The Cure for the Solopreneur

Consider the duties of the “solopreneur”:

Market your business - create content, network with others, create ads, run ads, create and setup webinars or telesummits,

Run your business - run and keep track of the numbers, emails, website maintenance,

Retain customers - sending thank yous, creating special content,

Feed the business - money or ideas or time

It’s a painstaking process when you’re going it alone.

Let’s break down a “typical”, ahem, day

Get up
Check email
Find fire
Work for an hour to put out said fire
Get an idea
Create the content for that idea
Take the idea to market to get feedback
Find the idea flops
Get another idea
Have to put said idea on site
Go into WordPress (because you’re still behind on the times and not using Squarespace yet)
Stay locked in loops of fixing shiz that you broke and can’t repair
Post about new idea in social
Make a video
Video needs editing
Create a blog
Find the right image and tags for image
Upload the blog
Create an email
Format and upload email to ESP
Schedule email to go out

And you haven’t even touched your analytics or anything else - and this is more like three days of work, not one.

That’s not half the stuff you have to do! Alone :(

Because you know...if you WANT support, you can have it. It’s not as out of reach as you think.

Find a VA. Find a mentor. Find a support group.

A good support group can mean the difference between flailing and flying. Because when you find a place that nurtures your soul as much as it nurtures your business, you cannot help but win.

Victory is inevitable

The right support group will:

  • Put your head in the right place when you can’t because there are days when you have no idea what you should be doing next

  • Take your hand and show you the way to find YOUR way (not some big head’s path that doesn’t fit you), especially on the days when you can’t see which way to go

  • Give you the tools to grow 3 - 4 times faster than on your own because you have leaders in your corner who have done what you want to do with your business

  • Free up the peace and calm in your mind that you need to focus on your growth and expansion

This is exactly the goal with Fire of the Diamond. And our active members are growing every day.

If you’re looking for a support group that will create space and peace for you and will nurture your growth with the tools and guidance you need to succeed faster than you would on your own, I highly suggest our home and open the door for you :)

In fact, we’re running a Taste of the Fire to help you see if this is the right space for you. For 7 days, you can get access to Fire of the Diamond for $7. Bring a piece of copy that you really need to fix and get feedback on it, take a look around and swipe our docs and files, get access to our Happy Hours where we jam on questions and creating success. You get unencumbered access to the one space that will ignite your own fire.

411: If you decide to leave after the door closes, all you have to do is cancel your subscription via your PayPal. You’ll not be charged another dime. But should you love it there as much as I know you will, after that 7th day, you’ll automatically be billed $49 a month thereafter. (Pennies considering the copy work that you have access to now!)

Come on in! The door is open!

Our businesses have a mathematical potential that we’re not living up to (here’s proof)

It’s THURSDAY in the hisousssse! Who’s down for some quick math?? It’s not mine nor are they verified, but this is from what an outsider can see...are you ready to see what strategy and showing up can do for you??

Let’s take a look at a business that was already booming when I found it, but it’s realllly blowing up and it’s not slowing down.

With the explosion of the Woo in recent years, this particular owner has lit it all on fire. And it started with a message that’s held true from the get.

She went from an Etsy shop in 2011 to a roaring online and an offline presence. In six years, she’s maintained her integrity, her quality, and her message.

That said, her Etsy beginning has led her to a fully-stocked brick and mortar, plus an online space that sells over 3000 products. She didn’t stop there. Her YouTube channel has over 16K subscribers that pale in comparison to her almost 600K page likes on Facebook. But even though she reaches over 2M people in 60 countries, that’s not the math I want you to calculate with me today.

She hosts 4 classes for which she prepares and teaches each week for an hour a week. So, that’s 4 hours of teaching (minus prep, of course). Ready?

In the one class I was in, she had 1,169 members. Approximately, 700 people in there are in the class bundle.

So there’s a difference of around 300 in each of the groups that are NOT in the bundle course.

The math, then, looks something like this:

700 x $60 = $42,000 (membership bundle)
700 x 19 x 3 = $39,900 (kits for all three classes)
Total: $81,900

Now, we have to do the separate 300’s in each group (I don’t do math well, so I’m sure you can figure this a faster way!)

300 x 3 = 900 (members total that are in the various groups)
900 x 20 = $18,000 (membership for all three groups)
900 x $19 = $17,100 (kits for all three classes)
Total: $35,100

So both the bundled and unbundled peoples LOL equals approximately $117,000 a month.

Not including sales from the site OR the headquarters!

Now. That said. This isn’t the whole picture, of course, some people won’t buy the kits. And there are more than 1000 people in each group.

But my point is not whether or not my shit math is right or wrong. My point is that if you are FOCUSED and DRIVEN, numbers like these are not impossible for you, either.

She started with a mission from her soul. She showed up every single day (and still does...multiple times a day!) and is there for her large community. She encourages and empowers. She provides tools and knowledge to help solidify that commitment. And she has a big ass team to help her build her empire.

She has a creative director now. And I’m pretty sure she’s got a PR person on hand now because her media appearances have drastically increased in the last three months. And there has to be a marketing strategist in on the biz, too, because everything is so well coordinated that it’s like a well-oiled machine.

No longer a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-American-Eagles hobby.

NOW. I need to hear from you. What are YOU going to do now that you know what’s possible? PLLLEASE hit reply and let me know if these numbers inspire you or make you want to throw in the towel.

Announcing the next evolution of your business

Business online is a living, breathing thing that changes from day to day and month to month.

The people we are, collectively and independently, today is not who we were three years ago.

Fuck, we weren’t even who we were six months ago.

Nor should your website look, feel, or sound like it. You grow and change -  your home on the web should reflect that.

Show off where you’re headed in words and design that evoke the emotion that they utterly long for from you.

If you ran a brick and mortar, it would be 5x more expensive to upgrade your business than it is to do it online - so I truly love that our sites have the flexibility to grow and change and evolve with us so easily.

It’s kind of why Dani and I come together to create something that our clients have expressed they wanted. An agency-style service that is her gorgeous designs alongside my emotional words.

This is NEXT-LEVEL business.

And this is for the owner who wants to become a legend in her audience’s mind - and her own. 

Welcome to your next evolution of success.

Welcome to the Legend-Maker.

Want to know more? Book your call with The Mage and I.

Keep Waiting…

The most hurtful shit you can do to your profits is wait. I’m going to wait to put up a landing page because I don’t know what I want to use it for.

I’m going to wait to invest in a Director of Operations because I LOVE doing shit I am no good at.

I’m going to wait to launch that program because I need to do more market research.

What. The. Fuck. Ever.

Just say, “I’m going to wait because I’m scared.”


Fear is the ONLY reason we ever wait.

You’re afraid of losing money.
You’re afraid of making the wrong decision (guess what? Unless you’re dead? You can always change the road you’re fuck “mistakes” that don’t exist).
You’re afraid of someone seeing your work and judging you for it.

Just fucking do it.

Launch your program because Fear is standing behind you and he’ll never leave. So you have to learn to function like that.

Send off your book proposal. Because Fear doesn’t want you to.

See? Now you get it. Now you understand that you have to call on your inner Rebel Bitch to fuck Fear in the head with its own dagger.

And the deal is? If YOU are not the one holding the blade, he won’t subside (he’ll never die, he’s immortal. BUT you can wound him beyond capacity for a while).

Fear is an excuse.

I am afraid.

I’m afraid every day that I won’t succeed.
I’m afraid that my wolves won’t survive school bullies or their own demons.
I’m afraid that life is going to happen and I’ll not be able to deliver on time.

