Before and After: A look at layout and words that draw them in

Sometimes the best way to frame what I do is a side by side comparison of a before and after. And while I have over 300 clients, it took this one from the Fire of the Diamond to slap me in the face and say, “YO. Here I am.”

This is a look (with her blessing and permission) at a before and after of her Home Page to show the difference organization and a few choice words can make to deepen impact and strike chords of emotion with your ideal clients.

A lil’ background before we jump into this dance.

Mellie is one of those multi-talented peeps who does art, design and intuitive work. She came to us in the Fire of the Diamond with a moving 16 minute video talking about what she does. And a burning welled up as I listened to her describe it.

So, I jumped on to her site and got lost. I mean I was totally overwhelmed simply because her talents were all over the place. Every tab had like four drop downs, plus she had groupings of other stuff on the Home Page.

I didn’t know where to go first. Or what I even needed to see.

This is the case with most sites that try to load too much into a space. And, instead of reading them, readers leave. They click the x before trying to dig too deep, either because of Analysis Paralysis or because they just don’t know what they need from you or because they don’t have time to try and figure it out.

And Mellie knew this. That’s why that was the first ask she made in the Fire of the Diamond.

Normally, things flow in and out of me pretty quick. But after taking a look, I couldn’t offer a quick solution because A) I’m not a designer and B) I wanted to let a solution bubble to the surface on its own. But this time, I kinda felt bad. Because it took me like 5 days for this idea to come to me. But when it did, Mellie was super happy with it.

And below is what I came up with.

Now. The breakdown. On her Before Home Page, seeing her gave me a wonderful sense of who she is. I hope she one day puts her Fire of the Diamond video up, too, so you can see the passion in that, like we did. But this one was cute because it’s all the uniqueness and happiness that is Mellie.

And her words were...well...they just needed a little boost for you to feel her fire.

Her lead was “Hi! I’m Mellie, a magical and intuitive artist and graphic designer. I’m kind of like a unicorn.” Straightforward, nothing at all wrong with that at all. But Mellie is not vanilla, so I didn’t want her words to be, either.

So we opted for some OOMPH:

Your soul. In color. There's a tie that binds your magical soul to this world. And this is it.

Whether it's on your wall, in your hand, or generating money for you online, there's one way to project who you are and what speaks most to you: Art. I'm Mellie. I'm your resident Magical Uniquorn Intuitive Artist. What I do can be summed up in three words: I read your soul and put it on canvas (well, at least some form of a canvas). Okay, nine or so words. But that's literally what I do. Ready to infuse your art and soul into what you do?

Because color was all I could see in Mellie and the people who love her work. And that’s what I wanted to speak to.

Then, we opted to go with a simplification of her layout by giving visitors a choice to shop her art store or shop her design firm.


Simple. Fun. Powerful. All the things Mellie needed.

Avoid Analysis Paralysis and make your site easy peasy so sales are easy peasy. Take a look at your Home Page. Stand above the noise when you tatt words on your site that ooze emotion and connection.

The doors are opening to the public for Fire of the Diamond soon. Get on the list to find out how you can get in on the action.

Monetary Evolution in Your Biz: Accelerate It. (5) Wake up, turn on the computer. Lollygag in the name of marketing. Have lunch. Run a few “important” errands. Have dinner.

Then wonder why the fuck you don’t have any clients.


I’m not talking shit. Okay I am. But that’s because that’s how I started out, too.

I worked when I “could.”  Never really ranking working up there with breathing – until I found out when you do that?

That is when the game REALLY starts.

Money won’t come to you until you put it first. Period.

I get the process, but having been through it, I can tell you, you don’t have to.

  1. Know your WHY. (Yes, it will be CASH in the beginning, so I need you to dig deeper now.)
  2. Believe in your cause.
  3. Fucking Take Action.

How to Dig Past the Money:

  1. What lights your ass on fire?
  2. When’s the last time you caught yourself smiling, “for no reason”? What were you doing? (I mean that you can make money at and this isn’t a brothel, dude)
  3. What have you always dreamed of doing that you couldn’t imagine making it as?

Don’t be a coach because it’s “in style.” Don’t do what everyone says you should do. Do what makes you feel like you own the goddamn world.

Once you have settled on a real, flesh & bone, WHY, everything changes. Posting shit becomes posting shit that matters. Creating products becomes focused, driven. And you develop the FUCKING RELENTLESSLY DETERMINED TO WIN.

Money is a great goal. It’s one that gets me the fuck out of bed in the morning. But it’s not enough to sustain long-lasting results. You have to love what you do, who you do it for, and WHY you do it. FIND YOURS.

Sit down with a pen and paper and write a manifesto. Yes, they are cliche and outdated, but they matter. It doesn’t have to be one you will share with anyone. It just has to make you want to take up a flag and march in. And your people? Will fall in behind you.

Then you can use every part of that manifesto to guide your blog content, your Snapchat content, your Twitter blurbs, your email content...your fucking product creation!

That manifesto will be your guide to everything you want to share and it will solve the problems of your ideal customers so they are mesmerized by your expertise and enamored with your way in presenting them.

It is your evolutionary record. And the results will be nothing short of mind-blowing.

The Naming Process & Emotion

Tania EmotionSexy Fight Club for Biz Chicks who are fighting themselves to create powerful magic in their businesses.


The Diamond B!tch Society.


That’s what we started out as. And that’s what we went by for months.


It started out as a “joke,” the B!tch part, but it stuck. At first, I cringed. Every time I said it. Then, I became numb to it.


But Danielle and I had a conversation about the connotations of the word “B!tch.” For her, there’s a lot of negativity conjured up with it. For me, it meant a promiscuous woman (from a cultural perspective).


We both agreed that neither one was something we wanted to be perceived as.


The EMOTION revolving around the name was overwhelmingly disrespectful. Besides, we created this society to be a place where chicks come to get better at what they do - to become more powerful, more successful.


That’s what we wanted to focus on. So a name change was booked.


Only, replacing a “B” is harder than you think.


Because it had to be a B. I’m partial to B’s and D’s - shut up. So - we went back and forth trying to settle on a name that would evoke just the right emotion.


Because without a name that intrigues or inspires, ALL could be lost. And all your efforts for naught.


After endless emails, swearing in frustration, and even some bloodshed, we finally settled on a name that evokes the emotion of power that we wanted:


Fire of the Diamond.

Fire is the yearning in your soul to create a bigger, better you and a more profitable business. The Diamond is the strength and hardness, yet gorgeousness of you. You are a diamond. You deserve to have them rain on you.


So. There we evolved from Diamond B!tch Society to Fire of the Diamond: Exclusive Society for the driven woman who is ready to stand above the noise.


