Nike doesn’t sell sneaks

“Just do it” has NOTHING to do with sneakers.

It’s obvious.

There’s no mention of their superior arch support for feet that pronate.

There’s no mention of their slip resistant bottoms for all types of running surfaces.

Harley doesn’t advertise their superior...well, brand. They say, “Ride like you stole it”.

It’s the EMOTION that sells.

Not the padded seating or the tie-them-and-stay shoelaces.

You don’t sell your product as a feature to getting the riding or running experience you want the clients to feel.

You lovingly wrap them in the potential they’ll realize when they throw their legs over or tie on your shoes.

It’s emotion.

It’s always emotion.

And if it’s hard for you to write that emotion, you need to put your marketing and copy in the hands of someone (anyone...I don’t give a fuck who) to do it for you.

Because they don’t care HOW they get there. They just want to know how it’s going to feel.

And how they want to feel? Is on fire.

What is that going to mean for YOUR reader?

It means the end of struggle, whether it is in the form of reaching status (or feeling like it) or wanting to get in shape, you need to know what their specific struggles are because yours are different from mine.

It means painting the picture of life AFTER your product or service.

Will they have the body they want?
Will they feel good out of the bed in the morning because they put in the work?
Will they feel like a boss in their shiny new Bentley?

What are they going to become when they’ve worked with you?

Answer these questions - in their entirety, like, sit for half an hour and FORCE yourself to think of all the ways that their lives will change because of you. Then, use those answers to drive the emotion that you are looking for them to feel when they work with you (or buy your products, if you are a product-based).

Note: Sometimes, pain drives sales. Sometimes pleasure. In the coaching industry, pleasure, desire, longing, sex, money are the best sellers.

And THOSE should be what drives your copy, not the number of sessions via Zoom, or how you can use email to stay connected during crisis times, etc. They definitely should be mentioned. But they are tools, features, and they have their places.

But they are NOT selling points.

There. If you have questions, hit me.

Otherwise, if you struggle with this, I am your solution. Period. I don’t write copy. I write emotion. And it’s that emotion that makes you money.


The Big Buy. That’s the goal.

You know...the package you DREAM of selling them on...that’s what the goal is. Walk them from the front door of your store (your social) all the way through the store (your entire site) to the hidden back room where the REAL magic happens (your TA-DA! $5000 coaching package).

But people want to get people on their list and start trying to sell that big ass monster right away.

You can’t do that. You need to prove that you are the master and that you have the solutions they seek. If I am going to pay you $5000, I need to feel super comfortable that I am not going to end up like the horror stories that have been running around.

So. What are the steps to get there?


So what are you doing to build them? If you’re not addressing their needs with an opt-in that gives them a taste of what you can do for them? You’re missing a chance to express your authority.

And if you have that opt-in, yet you are following up with hard sales pitches before you even establish your authority...wellllll….if that hasn’t yet worked out for you, it means that your ideal client isn’t into it.

You have to change it.

Create emails that express your authority while nurturing a relationship.

The more they see you know what you’re doing, the more trust you build. And that’s the key.

Trust is the last emotion they feel before they click “Buy”.

But how can they get there if you’re not showing them who you are, how you get results, and the results you’ve gotten...without making them feel sold to?

By creating emails that establish your brand authority. By answering questions completely and openly, as though they just paid you to give them. By knowing what answers they need before they ask them.

That’s what a nurturing sequence does.

Do you have that in place?

How many emails did you set up to do that? 3? Can you establish trust in three emails?

Try a MINIMUM of 7.

Have each email set up to relieve a problem and close with a call-to-action that is simply, “hit reply”. Or offer them a chance to connect with you for free (which they still may not take you up on because...hey, they don’t trust you...yet!).

After you run through their seven biggest problems, offer them the deets on YOU. They’ve gotten a ton of value out of you, now they’re ready to hear your story.

This is where you have a chance to build connection - or run them away. They’re not looking for your wrap sheet. They’re not looking for the painful details of your childhood.

They want to know that you understand their struggle because you were once there.


It’s time for a sale. Not a $5000 one, either. Something easy. NO barrier style of breezy.

Have an ebook? Sell it.

Have a low-cost course? Sell that.

Have a discount on a 1:1 consult? BOOM. Do it.

It’s the gateway drug to more of your awesome and the Big Buy...if it’s done right.

SO the question is...are you willing to keep throwing away money by not adequately nurturing the relationships that cross the threshold of your website?

If not, then pick up the Black Diamond Funnel*. A steal at $699, it will disappear forever when this sale is done.

*Black Diamond Funnel: Landing page ($399 value), opt-in copy ($99 value), 7 value emails ($350 value), tripwire landing page copy ($399 value), and an upsell email ($75 value). Total value: $1322...only $699 while supplies last.  

Why can you not understand???

There is NO one and nothing in this world that will ever make you feel worthy of the success you want. Not a fucking thing.

So this business about not showing up is all fear-based unworthiness. And I’m really fucking ready for you to own who the fuck you are.

You want the big ass home office? Fucking get it.

You want the wait list of clients? Fucking get it.

You want the goddamn blacked out 4Runner? Fucking get it. (Oh, wait...that’s mine.)

My point is if there is something you want, you deserve it. And showing up is how you get it.

Don’t fucking ask WHY you should have it.

Don’t fucking ask HOW you’re going to get it.

Don’t fucking WAIT for it to come to you.

NOTHING works like that.

You are already good enough to have allllllll the shit you want. If you show up.

So-and-so is not better than you because she has a gold MacBook.

She’s not better than you because she’s got the waitlist you want (or so she fucking SAYS).

No one is BETTER than YOU.

Yet. YOU are BETTER than NO ONE.

Sidenote: Let’s get this straight.

You deserve the fucking world. But don’t go getting all cocky and nasty about it, you dig?

The world deserves you to show up as fully in love with who you are and who you are becoming.

So act like that, too.

I’m walking a fine line with unapologetic bullshit. Because I still feel while we are worthy as FUCK to have every single thing we want, we still owe the world some fucking kindness.

Have manners. Be polite. Be respectful.

TO YOURSELF, too, goddamn it.

You can’t go saying shit to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a kid, you know the saying.

I can tell you, I’m playing small right now. This rant is a reminder to myself, as well to you. That I have to take what I want without asking if I deserve it or not. By showing the fuck up.

It’s not permission to shit on anyone to get it.

It’s permission to FEEL your own value and worth without looking at past behavior and going, “WTF, TD? Karma, bitch, you ain’t gettin’ it.” Because we ALL have demons. So just show the fuck up.

I, frankly, am in love with my demons and my darkness, so I’m not ready to get rid of them. That means I accept and love them for who and what they are.