But you know what? They are all my own lies.

Fear and I are best friends.

But he knows I don’t have time for him. So I unsheath my blade every morning and I lovingly take it to his temple, cradling his neck in the crook of my arm and my breath on his ear, and thrust the tip squarely into his temple as I hold him tight.

He whispers, “Until tomorrow, my love.” And out go his lights.

But he doesn’t usually wait until tomorrow. He shows up all teeth grinning and ready to fight before the day is over.

No matter how you see it.

There are those who will argue that Fear is a safety measure and it aims to help us. But. I know my demons. By name. And this fucker doesn’t have my safety in mind.

Regardless of how you see Fear, regardless of how you want to get rid of it, you’ll never be able to.

You have to learn to work and live around it. To shut it down for a while. Just long enough to do the thing that you need doing.

That’s what we do in Fire of the Diamond.

We have real conversations about what’s real and what’s not. What you’re capable of and what you’re currently operating at. What you really, really want and what you’re willing to do to get it.

Fire of the Diamond is the sexy fight club where business owners battle themselves to let go of the distractions, the fears, the doubts, the pain, the uncertainty, and lack of knowledge to realize, to actualize the business owners they have to become in order to live and work the way they dream to.

We fight the good fight every fucking day.

And if you’re ready to beat Fear or any of your other excuses for not winning as much as you want to, then you need to click here and join us. (Besides knocking Fear the fuck out...I also get to help you tighten and hone all the words so they sell for you. Unbeatable.)

Or just keep waiting…

Sh*t Pricing Advice (and the fix)

When online consulting (coaching - I use this lightly because many out there are not at all coaches) services blew onto the scene, there were a few people pushing others to charge exorbitant prices because it gave the buyers an inflated sense of the seller’s credibility and authority...not because they got results first.

What’s happened since then is people woke up and found out the people who were charging thousands of dollars couldn’t get them the results they were paying for.

Now, the market is flooded, we have a shit political scene, and everyone is still trying to roll on the same dime. Guess what. It’s not going to work.

This is the place where you say, “OMG! My time is so valuable! I need at least $5000 for one hour!” (totally!), then whine because everybody sees you don’t have the social proof and refuse to pay you the money that you think everyone else is making.

OR you say, “Fuck it. My goal is to build a real business. So I’m going to use some ethics and make some real shit happen by charging what people will pay + a little more.”

Does that mean that you aren’t valuable? No. It means you’re smart and that your time is as valuable as they think it is. And if you are asking for that kind of investment, then you need to have social proof that you get results to back up the claims that you get them.

So how do you get to high ticket pricing?

You have gotten results for people and they tell everybody about them
Your product is in that much of a demand
You have a background or have been highly trained in the field of expertise your business is in

Social Proof Wins

Social proof is other people showing off your results for you. So, when someone asks for a referral and multiple people scream your name, you’re winning at the social proof game. You’re getting

  • When people refer you to their friends without prompting, you’re winning.  

  • When people write to you to say how amazing your work is, you’re winning.  

  • Social proof is the adult equivalent of Swatch watches. Once all your friends have one, you’re cool! So, grab those screen shots of Betty Jo bragging about how she’s made X since working with you and put them on your site.

    Give away some freebies to get people to give you testimonials. It’s the equivalent of free samples in the mail! And you know everybody loves those. 

  • Hold some contest and get people to talk about you - Dani Marie Turcotte did this and I love the fucking idea. She told her followers that if they would submit a video testimonial of working with her, they could win a prize. Genius.  

  • Sing praises of others. Because….then they’ll sing praises about you - it’s the law of reciprocity. It works.  

  • Reach out to influencers that you can offer value to and ask if they mind you doing that thing for them. Make it completely douchebag-free and 100% genuine wanting to help.

Growing your business means eating shit for a while. I don’t care who you are. It’s not magic and there’s no fucking formula, except product + customer base = sales. How you get to the numbers you want will be different for everybody.

If you need help growing, join Fire of the Diamond. We’re growing businesses every day.


Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 8.32.57 AM.png

 ^^^ advice in action LOL ;)

Know, Like, But there’s no way I’m going to trust you Part Three

We’ve been talking about the tried and true, tested through time foundation of sales.

Read about part 1 here and part 2 here. And this train is rolling with part three.

TRUST cannot be underestimated when it comes to business. And it’s an easy enough concept to understand. But implementing it is what fucks some people up.

Ways trust is built:

  1. You do what you say you are going to do. Period. That’s step one. If you say you’re going to deliver on Monday, fucking break your neck to make sure you do. If you are shipping in two weeks and your mother goes into the hospital, open that convo before it’s too late, but don’t make it a habit.

    I struggled with this in the beginning. It happens to all of us who are just getting our bearings in business. But the faster you make that a focus, the faster you will earn a name for yourself. (Incidentally, you will quickly learn not to fucking over book yourself by contracting for the same delivery dates. Or you won’t and you’ll be getting up with me at 2:30am.)

  2. Your website has to look like you give a fuck about your business. You MUST invest in a theme and the DIY knowledge or a designer worth a shit if you want your 100 trust points for an up-to-date webdesign. Seriously. Because if you’re riding around talking about six figures and you have a DIY site that people can tell is DIY? You’re fucked.

    I get bootstrapping. I do. I did it. But the FIRST thing I invested in was pro pics and the second was that Magic-Maker Dani. She’s done every site I’ve had since then. (The caveat here: Before you go and invest in these things, KNOW your why first.)

  3. Your copy has to sound like you’ve put some thought into their struggles and dreams. Throwing up words that are found on every single website in your niche means you either A) don’t know them as well as you claim to with your 6-figure months on top of months experience or B) you just don’t care enough to try to talk to them like you mean it.

    3b. Also, the words you use can shred your credibility to pieces. If you go over the top and your branding doesn’t align, they’ll not believe you. If you use weak phrases and introduce doubt by using words or phrases that feel unauthoritative, they’ll lose the trust they might have been building.

    You can learn how to DIY emotion-driven and revenue-oriented copy here. It’s my process for all my projects.

  4. If you’re accomplished in your industry, fucking show it. I don’t mean to have a screenshot of your bank account, but people speaking up for you and your work helps immensely, so don’t be afraid to ask.

    Show pics of you doing your thing often over social, so they can see and be a part of your life. In most cases now, you’re a personal brand. And if you’re pimping shit, you need to be able to show it off.

    “I’m making $5M a month!” Show me.

  5. If you’re just starting out, do NOT claim you’re this or that and you have no experience to back it up. Say you’re what you are, get some power clients under your belt and then you can say, “Hey! I 1,2,3”. Make sense? This is kind of a pet peeve of mine. And it’s a catch 22, really. Because you’re starting out and you REALLY want to run with the big dogs, so you’re tempted to embellish.

    Don’t. Your time will come. Because everyone who claims to be something they are not, gets busted one time or another. And once you’re busted? Your trust factor goes to shit.

    I didn’t say I had contributed to a $61M campaign for a household brand until I had. I didn’t say I write for 6- & 7- figure coaches until I did.

Trust is a funny thing.

And people will likely trust you more if they’ve gotten to know you and like you first. In fact, that’s how I got it all started. I didn’t know anything about business. I just wanted to write, so I played in social, giving everything away and having fun. That was my key. Having fun.

I talked shit. When I had bad days, I said it. When I wanted to post metal songs from YouTube or bike pics, I did it. The fam on my FB profile were just that, my fam. I let my hair down and they came running.

Because they knew they could trust me.

Let them trust you.
Put Steps 1 - 5 into play and become unstoppable.

