away with after reading that!)

So...GO! Sign up! And start building your dreams tonight :)



Faith Evangeline | Badass'D Biz+Ink

Faith Evangeline, Garage Party VIP and Jewelry Genius

Faith Evangeline designs my kinda body decorations! You know, goth, unique, badass? She’s the jewelry designer behind the unique expressions she shares on Facebook and her site, Evil Pawn Jewelry. And her work's been featured in dozens of print and online media!

Check her amazing creations and like her page, if you dare ;)



American Hitmen | Badass'D Biz+InkAmerican Hitmen, Garage Party VIPs and Musical Warriors

Check out their song here (Sorry, no YouTube vid for this one)

The American Hitmen have a backstory you wouldn’t believe: They started in Fallujah, Iraq, amidst a battle, playing for their brethren in hopes to lift their spirits after long days of fighting! Wow! Can you believe that? Check out their tune and their site


Maiden Leather | Badass'D Biz+Ink

Maiden Leather, Garage Party VIP and Leather Master

Want badass? This chick’s rockin’ the leather designs over at Maiden Leather! She creates handcrafted goods for just about anything from bags to motorcycle accessories! Check her out on Facebook or at MaidenLeather.com!



Sari | Badass'D Biz+Ink

Sari, Garage Party VIP and Parenting Wizard

Are you a parent who wants to learn to better fit your kids' needs with your own needs? Our next guest has got your back! She's preparing to launch an ebook about responsive parenting that will help you find out what your kids need and give it to them – without going insane. The soundtrack is provided by her friend Anni, who is releasing her new double EP album soon.

Check out this jazzy track and fall in love with Anni.



Jordan Chaney | Badass'D Biz+Ink

Jordan Chaney, Garage Party VIP and Youth Leadership Helmsman

Meet my new friend Jordan Chaney of the Urban Poets Society! He's busy in the great state of Washington helping build youth leadership skills and community through the arts. He's working hard on building sponsorships to help the kids in his region build their confidence, knowledge and business savvy to become great leaders.

Now, who can't support that?? Stop by his Facebook page and check it out!



David Siteman Garland | Badass'D Biz+Ink

David Siteman Garland, Garage Party VIP and Mediapreneur Badass

Badass David Siteman Garland helps the mediapreneur grow their audience and make more MOULA, baby! He’s got an amazing course running over at Create Awesome Online Courses

Get your free spot now and turn your blog, podcasts, or web show into mo’ CASH!

Check David out!


Here's the Spotify #GarageParty Playlist so you can put these entrepreneurs in your ear effortlessly :)

That's this week's lineup! FULL of badassery and awesome! Hope you enjoyed meeting these peeps and have found someone that you can learn from, collaborate with, or buy from! And if you want to get your biz featured, like these guys did, in front of 2600+ entrepreneurs who may be looking for what you have to offer, email me your favorite song, the link you want promoted, and a sentence about what you do to tania@taniadakka.com. :)

Tell me...which tune resonated with YOU the most?

The Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style)

Getting to know new people. That's what's at the heart of your marketing efforts (or should be). It's not about blasting your message across the webs and hoping people come to you. It's about meeting people, nurturing their efforts, and getting to know them. It's about the passion to help others.

Since starting the Garage Party, I've met so many wonderful people and passionate entrepreneurs, it's inspiring. And they deserve a permanent home, not just a moment's flash in social media. That's why, every week, the Garage Party will culminate in the Monday Mosh Pit posts on the blog. The VIPs from the weekend before will find their links, their songs and their faces here after the effects of the music wear off. :) (Want to be a VIP? Email me your favorite song, the link you want promoted, and a sentence about what you do to tania@taniadakka.com to get your biz in front of 2600+ on the next open bill!)

We never know what's going to happen at a Garage Party. Last week we had loads of fun! FooPlugins even offered a 20% discount on their branded plugins with a special code for the party! Lots of chatter and meeting awesome entrepreneurs. You should come by this Friday! Really! You have an open invitation :)

Let's meet last Friday's VIPs!