Am I a perfect mother? Fuck no. I love the shit out of my kids, but I have no idea how to show them that.
Am I a perfect business owner? Fuck no. I’d be...I don’t know where I’d be. But I wouldn’t be still here.
Am I in perfect shape? Fuck no. I hate exercise, but I adore some fucking grease burgers from the Greek joint. OMFG. I’m going home today. To get some. Because I fucking deserve it. I also deserve to take care of myself. So, I’m going to lay off the ice cream instead LOL

Just fucking STOP second guessing everything. And yourself. Just show the fuck up.

Make the vids. Post the important posts. Don’t worry who might read it and say, “Fuck you!”. Don’t worry about haters crawling out of their holes.

Just fucking show up and DELIVER THE GOODS.

Life is easy. Let it be easy.

PS? If you’re down to have this kind of support daily with biz, personal, AND copy support? Do NOT miss the Fire of the Diamond. Join us today.

Copy that Fuels Funnels that Build Relationships (+ makes you more money)

She lands on your site. She’s AMAZED at your work. (Mostly at the copy you’ve so proudly displayed that so emotionally expresses what you do (ahem).) So she opts in to your list. And she’s actually looking forward to your emails because your freebie is THE solution she was looking for.


You sent her the opt-in that delivered the goods. But what did she get after that?

Nothing. Until next week when she the blanket list email goes out. And it’s pitching a massive program, so she’s done. She’s not going to stay around for the rest of what you have to say.

So how do you use copy to keep her from taking your freebie and running away?

By showing her how important SHE is.

By showing her how her life will be when she’s done working with you through content that speaks to the solutions she’s looking for.

And yes, you get to throw a light offer in, but hold off until the third rendezvous or so.

So, send her the thingy she opted into your list for.

Then send her another solution-based email (not a dissertation because she’s reading on her phone and won’t try to read a long email. Promise.) written with copy that sings to her soul.

After that, you could choose another tie-in solution that will lead to an offer tomorrow. Oh, and yes...I’m talking daily sends, not weekly.

And now, you get to finally make some money! Send her a special offer written in copy that leads to another solution she’s been waiting for that ties into your brand and your freebie AND your big sell at the end of all this. :)

Send her a few more value emails...all relevant to her and to your brand.

Then, send her your story. By now, she’s really gotten to like you because you’re sending such fantastically written email copy that is soooo about HER that she wants to know a bit about you.

That’s when you hook her.

You tell her your story (again...not the unabridged version) and tie it to how it helps her.

Because tomorrow? You’re going to sell her on either a) a call to get on the line to discuss what she needs or b) your big package.

Of course, there are a ton of funnel maps out there. You can Google any one of them and put them into play.

But, this format is copy that builds relationships.

It builds connection.

It builds a foundation for more.

But. Only if your email copy is worth reading.

Because  you can send all of this awesome ALLLLL day long, but if your subject line copy sucks, she won’t even open them.

Or if your email copy fails to deliver the info in an engaging way, she’ll stop reading, even if she does open.

So. Check yo’self. Go to your funnel, your nurture sequence, your open rate data, your sales data and see what is working and what needs to be fixed. Your answers are there.

And if you don’t have the answers you want, grab the Black Diamond Funnel package for a $300 discount right now.

Build relationships. Build your bank account. With emotionally-charged, revenue-driven copy.

Is Your Site Doing the ONE Thing You Need It To Do?

Stale and disconnected or fresh and emotion-packed for a SOULFUL connection?

It’s up to you.

Copy that feels new, that is energized by emotion is copy that shows off the real you. You know, the you that doesn’t freeze up and not know what to say once you sit behind your keyboard? Yeah, that you.

It connects people to your business because it allows them to feel your why, so they feel connected to your mission. So they are more inclined to become customers.

Your website is your storefront and your employees. It shouldn’t “explain” who you are and what you do. It should graphically and boldly paint an indelible mural about your business, one they can’t take their eyes off of.

The first brushstroke, the first word, on your site sets the tone for the entire piece.

Your copy is the masterpiece that sends people on down the line of the web to the next business they are looking for...or it completely arrests them and holds their breath hostage.

And when they do get their breath back, they keep reading...begging for more of that.

That soul-deep connection is what they have been searching for. It aligns them to your mission and leaves them flipping the pages of your site to see what else you have to offer them.

Calls to Contracts

Another powerful motivator in getting the yes is that people know up front who you are, what you stand for and how you get them what they need.

They book calls with you, but they already know they want to work with you because your copy and your site told them exactly what they needed to know. They only want the call so they can confirm their suspicions.

And the human mind looks for the similarities. So if the emotion that drips across your site has already set them up to FEEL you, they get on the call ready to accept that feeling. (The psychology behind this is our minds don’t want to be wrong, so we look for reasons to be right!)

If your copy is on-point, you get to close more calls with yes’s without even selling.

Without even SELLING.

Your site does it for you.

No more sweating over whether or not you’re answering their questions in ways that will make them want to work with you. No more sweating over being the salesman of your company. No more sweating over whether or not you’re instilling confidence in your ability to deliver results.

Your site does it for you.

All they want to do when they come to you? Is to know that you’re real and that all they felt when they read the site is what they feel on the phone with you.


That’s why it’s UBER important that your site stay fresh and up-to-date and EMOTION-DRIVEN for results.

That’s why it’s UBER important to stay on top of the words they read.

That’s why I write Black Diamond Copy.

And this is how you do it:

  • Draw them in with the magic of your essence shamelessly tattooed on your Home page.

  • Wrap your arms around them with an enthralling About page that pulls them through your story.

  • Show off all the ways you can help them with a Work with Me that sends them reeling and looking for more info.

  • And get the “yes” with a Sales page that touches their pleasures as deeply as it touches their pain, so they want and need you before they get on the call with you.

You have such powerful gifts. Put them on the page to create a SOUL-FILLED connection they won’t want to turn away from.

Go forth and bleed for them. Build your Legend.

It takes TIME...and balls.

This week’s vlog brought to you by Bad Hair, Don’t KERRRR and balls. It’s a quickie, so give me 3:11 of your time and :30 to answer one quick question at the end to help you go another step today.


Gary Vee. 11 years ago.


Decided to start. And didn’t stop. Not because of fear. Not because of second guessing. Not because of comparisonitis.

Gary Vee. Sunday.


Yes. He has a team.

But because he got past the beginning.

Chris Brogan. 10 years ago.

Chris Brogan. One week ago.

Because he got past the beginning.

My point? These guys have been in the game for over 10 years. Pro comes with TIME. It comes with EFFORT. It comes with getting past the SUCK.

If you’re not producing content because you feel like you suck compared to people who have been doing this for a decade? Your decade will never pass, if you don’t start.

Let me know what’s stopping you in the comments or on Facebook.


If you want to laugh? I’ve been at this game for 4 years and I feel like I’m still standing in the same place when it comes to vid and content creation. But every day that passes is a new lesson that gets me closer to my goals. Are you with me?