This isn’t a membership site. This is, like I said, an exclusive club, for which not everyone will be accepted.


It’s only for the woman who:

Is ready to take action

Wants to leave her games behind her

Knows that this isn’t for show, this is the real f*cking deal

Longs for solutions to problems that she’s tired of searching blog after blog for




Want in? The doors to Fire of the Diamond are closed, but you can get on the list to apply to join us when the doors open. You are also invited to attend our next anti-webinar, click here to create package names that drip champagne.

I see what you don’t want to see (3)

I see the magic in you that you are afraid to let out. You’re afraid that you’ll actually get it right and that you’ll have to keep it up. But how? Because you got one thing right doesn’t mean you’ll get anything else right.


And that’s okay.


You have to believe in your magic. You have to believe that you have more than that single spark of love or genius or whatever the fuck it is that’s plaguing you that you are scared you won’t be able to replicate.  


But it doesn’t matter if I believe it. AT ALL.


You don’t know how to do A so you say Fuck B. Leaving the entire alphabet on the table for someone else to own and make loads from.


Why? Why do you do that to yourself?


Why do we do it to ourselves?


We all live in the same plane, but we want to believe that others live somewhere else. We want to believe that someone else has answers we don’t and that’s why they’re online talking about how fucking amazing they are.

So we sit.

And read.

And read.

And read.

Hoping some flash of brilliance will knock us off our asses and into success. It doesn’t work that way.


You have to open your brain and your soul...preferably with the sword of the mightiest samurai and dig your fingers deep into the wound, feeling around for that part of you that’s there, waiting to be loved. Waiting to be cherished. Waiting to be heard.


But that’s scary work.

It hurts.

Like all fucking hell.

I know.

I face demons that will never leave me. And honestly, I don’t want them to. I want to keep them right where they are and learn to use them to my own benefit.

To YOUR benefit.


I want to lay down with them, looking at the universe and let them tell me why they chose me, why they need me as much as I need them.


Because when I can do that without tears, without pain, without the hurt of loss and emptiness, words that touch souls come pouring forth for your world, for your pockets. For the pockets of your family.


Because I KNOW why you started your business and it wasn’t to heal the world. It was because you couldn’t NOT start your business.


You felt your own fire dwelling deep in the belly of the beast that lives in you and you KNOW you have the magic to make it, but you let someone tell you, you couldn’t.


Or you listened to their doubt in their actions, even if it wasn’t in their words.


And it scarred you and scared you.


What if they’re right?


What if it’s all a delusion you’ve developed about what you have the capability to do?

It’s not.

Trust me.


There are people out there that need your brand of compassion. Of touch. Of bourbon.


And no one will ever tell you that. They’ll never tell you they want to see you win, because deep down inside, they don’t want you to.

Because if you win, you’re healing...and they are not.

Because if you win, you’re superhuman and they’re not.


Life isn’t about getting up and doing what the world tells you to do. It’s about breathing through every ounce of the pain that wants to keep you down.


It’s about breathing through the hurt of doubt and misunderstanding.

It’s about loving yourself more than anyone could ever love you.


That’s when your business comes to life.

That’s when you will finally see the magic that I see in you.


People come to me and say, “Yo, Tania. I have no fucking idea what I do. What do I tell people I do?” Because they have in their heads they are some [insert label] that everyone else is or thinks they are.


I look at them. I listen to them. I read them in their social posts and in their blogs, their videos. And I see the magic they don’t see. I see the magic that doesn’t carry the same label the rest of the world subscribes to.


Not because I’m magic (that’s Dani). But because my soul has been ripped out of my body more times than I care to count and every time it happens, a part of me sees a light that I didn’t see before.


It’s Evolution at its most horrific and painful.


The tattoo on my arm? Isn’t a black scorpion. It’s every wound I’ve recovered from and will recover from. It’s the final wound I WON’T recover from.

It’s my trip into a world that no one except me understands.

It’s my empathy and my intuition. It’s what drives my words (and your sales).


I’m not a woo-woo writer, by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, but I’m an emotional writer, led by everything I see in you and in your pain and healing, in the words you won’t speak to anyone else.


Life and business. They are in no way separate entities in this world anymore. So if you can’t see your magic, or are scared to, hit me. I’ll tell you what’s scary.


And then? You’ll dive heart first into everything you thought you couldn’t do to find the real you that I see standing on the other side.

5 Things To Do Instead Of Scrolling

Growth isn’t an overnight thang...for most. It’s a way of life. You wake up in the morning, ready to take on the world...and the you you want to become. Then, you have your coffee and realize, it ain’t happening.

Because Facebook is open.

So, instead of moving on and creating, you spend time scrolling, because you caught a glimpse of something powerful (and thought, “why can’t I do that?”) and wanted more of it.

There are massive players in the online space.

To be one of them, you have to log out of Facebook.

You have to go to Pages, Word or Drive, and start creating.

But the reason you haven’t yet? Stares you in the mirror every morning. You look in your eyes and say to yourself, I can’t be GaryVee. I can’t be Eben Pagan. I can’t be Marie Forleo.

And you slump away to social media, defeated.

And you’re right. You CANNOT be GaryVee. You CANNOT be Eben Pagan. You CANNOT be Marie Forleo.

You are YOU. And as soon as you stop looking around, you’ll start developing your youness.

Creating is the ONLY way to get you there.

Open those apps and GET STARTED.

Things to create today:

  1. A podcast that actually solves a problem, entertains, or inspires. Are you going to screw it up? To start with, you might. But that’s okay. As former co-host of 100 Proof, Falls will tell you I SUCKED at it. That’s okay...I was developing a new art.
  2. Create an ebook that actually serves. There are a LOT of titles out there that are hollow and meaningless. Write ten that matter.
  3. Write to your friggen list. How many times have you avoided that because you were afraid you didn’t have anything to say? Guess what. They’re there because you DO. Now say it.
  4. Create programs that are NOT copies of everything else online. You are you...walk away from your computer with the problem you know you solve for people and dig into your brain to find out the best way to help people - 20 minute calls, instead of an hour? Group lunch dates? Face-to-face???? Imagine.
  5. Establish a networking event that really helps you get to know people. Hello, Garage Party! If you don’t know what that is, I tripled my social numbers with this weekly party, where I showcased entrepreneurs and their favorite tunes, while telling the world a bit about them. It was fun and I made lots of friends. What can you do to make your own get-to-know-you event?

If you’re busy creating, you cannot be busy watching people and wondering why you’re not there yet.

The only way they got there? Was by doing. And failing. Fast.

Ready for copy that bleeds prowess and authority? You'll find it here

Want in on the next thing I’m creating? Join the Fire of The Diamond Society.

