The metal becomes pliable liquid, hot enough to scorch the soul. 

The soul transforms into the highest most impactful version of self. 

And none of this is done with a flick of a wand. 

This is where you come To

Surrender yourself to the alchemy of the process of becoming an entrepreneur, deeply rooted in the truth of self and soul. Unafraid of the journey that lay at the warrioress’ feet. 

COE Transparent.png

This is the Core of the Earth: The Alchemy of Witchy Bizness.

Walk through the parts of your soul you didn’t know existed, the parts that you didn’t know were keeping you from:

Creating magnetic videos people adore and crave more of

Connecting on energetic levels beyond what most can understand

Making more money because you have done the internal work to make it and the spells you cast happen

Using the phases of the moon, mantras, stones, oils, herbs, ritual, spells, AND SHADOW WORK, we tap into the power of who we are, to become who we have the potential to be.

The Business Book of Shadows Features:

A place for you to set goals for the year, the quarter and the month so you always have a heading for your business and your SOUL.

A place for you to uncover the marketing spells that you need to carry out along with the mundane actions that support them so you stay on track to those goals you outline.

A section where you will uncover the shadows and darkness that could potentially cause your marketing spells to backfire, so you don’t let them.

And a place to scientifically journal each experience to give you a deep understanding of what works for you, where your shadows still lie, and the things you need to replicate success.

It’s going to be a BLAST so we can #BlowUP2019!

This spiral bound Business Book of Shadows will be available soon! Pre-order yours now!

We’re not stopping there.

2018 saw us build a group called Core of the Earth, where we used the moon cycles, astrological events, stones, oils, herbs, rituals, spells, etc to help us unlock where we were so we could:

Reach income goals

Walk our truest paths

Create businesses that feel GOOD to us

And more

That group will still be available, with monthly suggestions for dealing with deities, moon cycles, and the astro fun that leaves no one untouched, stones, oils, herbs, rituals, and spells.

And anyone choosing to pre-order the Business Book of Shadows is eligible to join Core of the Earth: The Alchemy of Witchy Bizness and get access to the stones, oils, mantras, supplemental spells and rituals for only $8.88 per month, never to increase as the rates go up.

The Core of the Earth Months cover:

The month’s astro events so you know what to expect from the stars

The phases of the moon to help you plan and power through your money and witchy goals

Soul-crafted, moon cycle-aligned mantras to keep you focused and moving forward in your growth

Appropriate spells and rituals to help you master yourself and your business when applicable

Journal spaces to help you grow

And spaces for your to-do’s for work and home


You want a place to do it all so you can have it all.

This is that place. This is the process that you seek.

And this is the success you’ve been searching for.


Bringing your home, business, and rituals all together in one place...the way it should be!

Monthly planning posts that are focused on the moon cycles, important astrological aspects, mantras and more are posted to our private group just before the 1st of each month so you can get a jump on what’s going on.

Pick up the Core of the Earth Business Book of Shadows for only $X and get membership access for only $11/month ($8.88 for pre-orders!).

Welcome to

Core of the Earth: The Alchemy of Witchy Bizness

Welcome to YOU.

What comes next: Once you purchase, you can request the private Facebook group and our team will approve your access!  

You can cancel anytime via your Paypal account. Please note that due to the live nature of the group, we do not offer refunds.