Sh*t Pricing Advice (and the fix)

When online consulting (coaching - I use this lightly because many out there are not at all coaches) services blew onto the scene, there were a few people pushing others to charge exorbitant prices because it gave the buyers an inflated sense of the seller’s credibility and authority...not because they got results first.

What’s happened since then is people woke up and found out the people who were charging thousands of dollars couldn’t get them the results they were paying for.

Now, the market is flooded, we have a shit political scene, and everyone is still trying to roll on the same dime. Guess what. It’s not going to work.

This is the place where you say, “OMG! My time is so valuable! I need at least $5000 for one hour!” (totally!), then whine because everybody sees you don’t have the social proof and refuse to pay you the money that you think everyone else is making.

OR you say, “Fuck it. My goal is to build a real business. So I’m going to use some ethics and make some real shit happen by charging what people will pay + a little more.”

Does that mean that you aren’t valuable? No. It means you’re smart and that your time is as valuable as they think it is. And if you are asking for that kind of investment, then you need to have social proof that you get results to back up the claims that you get them.

So how do you get to high ticket pricing?

You have gotten results for people and they tell everybody about them
Your product is in that much of a demand
You have a background or have been highly trained in the field of expertise your business is in

Social Proof Wins

Social proof is other people showing off your results for you. So, when someone asks for a referral and multiple people scream your name, you’re winning at the social proof game. You’re getting

  • When people refer you to their friends without prompting, you’re winning.  

  • When people write to you to say how amazing your work is, you’re winning.  

  • Social proof is the adult equivalent of Swatch watches. Once all your friends have one, you’re cool! So, grab those screen shots of Betty Jo bragging about how she’s made X since working with you and put them on your site.

    Give away some freebies to get people to give you testimonials. It’s the equivalent of free samples in the mail! And you know everybody loves those. 

  • Hold some contest and get people to talk about you - Dani Marie Turcotte did this and I love the fucking idea. She told her followers that if they would submit a video testimonial of working with her, they could win a prize. Genius.  

  • Sing praises of others. Because….then they’ll sing praises about you - it’s the law of reciprocity. It works.  

  • Reach out to influencers that you can offer value to and ask if they mind you doing that thing for them. Make it completely douchebag-free and 100% genuine wanting to help.

Growing your business means eating shit for a while. I don’t care who you are. It’s not magic and there’s no fucking formula, except product + customer base = sales. How you get to the numbers you want will be different for everybody.

If you need help growing, join Fire of the Diamond. We’re growing businesses every day.


Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 8.32.57 AM.png

 ^^^ advice in action LOL ;)

The ROI of Good Copy vs. Emotional Copy

First let’s define a couple of things:
Copy - the art of selling via words. Thus making everything you write copy because your ultimate goal is to drive an action. Even if you’re just hanging out and talking about booze and bikes. Or whatever normal people talk about.

ROI - Return on Investment, but I know you knew that. Whatever money you put into your biz, you want to know the ROI of it. But. Guess what? Not all returns are monetary. Some are in the form of connections or followers or growth.

Disclaimer: ROI of copy needs many strategic conditions to be put in place. When we talk ROI today, it’s going to be in concept, not specifics, to express a point.

Couple = two. Let’s get started.  

  1. Good copy tells.

    “You will not believe your eyes when you can finally fit into that bikini on the beach this summer! Super slim helps you stop cravings, keeps your energy up, and burns calories.

    Get your 30 day supply here.”

    Blah. Boring. Overdone.

    Will it make money? Likely. Because there are still people out there who are at that breaking point and who want to fit into that bikini so bad, they’ll invest in anything to make it happen.

    Will it make as much money as it did 10 years ago? No. Because the market is flooded enough that there are a bajillion more options out there for people to choose from. And more factors now come into play: authority, credibility, “do you smell like a scam artist” are all more important now than they were when this kind of marketing hit the net.

    So. Can you make money on shitty copy? Yes. And on good copy. Can you make better money on better copy? Read on…

  2. Emotional copy sells.

    “Don’t spend another year hiding under your tee shirt while the kids play in the ocean without you because you just aren’t comfortable on the beach in that two piece that you wore three years ago.

    It’s time. This time is different because you have Super Slim to curb that 3pm breakdown snacking that negates all your morning success, to help you dig up the motivation to step on the treadmill before you sit down to work, and to help you burn up the calories when you do take it.

    This is your year. Super Slim will help you make it happen.”

    Will this make money? At least double (approx) what the last made (assuming marketing tactics are a control in this experiment).


Because emotion is what people need. Emotion digs beyond the superficial. Emotion speaks to the soul.

And if you sell anything, you need your products to speak to the souls of your would-be customers. Especially if you’re in an online service space because you now have approximately 900X the competition that was once online. And you have to rely on your ability to connect to the heart of the people you want most to work with.

Without the emotion, you’re leaving a roadblock between your ask and their yes.

How to speak to their emotions

By understanding their desires and their fears beyond the superficial, you give yourself the advantage of whispering into their souls.

That’s where their WHY comes in. And the majority of my client questionnaire questions asks that WHY. The WHY is the lead into everything they truly want.

They want a BMW over a 4Runner? WHY? They want to shop a Neiman Marcus over Saks? WHY? They would rather spend their Friday nights around a campfire with 2 of their closest friends that at a bar in Ibiza? WHY?

The psychographics that guides each and every one of your prospect’s decisions are the things that also lead you to writing the copy that guides them to the YES!

So. Know their WHY. Write emotional copy. Make more money. WHY? Because emotion is what drives higher sales.

And if you’re focused on your clients and don’t have time or the inclination to dig deep enough to write that emotion, I am happy to do it for you with the Black Diamond Copy promo - more than doubling your ROI on this particular package.

Grab four pages of copy (Home, About, Services, and a SALES PAGE) for the OBSCENE (and limited time) price of $699. WHY? Because I want you to win. And this is a powerful way to do it.

Things are changing...Because they always do!

Change is inevitable. We told Dad decades ago that his TV repair shop was not going to make it if he didn’t embrace computers, learn the repair process and open up the doors to a new world beyond TV repair.

But 45 years in the industry and he was deeply rooted to the romantic idea that he could make it work.

He couldn’t.

Big clunky big screens gave way to sleeker, more easily replaceable models and the shop died when he did.

Had he pivoted, my lil bro MIGHT have wanted to take it over, but he knew as well as I did, without that shift to bigger and more profitable things, he needed to find work that suited him.

So the legacy my father had spent decades building around town passed away as soon as his memory did.

I don’t want YOU to do the same thing. Don’t be a romantic.
it’ll kill you and your business.  