The Picture is Never Complete

There’s one thing you need to learn: You’ll never know it “ALL”. You’ll never hit every single step the way that someone else might have.

Coach A might approach a launch with a balls-to-the-walls schedule and images already mapped out.

Coach B might approach it differently with webinars, outreach, and a few hundred email campaigns in play.

And don’t even get me started on physical product launches - a WHOLE different monster.

But there is no formula for getting this shit right.


UNLESS the step you’re missing is even being visible to start with. I take that back, there’s a trifecta in play that is the only formula:

  1. KNOW YOU.
  2. KNOW WHY.
  3. Stand WAAAAYYY the fuck above the noise.  

That’s it.

It’s not magic. It’s not science.

It’s being you. It’s helping them.

We overcomplicate things when we watch other people and try to mimic processes that we watch other people using. We get bogged down in, “I don’t think I can do that”. And we question our own ability to show up, out of fear of failure or fear of inadequacy, or fear of fear.

Calm the fuck down.

Figure YOU out.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you adore most in this world?
  3. How can you make money at it?
  4. What will you get from being able to do it?
  5. How the fuck can you stand so far above the noise that there IS NO NOISE where you are?

The reason people get business wrong is because they take whatever passion is pulling at them at the time, but it’s not TRULY who they are. So as time marches on, there’s so much change and so much upheaval and re-branding, etc. that you don’t even recognize who you are.

(This is not to say shit doesn’t happen that changes you from the inside, from time to time, this is for the chicas who rush into shit because it sounds good at the time.)

But if you take a week or however long you need to dig deep into your soul, you’ll find out who you were before all these fuckers started telling you you needed to be somebody else.

You’ll hear that voice inside you that says, “I am a [INSERT lifelong dream here].”

Listen to your body when you talk about the brand you’ve been building: Does your stomach wince a little when you think about the business you’re in now?

Then, once you know...all you have to do is get your ass out there and work it.

Make fucking friends. The right ones. And do shit that lifts others up, like Jared and Kimanzi do, like Keith Griffis does.

Nurture the relationships that matter.

Hone your craft and be ever present to help those who need you most.

Are you going to make a mint in the beginning? No. And I’d venture to say way too many of you are blinded by the lies of yourself and trust your process...fuck the rest.

Because when you let go of the woulda, shoulda, couldas and the envy of others and the waiting until you know more bullshit, you realize that your picture is as complete as it needs to be. Now go fucking work it.

THE formula for preventing mindfucks and a link to creating success

So. I sit here, amidst a war. A deep, heart-wrenching war.

A war that says, “Am I even qualified to carry my own name?”

That hurts.

Because if there’s one thing I preach louder than you people’s Sunday morning evangelists, it’s BE YOUR FUCKING SELF.

And I let two people’s opinions TRIP ME THE FUCK UP TODAY.

I started questioning if I’m truly badass because of their comments accusing me of having a heart. That shit fucked with me because 1) I DON’T WANT ONE and 2)WHY THE FUCK DO I CARE if people know it?

My BFF says, badasses don’t give a fuck what anyone says. But I do. So there’s that.

My first thought was, “If I care that people know I have a pain in the ass, piece of shit heart that I wish didn’t exist, then maybe I don’t deserve to wear this badge.”

And after letting that goddamn fear run through me (and I mean it ripped a goddamn hole in my chest big enough for my beloved bike to roll through at 90mph), Dani reminded me, that’s part of who I am...and that’s what makes my work what it is. That IS Badass’D.

It’s the whole reason I’m working with the clients I want to work with, that I’m able to make a house of 7 run (even under duress - for now), that I’m able to raise three trolls to be badasses (even my meek one is working on her howl). It’s the reason I can get up at 3:30 am and create copy for entrepreneurs and big brands, alike.

I have a heart. I cannot help it. But I can hold 4 min planks, drink 120 proof bourbon at 5am, power through ANY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT that stands in my way (including people), create a business that makes 5 figures a month, send my kids (predominantly) home-cooked food everyfuckingday, and keep the dishes and laundry flowing, daily. And, truth be told, I will get my goddamn ass in shape before summer. Watch me.


Ask anyone that knows me.

I’m on my way to a new life because of my need to win my own race. I’m on my way to owning this industry because of the drive to be the best. And I’m on my way to having the life that allows me the freedom to raise powerhouse children because I can’t NOT.

Do I have a heart? I have a HUGE MOTHERFUCKER OF A HEART. But that’s because the blackest part of my soul needs to be perfectly balanced by the FIRE that fuels the fiercest love for the people who matter most in my world.


The lesson? Badass’D is the UNRELENTING DETERMINATION TO FUCKING WIN (even if you’ll sometimes question yourself because you do KNOW the answer, you just have to DIG IT OUT).

Kill your fear. Own your shit. And step the fuck up to whatever your calling is.

And when you’re ready to show the world just how Badass’D you are? Hit me.

That’s What You Get for Being You

Tania DakkaYour sass isn’t suitable for business. Bullshit. Your sass is what your business NEEDS. Because your SASS is YOU. Whether you’re a snarky, cheery-obnoxious bitch or an “ehrmehgahd” soccer mom who doesn’t DARE say a -gasp- swear word, that is what your business needs.

Your clients won’t like if you say “fuck”, but you love to say “fuck”, then they aren’t your fucking ideals.

They won’t like it if you are snarky and sharp-witted. That’s because intelligence is wasted on them and they aren’t your ideal clients.

They want you to smile and shit rainbows, and you can because you’re Susie Sunfuckingshine. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! You’ve met your match.

You cannot tolerate working with people who don’t get your brand of humor. You cannot tolerate working with people who are too rigid in their systems. You cannot tolerate a micro-managing client.


The beauty of being you? Is that YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHO THE FUCK YOU WORK WITH.

Use Their Language

You want those ideals lining up and drooling at the thought of working with you? Then you have to use their language.

No, that does NOT mean you say the words they want to hear and alter who you are. That means that you use the language that expresses their exact problems and the solutions they think they need to catch their attention.

If Jane sucks at seeing past her own brokenness to be able to manifest the bazillion dollars she wants. Then you say, “That bazillion you’ve been awake for weeks trying to earn via your Facebook group is exactly two meditation sessions away.”

Shit! Jane just spat her tea. Because you knew what amount of money she’s been fighting to earn AND you told her that it’s only a matter of sitting still twice to earn it.

You is a rockstah! And Jane? She loves you. And is feeling this bazillion knocking on her Paypal account already.

You’re welcome.

But had you NOT been you in all your unfiltered glory (because damn, isn’t life supposed to be filtered??), Jane would have stepped on by.

