Before and After: A look at layout and words that draw them in

Sometimes the best way to frame what I do is a side by side comparison of a before and after. And while I have over 300 clients, it took this one from the Fire of the Diamond to slap me in the face and say, “YO. Here I am.”

This is a look (with her blessing and permission) at a before and after of her Home Page to show the difference organization and a few choice words can make to deepen impact and strike chords of emotion with your ideal clients.

A lil’ background before we jump into this dance.

Mellie is one of those multi-talented peeps who does art, design and intuitive work. She came to us in the Fire of the Diamond with a moving 16 minute video talking about what she does. And a burning welled up as I listened to her describe it.

So, I jumped on to her site and got lost. I mean I was totally overwhelmed simply because her talents were all over the place. Every tab had like four drop downs, plus she had groupings of other stuff on the Home Page.

I didn’t know where to go first. Or what I even needed to see.

This is the case with most sites that try to load too much into a space. And, instead of reading them, readers leave. They click the x before trying to dig too deep, either because of Analysis Paralysis or because they just don’t know what they need from you or because they don’t have time to try and figure it out.

And Mellie knew this. That’s why that was the first ask she made in the Fire of the Diamond.

Normally, things flow in and out of me pretty quick. But after taking a look, I couldn’t offer a quick solution because A) I’m not a designer and B) I wanted to let a solution bubble to the surface on its own. But this time, I kinda felt bad. Because it took me like 5 days for this idea to come to me. But when it did, Mellie was super happy with it.

And below is what I came up with.

Now. The breakdown. On her Before Home Page, seeing her gave me a wonderful sense of who she is. I hope she one day puts her Fire of the Diamond video up, too, so you can see the passion in that, like we did. But this one was cute because it’s all the uniqueness and happiness that is Mellie.

And her words were...well...they just needed a little boost for you to feel her fire.

Her lead was “Hi! I’m Mellie, a magical and intuitive artist and graphic designer. I’m kind of like a unicorn.” Straightforward, nothing at all wrong with that at all. But Mellie is not vanilla, so I didn’t want her words to be, either.

So we opted for some OOMPH:

Your soul. In color. There's a tie that binds your magical soul to this world. And this is it.

Whether it's on your wall, in your hand, or generating money for you online, there's one way to project who you are and what speaks most to you: Art. I'm Mellie. I'm your resident Magical Uniquorn Intuitive Artist. What I do can be summed up in three words: I read your soul and put it on canvas (well, at least some form of a canvas). Okay, nine or so words. But that's literally what I do. Ready to infuse your art and soul into what you do?

Because color was all I could see in Mellie and the people who love her work. And that’s what I wanted to speak to.

Then, we opted to go with a simplification of her layout by giving visitors a choice to shop her art store or shop her design firm.


Simple. Fun. Powerful. All the things Mellie needed.

Avoid Analysis Paralysis and make your site easy peasy so sales are easy peasy. Take a look at your Home Page. Stand above the noise when you tatt words on your site that ooze emotion and connection.

The doors are opening to the public for Fire of the Diamond soon. Get on the list to find out how you can get in on the action.