Ways to Recognize the Romance:  

  1. You hold on to the idea of something because it is what you know has worked.

    BUT just because something HAS worked, doesn’t mean it WILL work. And like fucking bell-bottom pants, it likely will come back into fashion, but right now? If it ain’t flowin’ like the Nile, you need to burn those hideous things and find a fashion fit that hugs your curves properly.

    ACTION: Seek out what you LOVE and let that fire light the fire of the people you want buying your stuff.

  2. You see other people having success at it.

    BUT if you haven’t had the success you want with it? It might not be meant for you. Everyone has their strengths. I want you to play to yours. You NEED to play to yours. Not every business trend will work for you. Find a business that feels good and flows easily out of you everyday that people need.

    ACTION: Figure out what you’re really super good at and find a way to make that your biz.

  3. You once made money but you’re not making it anymore.

    This happens to people who like to say, “But I made $75,987 dollars doing it - five years ago.” Um...yes, but if you haven’t made jack in the last 6-months? You need to re-evaluate and recognize that the market has changed.

    The market changes constantly. What you used to do may not work now. For example, when the online space began to open up, it was all push marketing. That had to change. Because people changed. They became overwhelmed with the self-centered shouting people did on Twitter.

    Then content marketing became all the rage. (It still is, but the way it’s carried out is completely changed - this is a WHOLE other blog post...Dani, can you remind me of this next week?)

    Now, you have to be able to tell the stories (content marketing), make the connections with people (network marketing), and fucking pitch (push marketing) in order to blow shit up. Holy shit. Do you see that? What we have now is a cocktail. This is what I am officially dubbing Hybrid Marketing.

    ACTION: Figure out a tweak that makes sense and carry it out. Is it that you need a bigger audience? A more targeted audience? A new selling angle? A new gig altogether? Or OOOOORRRR are the methods for growth that you’re using not working because new ways of doing have come out and you haven’t adopted them?  

Take a look at your vision. If you want to make shit work, it needs to be as fluid as the market is. Use what’s here to light a fire of success under your ass and book a jam session if you need help doing it. Or join us in Fire of the Diamond if you’d rather have daily strategy help and copy support.

Copywriting as a Pillar of the Creative

In a market as crowded as yours, the 7,987,692 businesses all have ONE shot at making a difference. That shot is the Creative.  

If you can nail the Creative, you can elevate your brand above the standards of your competition and your industry.  

Because the Creative is the means to the attention. How many ads do you overlook in your Facebook feed because they either a) don’t apply to you or b) they DO apply, but it feels tired and stale?? Think about that for a sec.  

And since you know that to be truth, you already know that allowing yourself to run ads that are standard or substandard is basically throwing your money away.

What is the Creative?? 

The Creative is the visual and the text of an ad campaign. Copywriting is half the Creative. Design is the other half.  

So, slapping “Make more money, working less” on an ad with a smiling coach or internet marketer on it, is lazy Creative.  

Copywriting has to be given its due. You don’t run ads half-cocked. You let them bake and ruminate until fully developed. Only you need to make that “fully developed” period last no longer than 1 hour.



Copywriting that explains and enhances the visual.

That’s winning at the Creative.

Now. How do you write the copy that helps the Creative win? 

  1. You know who your copywriting has to appeal to.

    Are your buyers mostly male or female?
    What stage of life are they in?
    Where do they live?
    What’s their income?

    We use the demographics only for a basis for copywriting. The real fun comes with the next question.

  2. You UNDERSTAND said buyer.

    Not just the demo, but the psychographics. How they think, how they feel, what they long for, what they struggle with.

    Copywriting is based in emotion because emotion sells. And that is your sole goal. So ask the hard questions:

    What does your buyer like to do for fun? WHY?
    What dreams light them up? WHY?
    What struggles do they face every single day? WHY?
    What music do they love? WHY?
    (See a pattern here??)
    What’s their clothing style? WHY?
    What would they drive if money was no option? WHY?

    Copywriting based on emotion is copywriting that is based on the WHY. Why do they do the things they do? THAT’S how you sell to them.

  3. You know what your product solves.

    Know every struggle that your product the eyes of your customer...not just in the way that YOU know. So, know what users have to say about your product and list them all.

    Then cross that with the people who are your ideal customers to come up with 3-5 different headlines that speak to the things people have said about your product and what you know about the people who buy it.

  4. You don’t settle for the same trite statements that you see spewed every day.

    Triteness is lazy copywriting.

    THIS is the place where you get to unleash your inhibitions and allow your mind and your heart to speak to those you want buying yo’ stuff.

    THIS is the creative of the Creative.

    Avoid buzzwords like “more money” and “better work/life balance” and “feel like a kid again”.

    Avoid jargon that only people in your industry will understand.

    Write in specifics. THAT’S copywriting that hits home.

  5. You have a BUDGET for the Creative.

    Spending $5 won’t get you many results...not even with Facebook. It will get you SOME, but not enough to convert.

    So, allot a sizable enough budget that will.

  6. You hire a team that can serve up the Creative if you can’t do it yourself.

    I hired Dani because I knew I couldn’t pull off the design aspect of the Creative like I should. And because of that, our traffic is growing and so are our conversions.

    Likewise, if you don’t have the copywriting down or you don’t have the design portion of the Creative, put together a team that will elevate your business with you.

Copywriting and design are the Creative that you need to stand out in your industry. Take them as seriously.

Building a legend happens without you knowing it

Zeppelin. The Doors. Tool.

Legends we’ll never forget. That our kids will hear about and not understand. Legends, nonetheless.

But these people didn’t know they were building their legends.

They just knew they were doing what they loved. And they couldn’t stop doing it.

So when the struggle came, sure, they wanted to give up. They wanted to quit at one point or another. Everybody does.

But Legends don’t.

They sit down and figure out the whys behind their fights and they come up with solutions. Then they work those solutions until they need new ones.

But they don’t stop.

Yesterday, my son asked me why I have a bracelet that says #Legend on it (thank you, Eyenie!). I mean, I don’t make music (although, I do, in my own way). I don’t have 9M followers (nor do I want that many because I like to know my peoples).

What I do have? Is an unfuckingrelenting determination that gets me up at 3:30 - even when I’m tired. That pushes me to create for other people’s businesses every single day. That allows me to keep going even when I can’t fucking see the road.

And many times. We’re all like that.

We set our goals. We set our maps to those goals into motion. And then BAM!! Motherfucking doubt comes and shits on us. Or fear fucks with us. Or LIFE decides, “NOPE! I have other fucking plans.”

And if you’re a Legend, you find your way around it. Or fucking THROUGH it.

Because you see? Legends are built in phases.

The Phases of Legend-Building

The WTF Am I Doing Phase

You really have no idea what you’re doing. You just know you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Something that calls to you. Even if you SUCK at it at first. Because every artist sucks in the beginning.

But you keep going. You don’t know why. You just know it FEELS right.

When I started online, I was just writing because people told me I was good and I could make money at it. And I thought, “Hey! I might survive being a SAHM if I can do this!”