She would not have felt how unabashedly real you are and she would have never made that connection. Even if you HAD used the words she’s been fighting with herself over.

And Why the Fuck CAN’T You Be YOU?

Because you’re busy listening to the voices in the back of your head saying, “Oh, wait...scratch that.”

One person saw my videos and commented, “I just saw your Power Shot. Excellent mother. You’re going to be an excellent role model.”

Had I given a fuck, I would have given pause to that and said, you know what? He’s right. I better rethink my swearing.


I don’t.

Why? Because I’m confident in my ability to raise them in a way that a truckload of fucks isn’t going to negatively affect them.

Did you catch that?

What was the keyword?

Confident. Con. Fi. DENT.

Know yourself and it doesn’t make a fucking difference what others think of you. And when you do? You can be YOU. That’s when you get paid.

How do you get confident?

WELLLL. That’s a topic of a book I have coming out soon.

Want more of the irreverence and gold that’ll get you just that? Join me on Wednesday’s at 11am EST for my Facebook Live Power Shots

See you there! Tania Signature



PS Need more of you on your site, so they feel you, connect with you, and want to pay you shit tons of money? It’s time to make your Diamond Evolution.

Three Words: 2016



Since I don’t know when, Brogan’s inspired my Three Words. They’re what he taught us to use as guidance for the year. To help us become what we want to become.


I created vision boards around them. I posted them in places where they’d slap me. They - without a doubt - helped bring me to where I am.


Which is FAAAAAR from where I was a few years ago.


So. In the tradition of years past, here are my Three Words that will guide 2016:

Evolution Don Draper Muscle


I usually favor more dramatic shit. But I can’t think of anything not vulgar for two of them. LOL


Evolution – Self-explanatory. (Was going to go with Darwin, but there’s more power in “evolution” and I THINK you’ll see something special pop up here for that in a bit). So, I have and will continue to evolve who I am personally and professionally. Natural selection will weed out bad ideas and bad habits, leaving space for only success to breathe and breed. Want to join me? The door is open.


Don Draper – DUH. My goal, last year, was to get my foot in the door with agency work. And I did. But this year, is about escalating my creative strategist craft higher, still. I want to be THE GO-TO for copy and creative strategy (with a backlog of clients, 6-months deep).


Muscle – To finally appreciate my stocky and reactive body by giving it more of what it needs. To create more muscle in my business. To build my heart muscle. To muscle up my Thunda. To build my creative muscle 100 fold. Yeah. Muscle. And hustle.


Speaking of hustling, if you find yourself not yet ready to face the forefront of your biz? Let’s connect and make it happen (only three days left to snag a $99 Creative Targeting Session).


So tell me. What are your Three Words?

Wrap it up right and it doesn't matter what it is (almost)

How many times have you beat the snot out of your head about what to release that would help your audience, prove you got the goods, and keep them coming to you? How many times have you walked away from your own ideas because someone else is already selling it?

Do you KNOW how many types of bourbon there are on the market? If everyone gave up because Booker Noe cornered the market way back when, then we'd only have Knob Creek to make life gooder.

But thankfully, we have Maker's Mark, Evan Williams, and sooooo many more.

Because it doesn't matter what you sell. It matters HOW you sell it.

If someone has packaged a product that is similar to what you want to sell, how can you make yours better? What is theirs missing? How can you package what you want to say in a way that will jump out at the hearts of the people you want to work with?

For example, I created a little product that would give you 25 social posts you could recycle and reuse across all social media channels (especially if you have a product you're going to sell consistently), 12 blog and email topics to keep your content marketing moving swiftly during your campaign, and 10 brand new audiences to target with your Facebook ads. No big deal.

But it was.

Once it was released with the name "Champagne Launch", everyone jumped on it. The copy on the landing page was riddled with the notion that selling with these posts will help you reach your selling goals so that buying $2K bottles of champagne is like buying bottled water.

See what I did? I took my product and wrapped it up so neatly that my ideal audience couldn't say no.

Here's the caveat: Don't blow smoke. Only market your shit as being that good, if it IS that good.

Now. Are you struggling to come up with a package or product that Stands Above the Noise? Let's talk.

An Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon

11722466_722667254526354_7125672049141954737_oWhat woke you in the middle of the night last night? Not a bad dream. Not a fear. An idea. It yanked you awake, as if the world were going to end if you didn't write it down. (What? You're an entrepreneur who doesn't sleep with paper and pen(cil) by your head? Then you're doing it wrong.) As someone who's blood courses with ideas and tangents that you need to spread, then you owe it to yourself to arm your business with the tools to make it happen. And the greatest tool at your disposal: The acknowledgement of your obsession with your business.

Give yourself fucking PERMISSION to own who you are, without apology to any Tom or Dick that doesn't understand. You have the world to conquer and without an obsession to fuel it, IT. WON'T. HAPPEN.

When you look at the great entrepreneurs: Jobs, Cuban, Branson, Disney, and so many see a pattern. A pattern of insane drive, an obsession, if you will.

They didn't let anything stand between them and their ideas. Not even OTHER ideas. Sure, they had them. We all suffer with Shiny Object Syndrome, but they were obsessed enough to build out the ones their guts told them were gold.

Are you? Am I?

I've been out of the saddle for two months. TWO MONTHS. Do NOT do this shit. Do NOT let life slap you and put you face down on the concrete. I'm not naive enough to think that you or I can't be slapped or feel the sting of said slaps. But I am here to suggest that if your obsession is deep enough, if it is great enough, that slap won't keep you down for long.

A lot of women say, "I want this. I want that." Blah, blah, blah. I say, "I NEED this. I NEED that. If I don't get it, I will die." Period. We all know that's shit. BUT, the point is it has to become your oxygen. It has to become the thing that gets you out of bed every. goddamn. day. Because if it's not, you'll let that slap keep you down too long.

Your revenue suffers. Your visibility suffers. Your mental state suffers.

Entrepreneur Ownership

Take your head out of your ass. Plant your eyes squarely on your goal again. And obsess over it. Make it your everything. Dream about it at night. Dream about it in the day. Breathe it. Think about it when you're alone. Think about it when you're not alone. Strategize in the shower (It's the only thing that gets me unstuck). Draw pictures of the thing you want most in this life before you sleep. Write about it before you start your day. Feel it coursing through your veins as though it were the only thing sustaining you.

Success is INEVITABLE when you obsess. Full Fucking Stop.

Are you playing? Or is your business your obsession??

If your strategy isn't working to grow and feed your obsession, let's connect and see how I can best support you and help you make it happen. It could be a simple solution that just needs a little push. 