Know, Like, But There’s No Way I’m Going To Trust You (Part TWO)

Last week we talked about Step 1 of the selling process.

This week’s Rabbit Hole is Like.  Because once people know who you are, they are going to decide whether or not they like you.

And if they don’t? Sales stop here.

Disclaimer: This piece is not about becoming something you’re not so that people will like you.

Fuck That.

This is about stepping more into who you are so YOUR people like you.

In Fire of the Diamond, we opened up a discussion about finding people in the pit of hell that has become Facebook groups.

Some said “Interact with everybody, it’s about connecting not selling.”

Only part of that I agree with. IT IS about connecting not selling. But, I don’t think you should go in and start commenting on every single post just to connect (to her point, I don’t think she meant that extreme either).

But that’s what some do. And it feels forced and fake.

Some said they use their intuition.

To a degree, I do that, too.

It’s way more common than you think.

Think about it. How do you decide if you should spend time answering posts?

A)    The Wording of the post

If the tone/inflection content of the post resonates with you, you respond.

Depending on the service you offer and where you are in the growth of your own biz, and your ideal client (or lack of knowledge of), you may choose to answer everything related to what you do.

If you’re new and still learning and growing, get your ass out there and answer everything you can (and even the ones you’re scared to). But DO NOT SPEND HOURS DOING this. This is not your focus. This is only a step in the big plan.

If you have an intimate knowledge of your ideal client, then get out there and look for her. Don’t waste precious minutes answering questions that won’t lead to relationships.

Because relationships are built because you LIKE each other.

This is not a Black and White scenario, of course.

Your job is to be seen, heard, and adored. Some will be your ideal and some won’t. My point is take a little extra care in nurturing the ones that matter.

So be fucking helpful to many but mostly to YOUR  Kinds o’ peoples.

b) Profile Pics matter.

Yes, I recently had a dead tree on my profile pic. Yes, I’m sure it affected who might reach out to me. Yes I knew that and didn’t/don’t care.

But I can say this: people judge. And, they look at your profile pic in that process.

So be aware – before you choose dead trees – that your future relationships could be affected.

That said – if what you have said or have to say is that important, they may look beyond the gnarled branches.

Getting people to “like” you is not at all about being someone they’ll like but being more you and looking in the right places for the people who resonate with you.

Create shit that’s fun/funny/entertaining/educational.

That’s what they like from you.

When you create do NOT create from a space of “This is going to make me millions!”

Create from a space of “‘you are struggling, I can help.”

People like you when you want to help them over your wallet.

And PS? Don’t try to fake that shit either – we can smell it.

If you’re desperate, your posts will show it.

How to get into the right emotion – creating space:

1. Be grateful for the bullshit as much as you are for the easy shit. Not just out loud or on paper – DIG those emotions up from your soul. Think about how much worse shit could be and begin to adore where you are.

2.  Write down who you are until you forget the credit card bill that’s due tomorrow – “I am fucking fierce”, “I have powerful knowledge that helps thousands of people”, etc. You get the idea.

3. Spend a few minutes focusing on your clients’ problems that you solve. Then go write about the solutions.

4. Do it with a fucking lilt in your voice. (Anyone else ever heard that from their G’ma?)

People will NOT come running to a sour puss. Sour shit repels people. Fake repels people.

Be You. Be good at being you. Smile while you do it.

What do I create now that I’ve gotten my panties out of my ass?

1. VIDS!!!

People LOVE vids. And they don’t have to be all biz.  Let them see you and grow to like you via the magic of Vid.

Fuck perfect lighting.
Fuck a great camera.
Fuck whatever excuses you can muster for not doing it.

2. Give them shit – they love that.

“Oh, I made you this download!”
“Dude! I’ve been listening – so I made you this” etc. Give it all away.
Your ideal client will likely accept your gifts, but they’ll come pay you, too, because they love you so much.

3. Blog, email, IG, Show The Fuck Up!

I really don’t care how you do it. Just show up.

Here’s the thing: You’re here because you have big fucking dreams. And you’re not going to let the little things stop you. You Know you have what it takes and growing up so people like you enough to WANT to develop trust is step two.

Next week we’ll dig into Step Three – TRUST.

Because with Trust?

Your Legend is built.

Know, Like, But There’s No WAY I’m Going To Trust You Part ONE (yep...there’s more coming)

Selling online has become sooo everyday that anyone can do it. But not everyone will.

Because they’re in a hurry. They only want to sell ads – so-and-so sold $8,976,863,354 in 48 hours because they launched the most successful Facebook ads campaign in the history of fucking April 2016.

Therefore I can, too.

No. Sorry, just because you say you have the solution to their self-esteem issues and that you learned all your techniques while living with Buddhist monks in the Himalayas doesn’t mean you have the authority, the know-how, the credibility to back up what you claim.

It also doesn’t mean you have a right to skip the steps of the KLT process.

I’m not going to insult you and pretend you’ve never heard of KLT. I know you’ve done enough research and have been hunted down by marketing peeps enough to know KLT means Know, Like, and Trust.

But have you looked at your site and your social branding/copy/graphics/everyfuckingthing else and put it through “The TEST”?

This series will cap off the “Why I won’t trust you” part.

Right now, let’s dig into Know, what you’re not doing, and what you should be doing to get people to know you. Because your main focus should be to reach ungodly numbers, to amass an audience of hundreds of thousands, to build a powerful list that sustains your monthly/yearly income needs, and to become the GO-TO in your industry...and in others!


How do people get to “know” you?

If you’re a coach swimming in the shark pools that have become once-useful Facebook groups, you spend time in there answering questions and meeting people – don’t be a post & run assassin and just drop into post without reading or TRYING to respond to anything else. You’re fighting against the 6,947,942 other coaches in those groups. And no one is going to pay attention to you if you do that.

If you’re a product-based biz, you’re likely running ads (I hope they stand out and that you’re not cranking out words that everyone else is saying.) and relying on the positioning of your copy and visuals of your website to speak for you, in addition to meeting people in social. (Technically, even if you’re service-based, you need to rely on your copy and visuals, too...but drop-shippers tend to function a little differently.)

But either way, you’re using words to meet people.

What are you saying when they meet you?

Are you leaving an indelible mark on your target customers’ hearts from the first time you meet?

PS? I do NOT at ALL mean that your words have to be business based. I met most of my clients just being me and not pushing copy on them the first time we met.

PPS? (Is it PSS??) This is the slowest fucking road to China ever built, in fact, it’s still under construction. And will always BE under construction. Because that’s business.

So. Back to the words:

Be you. Just fucking be you. People will like you. They will. Do they want your shit shoved down their throats all the time? No. So don’t just share your biz smarts or your product, share YOU.

The GOOD stuff in you. The things that make people laugh and smile and want to be around you.

(And create ads.)

Let’s face it. This is business. Not the playground. It’s just not ALL business.

Allow your presence to shine. Use words that HOVER so high above the noise that they only see you. And create ads. Or webinars. Or podcasts. Or...or...or….Just fucking CREATE.

Because the more you create, the more they get to know you and your process.

Pull Back the Throttle

That fucking long as hell road to China? Isn’t going to pay for your internet access. So, you have to twist the throttle a bit to make it happen faster. (Did you add “Pussycat” to that?? I did)

  1. Suck.

    Teach them the shit they need to know that Elissa down the street hasn’t gotten right yet. If you don’t know what they need to know, break down your process into steps and pick it apart and share that.

    Just don’t settle for mediocre.

    On the other hand, you have to suck.

    You cannot learn who you are or what you have to offer or whether or not you’re in the wrong fucking business unless you suck first.