And shit was tight. There was no money for a website or for ads or anything. I did it all myself. Even though I had no clue how. I wanted even to learn how to code so I could build my own shit. That didn’t last long.

I had no idea what I was doing. I just knew I had to do it.

The HOLY SHIT! Something’s Happening Phase

This is akin to LZ releasing Led Zeppelin III. They kinda had a feeling that this wasn’t going away at that point.

They just knew they needed to bring it because I & II lit people they needed to carry the torch. Otherwise, they’d fizzle out like most wannabe legends.

Same for biz. Once you’ve gotten into your groove and you’ve proven that you can do some killer shit and understand it wasn’t a fluke, then you’re in the next phase of your legend-building.

This is the point where a ton of businesses drop off. Because they see they that this shit ain’t easy and they don’t have time for hard. Or because they don’t believe in themselves or their past success, so they say “fuck it”. Or because they can’t see a next step.

The HOLY SHIT! Something’s Happening Phase is not easy compared to The WTF Am I Doing Phase because you kind of threw some spaghetti at the wall and whatever stuck, stuck. And you could feel your way through it. Phase two is like, shit I really need to prove myself. But at what?

Usually this is also the phase where the pivots happen. The story gets tightened and toned so that you’re really working in your zone of genius because you’ve actually FOUND a zone of genius.

So then the FLOW begins.

The FLOW Phase

This is where you really bump your shit up. You’re solid. You have a growing client base and things are undeniably awesome. Sure, you have some bombs, but you’re good and moving through them.

Now you have signature programs or iconic products and people are beginning to know who the fuck you are.

You have a solid team in place and everyone is working for the common good of your biz. Ads are a constant and working well because you’ve found your THANG.

This is easy! And scary...because it can all go away at any minute. So this is no time to rest on your thingies (cackles??). You need another growth spurt. You need to expand. Get bigger!

You’ve outgrown the fish pond you were it’s time to become the shark you’re born to be.

The JAWS Phase

This is where you become relentless in your pursuit of greatness. Without a doubt, peoples’ lives are changing because of you. I don’t care if you’re Uber or Target or Tony Robbins.

There are powerful things shifting that you have to continue to power. This phase gets hard again. Notice how the hard shit always follows the easy shit?

Your legend-building continues on this path.

And as long as you continue to grow and bring value? You’ll have those 9 platinum records under your belt that you never expected when you started.

But you have to be able to work through the phases. By the way? The JAWS Phase isn’t the last. There’s no telling what the last phase actually is because it’s different for everybody. But if you can make it through the JAWS Phase, you’ll likely make it through any phase thereafter because you’ve proven that you can get hit and keep moving forward.


If you’re in this game because you HAVE to be in this game? Because you love it SOOOOO much, because you can’t NOT be in this game?

You are, in fact, building your legend.

Copy That Removes Barriers From Coaching Sites

It was black. Slinky. And oh so sexy. It beckoned your hips. You knew that dress would accentuate all the right parts of you. The debate in your mind was lost before it was ever started.

So you popped it into your cart. Ready!

But by like the 30th second of the ordering process, you were already pissed off because 1) you were trying to type on the phone and the site didn’t pre-populate the fucking fields for you because that would be too much trouble and 2) what the fuck does your mother’s maiden name have to do with your purchase?

SO. If you’re me? You said “Fuck this” and went to Amazon.

If you’re patient, then you likely went ahead with the order.

But what if your clients and customers are me? What if we’re landing on your site, reading your copy and thinking, “fuck this, I don’t need to read about yet another life coach who is still charging $9,000 per hour for shit that sounds exactly like the other shit I’ve read on 10 sites this morning, alone.

“Yeah, thanks.”

X. (<---that’s the site closing...did you get it??)

Copy removes barriers when done well. It sets them up to say yes before they even know all the details.

I shit you not.

I get people who read a headline and are like, BAM! I’m in!

Then I get people who read every word because they couldn’t NOT read each one.


Because copy written to the soul, from the soul, removes barriers that prevent people from saying “Nah, not now, bruh.”

The soul knows.

It understands the person who needs you most. It understands what fears the prospect might have about buying from you. It understands what that potential client LONGS to hear.

It can remove the barriers that are the doubts if you use it right.


Soulful copy still needs culling.

This is permission to write from your soul, but also to edit like a fucking ruthless boss on a Monday morning after the festival of all festivals who is not ready for your hungover bullshit.

Because powerful, soulfully written words need to speak with authority. Not dictator-style wording.

More like, “I’ve been doing this for 900 years and gotten life-changing results for all my clients”-style wording.

How? How do you cut out pieces of your heart???

By remembering that the more you linger in a space, the more you endanger your chances of a yes.

Copy should be concise. Keep the really, really important parts by remembering that every single word has a purpose and should lead straight to the yes.

So assess each line and ask, “Am I straying too far away from the headline and closing the loop?”

Editing is really the polishing on the gem that your heart sputters out to you. And it’s super important that you don’t let your romantic idea of standing and pouring it all out to your ideal client prevent you from making sales.

Tell them all about the struggles the two of you are going to end together and how beautiful their lives are going to be when your sessions are over and how you’ve worked with this one and that one and this is what happened and this is how happy they are now.

All these things matter in their minds.

Because if you can’t paint these pictures for them, you’ve not removed the wall and all the barriers that are automatically up in their minds about buying from anybody...especially coaches, since they’ve likely been burned a gazillion times by shitty people.

Your goal: Write from the heart to remove the barriers that are their own doubts and cynicism, edit like a fucking boss and make sure you hit all their pains and pleasure points. All of them.

 Any questions? Hit me! <3

Know, Like, But there’s no way I’m going to trust you Part Three

We’ve been talking about the tried and true, tested through time foundation of sales.

Read about part 1 here and part 2 here. And this train is rolling with part three.

TRUST cannot be underestimated when it comes to business. And it’s an easy enough concept to understand. But implementing it is what fucks some people up.

Ways trust is built:

  1. You do what you say you are going to do. Period. That’s step one. If you say you’re going to deliver on Monday, fucking break your neck to make sure you do. If you are shipping in two weeks and your mother goes into the hospital, open that convo before it’s too late, but don’t make it a habit.

    I struggled with this in the beginning. It happens to all of us who are just getting our bearings in business. But the faster you make that a focus, the faster you will earn a name for yourself. (Incidentally, you will quickly learn not to fucking over book yourself by contracting for the same delivery dates. Or you won’t and you’ll be getting up with me at 2:30am.)

  2. Your website has to look like you give a fuck about your business. You MUST invest in a theme and the DIY knowledge or a designer worth a shit if you want your 100 trust points for an up-to-date webdesign. Seriously. Because if you’re riding around talking about six figures and you have a DIY site that people can tell is DIY? You’re fucked.