Do NOT Start Another Facebook Group

door-to-door Remember those dudes who used to haul around those Rainbow vacs, knocking on your mom’s door, trying to bribe her with a super clean carpet in the room of her choice, if she’d sit and listen to their pitch and watch their demo?

Now, instead of lugging those heavy ass machines up and down your street, they’re being brought to your face via Facebook.

And because EVERYONE now knows how wildly successful people have been in Facebook groups, everybody and their freaking brother has a Facebook group. Which means? That shit’s about to stop working.

I’m not saying groups aren’t and won’t be profitable. But I’m saying you’ve got to do things differently if you want to make it. And running your own group, isn’t the only way to do it.

Overbooked and Overworked

You have marketing to create for your products and services. You need to be out there forming new relationships (with the right people). You need to perfect and hone your own packages.

You have to service your existing clients, write blog posts to establish your authority, create social posts that get people talking, find a new accounting software, interview peeps for your newly open VA position, answer prospect emails, make yourself visible on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blab, Periscope, Pinterest (and 9M other social networks), create content for your upcoming webinar you hope will land you 753 new signups (if not, 75,398), write for HuffPo, guest post on 9 other sites.

Not to mention: Feed the people who rely on you for sustenance, clean up after said ingrates, spend time taking care of you, spend time with your Significant Other (who is far more patient than you’d ever be), do yoga, meditate, and manifest the shit makes life worth living.

So let’s add: Create AND MAINTAIN your own successful Facebook group. Which, by the way, adds way more time to social media than you’re going to make from it.

Don’t get me wrong. Groups are great. I’ve made loads of money in them. They’re the stomping grounds for like-minded people who could use your services, but you don’t need to create your own Facebook group to be successful.

All you need to do is be seen (A LOT), making the right friends, and create a shit ton of value. In Facebook. Or not. On Twitter. Or not. Don’t bind yourself to a social strategy because everyone else is. You bind yourself to the ones that suit your goals.

And it’s not always the one every else is using.

The Strategy for Facebook Groups

Find groups where the owner is active and strong. And participate. Answer questions, make them laugh, teach them some ninja shit they can’t get anywhere else. Just don’t be shy. Nor obnoxious.

Stay away from link drop groups. You want to be able to promote, so you also don’t want to join the ones that are 99.9% linkage. It’s great to promo, but at that point, there’s not a damn soul in that group reading posts. They drop in, drop their link, and drop out. Useless.

Look for groups that your ideal clients are active in. For example, if you don’t like working with woo-woo coaches, stay out of the psychic, intuitive, soul-whisperers groups. If you like balls-to-the-wall clients, then stay out of the heart-centered business owners groups.

And if you join a group, read the rules and post accordingly, but if you don’t feel well received, bail. You have NO time to spend diddling about in bullshit groups that don’t jive with your strengths and needs.

Get out there. Join groups. But unless you have a large existing base and are not planning on being active (even when you don’t have a kick ass program or service to promote), then DON’T be an owner.

If you’re ready for a strategy that will pull you from the depths of coaching hell where everyone else is clawing to get out? Hit me. I have two spots open for Creative Power Sessions to help you escape.

Your Brain is Eating Itself Alive (and an easy peasy fix)

Your One Day PassAs a ball-buster, there's a whole world of shit that swirls through your head on a regular basis. And it's loud. And sometimes? It just gets to be too much.


What suffers isn't just your sanity. It's your focus. Your drive. Your goals.


The only thing you can do at that point is stop. Tell everybody to back the fuck off and go do your thing. Because when you're done? You'll not only see what it was that was right in front of you, you'll remember who you are, what you want, and how you get it.


I know.


That's what happened last week.


The shit in my head got so loud and angry, I had no choice, but to saddle up and head out. As I threw my leg over, I had no idea where I'd go or what I'd do when I got there. I had no plan.


And it was fucking mind-blowing.


The freedom I stole got me in trouble. But it was so much more than worth it.


I came back clear and driven again.

The Science Behind Erasing It All


We get so fucking caught up in thinking, planning, strategizing, and comparing ourselves to the competition that only exists between our ears, that we lose our visions. We let other people's demands on us roadblock our success. We don't allow ourselves to develop the routines our minds need so it can free up that creative space and that ends up biting us in the ass.


But by letting our brains become and stay busy with shit that doesn't matter (or even stuff that does), we steal away the focus that it needs to hone our crafts, to make us the BOSSes we are. According to a bazillion and one studies reported in Scientific American (and just about every other journal out there), our brains need every moment of downtime we can give them.


Because even in mundane moments, it reverts to its resting state, using that time to boost our memory and learning (you know, that shit you need to get REEAAAALLLY fucking good at what you do).


Kimberly Lin-Pollard, Troll-Tamer Extraordinaire, calls moments where our brains have checked out, self-care. She says you don't need a massage or 3.5 hours straddling a motorcycle to take care of the noise that is killing your focus. She says, all it takes it the mental focus to clock out and pay attention to what's in front of you. No matter what you're doing.


Though I can't and WON'T use that as an excuse not to ride (EVER), it's a great way to build in a little brain-care every know...the days when you can't run away for a few hours for the most exquisite wind therapy you've ever had (or mindless shopping/massages/whatever gets your rocks off).


You want to continue ball-busting? Run away (or pretend to). Because every moment you spend relaxing that magnificent melon of yours, you get closer to your goals. And when you can't? Focus on what you're doing, nothing else, to give your brain that interlude it needs in between creative power sessions.


Join the Badass'D and get in on our Marketing and Money Mondays. Because getting lost in the whirlwind of to-do's shouldn't affect your wallet. 

The Right Way to Use Facebook


Cutting out the noise isn't an option. It's survival.


Focus comes only from keeping your eyes on your own paper and building the shit you see that your tribe needs.


It comes from not being distracted by other people's successes or their numbers. Because, frankly, you don't have any idea about what's REALLY going on. They could be frauds (have seen many of those). Or they could have huge social numbers, but sell very little. The goal isn't to have what you see others have. The goal is to have a business that works for you.


Six thousand on Facebook, when only a handful are paying customers, does your Paypal account zero good.


Keep your eye lasered squarely on the reason you built your business and work the fuck out of it. Pull the trigger when you feel like you've struck on something your people need and will love. Then you do it again. And again. And again.


Learn everything you can about your ideal: Their secrets. Their desires. Their hopes and their (so far) unfulfilled dreams. Learn what makes them make the choices they make.


Do they want fame? Some people really are happy just knowing that everyone on Facebook knows their name. Or are they after the mighty dollar? They only want the comfort of knowing they don't have to sweat to buy the things they love. Do they simply want recognition from the world that they are, in fact, too sexy for their shirt? (What? You don't think that could be the case?) Do they buy so the neighbors will say, "Where the fuck did they get the money for that?" Or do they buy based on budget alone?


