Fuck them.

And the box they want you to fit in. 


There’s no one size fits all. There’s no formula. 

There’s ONLY your unfuckingrelenting determination to win. 

That’s how you get the house on the corner. The Benz in the drive. Or the work-cations around the world. 

I’m Tania Dakka.

And I’ve been at this gig for a few years now and if there’s one thing I see too much of? People doing mediocre shit and calling it hustle. 

But mediocre doesn’t pad the bank account, it doesn’t open doors to powerful worlds, nor does it raise you to new heights. 

You want SUCCESS? You gotta earn it. 

And mediocre isn’t going to cut it. 

I know. 

I spent my entire life being mediocre. Until I opened the doors to Badass’D Digital Ink. 

When I began this gig, I had no idea that my escape from stay-at-home lunacy would turn into a career that makes crazy money and connects me with STELLAR people.

But it did. 

It started with a fire I didn’t even know was smoldering beneath my surface and was fanned by other moms over at Cafemom. Yes, I used to be part of “mom groups” (it was painful). 

“You’re a fab writer, you should...” insert gratuitous hollow words. 

“Whatever, dude”. But underneath, it rolled and rolled until it exploded. 

I opened my doors as a freelancer, unsure of what the fuck to call myself or what I’d do, and swam through the waters, doing what I saw everyone else doing: Following this blog and that, tweeting this mofo and that, soaking up every free bit of info I could. And...I got lost in what everyone said I should be doing, and wanting to pull my hair out trying to learn online business as a freelancer. Oh, and spent way too many hours on Elance not getting shit. 

Then realized, my work was worth more than $0.005 a word. So I said “Fuck you, Freelance.” 

I picked up a gig as an intern (as a result of a competition!) for a best-selling author, who, at that time, already had over 50 titles to his name. 

A year later, I couldn’t stomach being behind a roadie anymore. It was time to move on because he had opened my eyes to - dun dun dun duuuuunnnnn - COPY. 

And that was the end of allllllll fucking heartache. 

I began landing dream gigs with huge names in social media and the writing world. And I have yet to figure out what the fuck I’ve done to deserve such awesomeness. 

So, welcome, yo. To my home. 
Drop your kickstand and pull up a bar stool. 
You’re going to love it here.