    I get bootstrapping. I do. I did it. But the FIRST thing I invested in was pro pics and the second was that Magic-Maker Dani. She’s done every site I’ve had since then. (The caveat here: Before you go and invest in these things, KNOW your why first.)

  3. Your copy has to sound like you’ve put some thought into their struggles and dreams. Throwing up words that are found on every single website in your niche means you either A) don’t know them as well as you claim to with your 6-figure months on top of months experience or B) you just don’t care enough to try to talk to them like you mean it.

    3b. Also, the words you use can shred your credibility to pieces. If you go over the top and your branding doesn’t align, they’ll not believe you. If you use weak phrases and introduce doubt by using words or phrases that feel unauthoritative, they’ll lose the trust they might have been building.

    You can learn how to DIY emotion-driven and revenue-oriented copy here. It’s my process for all my projects.

  4. If you’re accomplished in your industry, fucking show it. I don’t mean to have a screenshot of your bank account, but people speaking up for you and your work helps immensely, so don’t be afraid to ask.

    Show pics of you doing your thing often over social, so they can see and be a part of your life. In most cases now, you’re a personal brand. And if you’re pimping shit, you need to be able to show it off.

    “I’m making $5M a month!” Show me.

  5. If you’re just starting out, do NOT claim you’re this or that and you have no experience to back it up. Say you’re what you are, get some power clients under your belt and then you can say, “Hey! I 1,2,3”. Make sense? This is kind of a pet peeve of mine. And it’s a catch 22, really. Because you’re starting out and you REALLY want to run with the big dogs, so you’re tempted to embellish.

    Don’t. Your time will come. Because everyone who claims to be something they are not, gets busted one time or another. And once you’re busted? Your trust factor goes to shit.

    I didn’t say I had contributed to a $61M campaign for a household brand until I had. I didn’t say I write for 6- & 7- figure coaches until I did.

Trust is a funny thing.

And people will likely trust you more if they’ve gotten to know you and like you first. In fact, that’s how I got it all started. I didn’t know anything about business. I just wanted to write, so I played in social, giving everything away and having fun. That was my key. Having fun.

I talked shit. When I had bad days, I said it. When I wanted to post metal songs from YouTube or bike pics, I did it. The fam on my FB profile were just that, my fam. I let my hair down and they came running.

Because they knew they could trust me.

Let them trust you.
Put Steps 1 - 5 into play and become unstoppable.

Know, Like, But There’s No Way I’m Going To Trust You (Part TWO)

Last week we talked about Step 1 of the selling process.

This week’s Rabbit Hole is Like.  Because once people know who you are, they are going to decide whether or not they like you.

And if they don’t? Sales stop here.

Disclaimer: This piece is not about becoming something you’re not so that people will like you.

Fuck That.

This is about stepping more into who you are so YOUR people like you.

In Fire of the Diamond, we opened up a discussion about finding people in the pit of hell that has become Facebook groups.

Some said “Interact with everybody, it’s about connecting not selling.”

Only part of that I agree with. IT IS about connecting not selling. But, I don’t think you should go in and start commenting on every single post just to connect (to her point, I don’t think she meant that extreme either).

But that’s what some do. And it feels forced and fake.

Some said they use their intuition.

To a degree, I do that, too.

It’s way more common than you think.

Think about it. How do you decide if you should spend time answering posts?

A)    The Wording of the post

If the tone/inflection content of the post resonates with you, you respond.

Depending on the service you offer and where you are in the growth of your own biz, and your ideal client (or lack of knowledge of), you may choose to answer everything related to what you do.

If you’re new and still learning and growing, get your ass out there and answer everything you can (and even the ones you’re scared to). But DO NOT SPEND HOURS DOING this. This is not your focus. This is only a step in the big plan.

If you have an intimate knowledge of your ideal client, then get out there and look for her. Don’t waste precious minutes answering questions that won’t lead to relationships.

Because relationships are built because you LIKE each other.

This is not a Black and White scenario, of course.

Your job is to be seen, heard, and adored. Some will be your ideal and some won’t. My point is take a little extra care in nurturing the ones that matter.

So be fucking helpful to many but mostly to YOUR  Kinds o’ peoples.

b) Profile Pics matter.

Yes, I recently had a dead tree on my profile pic. Yes, I’m sure it affected who might reach out to me. Yes I knew that and didn’t/don’t care.

But I can say this: people judge. And, they look at your profile pic in that process.

So be aware – before you choose dead trees – that your future relationships could be affected.

That said – if what you have said or have to say is that important, they may look beyond the gnarled branches.

Getting people to “like” you is not at all about being someone they’ll like but being more you and looking in the right places for the people who resonate with you.

Create shit that’s fun/funny/entertaining/educational.

That’s what they like from you.

When you create do NOT create from a space of “This is going to make me millions!”

Create from a space of “‘you are struggling, I can help.”

People like you when you want to help them over your wallet.

And PS? Don’t try to fake that shit either – we can smell it.

If you’re desperate, your posts will show it.

How to get into the right emotion – creating space:

1. Be grateful for the bullshit as much as you are for the easy shit. Not just out loud or on paper – DIG those emotions up from your soul. Think about how much worse shit could be and begin to adore where you are.

2.  Write down who you are until you forget the credit card bill that’s due tomorrow – “I am fucking fierce”, “I have powerful knowledge that helps thousands of people”, etc. You get the idea.

3. Spend a few minutes focusing on your clients’ problems that you solve. Then go write about the solutions.

4. Do it with a fucking lilt in your voice. (Anyone else ever heard that from their G’ma?)

People will NOT come running to a sour puss. Sour shit repels people. Fake repels people.

Be You. Be good at being you. Smile while you do it.

What do I create now that I’ve gotten my panties out of my ass?

1. VIDS!!!

People LOVE vids. And they don’t have to be all biz.  Let them see you and grow to like you via the magic of Vid.

Fuck perfect lighting.
Fuck a great camera.
Fuck whatever excuses you can muster for not doing it.

2. Give them shit – they love that.

“Oh, I made you this download!”
“Dude! I’ve been listening – so I made you this” etc. Give it all away.
Your ideal client will likely accept your gifts, but they’ll come pay you, too, because they love you so much.

3. Blog, email, IG, Show The Fuck Up!

I really don’t care how you do it. Just show up.

Here’s the thing: You’re here because you have big fucking dreams. And you’re not going to let the little things stop you. You Know you have what it takes and growing up so people like you enough to WANT to develop trust is step two.

Next week we’ll dig into Step Three – TRUST.

Because with Trust?

Your Legend is built.

Know, Like, But There’s No WAY I’m Going To Trust You Part ONE (yep...there’s more coming)

Selling online has become sooo everyday that anyone can do it. But not everyone will.