Don't waste your time in Facebook scanning useless content that won't drive your success.


USE that time to cultivate everything you need to know about your customers. Screw the newsfeed. Create a list of only the customers you love and watch them. As if you were watching for your favorite brand throw up a flash sale so you could loot it like you just finished throwing a molotov cocktail through the window. (Can't wait to see the remarketing after Google flags that in my searches.)


Don't waste your time reading blogs that don't serve you.


Guard every minute you have online with the knowledge that if you piss it're the one that's lost, not the clock.


And create like a mofo. After you've done all that heady research, make the things that make their mouths water.


Then, relentlessly put it and yourself out there.


Because if you don't? Someone else will reap the every ounce of goodness of the time you lost and the power you failed to create. And no, this isn't a competition. Especially if you're not in it to make their hearts beat for you, and you alone.


Your Scars Are Not Your Flaws


Facebook. Pinterest. Instagram.


All evil perpetrations of a lie. Thanks to Facetune and other editing apps, we see people's perfection only. Their work comes off as bestsellers. Their homes as iterations of magazine layouts. And their faces, modelesque.


And some people need that in their lives. They believe that life should be this way. That business should be that way. And they look at others' who don't portray that perfection as flawed, unworthy.


But running a business is ANYTHING but perfection. It's sweaty. It's bloody. It's fucking painful. You'll have days when the sun is shining on your face and all you see is golden rays of profit. Then, there are days when you see nothing but your scars and imperfections.


But those scars are perfect.


They're your medallions of valor. They're your reminders that you can say, "Fuck you" to anyone who doesn't like them (or you), to those who think they make you less beautiful, to those who think they mar your existence.


Your business isn't perfect. Your life isn't perfect. Nor are you.


But you are imperfectly powerful.


You've survived shit. You've grown. You've learned what you love and what matters to you. And you're better than they are because you're happy. Fuck every one of your peeps who say, "This isn't good enough". Because, you know what, they're not talking about you.


They're talking about them.


They're sloughing off the baggage that makes them feel like shit onto you. Thinking it'll make them feel better because when people say something, it's truth, right? (Ask any marketer or copywriter worth her shit how that works.)


People who strive for perfection and feel like anything less is shit. Are shit.




People who strive for perfection and know they're doing their best. Are the perfectly aged barrels of Knob Creek you'd have for breakfast, if they'd let you. Fucking good shit.


I don't give a rat's ass where those losers are from, what their standard of living is, or who they THINK they are. You look at your scars and your battle wounds and know that you're here, living. While they're dying in the poison they create for themselves and others.


Life, business, isn't about perfection. It's about passion. It's about showing up as your best self...knowing you and loving who you are and what you offer the world to make it a better place.


Fuck every last person who isn't okay with your scars. Because without them? You wouldn't be you.


And I'm thankful for you.


Join the Badass'D. We get shit done. Scars and all. 


Dreams Are Useless

wall no futur You have dreams of monthly family vacations to exotic holes in the Earth. You dream of a bank account that’s padded with more than enough. Maybe even millions. You dream of kicking back and only working on the projects you want to work on, while you sip martinis (WTF?).


But those dreams are useless.


Dreams are hopes. And hopes?


Don’t happen.


Goals do.


Goals are those things you feel DEEP in your soul that you want to achieve. They’re the things that push you to get the work done.


People tell me they want to travel. They want a comfortable life. They want to be healthy.


But the steps they’re taking to get there are vague, if existent. Which means? Nothing. Will. Happen.


I don’t have dreams. Not one. I have desires that have cemented goals in place. Goals that are being ticked off faster than I can comprehend.


And it’s goals that change your life. It’s your willingness to fight for those goals and to do the work they require.


Because if you’re not constantly working toward an end? You won’t get the end you want. You’ll get the shit that everyone else wants you to have.


And your “dreams” get tossed to the side of the highway. Like leftover fast food you couldn’t gorge down. (Don’t litter people, that’s just irresponsible.)


How Can You Change The Result?


By living as if your goals are the oxygen in your lungs. You wake up with determination to make it real. You feel, with every cell in your body, that it’s coming.


Throw the word “dreams” to the curb and roll over it a couple of hundred times.


Ask yourself what it is that you feel is calling you. Is it that need to see Bali? Is that need to see those dollars in your bank account that you thought was a dream?

If what you need, at your core, is, in fact, those things that you’ve been “wishing” would happen, then you’re failing yourself, if you’re not setting the steps into motion that are necessary.


But if you wake up with the thirst to do what needs to be done. Then NOTHING can stand in the way of your goals.


Nothing. And no one.


Wake up and say, “I will make myself so fucking visible on social media that they can’t ignore me anymore.” Or “I will rethink my money matters before throwing cash away on more instant gratification.” Whatever vocabulary you need to use to make solidify those goals. And to end the dreaming.


Cement That Shit


Once you know what your goals are, write them down. Keep them beside your screen, so that every time you get distracted in Facebook, you see your words bleeding and your soul calling you.


Read them daily, so that every time someone says, “Babe, can you keep the kids this weekend so I can go to the movies, you say, “Eff off. I’ve got work to do” with a clear conscience.


Because they will ask. For a lot. They may mean well. They may not be subconsciously trying to sabotage you, or get you to sabotage yourself. (Or maybe they are?)


Your goals have a shelf life and when you stick to them, shit happens. Good shit. Knob Creek kinda good shit.


Your Roadmap


Print this out and use it to keep yourself accountable. Find a partner that understands what you’re working for and let them in on your goals. Join a support group. Pay someone to hold you accountable. (As my OBM, Dani’s kicking my ass into gear over these next two weeks to make sure I’m showing up and not wallowing in thoughts that could stop me while I’m in the middle of a situation that a few months ago would have sent me over the edge.)


I don’t care what you need to do to make your goals happen. Just do it.




Without me, my goals are just empty dreams. I know and understand the consequences of my actions (or lack thereof). And I will wake up to show up and do the work. Every. Day. Nothing will stand between the things my soul needs and my making them happen.









Steps to Success:







And if you’re not sure what steps you need to take or if the steps you’ve been taking aren’t making it happen fast enough, get off blogs. Get off Facebook. Get a coach. Get a mentor. Get somebody that will teach you in triple time, so you can stop dicking around with a bootstrap mentality. Either you want it. Or you want to dream about it.


Only one of them will satisfy your soul.


Get People Talking (The Hard Way)

Get People TalkingI didn’t do it right in the beginning. Sitting on my haunches, waiting for people to notice me on Facebook – just because I was there – panned out about as well as the Gold Rush. But when, I started proactively seeking attention, the profits shifted into the black.

