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Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring Seth Godin

It's time to jump in the pit! won't get hurt in this one. This is the most tame mosh pit you'll ever take part in. Because it's about lifting each other up and helping each other succeed. It's about helping each other get noticed and to have fun! The Mosh Pit is a compilation of the previous week's Garage Party social shares so that each VIP has a more permanent place to call home than the fun shout out in social media. And I was SOOOO stoked to have been able to grab the Surprise VIP we got this week!! I'm going to shut up so we can get on with the music!

LarissaGalenes Larissa Galenes

Think being vegetarian is only about not eating meat? Wrong. Larissa and her partner help answer questions about the vegetarian lifestyle so you can understand what it really is (and possibly get hyped about being healthy!) Meet Larissa, check out her song, then head over to Vegetarian Zen to find out more!


BrettHenley Brett Henley

Brett believes that in this noisy world, it's become a necessity that we reconnect with art, in order to understand what it means to really be human. So he created "We Craft Stories" so he could tell stories that light paths to help others who are struggling to find beauty and strength in the now.


LynetteBrown Lynette Brown

You know those family photo shoots that end up looking stuffy and contrived? Never giving a hint to who you really are and what you mean to each other? That's not what Lynette specializes in. She captures the authenticity of your family's connections and helps you preserve it for future generations (A word of warning: If you don't like your peeps, she's going to catch that, too. LOL).


OMGVectors Morys

Need vectors for upcoming projects? I'm digging Morys work. He's got a beautiful eye for design and a webstore full of vector graphics for your projects. Give his webstore a visit and check out his favorite tune! (Oh, PS when I needed the graphic in a different format, he could have easily said, "Sorry you have to buy it separately, but he sent it to me, no questions asked!)


AnnWendel Ann Wendel

Ann is a physical therapist, athletic trainer, writer, consultant, Kettlebell lover (freak), and Supermama! HOLY HELL! I'm tired just writing that! OMG. But more than that, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that sent her on the path to regain her health. And years later, she's helping others regain their health without losing the time she lost by teaching them about living a lifestyle that will promote that healthy system. Meet Ann Wendel and check out her song!

GeorgePKansas George P. Kansas

George is teaching dudes like you to fully occupy your space, holding a place for his amazing woman (or similarly situated partner) and expressing his purpose through his work, his art (whatever that looks or sounds like) and his relationships. Please meet George, Chief Enthusiasm Officer, Executive Producer and Director of Awesome - Founder: The Omega Mindset Project!


Seth Godin SETH GODIN!!

It is SUCH an honor to host tonight's Surprise VIP, Seth Godin!! He's an unbelievable human being teaching entrepreneurs to be real in their marketing, to lead, to change everything. He coined the term "permission marketing", which has become the basis for all our marketing efforts (and is why we spend 98742 hours a week on social media). He's the founder of Squidoo. And was inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame. If Seth Godin wants anything for you, it's that you stand out, not fit in. Be the Purple Cow.

You're going to want to plug all this inspiration so you can start channeling your inner ass-kicker again with the Official Spotify Garage Party playlist!

Thanks for being here this week and PLEASE get to know these guys. They are all amazing, just like you!

Kick Ass, Tania Dakka





If you want to be a VIP, drop an email to tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com with your favorite song, the link you want promo'd with it, plus a sentence about why you kick ass! (Believe me you do!)

7 Warning Signs That Your Craft Is Suffering

In the game of business, YOU are your star player.  Your health and fitness are the fuel for your game.  Sure, you have all sorts of excuses and reasons why you don’t have time to eat right or exercise, but what you’re doing is depleting a very precious reserve…your mind.  You can only run on coffee and fast food for a while, then your body suffers from it.  When your body suffers, so does your mind.  (You know the old adage “tired mind, tired body?”) But you claim that your busyness prevents you from shaping your act up.   That claim that holds zero water. 

Because we’re all busy. 

But craftmasters make time for nutrition and fitness.  You know Sonia Simone of Copyblogger?  How many tweets about going to workout on her treadmill have you read? How many times has Sean Platt mentioned his running game?  And let’s remember the conversation with Leo Babauta last week. 

These are top players in the field of entrepreneurialism.  They’re family people.  They’re super busy.  The difference?  They don’t make excuses. 

We’re all whateverpreneurs and owe it to our clients to produce the best that we can.  King Seth says “to ship.” But how can you ship if you have no fuel to power your vehicle for shipping? 

These are the 7 warning signs that your craft suffers from poor fuel sources:

  1. You fail to produce. 
  2. What you do produce falls flat.
  3. You can’t find your right audience/clients.
  4. Your clients/readers don't respond to you. 
  5. When it’s time to focus, you have none.
  6. You’re shipping second rate products.
  7. You lack the energy to study, strive, and succeed.

The fix: Focus.  Sharpen your mind with clean eating and exercise.  Eating right rids your body of the junk that clouds your thinking and exercising gives you the stamina to ship.

Eating right and exercise take time. 

They take effort.

You put forth the effort to reach your clients (readers, etc.), so why sell them short by not delivering the best products you can.  Because, if YOU don’t, they’ll eventually find someone who is. 

 You’re a Productive Creative. 

If you’re only surviving, your business isn’t thriving.

Eat clean.  Move mean. 

Which warning signs resonated with you?  Let's talk about them!

Thanks for reading!  This month we’re focusing on developing a habit of daily exercise to max our bodies’ and minds’ potentials.  If you have trouble squeezing it in, then join me on Facebook ,Twitter, or  G+ as I hound you into getting your “Minutes in Motion” in (Sounds much more pleasant than “exercise,” doesn’t it??) and don’t worry…I’m a very nice drill sergeant!  I’ll help you find the time to get it done each day with short challenges and ideas to help you become the best PC you can be!

Subscribe to the blog and I’ll send you a PC Productivity/Fitness Journal to help you track your progress with it all!

Let’s get moving!

Photo Credit: Yvonne E via Flickr