JoeKerouacJoe Kerouac

Joe helps bring down the costs and improve the results for real estate buyers and sellers, while increasing the income of the newly defined “best” agents in the real estate industry. If you’re in real estate, you really want to know Joe. Actually, even if you’re not because he’s cool like that!

Out of Commission - Joe Kerouac

Check out Joe's book AND his favorite song, "Little Room"!



AmbroseAW Ambrose WB

When I asked Ambrose to send me his sentence, this is what he said , "My passion is helping people be better by serving others through experience + knowledge as a coach. Nutrition + fitness are my specialties. Sneakers + music are my interests. I love history, hustle, + huskies." Not once did he mention his killer trainer biz! So, here, I'm telling you :)

Mispibo - Ambrose WB

 If you're in Milwaukee (home of HD! Lucky you!), check out Ambrose's biz, Mispibo!



Tracy BakerTracy Baker

Tracy teaches people how to live happy and look younger and follow their path to a Healthy You! She's also part of this cool thing called the Happiness Movement and you can join the 410,000 or so people that have already pledged to Live Happy everyday! Check out this coolness :)

Tracy Baker

Join the Happiness Movement with Free Website and Ripple Tracker.

Look Younger and join Healthy You community on Google + to help you on your path to a Healthy You...



Jack BornJack Born

His work helps you. He creates software that helps entrepreneurs connect with their tribes on deeper levels. (And YOU know what you do when THAT happens, yeah?) Jack’s an ace marketer and knows how to build products you need and inspire others to reach their potential. Get to know him and his work!

Check out his site AW Pro Tools to turbo charge your Aweber account!



Adam WarnerAdam Warner

Adam is the cofounder of Foo Plugins. He chose this song because the lyrics are sooo apt for us as entrepreneurs: Fantasy and free thinking (that brought us Mickey Mouse) can easily be lost. SOOOO right! Light those fires and KEEP them lit!

Meet Adam and check out his site, Foo Plugins (Where you can enter the code GARAGEPARTY and get 20% off your purchase of any Foo-branded plugin like FooBox, PostFlow and more!)





Amelia Ramstead


Amelia Ramstead

Amelia's an amazing rockstar and is doing a fab job of juggling a full plate with her hands full as a full-time mom and copywriter!

Check her out at Seattle Healthcare Copywriting and spin this ass-kicker. (Love this song!)



And, you know, we always have a Special Surprise VIP!


Nir EyalNir Eyal!

OMG When I saw Nir's vid on developing products that are habit forming, I was HOOKED! No kidding!

Love his work! Please check out Garage Party VIP, Forbes, TechCrunch, and Psychology Today writer, Nir Eyal and his course at www.HookModel.com, where you'll learn how to build habit-forming products. (Think: Facebook, not drugs. Yes, I'm 12! You know that by now!)

WARNING: If you're an entrepreneur, Hooked may make your mouth water!

Nir Eyal

PS Is this not a kick ass jam??



That's the view of last week's Garage Party from the Mosh Pit! Hope you enjoyed it and more importantly, I hope you discovered some new peeps to follow, like, share, meet, collaborate with, or even share some music with. Thanks for reading, please consider helping them by clicking the share button on this post to spread the word!

Thanks! Kick ass this week! Tania


Haven't been a VIP yet? Email me at tania@taniadakka.com with your favorite song, the link you want promoted and a sentence about what you do and get in on the next party's bill!

Carrying on With Business When Life Kicks You in the Teeth

Tania Dakka | Badass'D Biz+InkTwo weeks of winter break was supposed to be over on Monday. And it looks like it’s not going to be over until Thursday.

No joke. At all. I was supposed to have my freedom to work uninterrupted two days ago. But no. Relief from Mini-UFC less-than-banter-weight battles and toys all over the floor has not yet arrived.

And I miss my bike. :(

Had it not been for this ridiculous weather, I’d have saddled up and hit the road to take my reprieve. But without any way to steal peace of mind, I’m ready to call it quits.

But, I’m not alone.