    But most people freeze at that “don’t settle for mediocre” shit because they don’t want people to look at them and think, “Why is she recording on a plain white background?” “Why doesn’t she look the camera in the eye?” “What the FUCK was that blog supposed to be about? Gah. I can’t believe I wasted my time reading that!”

    Those are the thoughts that paralyze people. To the point that they don’t even realize they are actually, literally paralyzed.

    What paralysis looks like:

    “I can’t make a video today, I have no idea what I’m going to talk about”
    “I don’t have the right camera yet”
    “HOLY SHIT! I was going to post that SAME fucking idea and SHE beat me to it”
    “WTF I can’t think of a single thing to write about”
    “I don’t know how to say what I want to say”
    “The kids are up...there goes that idea”
    “I can’t post that, it has nothing to do with my brand”
    “I can’t post that vid, I said ‘UM’ exactly 523,457 times”

    They are all excuses you tell yourself.

    They’re all evidence, symptoms, of paralysis. They’re all your brain telling you you’re not good enough. Go sit down.

    Shut the fuck up, are.

    If you can push yourself to LET yourself SUCK, if you can produce without worrying about what someone else says or thinks, if you can stomp on that lovely ego of yours, you can make it.


    None of anything I write matters if you don’t have something to teach or share.

  2. Invest in ads.

    With the noise as magnified as it is right now, you need ads. Even if it’s a few dollars a week. Fucking stop eating at Taco Bell for a month and use that as your ad spend.

    Write ads that don’t fucking say: “What would it look like to live your dream”
    Write ads that say: “What would it look like to live your dream”


    What I mean is go for the creative, the unique, the YOU. But TEST it against the creative. Get results and tweak. One fucking run does not a test make in any lab or market.

    Learn. Grow. Repeat.

    Ads are a necessary evil now. Stop trying to get by on word-of-mouths alone.

  3. Hire a goddamn team.

    One-human shows fizzle and fade out or they take YEARS to cultivate what a team could. Having a team doubles your productivity. It allows you to FOCUS on your craft.

    Because if you are struggling to learn ads or plug in tech that doesn’t cooperate, you’re not evolving your craft. You’re not positioning yourself closer to mastery, authority, or credibility.

    What makes a team?

    Anything you delegate to others makes you no longer a one-human show. And I am NOT one to advocate going into debt for anything. I am one to advocate making shit happen, even if it’s through blind faith.

    The first time I hired Dani of, it was on a credit card, but I told myself that if I didn’t make enough money that month, that would be the last month.

    I did. And I have since.

    But you don’t have to have a Dani, though I recommend it for anyone willing to actually make something of their business...actually go from a hobby to a full-income earning business.

    You can hire shit out to Fiverr. You can hire a temp VA. You can hire a technical VA. Hire somebody to create a website (do NOT use WIX). Hire out your copy, if not to the best, at least hire it out to someone else who is knowledgeable about the craft.

    I don’t care how you go about getting it done, just as long as you put yourself in a position to make yourself the BEST at your craft so you can create and connect.

    Just admit that your dream is bigger than your fear and roll the fuck on.

  4. Create.

    At this point, regardless if you are a product-based or service-based company, if you want to win at the game of getting people to know you?

    You have to fucking CREATE.

    It has been said many times before, but so many people resist the idea:

    You are a media company.

    It is your responsibility to grow your name through content, as well as your sparkling fucking personality.

    Videos, graphics, blogs, tactics, strategies, emails, ads. You have a MASSIVE arsenal at your disposal.

    Use them.     

    Don’t focus on ad/promo-type content only. People need to see you. They want to know you. Remember? That’s how all this shit starts.

    Expose yourself. Everywhere. And all the time.

    Just make it INTERESTING.


    Again...this is not a permission to freeze and say, “I don’t know how to show up” or “I don’t know what to say” or “I say ‘UM’ too much”.

    This is a fucking permission to LEARN those things. To look for opportunities to show up.

    Flaws and fucking all.

Your goal is to let people KNOW who you are. Step up. Build your LEGEND.

Every fucking day.

Need help mapping out your KNOW plan? Book a Jam Session and I’ll help you pound it out...WITHOUT A PITCH.

Stay tuned for the “LIKE” part of all this shiz. <3

Dear Freshman Entrepreneur, it's time to graduate

Freshman don’t know how to function in high school. They’re awkward and trying to learn the ropes. They try to do everything themselves so they can function and OWN where they are next year.

And that’s why I don’t work with Freshman anymore.

They don’t understand the value of teamwork.

They think they have to struggle in order to win.

But the opposite is true.

When you realize you need a team under you in order to win at the game (high school or business), you become an upper-classman.

The one everyone looks up to.

The one everyone WISHES they could be.

Dani helped me do that.

I wasn’t a freshman when I hired her. Maybe that was the difference. I was a sophomore.

But hiring her has raised my rank in the classes. My email list has grown 30%. And that's fucking awesome.

But my SALES? They’re up 500%.

Because I knew where to look for the team players who were knowledgeable, experienced, and KNEW what to do to win.

Business is about smart decisions. Hiring Dani has been one of my best ones yet.

Want to graduate to the next level in business? You won't do it alone.

What to look for in a business partner who will make a difference for you:

  1. Their level of experience. - You want a newby because they are cheap? That’s what you’ll get. Hire someone who has been in the game long enough to have made a difference in multitudes of businesses.
  2. Their compatibility with your skills. - You’re a hard-ass. Work with someone who can take it. Don’t work with someone who will whine because you’re pushing too hard.
  3. Their time zone. - SO NOT FUCKING KIDDING. - Think about it. You have a brilliant idea, but it’s 9 am your time and your team won’t be online until 2pm?? WTF?
  4. Their level of SUCCESS with past teams. - Again...why hire someone who has NO skills? You’re throwing money away, UNLESS your gut tells you this chick (or dude) has got shit going on.
  5. Their ability to think BEYOND what everyone else is doing.

Freshman don’t become upperclassmen on their own.

The upperclassmen raise the freshmen up.

Hire a team that will fucking take you where you want to go.

An Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon

11722466_722667254526354_7125672049141954737_oWhat woke you in the middle of the night last night? Not a bad dream. Not a fear. An idea. It yanked you awake, as if the world were going to end if you didn't write it down. (What? You're an entrepreneur who doesn't sleep with paper and pen(cil) by your head? Then you're doing it wrong.) As someone who's blood courses with ideas and tangents that you need to spread, then you owe it to yourself to arm your business with the tools to make it happen. And the greatest tool at your disposal: The acknowledgement of your obsession with your business.

Give yourself fucking PERMISSION to own who you are, without apology to any Tom or Dick that doesn't understand. You have the world to conquer and without an obsession to fuel it, IT. WON'T. HAPPEN.

When you look at the great entrepreneurs: Jobs, Cuban, Branson, Disney, and so many see a pattern. A pattern of insane drive, an obsession, if you will.

They didn't let anything stand between them and their ideas. Not even OTHER ideas. Sure, they had them. We all suffer with Shiny Object Syndrome, but they were obsessed enough to build out the ones their guts told them were gold.

Are you? Am I?

I've been out of the saddle for two months. TWO MONTHS. Do NOT do this shit. Do NOT let life slap you and put you face down on the concrete. I'm not naive enough to think that you or I can't be slapped or feel the sting of said slaps. But I am here to suggest that if your obsession is deep enough, if it is great enough, that slap won't keep you down for long.