Because they’re in a hurry. They only want to sell ads – so-and-so sold $8,976,863,354 in 48 hours because they launched the most successful Facebook ads campaign in the history of fucking April 2016.

Therefore I can, too.

No. Sorry, just because you say you have the solution to their self-esteem issues and that you learned all your techniques while living with Buddhist monks in the Himalayas doesn’t mean you have the authority, the know-how, the credibility to back up what you claim.

It also doesn’t mean you have a right to skip the steps of the KLT process.

I’m not going to insult you and pretend you’ve never heard of KLT. I know you’ve done enough research and have been hunted down by marketing peeps enough to know KLT means Know, Like, and Trust.

But have you looked at your site and your social branding/copy/graphics/everyfuckingthing else and put it through “The TEST”?

This series will cap off the “Why I won’t trust you” part.

Right now, let’s dig into Know, what you’re not doing, and what you should be doing to get people to know you. Because your main focus should be to reach ungodly numbers, to amass an audience of hundreds of thousands, to build a powerful list that sustains your monthly/yearly income needs, and to become the GO-TO in your industry...and in others!


How do people get to “know” you?

If you’re a coach swimming in the shark pools that have become once-useful Facebook groups, you spend time in there answering questions and meeting people – don’t be a post & run assassin and just drop into post without reading or TRYING to respond to anything else. You’re fighting against the 6,947,942 other coaches in those groups. And no one is going to pay attention to you if you do that.

If you’re a product-based biz, you’re likely running ads (I hope they stand out and that you’re not cranking out words that everyone else is saying.) and relying on the positioning of your copy and visuals of your website to speak for you, in addition to meeting people in social. (Technically, even if you’re service-based, you need to rely on your copy and visuals, too...but drop-shippers tend to function a little differently.)

But either way, you’re using words to meet people.

What are you saying when they meet you?

Are you leaving an indelible mark on your target customers’ hearts from the first time you meet?

PS? I do NOT at ALL mean that your words have to be business based. I met most of my clients just being me and not pushing copy on them the first time we met.

PPS? (Is it PSS??) This is the slowest fucking road to China ever built, in fact, it’s still under construction. And will always BE under construction. Because that’s business.

So. Back to the words:

Be you. Just fucking be you. People will like you. They will. Do they want your shit shoved down their throats all the time? No. So don’t just share your biz smarts or your product, share YOU.

The GOOD stuff in you. The things that make people laugh and smile and want to be around you.

(And create ads.)

Let’s face it. This is business. Not the playground. It’s just not ALL business.

Allow your presence to shine. Use words that HOVER so high above the noise that they only see you. And create ads. Or webinars. Or podcasts. Or...or...or….Just fucking CREATE.

Because the more you create, the more they get to know you and your process.

Pull Back the Throttle

That fucking long as hell road to China? Isn’t going to pay for your internet access. So, you have to twist the throttle a bit to make it happen faster. (Did you add “Pussycat” to that?? I did)

  1. Suck.

    Teach them the shit they need to know that Elissa down the street hasn’t gotten right yet. If you don’t know what they need to know, break down your process into steps and pick it apart and share that.

    Just don’t settle for mediocre.

    On the other hand, you have to suck.

    You cannot learn who you are or what you have to offer or whether or not you’re in the wrong fucking business unless you suck first.

    But most people freeze at that “don’t settle for mediocre” shit because they don’t want people to look at them and think, “Why is she recording on a plain white background?” “Why doesn’t she look the camera in the eye?” “What the FUCK was that blog supposed to be about? Gah. I can’t believe I wasted my time reading that!”

    Those are the thoughts that paralyze people. To the point that they don’t even realize they are actually, literally paralyzed.

    What paralysis looks like:

    “I can’t make a video today, I have no idea what I’m going to talk about”
    “I don’t have the right camera yet”
    “HOLY SHIT! I was going to post that SAME fucking idea and SHE beat me to it”
    “WTF I can’t think of a single thing to write about”
    “I don’t know how to say what I want to say”
    “The kids are up...there goes that idea”
    “I can’t post that, it has nothing to do with my brand”
    “I can’t post that vid, I said ‘UM’ exactly 523,457 times”

    They are all excuses you tell yourself.

    They’re all evidence, symptoms, of paralysis. They’re all your brain telling you you’re not good enough. Go sit down.

    Shut the fuck up, are.

    If you can push yourself to LET yourself SUCK, if you can produce without worrying about what someone else says or thinks, if you can stomp on that lovely ego of yours, you can make it.


    None of anything I write matters if you don’t have something to teach or share.

  2. Invest in ads.

    With the noise as magnified as it is right now, you need ads. Even if it’s a few dollars a week. Fucking stop eating at Taco Bell for a month and use that as your ad spend.

    Write ads that don’t fucking say: “What would it look like to live your dream”
    Write ads that say: “What would it look like to live your dream”


    What I mean is go for the creative, the unique, the YOU. But TEST it against the creative. Get results and tweak. One fucking run does not a test make in any lab or market.

    Learn. Grow. Repeat.

    Ads are a necessary evil now. Stop trying to get by on word-of-mouths alone.

  3. Hire a goddamn team.

    One-human shows fizzle and fade out or they take YEARS to cultivate what a team could. Having a team doubles your productivity. It allows you to FOCUS on your craft.

    Because if you are struggling to learn ads or plug in tech that doesn’t cooperate, you’re not evolving your craft. You’re not positioning yourself closer to mastery, authority, or credibility.

    What makes a team?

    Anything you delegate to others makes you no longer a one-human show. And I am NOT one to advocate going into debt for anything. I am one to advocate making shit happen, even if it’s through blind faith.

    The first time I hired Dani of, it was on a credit card, but I told myself that if I didn’t make enough money that month, that would be the last month.

    I did. And I have since.

    But you don’t have to have a Dani, though I recommend it for anyone willing to actually make something of their business...actually go from a hobby to a full-income earning business.

    You can hire shit out to Fiverr. You can hire a temp VA. You can hire a technical VA. Hire somebody to create a website (do NOT use WIX). Hire out your copy, if not to the best, at least hire it out to someone else who is knowledgeable about the craft.

    I don’t care how you go about getting it done, just as long as you put yourself in a position to make yourself the BEST at your craft so you can create and connect.

    Just admit that your dream is bigger than your fear and roll the fuck on.

  4. Create.

    At this point, regardless if you are a product-based or service-based company, if you want to win at the game of getting people to know you?

    You have to fucking CREATE.

    It has been said many times before, but so many people resist the idea:

    You are a media company.

    It is your responsibility to grow your name through content, as well as your sparkling fucking personality.

    Videos, graphics, blogs, tactics, strategies, emails, ads. You have a MASSIVE arsenal at your disposal.

    Use them.     

    Don’t focus on ad/promo-type content only. People need to see you. They want to know you. Remember? That’s how all this shit starts.