All solopreneurs start out the same: Bootstrapping. And that’s great. Until it doesn’t work (which is usually).

Bootstrapping simply means you have no extra cash for, well, the extras. It doesn’t mean you don’t invest in your own company.

Investment Equals Return

(Uh...let me preface that with “when done right”.)

With the right strategy and the right focus, you can make investments that will bring the profits you need to shift out of the bootstrapping mentality because, honestly, that will kill your business.

Invest in some killer design that shows you’re pro. Invest in the words that make them drool over you. Invest in the right advertising. Your profits will never be the same.

But suppose your budget is limited to the point where you can’t invest in these three areas? Then, you have to get people talking on your own (read: bust your ass to make shit happen. Period.)

Bust Ass To Get People Talking

Create content that is undeniable. Create guest posts that lead to landing pages of Awesome. Create products your customers HAVE to have.

And don’t take a lunch break.

Do things that no one else is doing...which means NOT another damn podcast that sounds like everything else everyone else is already regurgitating.

Ash Ambirge, once upon a time, sent shingles to roofing companies with the words “[Their company name] + [Her company name] = Sales through the roof” And it worked because everyone else was sending direct mail crap and business cards, but not her. She stole their attention. And their hearts.

The Garage Party showcased everyone else’s businesses (and will be back soon!) and made hundreds of contacts, mostly small business owners who eventually will look for tighter, hotter copy on their sites to make people notice them. And will remember that chick that made them feel special.

You see, the internet is flooded. Everyone yakking about the same crap in the same language as everyone else. When you do things differently, they see you. You don’t blend in. You don’t look like the wallflower at your Homecoming dance. You’re the spicy dancer in the middle of the dance floor that everyone wants just a brief moment in the arms of.

So ask yourself these questions:

1. What do my customers NEED most? 2. What is everyone else in my industry doing? 3. What is the most insane way (and legal) way I can pull in their hearts?

Then, make it happen. And tell everyone about it. Because if you don’t?? Who’s going to know??

How to get your lunacy out there:

1. Write to blogs of the audiences you’re trying to reach and tell them about your moment of temporary insanity. 2. Do a press release or three. 3. Write to journalists who would feature those kinds of stories and get them interested. 4. Ask them all to please share your unfortunate mental state with their readers so they can benefit from it. 5. Create a special landing page for said havoc-wreaking and be sure to direct all correspondence to it.

Getting people talking isn't necessarily hard, but it takes doing the legwork (you know the creativity and horn-tooting that you hate to do) to make it work.

What’s the most insane and profitable strategy you’ve ever pulled off?

The Real Reason It Takes You an Hour to do a 15 Minute Job

Your laundry’s been in the dryer for 3 days now. I mean, really. How hard is it to fold a load of clothes and put it away? If you focus on it, how long? 15 mins max? So why are they still sitting there? How many times will you turn on the fluff cycle to get the wrinkles out?

(I myself have done it as many as 4 times…) I hate putting away laundry. Hate. It.

So it sits there. And sits there. And sits there.

It's All the Same

Just like the outlines and the posts that are collecting digital dust because you haven’t finished anything you started.

It all boils down to focus.

If you focused, you’d be done.

So why don’t you focus? Stop standing in your own way. What’s the worst thing that’s going to happen? Success?

Chop Away at the Crap Stopping Your Focus

1. Get over your fear.

When you don’t focus, it’s often because there’s a fear in your way. Maybe you’re afraid what you do won’t be good enough. Maybe you’re afraid you don’t “have all the information” yet. Maybe you’re afraid that you’ll actually succeed.

Maybe you just need to stop being afraid of anything.

Write down your fears. Free-write. No stopping. No hesitation. No EDITING. Just sit down and talk to the paper with your pen. Let it all out. When you’re done. Say thank you. Tell all your fears that you appreciate their need to protect you, but you don’t need them anymore.

You got this. Now. Burn or tear up those pages and feel yourself releasing the fears with the flames. You don’t need protecting anymore. You KNOW you will survive without them.

2. Remind yourself of your AWESOME.

You are a magnanimous human being. You are good at so much more than you give yourself credit for. Recognize your strengths AND your potentials and let them have the limelight a while.

Write down on a different piece of paper what it is that you want to the affirmative. Always in the affirmative.

Brogan’s Brave and Chartrand’s Damn Fine Words taught me that I AM a good writer, I just had to believe it. I sounds hokey as hell. But until you feel, in your soul, the bounty that is in you, no one else will.

Bring it to the light.

Write it. A LOT. Repeat it. A LOT. Out. Loud.

And I’m totally not kidding.

3. Promise yourself you can check Facebook when you’re done.

Maybe you have confidence, you just have Confidence with a side of ADD. That’s okay, too. You can still focus - for limited amounts of time.

The Pomodoro Method will let you focus for brief periods. The 90-minute rule says you need to keep it under that. So set a timer and get at it. Everything except the project at hand is off-limits until your timer dings. You know when you’re done, you can check your email, social, and your phone.

And if you’re not using a Pomodoro Timer, be sure to set your timer for your break, too. No cheating.

4. Use multiple projects to your advantage.

I joke about having ADD, but if you really do have it, having multiple projects can be a help instead of a hindrance. Use your need to flip back and forth to flip back and forth between those projects.

Set your timer, but set it for a short time. Use the original Pomodoro time of 25-minutes of focus with 15 minute breaks, but instead of breaks work on a different project for 15 minutes.

Then, after two Pomodoro cycles (80 minutes), you can check your phone, email, and social, if you want. You’ve now worked on 4 projects and have, hopefully, made a load of headway on each of them.

5. Strategy. USE IT!!!

Sun Tzu (yeah, it’s been months since you’ve heard his name from me) says that no battle is won if you don’t know your enemy (and yourself). The enemy is the grind. You have shit to crank out. Know what it is before you sit down to do it.

Set your strategy the night before. Review it the next morning. (Sleep really screws up our brains sometimes.)

I can sit down on Sunday and write out the entire week’s worth of crap that needs to be done. And by Tuesday, I won’t touch it. I was setting myself up for failure. So, now, I get an overview idea about what needs to happen throughout the week, but I lay the plan the night before, making sure I work the plan the next day.

Your business is not a game. Stop treating it that way. You owe it to yourself and to your profits to work faster, smarter, and more focused.

11 Ways to Monetize in 30 Days (Or Less!)

11 Ways to Monetize in 30 Days Or LessMonetize. What a nasty word, right? I mean, let’s pretend we’re in business to actually make money. Get over the icky feeling of “monetization”. I know you’re a coach and you’re here to help people. But you have to put hot food on the table. So suck it up, Buttercup.