A lot of women say, "I want this. I want that." Blah, blah, blah. I say, "I NEED this. I NEED that. If I don't get it, I will die." Period. We all know that's shit. BUT, the point is it has to become your oxygen. It has to become the thing that gets you out of bed every. goddamn. day. Because if it's not, you'll let that slap keep you down too long.

Your revenue suffers. Your visibility suffers. Your mental state suffers.

Entrepreneur Ownership

Take your head out of your ass. Plant your eyes squarely on your goal again. And obsess over it. Make it your everything. Dream about it at night. Dream about it in the day. Breathe it. Think about it when you're alone. Think about it when you're not alone. Strategize in the shower (It's the only thing that gets me unstuck). Draw pictures of the thing you want most in this life before you sleep. Write about it before you start your day. Feel it coursing through your veins as though it were the only thing sustaining you.

Success is INEVITABLE when you obsess. Full Fucking Stop.

Are you playing? Or is your business your obsession??

If your strategy isn't working to grow and feed your obsession, let's connect and see how I can best support you and help you make it happen. It could be a simple solution that just needs a little push. 

The Right Way to Use Facebook


Cutting out the noise isn't an option. It's survival.


Focus comes only from keeping your eyes on your own paper and building the shit you see that your tribe needs.


It comes from not being distracted by other people's successes or their numbers. Because, frankly, you don't have any idea about what's REALLY going on. They could be frauds (have seen many of those). Or they could have huge social numbers, but sell very little. The goal isn't to have what you see others have. The goal is to have a business that works for you.


Six thousand on Facebook, when only a handful are paying customers, does your Paypal account zero good.


Keep your eye lasered squarely on the reason you built your business and work the fuck out of it. Pull the trigger when you feel like you've struck on something your people need and will love. Then you do it again. And again. And again.


Learn everything you can about your ideal: Their secrets. Their desires. Their hopes and their (so far) unfulfilled dreams. Learn what makes them make the choices they make.


Do they want fame? Some people really are happy just knowing that everyone on Facebook knows their name. Or are they after the mighty dollar? They only want the comfort of knowing they don't have to sweat to buy the things they love. Do they simply want recognition from the world that they are, in fact, too sexy for their shirt? (What? You don't think that could be the case?) Do they buy so the neighbors will say, "Where the fuck did they get the money for that?" Or do they buy based on budget alone?


Don't waste your time in Facebook scanning useless content that won't drive your success.


USE that time to cultivate everything you need to know about your customers. Screw the newsfeed. Create a list of only the customers you love and watch them. As if you were watching for your favorite brand throw up a flash sale so you could loot it like you just finished throwing a molotov cocktail through the window. (Can't wait to see the remarketing after Google flags that in my searches.)


Don't waste your time reading blogs that don't serve you.


Guard every minute you have online with the knowledge that if you piss it're the one that's lost, not the clock.


And create like a mofo. After you've done all that heady research, make the things that make their mouths water.


Then, relentlessly put it and yourself out there.


Because if you don't? Someone else will reap the every ounce of goodness of the time you lost and the power you failed to create. And no, this isn't a competition. Especially if you're not in it to make their hearts beat for you, and you alone.


The Badass’D: Who the hell are we?

Tania Dakka | Badass'D Biz+Ink

The Badass’D: Who the hell are we?

There’s some discord among the naysayers. And I want to take this chance to make clear just who the fuck we are.



The Badass’D are:

The headstrong. The tenacious. The last-laughers. We are the ones who don’t know the meaning of the word quit (unless it’s our last resort). We are the ruckus-makers, the mischief-makers, the disruptors. The ones who look at those who say we can't and say, "Fuck you. Watch me."


We’re the ones who don’t listen to others’ opinions of us. We’re the ones who pursue what we love until the last breath of life has left our bodies. We are the entrepreneurs who build their dreams, regardless of what other’s think is conceivable (what are they doing right now, anyway?). We don’t let a little thing like life knock us off our feet...for very long.


We’re the lovers. The dissidents. The passionate. The fighters.


We fight for what we need and what we want until there’s no fight left in us. But, we don’t go picking fights with the innocent. We don’t go around showing our asses just because. That would make us Assholes, not Badass'D.


And if provoked? Well. Don’t think that if we walk away it’s because we’re weak or soft. Know we walked away because it was the right thing to do. At the time. And watch your back. Because when we come back? There will be a world of confidence and power behind us. 


We are students of Sun-Tzu. We understand the importance of strategy, timing, and execution. When our dreams are threatened, we retaliate. With a vengeance. When the time is right.



But if you stand by us, you’ll be forever rewarded with an ally you want need by your side.


The Badass’D are not bullies. We are not punch-throwers. We are mentally tough. We are mentally resilient. We are the believers in ourselves. We are the believers in our ability to create our own destiny.


Because when it comes down to it? The Badass’D are the people who are smart enough to make the decisions that are good for their businesses and powerful enough to make them happen. Join us. 

Get People Talking (The Hard Way)

Get People TalkingI didn’t do it right in the beginning. Sitting on my haunches, waiting for people to notice me on Facebook – just because I was there – panned out about as well as the Gold Rush. But when, I started proactively seeking attention, the profits shifted into the black.

All solopreneurs start out the same: Bootstrapping. And that’s great. Until it doesn’t work (which is usually).

Bootstrapping simply means you have no extra cash for, well, the extras. It doesn’t mean you don’t invest in your own company.

Investment Equals Return

(Uh...let me preface that with “when done right”.)

With the right strategy and the right focus, you can make investments that will bring the profits you need to shift out of the bootstrapping mentality because, honestly, that will kill your business.

Invest in some killer design that shows you’re pro. Invest in the words that make them drool over you. Invest in the right advertising. Your profits will never be the same.

But suppose your budget is limited to the point where you can’t invest in these three areas? Then, you have to get people talking on your own (read: bust your ass to make shit happen. Period.)

Bust Ass To Get People Talking

Create content that is undeniable. Create guest posts that lead to landing pages of Awesome. Create products your customers HAVE to have.

And don’t take a lunch break.

Do things that no one else is doing...which means NOT another damn podcast that sounds like everything else everyone else is already regurgitating.

Ash Ambirge, once upon a time, sent shingles to roofing companies with the words “[Their company name] + [Her company name] = Sales through the roof” And it worked because everyone else was sending direct mail crap and business cards, but not her. She stole their attention. And their hearts.

The Garage Party showcased everyone else’s businesses (and will be back soon!) and made hundreds of contacts, mostly small business owners who eventually will look for tighter, hotter copy on their sites to make people notice them. And will remember that chick that made them feel special.

You see, the internet is flooded. Everyone yakking about the same crap in the same language as everyone else. When you do things differently, they see you. You don’t blend in. You don’t look like the wallflower at your Homecoming dance. You’re the spicy dancer in the middle of the dance floor that everyone wants just a brief moment in the arms of.

So ask yourself these questions:

1. What do my customers NEED most? 2. What is everyone else in my industry doing? 3. What is the most insane way (and legal) way I can pull in their hearts?

Then, make it happen. And tell everyone about it. Because if you don’t?? Who’s going to know??

How to get your lunacy out there:

1. Write to blogs of the audiences you’re trying to reach and tell them about your moment of temporary insanity. 2. Do a press release or three. 3. Write to journalists who would feature those kinds of stories and get them interested. 4. Ask them all to please share your unfortunate mental state with their readers so they can benefit from it. 5. Create a special landing page for said havoc-wreaking and be sure to direct all correspondence to it.

Getting people talking isn't necessarily hard, but it takes doing the legwork (you know the creativity and horn-tooting that you hate to do) to make it work.

What’s the most insane and profitable strategy you’ve ever pulled off?

