Write craveable copy. 
Write your own legend.  

Copy is anything but words.

It’s pure, raw, unadulterated emotion

Whether you’re writing a sales page, a website, or social copy for Facebook, if you’re using anything less than emotion, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table. 

People don’t buy because the words sound pretty.

They buy because their HEARTS and SOULS move them to. 

And hearts and souls don’t respond to empty copywriting

Copy is a cold and callous word for SOUL-writing. 

Because back in the day, copywriting was enough. There wasn’t 7,877,986,973,517 coaches trying to sell the same thing you were. It was enough to say, “Imagine your beemer pulling into your drive every night, knowing your neighbors wished they were rolling in the money like you do.” 

But that’s not the case anymore. 

Now, in order to stand high above the noise of the online space, you have to be willing to put your soul on the line to attract theirs. 

That’s why I created the Rock Your Legend Copy Course, so you can learn to bleed onto the page the way I do for each and everyone of my clients. 

Because when they read you on the page, they feel the resonance. They feel the need to connect


But you can’t be online 24/7 to create those connections. 

Your site is, though. 

But if it doesn’t rep YOU and your deepest self, site visitors won’t resonate.


People who know you, like you and trust you, buy from you. 


So you want more yesses? Then you need copy in place that: 

  • Eradicates doubt so they are well prepared to give the yes.

  • Displays the crevices of your heart so they feel as though they know you and understand and resonate with you, before they even get on the phone with you.

  • Qualifies the people who want to book with you, so you get more of the yes because the people who book already know you and know they NEED to work with you.

  • Prepares you for scaling so you grow beyond the calls.


Copy is not just words puked onto the page. 

It’s the utter and deliberate positioning you craft through their emotions and needs. 

It’s the bleeding of your own soul for the sake of theirs. 

It’s the need to help people become who they need to become. 

The greatest gift you can give your business (outside of learning and mastering your own craft) is the gift of life. 

Through emotion. 

And when you can evoke emotion, you can connect on a soul level that your profit margin will thank you for. 

Tania Dakka is so good at what she does that when she finishes a project for me I go right back to her services page and see what else I can have her do for me. She is fucking awesome.
Kimberly Lin Pollard, Troll Tamer

What's involved?


  • Six-weeks of power lessons delivered in one shot so you learn to shed your own soul onto the page, so people connect with you in ways you could only imagine before, even without getting on the phone with you.

  • Assignments to help you practice.

  • Videos and resources to help you push through the barriers that arise when you try to write from your soul.

  • Plus an Extra Special Secret Cocktail that lights up your copy and hands it the stage.

ROCK YOUR LEGEND is THE copy course for the small business owner who is ready to take hold of their copy reigns on their own. 

These modules are a combination of PDFs and videos. All come with assignments so you can practice as we go. 


Create copy with art and emotion, so that when people read it, they don't feel that slimy internet marketer speak that drives them away screaming.

Learn my process of putting art and emotion into my copy, so you get the responses I get (sales, raving reviews, and perfect clients - because all of these began with the words on my site).

Headline examples (good and bad) so you can get a FEEL of what you should be shooting for and assignments to help you practice.


Learn the art of loose structures and the flow that readers usually follow when traveling through your site so you create copy that’s centered around them and their needs, rather than your need to sell (you'll even get an instructional video on creating craveable sales pages!) This is the beast of all beasts.

Learn how I structure websites for cohesive traveling by your reader.

Learn the process I use to construct and power details of sales pages that become your crowning jewels.

Learn how to create calls-to-action that get the action.



Clever or creative? It doesn't matter. It only HAS to be clear. Learn how to craft copy that is all three for power copy that's read through to the end.

Understand why clear beats out clever, but how you can marry them both.

Examples of headlines that didn't successfully marry them both. What to avoid to make more money.

Learn why, sometimes, creative can fuck you up.



When you know how they feel beneath all their purchases and superficial demographics, you write words that speak to them on deep levels.

Uncover the process I use to get to know the clients of my clients that allows me to mesmerize them with the blood of my pen.

Find out what the right questions are that you need to ask to get below the surface to write power copy they can’t walk away from.

Learn how (and WHERE) to incorporate pain and pleasure in your copy and sales pages so you move them, deeply, into action.



Master the art of power words that truly evoke emotion, because if you're using authority-draining words in your copy, you're creating doubt in their hearts. Grasp the difference between authority-building words and phrases and authority-draining words and phrases. Learn what you have to avoid to maintain authority.

Understand why ambiguity makes you look bad.

Grasp the difference between authority-building words and phrases and authority-draining words and phrases.



Create headlines and subject lines they can't ignore because if your headlines aren't read, neither is your call-to-action.

Learn how I craft Sugarman’s Slide with the words I write, so you can practice getting them from the top of the page to the bottom.

Uncover the methods used to gauge whether or not your Slide is fully operational.

Master the art of being craveable.



Create authority and credibility, even if you are new and just starting out. Because people need to believe in you before they'll buy from you.

Understand why copy isn’t an end-all-be-all fix.

Master the art of tying it all together cohesively and boosting your copy’s impact.

Learn the art of growing to spread your copy to the far ends of the galaxies.
I’ve never before opened a first draft and laughed and nodded to much because it was so SPOT ON. Tania is a true pro, an artist and a BADASS. She saved me HOURS of banging my head on my keyboard because she nailed it in the first go. She helped me shape my message into something I’m truly proud to put out there thus speeding up the launch of my program and giving me the confidence to KNOW it’ll get the attention it deserves (which let’s be honest… is so often what makes us procrastinate and worry about putting our idea babies out there). She’s a joy to work with & I’ll definitely be back.
Amy Humphries, Marketing Strategist & Mindset Mentor

Hollow copy is ineffective and devoid of profit. 

But copy written from the depths of who you were born to be, evolves your business into the legendary beast you dreamt of it becoming. 

Grab the course.


Includes the DIY version of the program, that includes lessons, videos, and assignments, delivered all in one shot. Please be patient as the system can take up to an hour to deliver the files.

All lessons, videos, and assignments are delivered at once so you can push through them as you have time. 

We stand behind ROCK YOUR LEGEND 100% and we know you will adore it. Due to the nature of the program, and the blood, sweat, and tears involved, there are no monetary refunds. Please ask questions, be ready to do the work, and make sure this program is a good fit BEFORE purchasing. Questions? Get in touch. 



6- and 7- figure coaches trust me with their words and emotions. They rely on me to crank out the copy that will help them maintain that status. Now, I want to teach you how to do it. 

I'm Tania Dakka, rider, writer, and bourbon connoisseur. I've been writing online since 2011, creating the emotion in people that they needed to feel in order to win their battles with themselves and become who they want to be. 

I've contributed copy to a campaign for a $61M brand. I write copy for 6- & 7- figure coaches, franchises, and small businesses. And I can because there's one thing I understand: The power of the FEELS. It drives us all as humans and if you master that, you can master the art of craveable copy easily, so you finally ROCK YOUR LEGEND