It’s time to get real.

Here are 11 (Non-Icky) Ways to Monetize in 30 Days or Less

1. Write a book. (17 Days) Pen what you know and love. It may have been done before, but it hasn’t been done in your voice. You are unique and bring a skillset that no one else has. DO it.

Make a list, right now, of 5 topics that pertain to your business and your customers needs that you are an expert at. Choose one and lay the course to write a book about it. Doesn’t have to be Wuthering Heights, make it a minimum of 10,000 NON-FLUFF words. YOU GOT THIS.

2. Create a course. (7 days) I never thought I’d be able to TEACH copywriting. It comes from my heart and my do you teach that? You can, you just have to reverse engineer it.

List the top 3 questions your customers ask you. Create a course around one of those questions. Then, create your outline, some slides, some downloads, and choose a format to deliver them. DO it. Deliver it on your site, via Udemy, WizIQ, or the like.

3. Create a membership site. (14 - 30 days) People want to be close to you to pick your brain. Let them. But they have to pony up to do it. Your time is money. BUT, you have to promise me that you’ll over-deliver. No one wants to be taken for a ride. Make it worth their money.

Go to Facebook or G+ (more organized and your posts don’t get shifted around when someone posts) to create a simple “premium” group OR use IfSimply or Premise to create a membership site that people can pay premium prices to get into. Note: This is best done if you’ve already established yourself as an authority.

4. Coach people. (Immediate) Use Clarity. Use your own site. But put it out there what you’re known for and start earning some moula for your melon. is a great platform to help you gain exposure and authority, while earning a commission. All you need is a account to get started there. Or you can create a landing page for your own new service.

5. Create a video learning series. (14 - 30 days) How much easier is it to talk into a camera than to write? Set up your iPhone and record some video lessons and sell them on your site. The hardest part of this is the editing. Head over to Fiverr, Elance, Craigslist and get someone to do it for you to save time.

Note: You do need to make sure the video is a good quality. Study up on your lighting/audio needs and make it work.

6. Sell ad space. (Immediate, ongoing) You need a site with some traffic traction to make this work.

Sign up with and let them automate your advertising process. Then, start looking for advertisers by reaching out to businesses that should appeal to your audience.

7. Post sponsored posts. (Immediate, ongoing) Again you need an audience of size, but if you have it, why not? Create a page that explains your policy and sells them on their potential with your audience.

Make it known you’re now accepting sponsored posts by having a page set up that includes the details and the fine print. Then, start reaching out to companies whose products align with your customers. Be prepared to address how much traffic you get via your blog in your reach out letter to them.

8. Create a paid webinar. (14 days)

Choose from that list of topics you created earlier or use your book topic and create an evening’s lecture on it, complete with slides, and downloads. Start marketing before you create it.

9. Speak. In. Public. (Immediate, ongiong) You just lurched a little, I know. It’s okay. It’s not for everyone, but if you have a proven track record, you can earn great money speaking.

Add a Speaker page to your site that includes your specialties and your rates. Then, reach out to businesses and organizations who will benefit from your brain.

10. Set up affiliate marketing. (1 - 3 days) If you have products and services that you know are outstanding and that your audience could benefit from, put your affiliate links out there and let them earn money for you.

If you have courses, services, or products you adore and you’ve used them, why not make a nickel being a brand advocate? Set up a special page where you can pimp those that deserve. Don’t fill up all available space on your site with crap affiliates. You’re better than that.

11. Sell swag. (7 days) You won’t make a mint on this. But invest in some killer designs that appeal to a wide range of people and get your brand/name out there.

Set up a Selz account and start selling your goodies from your site. Pro Tip: Create a brand that ties into your current brand, yet still appeals to customers outside of your industry and create a Shopify shop to pimp them. EDIT**: I understand from amazing human being and stellar real estate dude, Joe Kerouac, that TeeSpring and SpreadShirt are excellent resources.

That’s it! You now have 11 ideas that you can start implementing today to create an income for your business.

How can I best help you get them jump started, pop over to my Facebook Playground (or stay right here and leave me a comment) and let me know! 

6 Questions to Ask to Determine Your Balance Between Online and Offline Marketing

citroen-383955_1280Sink thousands into online marketing or into offline marketing? Pay Facebook or pay the printer? Or both?

Ideally Speaking

Who is your ideal client? Older men who don’t use Facebook won’t see your Sponsored Facebook posts. They’re in front of their TVs watching the big game...AGAIN. Overweight women who need new clothes don’t want you putting flyers from your Plus-Sizes-R-Us online boutique in their hands to remind them they’re overweight and need to dress better. (But they are on Pinterest wishing they had that gorgeous batwing top.) So all that time you spent on Facebook is wasted. All that money spent on flyers, gone. Unless you find a balance. You likely have some customers in both arenas. So, targeting and copy will be your best friends in reaching them. Because when you position your marketing in the right areas and you use words that makes them FEEL. So, what tactics should you consider for your market? Offline Marketing Tactics: Business cards Billboards TV ads Radio Flyers Direct mail Newspaper ads Magazine ads Car ads (so not a joke, as much as I wish it was) Online Marketing: Social media PPC ads Banner ads Sponsored newsletters Sponsored sites Email marketing Blogging Guest posting Forums Webinars/Teleseminars Courses Ebooks Video marketing The issues you’ll face with offline marketing are the expense and the lack of targeting. Pay hundreds for flyers and you’ll splatter the landscape with the good word of your biz, but how many of the people you hit will actually be your ideal customer...and respond to the call-to-action? And I’m not saying radio and TV don’t work. They work for brand exposure, but they aren’t pulling money in faster than a twisted throttle on the Tail of the Dragon. LOL Sorry...lapsed into my dream ride. But, the issues you’ll face with online marketing tactics are...well, few compared to offline marketing. Except unkempt time management issues because you let yourself get lost reading your Twitter feed instead of actually helping people for your limited amount of time. And possibly money because your ads aren’t targeted properly.

Consider This When Deciding on Online and Offline Marketing Tactics

The questions you have to ask yourself are: How much of my budget SHOULD I sink into online/offline tactics? And which ones should I use? How should I use them?

  1. Determine who you’re marketing to.
  2. Determine what their lifestyle is.
  3. Determine what their mindset is.
  4. Determine where you should run your campaign based on your above answers.
  5. Determine when you should run your campaign based on the above.
  6. Determine which format of your marketing will best serve your purpose.

Find out the answers to these questions to find your balance between your online and offline marketing tactics, so you can maximize your money and proliferate your profits ;) .