So many of us are in the same boat. Yes, we love those little monsters, don’t we, Jennifer Hermon? But, we're humans with our own needs (peace and quiet, anyone?).

This weather isn’t helping. But life happens.

Fight the Fight

Some days you feel like fighting the good fight. You get up with a good attitude and you’re ready to rock’n’roll. Life is good. Regardless of the chaos around you.

Other days, though, you just feel like fighting. Period. You’re sick of it and all you can think of is ditching everything and hitting the road. Sometimes that’s okay. You need to. You have to clear your head so you can get focused again.

But too many days like that means too many chances to make a difference slip by and there goes your Three Words and your hope for success. Not to mention, you look at the calendar and it’s freaking June already.

Life’s going to happen. Things are going to be overwhelming at times, but you have to suck it up and move on.

You have client calls to make. Make them. You have creative work to ship. Ship it. You have marketing to be done. Do it. Even if you don't feel like it. The more you force it, the easier it becomes. The less you have to think about it.

Getting up everyday to make shit happen isn’t easy. It’s down right discouraging sometimes, especially if your projects aren’t moving the way you want, you can’t get the funding you need, or clients are yanking you around by your collar. Why fight the good fight anyway?

Your Business is Important

The work you do is important. The world is waiting for you and your gifts. But if everything's getting you down and you're not doing the 9M things that need to be done everyday, then you’re sabotaging yourself. You’re short-changing the world.

It’s too easy, as an entrepreneur, to put business on the back burner when you feel like crap. But, the question is, do you want to wallow in the mire or roll in the dough? Because you can't do both.

No matter how frustrating our situations are, we have to show up. We have to ship. We have to make it all happen. Even if that means getting up at 4:30 in the morning, every morning, to hustle.

Kick Back

When life kicks you in the teeth, kick back. Don’t lay there and take it. Because whatever happened, you probably couldn’t control it anyway, so you’re wasting your energy on events, people, and/or situations you can do exactly zero about.

Not a cool way to go down.

And you’re a Badass. Whatever it was that kicked you can’t kick as hard as you do. Show it what you got.

Tell me in the comments how you're going to kick back when life kicks you again?


Photo Credit: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/26384682@N05/6780519964/">laradanielle</a> via <a href="http://compfight.com">Compfight</a> <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/">cc</a>


Bras, Right Hooks, and Taglines

Tania Dakka | Bras + Right Hooks + TaglinesLoads of convos I’m approached with revolve around taglines. People actually freak out over not having the right words up there in lights. Well, that’s not entirely a bad thing. I mean, you want to get those words right, but you don’t have to sweat bullets over them. Why? Because you can change them as often as you change your socks. Okay, I hope you’re changing your socks more often...that’s just gross.

But the point is, the words you use are not your biz name, they're the supporting bra for it. And if you’ve ever had on a good bra (guys, just go with me here) that moves ‘em up and heads ‘em out, then you know how well they work. But, throw on your grandma’s old-fashioned Playtex bra and you just don’t get that added attention.

Okay, weird bra analogy aside. Your tagline is one of the best ways to put your best and most powerful benefits out there – FAST.

And for you guys, you can think of them as your right hook. Land it well and visitors become your readers/subscribers/members, etc.

Important Little Words

While you shouldn’t need to breathe into a brown paper bag because you don’t know what to use for your tagline, you should try to nail something that’s going to tell your prospects exactly what you do and why they want, no, NEED to work with you.

Because if they land on your page and the tagline doesn’t resonate with them, what will they do? BOUNCE. Right. And we can’t have that because you’re awesome and working with you is going to change their lives. :)

So focus. Come up with a few variations and try them all for a while to see which ones work best for your biz.

How to Develop Your Powerful Tagline

That’s the fun part. I LOOOOVE playing with taglines. And the keys to good ones = articulate + fun.

Entice your visitors right away by taking the words that describe your biz and play with them until you get something super short and catchy, but clear. Then, you can juice it up by using power words to pull the readers in.