Enter the Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - 3rd Edition

Nachos and margaritas with Cuervo Gold? That's not ALL Friday night is for! Friday night has a new purpose! One that's connecting entrepreneurs to new friends, awesome businesses, and great music. As you may know, the Garage Party is a fun way to throw your name out there in front of a growing audience of entrepreneurs looking for your products or services. VIPs have grown their tribe because of the Garage Party. They've sold books. They've even sold plugins. (A ninja trick utilized by Adam Warner when he offered a code to Garage Party peeps for 20% off their Foo dude, that guy.)

So, what's stopping YOU from becoming a Garage Party VIP? Drop your deets to tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com. Send me your favorite song, the link you want promoted, and a sentence about what you do to get on the upcoming Garage Party bill! Easy, peasy, lemon squeasy!

Now, let's let the MOSH PIT loose to do what it does! Check out Friday night's VIPs and the Spotify Garage Party playlist below!

Jyri Paavilainen, Branding Maestro

Jyri | Badass'D Biz+InkTired of struggling with your branding and crafting a message that resonates with your ideal customer? Jyri knows how to help! Check out his site (that's actually the way you pronounce his name!) and enjoy his vid with us tonight :)

Say hi to Jyri!



Mark William Guay, Education Superhero

MarkWilliamGuay |Badass'D Biz+Ink

You know education isn’t glamorous or lucrative, but Mark William Guay is dedicated to it and makes it his mission to transform education today. Check out his podcast of the same name  and get on the boat to help make education what it should be for our babies!

Say hi to Mark William Guay!


 Scott Price, Peak Performance Tweaker

ScottPrice | Badass'D Biz+InkScott Price spent the last 28 years refining strategies to help himself and others reach their peak performance. Check out the resources he’s put together at!

Say hi to Scott!


Tarun Gehani, SEO and Design Master

Tarun-Gehani |Badass'D Biz+Ink302 Found, A/B Testing, anchor text – all Greek, right? Well, Amantha can tell us if they’re actually Greek. But Tarun Gehani at Freshtight Designs not only does design and Wordpress site optimization, but he created this awesome not-so-little SEO Glossary! How cool is that?? Check out his edgy tune and his new SEO tool.

Say hi to Tarun!


Paul Castain, Keeper of the Whupass and Sales King

PaulCastain | Badass'D Biz+InkThis next guy is the Keeper of the Whupass. I kid you not. Sooo, you know I had to connect with someone with that title. And he’s as amazing as his name says. Check out his Sales Playbook to help you close more deals.

Say hi to Paul Castain!


Ajax Wooley, Remodeler and Rider Extraordinaire

AjaxWooley |Badass'D Biz+InkNeed something remodeled?? This dude's the guy to go to! Not to mention he's a helluva rider! (And we're going to ride those NC hills one day!)

Say hi to Ajax Woolley and check out his remodeling site!


Adam Warner, Wordpress Wiz and Plugin Foo

Adam-Warner | Badass'D Biz+InkOh, you know this song?

That's Adam Warner's favorite at the moment (he's actually blogging DAILY over at Check him out over there and tell him I sent you!


Annnnnnndddddd now it's time for the Special Surprise VIP!

David-Brown | Badass'D Biz+InkMeet David Brown! You may know him from Boy in a Band or you may know him from his video that was shared a few times by Upworthy! You won't stop laughing as this Boy in a Band rambles on about anything from the true meaning of emoticons to who the music genius is behind a LOAD of number one songs on the music billboards. Check out David Brown!

Say hi to David and subscribe to his Youtube channel!


Don't forget to plugin the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist into your earhole and kill this week!

  See you at the Garage Party next week! (Oh, and share these entrepreneurs and their awesomeness by clicking the share buttons above the post! Thanks!)

Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - 2nd Edition

VIPs? Parties? Music? What's that have to do with being an entrepreneur?? is the tie that binds. Many of us live and breathe our businesses and music is a great way to find those that are as passionate about their biz as we are. Thus, a love of music has led us to the weekly Garage Party and the Garage Party's now led us to the Monday Mosh Pit. :) This is where you'll find the VIP entrepreneurs who were cool enough to join in by sharing their favorite tunes for Friday night's social shares.

You never know what will happen at a Garage Party, either! Books have been sold, tribes have grown, and money has been made. Three great reasons to get in on the fun! (So email me your deets if you've never been a VIP and get listed on the bill next week :) )

Without further adieu, let's meet the coolios who headlined Friday night:

Keith Griffis | Badass'D Biz+Ink

Keith Griffis, Garage Party VIP & AwesomeSauce Embodied

Keith Griffis helps you turn your passion into a profitable business. And he has an awesome resource on building membership sites at Learn how to get members (read: dolla dolla bills, baby!) with Keith's free ebook, "Get Members" (Whoa! Imagine what you're going to walk away with after reading that!)

So...GO! Sign up! And start building your dreams tonight :)


Faith Evangeline | Badass'D Biz+Ink

Faith Evangeline, Garage Party VIP and Jewelry Genius

Faith Evangeline designs my kinda body decorations! You know, goth, unique, badass? She’s the jewelry designer behind the unique expressions she shares on Facebook and her site, Evil Pawn Jewelry. And her work's been featured in dozens of print and online media!

Check her amazing creations and like her page, if you dare ;)


American Hitmen | Badass'D Biz+InkAmerican Hitmen, Garage Party VIPs and Musical Warriors

Check out their song here (Sorry, no YouTube vid for this one)

The American Hitmen have a backstory you wouldn’t believe: They started in Fallujah, Iraq, amidst a battle, playing for their brethren in hopes to lift their spirits after long days of fighting! Wow! Can you believe that? Check out their tune and their site


Maiden Leather | Badass'D Biz+Ink

Maiden Leather, Garage Party VIP and Leather Master

Want badass? This chick’s rockin’ the leather designs over at Maiden Leather! She creates handcrafted goods for just about anything from bags to motorcycle accessories! Check her out on Facebook or at!


Sari | Badass'D Biz+Ink

Sari, Garage Party VIP and Parenting Wizard

Are you a parent who wants to learn to better fit your kids' needs with your own needs? Our next guest has got your back! She's preparing to launch an ebook about responsive parenting that will help you find out what your kids need and give it to them – without going insane. The soundtrack is provided by her friend Anni, who is releasing her new double EP album soon.

Check out this jazzy track and fall in love with Anni.


Jordan Chaney | Badass'D Biz+Ink

Jordan Chaney, Garage Party VIP and Youth Leadership Helmsman

Meet my new friend Jordan Chaney of the Urban Poets Society! He's busy in the great state of Washington helping build youth leadership skills and community through the arts. He's working hard on building sponsorships to help the kids in his region build their confidence, knowledge and business savvy to become great leaders.

Now, who can't support that?? Stop by his Facebook page and check it out!


David Siteman Garland | Badass'D Biz+Ink

David Siteman Garland, Garage Party VIP and Mediapreneur Badass

Badass David Siteman Garland helps the mediapreneur grow their audience and make more MOULA, baby! He’s got an amazing course running over at Create Awesome Online Courses

Get your free spot now and turn your blog, podcasts, or web show into mo’ CASH!

Check David out!

Here's the Spotify #GarageParty Playlist so you can put these entrepreneurs in your ear effortlessly :)

That's this week's lineup! FULL of badassery and awesome! Hope you enjoyed meeting these peeps and have found someone that you can learn from, collaborate with, or buy from! And if you want to get your biz featured, like these guys did, in front of 2600+ entrepreneurs who may be looking for what you have to offer, email me your favorite song, the link you want promoted, and a sentence about what you do to :)

Tell me...which tune resonated with YOU the most?

The Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style)

Getting to know new people. That's what's at the heart of your marketing efforts (or should be). It's not about blasting your message across the webs and hoping people come to you. It's about meeting people, nurturing their efforts, and getting to know them. It's about the passion to help others.

Since starting the Garage Party, I've met so many wonderful people and passionate entrepreneurs, it's inspiring. And they deserve a permanent home, not just a moment's flash in social media. That's why, every week, the Garage Party will culminate in the Monday Mosh Pit posts on the blog. The VIPs from the weekend before will find their links, their songs and their faces here after the effects of the music wear off. :) (Want to be a VIP? Email me your favorite song, the link you want promoted, and a sentence about what you do to to get your biz in front of 2600+ on the next open bill!)

We never know what's going to happen at a Garage Party. Last week we had loads of fun! FooPlugins even offered a 20% discount on their branded plugins with a special code for the party! Lots of chatter and meeting awesome entrepreneurs. You should come by this Friday! Really! You have an open invitation :)

Let's meet last Friday's VIPs!


JoeKerouacJoe Kerouac

Joe helps bring down the costs and improve the results for real estate buyers and sellers, while increasing the income of the newly defined “best” agents in the real estate industry. If you’re in real estate, you really want to know Joe. Actually, even if you’re not because he’s cool like that!

Out of Commission - Joe Kerouac

Check out Joe's book AND his favorite song, "Little Room"!


AmbroseAW Ambrose WB

When I asked Ambrose to send me his sentence, this is what he said , "My passion is helping people be better by serving others through experience + knowledge as a coach. Nutrition + fitness are my specialties. Sneakers + music are my interests. I love history, hustle, + huskies." Not once did he mention his killer trainer biz! So, here, I'm telling you :)

Mispibo - Ambrose WB

 If you're in Milwaukee (home of HD! Lucky you!), check out Ambrose's biz, Mispibo!


Tracy BakerTracy Baker

Tracy teaches people how to live happy and look younger and follow their path to a Healthy You! She's also part of this cool thing called the Happiness Movement and you can join the 410,000 or so people that have already pledged to Live Happy everyday! Check out this coolness :)

Tracy Baker

Join the Happiness Movement with Free Website and Ripple Tracker.

Look Younger and join Healthy You community on Google + to help you on your path to a Healthy You...


Jack BornJack Born

His work helps you. He creates software that helps entrepreneurs connect with their tribes on deeper levels. (And YOU know what you do when THAT happens, yeah?) Jack’s an ace marketer and knows how to build products you need and inspire others to reach their potential. Get to know him and his work!

Check out his site AW Pro Tools to turbo charge your Aweber account!


Adam WarnerAdam Warner

Adam is the cofounder of Foo Plugins. He chose this song because the lyrics are sooo apt for us as entrepreneurs: Fantasy and free thinking (that brought us Mickey Mouse) can easily be lost. SOOOO right! Light those fires and KEEP them lit!

Meet Adam and check out his site, Foo Plugins (Where you can enter the code GARAGEPARTY and get 20% off your purchase of any Foo-branded plugin like FooBox, PostFlow and more!)




Amelia Ramstead


Amelia Ramstead

Amelia's an amazing rockstar and is doing a fab job of juggling a full plate with her hands full as a full-time mom and copywriter!

Check her out at Seattle Healthcare Copywriting and spin this ass-kicker. (Love this song!)


And, you know, we always have a Special Surprise VIP!


Nir EyalNir Eyal!

OMG When I saw Nir's vid on developing products that are habit forming, I was HOOKED! No kidding!

Love his work! Please check out Garage Party VIP, Forbes, TechCrunch, and Psychology Today writer, Nir Eyal and his course at, where you'll learn how to build habit-forming products. (Think: Facebook, not drugs. Yes, I'm 12! You know that by now!)

WARNING: If you're an entrepreneur, Hooked may make your mouth water!

Nir Eyal

PS Is this not a kick ass jam??


That's the view of last week's Garage Party from the Mosh Pit! Hope you enjoyed it and more importantly, I hope you discovered some new peeps to follow, like, share, meet, collaborate with, or even share some music with. Thanks for reading, please consider helping them by clicking the share button on this post to spread the word!

Thanks! Kick ass this week! Tania


Haven't been a VIP yet? Email me at with your favorite song, the link you want promoted and a sentence about what you do and get in on the next party's bill!

The Pain of Entrepreneurship

Pain of Entrepreneurship | Tania DakkaYou want it. But do you want it bad enough? What did you do to make it happen? This year is over. Your chance to make it matter is gone. Did you take it?

So many people didn’t take theirs. And they’re now running around, planning for next year and trying to get focused (you know, because January 1 is a magical date and the New Year Fairy is going to give you the will and drive you need to carry you through the next 365).

Showing Up – Through the Pain

At the start of this year, almost 200 people donned their CAPEs and faced a Brave New Year. We worked hard building our confidence, acceptance, permission, and execution skills. Let me tell you, without that CAPE, you really can’t do anything. Anything.

So, we did the work. We showed up to the Grind. Everyday.

Some days were so much harder than others. Life just wants to get in your way and see you fail, sometimes. We all had our struggles over the course of this Brave year, but many of us made it. Others of us didn’t.

They fell prey to the shit life threw at them: Death. Divorce. Broken relationships. Lost jobs. Insanity.

Not their fault. It’s hard to focus when your brain and your heart are cloudy. I know. Death and brokenness leaves you hollow and empty. A shell of an entrepreneur.

But you shine your light through the fog and you make something. Anything.

The Target Practice Party? A direct result of me not wanting to work. Of my escape from the clouds – and pain – I was in. Was it easy? No. Could it have been better? SHOULD it have been better? Absolutely. But it was shipped and it had great content to help others that were struggling – and that’s what mattered.

Okay…I digress.

The point is: Instead of letting the fog shut you down, instead of sitting idly by, WISHING you had done something, push through. Put on your CAPE. Do the work. Period.

So What do YOU Want?

Being an entrepreneur hurts sometimes, but it's also what drives us. [Tweet?] The chance to make something that is truly your own is gold, so you have to take it. Or spend your life in regret.

Do not sit on your hands next year and let it pass you by.

I want you to get your ideas out there. I want you to fail. I want you to learn from that failure because your next success will be the honey after the bitter medicine.

But it doesn’t matter what I want.

What matters is what YOU want. So ask yourself, “Do I want it bad enough to push through the pain? Do I want it bad enough to work the Grind everyday? Do I want it bad enough to not stop, no matter what?”

If you said “yes”, take the next step: Focus your goal and your vision. Then make it happen.

Happy new year. Happy new you.

If this piece resonated with you at all, I'd be honored if you'd click the share buttons at the bottom. Thanks!! :D Kick ass this week!


Beat Your Fear (Or lose it all)

Fear | Tania DakkaDave's Tragedy

Dave’s taken care of his family for years while his wife worked her big corporate job. It was all he had come to know. But, the time came for Dave to step up. He was worn down and needed to be everything his guts told him he could be – before it was too late.

So he took all his powerful business know-how and opened up a consulting business. It was great! He was taking on new clients and starting to create new and better products for them.

Until he had meetings that didn’t mesh with the rest of the house’s plans. Now, everyone was not so happy.

Succeed, But Only on Their Terms

Dave was doing well, and as much as everyone said that’s what they wanted for him, what they really meant was that’s what they wanted on THEIR terms.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not their fault. Dave’s been their foundation from day one, now the foundation sways just a bit. The old way of doing things is shifting to fit Dave’s new routine and everyone’s a little fussier for it.