For example:

Badass’d Biz+Ink: Razor through your competition” tells my entrepreneurs they can kill their competition to become numero uno in their industry. And who doesn’t want to be number one? Short. Concise. Articulate. Boom.

Coca-Cola: Drink Coca-Cola” was Coke’s first tagline in 1886. It was straight forward and clear. You knew right away what you were supposed to do. This tagline wouldn’t cut it today, but they’re last one is far more poignant: “Enjoy the Coke side of life”. The implication is that Coke is different, and pleasurable. Pleasure’s good. :)

Networlding Publishing: Books and more that make the world better” is another tagline that’s concise and explains exactly who should consider publishing with this company. Fiction writers need not apply. Get me?

So now you have an idea of the importance of your tagline (but, keep calm. No sweating bullets!) and how to generate one that works for you! And if you’re on the email list, I’ll be sharing a few actionable tips that’ll help you write yours.

But if you’re not on the email list, jump on because every time there’s a blog post published here, there’s an email that includes the juicy action stuff that corresponds with it – you know, the stuff you can use right now to change your biz.

Just click “Get Badass’d” at the top of the page, enter your email, and you’ll never miss any of the action tips that are delivered.

Thanks for reading! I totally appreciate your time – and if you found this helpful, I’d love it if you’d share it with your networks! Thanks and have a kick-ass rest of your week! m/

T <3

Copy Fiend Updates on Free Resources For Entrepreneurs (so you can start sipping girly drinks on the beach sooner rather than later)

Free Copy ThermometerAnd if you don't want a "girly" drink, that's okay, too! Whatever your biz goal is, I'm sure it involves some close approximation:) (Otherwise, why would you choose this life?? Right?) Let's dig in, shall we??

Lessons Taught

Doing the Copy Critiques have shown me some in-my-face patterns I’ve been teaching clients to break. And I’m making them into a free resource you’ll use to guide your words onto your page so they’re, you know, more effective. (And you'll get more clients and sell more products. WOOHOO!)

But I wanted to go beyond the critiques, and reach out to you. To see what you need. Hello, SurveyMonkey:) (If you haven’t already jumped over there. I’d still love to hear from you:))

Many of you have already done the survey to help me build a product that’s going to be thorough and POW. So thanks for that! Especially since your answers taught me something very valuable.

Lessons Learned

What was that amazing lesson? I need TWO resources for you! So that’s what I’m doing!

As soon as my logo is back from Dani Magestro, I’ll be shipping baby number 1 out to you! The good news is, you don’t have to wait to sign up for it. You can do it now and you be first on the list to receive it, plus you'll become part of the beta team to help develop it further.

(I have big plans for your biz this year. Just sayin’. :))

Oh, and Baby Number 1’s name is actually Copy Thermometer.

What the hell is a Copy Thermometer anyway, Woman?

The Copy Thermometer is a gauge that will teach you how to judge your copy based on the 7 mistakes that are stopping small businesses like yours from playing in the big leagues (and sipping those girly drinks on the beach, remember?).

Once this resource is in your hot little hands, you’ll be to, not only judge your work with a set of guidelines, but you’ll know what you need to do to tweak it and make it Shazam!! :)

Like it?

The second free resource is going to be a get-your-hands-dirty-and-figure-out-who-the-hell-your-ideal-client-is template.

I’m going to walk you through some dig-in-the-trenches strategies for finding your ideal client and the words they use. Imagine writing the words your prospects actually use to look for businesses like yours. What would happen to your project calendar if you could do that??

You may have to hire some hands to help you! And be able to afford it! Yessss!

So look for these Free Resources to come SOOOOON! And get on the list to get the Copy Thermometer first.

Hand over that Copy Thermometer, Woman!

And, yo, if you know an entrepreneur like you who is struggling to get their work out there, share this with them. They will LOVE you for it! (Some ways to share? The little buttons on this page, email to your friend, sharing in your Google+ groups, etc). I totally, totally love and appreciate you for giving me your time in answering the survey and signing up for these resources. YOU ROCK!

Have an amazing day!



Tania Dakka | Copy Fiend

 Pierce your readers hearts with words that bleed passion