So to avoid confrontation and strife, Dave makes a horrible decision.

He scales back his power house to suit everyone else. Partly because he feels guilty. Partly because he’s scared that if his success continues, it’ll change the dynamics of the house and his role in it.

So he goes back to maintaining meetings based on everyone else’s schedule. Back to writing only when it’s convenient for everyone else. Back to resenting not being able to blow his biz up, full-force – the way he knows he can.

A Year Later

Dave’s doing freelance consulting when he can. He’s only making a fraction of what he could make because he chose not to push through the yucky feelings change brings. And he goes to sleep at night wondering “what if”, wishing he’d had the courage to face his demon, Fear.

What if Dave had listened to his gut? What if he had shifted the family dynamic? What if he had succeeded?

Instead of going to bed with a knot in his stomach, hating what he does, he’d rest well knowing that with a little fortitude, he managed to continue to care for his family on HIS terms AND theirs. He’d rest well knowing he’s developed products that can do what he does for his customers, instead of trading his time for a dime.

He’d be happy.

And so would his family because he’s finally able to focus and give them the attention and peace of mind they need and deserve.

Fear Won

Fear took Dave’s chance at success and spat on it. It took his self-confidence and chewed it up. It stopped him from living his best life and building his best business.

Don’t be Dave.

Take Back Your Chance for Success

Acknowledge your family’s and your own fears and move on. Acknowledge that change IS scary. And do it anyway. Acknowledge that without fear, there is NO growth.

Practice being there for them when they need you most. Practice creating  windows of opportunity. Practice pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Set limits for your family. For yourself. For your Fear.

Win. Because you have NO other choice.


I'd love to know what you do to kick Fear's ass in the comments. You may help someone who can't see past it. Thanks!

Invaluable Business Support Every Serious Entrepreneur Needs (So you can finally get a massage and relax)

invaluable business support | Tania DakkaWhen’s the last time you took a day off? I mean an entire day – from the time your tootsies hit the floor until you laid your head back down on your pillow? I bet you don’t remember. And if you do, I bet you remember the guilt you felt for it.

And how much of that time that you were off were you really “off”? You know, not sitting at dinner secretly thinking about your next marketing step while your significant other chatters in the background about how horrible the day was and getting passed over for that promotion she knows she deserved more than the catty blonde.

You were there in body, but definitely not in spirit. Because your spirit’s intertwined with your biz and separating them would mean loss of oxygen, or at least the loss of a peanut butter Twix. Yeah, they’re that good.

People look up to you because you’re a “go-getter” and they want what you have – the drive to keep going.

But what happens when you just can’t go get it anymore?

Suddenly, no one's responding to you on social. Inbox zero is no longer a necessary goal. Because getting up and working on your business no longer makes you smile. Before it was passion and love of the game that pushed you, but  you’re tired and that love’s slowly dying.

You don’t have to burnout. You don’t have to give up. You don’t even have to slow to a NYC rush hour crawl.

Business Support

If you want to thrive as an entrepreneur, then stop trying to do it all alone. You need people backing you, cheering you on, and giving you feedback on ideas.

Find a group of them that you feel comfortable with (there are hundreds, if not thousands of them on Google+) and get active. Yes, you’ll have to invest a little time in the group, but you’ll end up making new friends (maybe even a client or two!) and you’ll end up with colleagues who know what it feels like to have a bazillion things to do everyday, to feel overwhelmed at times, but who know how to help you not to let those feelings win.

If you’re lucky enough to have a support network at home, take advantage of that, too. The more you involve your family, the less they’ll fuss when you have a marketing campaign to write instead of going to the movies.


As an entrepreneur, you have far too many hats to wear. The thought of having to network, record sales, report taxes, do your own graphics bites, write your own posts, design your own website, tighten your skill set, create new and better tools and content for your users, plus keep up with your ever-changing industry is enough to bring tears even to the baddest of asses’ eyes.

So stop. Stop trying to do everything.

Main Street brick and mortars can’t survive one person doing all, neither can successful online businesses. Main Street has to invest in a building (a beautiful website), advertising (content marketing), and possibly even an accountant (your own books) so it can focus on giving their customers the best possible experience. So why not do that with your online business?

Invest in website design and support to create an online showroom you’ll be proud to have people walk in. Foster positive emotions when you invest in hot copy that they connect with. Invest in software or an accountant that’ll help you keep track of your numbers (because damn, that stuff'll drive you nuts after an hour!), so you can focus on the what you love most: Creating products, services, and tools your ideal clients so desperately need to make their lives more fulfilling.

You want to take a semblance of a day off? Get help. Then, go have a massage at the spa because, now, you have 15 less items on your to-do list. Congrats! Don't you feel better already??

Tell me in the comments what support do you need most? What stops you from getting it? And how can I best help you?? 

How to Avoid a Painful Death by Hummingbird

The Hummingbird UpdateA hummingbird shifted the world of web alchemy for entrepreneurs, SEO companies, and blackhats. (Because a hummingbird’s wings can start tornados, don’t you know? ~Mudvayne ;) What? I know it's butterflies' wings, let's move on, shall we? :p ) These guys have always tried to game the system because if you can win at Google, then you end up on the first page of search, if not pretty damn close (then people find you!).

And, by now, you’ve heard about Pandas, Penguins, and Hummingbirds. Whenever Google changes something in its search algorithms, the SEO wizards spontaneously combust since their progress is usually destroyed afterward.

But the Hummingbird’s such a good update for people not involved in blackhat SEO – you know, like you!

Hummingbird Made Search More Accurate

So if your ideal client’s looking for “getting more sales” on Google, it’ll actually take all of the words in his search into consideration when serving up results, instead of simply serving up keyword responses like the old days of, say, three months ago.

And, according to Search Engine Land, there are about 200 factors in all that Google considers when ranking pages. Not the least of them is content quality, engagement, author rank, etc. The lesson has always been: If you want your page sitting pretty in the top spots (because you know you never dig deeper than page 3 in search) when your ideal comes looking for you, you have to follow the rules.

Or pay the Google price – which is a very painful death by Hummingbird.

But who’s scared of getting axed by a tiny little birdie? SEO companies are on its hit list, according to RazorSocial. But so are businesses who incorporate seedy backlinking techniques, as are the businesses who buy crap content from content mills.

These owners work to make a dime, not to help people solve their problems. So the Hummingbird will happily take them out of the equation for a while.

Your Ideal Client Needs You

Your ideal client is looking for solutions to problems and when you dish out your best work (or a pro writer’s best work, if you’re not one), then you increase your chances of getting found. But how can you know what you need to write or do for your ideal client to help her solve her problems?

By knowing her needs, wants, desires, and fears as well as you know your own.

Because when you put yourself in her shoes to walk a mile, you not only know what she needs help with, you understand it. And when you understand it, what you write speaks to her, to her heart, then she’ll know you’ve “been there”. She'll feel your solutions will work and that you’re the real deal, not some scammy entrepreneur out to make a quick buck at her expense.

Think and Feel Like Her

That’s what we talked about at the Target Practice Party last week: Crawling into her head through her social shares, her comments on your posts, on your competition’s post and learning as much about her as you can.

We also talked about what to do with all that info when you find it. When you can think like her, you can write content and create products and services she's searching for.

It’s all about the research.

You have to take the time to do it, understand it, and USE it. Or you could suffer death by Hummingbird.

I'd love to know, in the comments, if you have a religious schedule in place to research and study your ideal client.

Kick ass this week!




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