    Expose yourself. Everywhere. And all the time.

    Just make it INTERESTING.


    Again...this is not a permission to freeze and say, “I don’t know how to show up” or “I don’t know what to say” or “I say ‘UM’ too much”.

    This is a fucking permission to LEARN those things. To look for opportunities to show up.

    Flaws and fucking all.

Your goal is to let people KNOW who you are. Step up. Build your LEGEND.

Every fucking day.

Need help mapping out your KNOW plan? Book a Jam Session and I’ll help you pound it out...WITHOUT A PITCH.

Stay tuned for the “LIKE” part of all this shiz. <3

I Won't Write For You

There’s a ton of shit going on out there lately. And I’m not sure what’s up with all the frauds and phonies taking over.

But I’ve been approached by people I refuse to write for.

I won’t write for you if you smell like a quick dollar junkie.
I won’t write for you if you don’t feel like the real deal and can do what they say they can.
I won’t write for you if you’re not aufuckingthentic (finally a version of that word that I like!).


Because when I put pen to paper, it’s because I believe 100% in your ability to make a difference in people’s lives.

Because I need to know that you got the balls to stick out the tough times, to create the best times.

Because when I write for you, I fucking BLEED for you.

I put everything I have into everything I create.

And I’m not building a fucking fly-by-night, I-need-to-make-a-buck copywriting business. I’m building my name.

I am building YOUR name.

I’ve watched colleagues who aren’t making it as coaches, slap “copywriter” on their sites to try to turn things around.

I’ve watched “copywriters” shift from copy to coaching because, either, a) they couldn’t make it or b) they just didn’t like it or c) they didn’t like the grind of it. (And let’s be clear, I’m not talking about people who have truly evolved because they feel the calling to change...I’m talking about people who change businesses with the wind and the market.)

I’m here. I’ve been here. And I’m not going anywhere.

I write copy for 6- & 7-figure coaches because I’m GOOD at what I do. My goal is to be THE BEST at what I do.

Which is why if I smell a rat, I bolt. No project. I don’t need your money. Hit up Fiverr, B.

Why do I fucking care if someone isn’t who they say they are?

Because to bleed for you, I need to believe in you. And if I believe in you, I can help others to believe in you, too, so that the people who need you see who you really are.

People who say they are going to do X and then deliver Y...

People who PUSH people into going into DEEP goddamn debt for their services…

People who don’t know who they are or what they want...

These are not the people I write for.

I write for the powerhouses who KNOW they’re worth. The people who don’t have to bully people into their services.

I write for the people who KNOW they have a very powerful message, but need that nudge to get to the next level.

I write for the people who understand this is a hard fucking game and are willing to do the right thing for people, even if it means waiting until they are ready.

I write for people who have fucking HEART.

Because it’s their soul, their spirit, their will, their drive, their need to WIN that I put back into their business through the words I bleed onto their site.

That’s who I write for. And that’s what I do for them.

Manifesto of a Legend

Everything you do is punctuated by power.

Life, as you know it, is dictated by drive.

And Success? Is determined by every action you take.

You are a legend. And your clients feel it in the way you talk and the way you show up.

Even if, some days, you don’t feel like showing up.

Because your senses are acutely aware that if you don’t show up your business doesn’t either.

You DEVOUR fear. You guzzle doubt. You harness every drop of negative energy and transform it into steam that powers you day after day.

And it’s that day-to-day that most can’t handle. It’s the grind of digging deep into the soul that pushes people away from showing up.

Because when you make yourself visible, you make yourself vulnerable.

When you expose your own thoughts to public scrutiny and one of two things will happen: they’ll love you for it, OR they’ll crucify you for it.

And only legends like you are willing to take that risk.

So you put yourself on public display.

Every day.

You bare your soul.

Every day.

You take risks.

Every day.

And you fuck up your competition.

Every day.

Disavow any and every fear.

Every day.

Invoke the Legend-Maker Trifecta.

Every fucking day.

Ignore every voice.

Except that of your soul.

Every day.



Every day.

Allow fear and failure as much as you allow success.

Every day.

That’s how you Rock Your Legend.

Every fucking day.

The Legend-Maker Trifecta

When you land on a site that is visually gorgeous, but the words are subpar, what happens is you begin to doubt what you read. 

Are they lying to me? 
There’s something wrong here. 

Copy is a supporting role...a major supporting role in your entire business. 

In other words, if you have killer copy, but your products and services don’t really fill a true need, you won’t sell as much as you could. 

If you have killer visuals and site, but your copy lacks emotion and art, you won’t sell as much as you could. 

If you have killer copy, but you, yourself, have trouble connecting with would-be clients, you won’t sell as much as you could.

There’s a Legend-Maker Trifecta at play:

Your visuals (branding, site, colors, fonts, etc)
Your copy

You, of course, being the heart and soul of it all. Then the layers of marketing help you flesh out the whole picture.

You can come to me with the best ideas on the planet, and I can write your awesomeness into existence, but if you don’t have the wherewithal to make it happen, it’s useless.

You can come to me with the most powerful ideas and I can write your awesomeness into existence, but if your site isn’t up to the standard of your ideas and my supporting words, it’s useless.


How the fuck do you fix that?

You grow.

You decide what you want, what you’re willing to do to get it, and IF you can even pull it off (you know...your values matter here...if you want to run a $100,000 a month company, you’re going to have to give up trying to be Jane Cleaver and vice versa).

Who are you?
What do you want?
What does having it all look like for you?
What are you willing to do to get it?
What are you willing to give up to have it?

This all matters.

I’ve had people come to me and pay me to write the art they know they are capable of for them, then their businesses fell off the face of the earth.

They decided showing up in social every fucking day was too much for them. Or they decided the business they thought they wanted, actually wasn’t it.

They see how much of your soul being a successful entrepreneur takes and they gave up.

Running a 5-, 6-, or 7-figure a month business takes a lot. It takes a lot out of you. OR it PUTS A LOT INTO YOU.

If you are in the right business, and you have massive ideas that you know can change the world, you owe it to yourself and to your will-be clients (and SOCIETY!?) to bring all of you to the table.

And if you’re ready to have me on-call in your corner to make powerful magic, hit me and let’s talk about how you can ensure that you sound pro 100% of the time. I have new retainer packages available for high-performing women, as well as for those who are ready to step into that high-performing role, but haven’t made it just yet.

Key Components of Power Sales Pages

Yesterday, a woman vehemently commanded that someone who was searching for a sales page copywriter make sure that they understand that whatever the copywriter has done, it will be undone in the end.

It was sad.

As though this woman had attempted to be a sales page copywriter, but ended up butting heads for many of the clients she may have attempted to write for.

I could be wrong.

But the fact is, sales pages have to have certain components in place, in order to be successful. There’s no written-in-stone formula, but without the key players playing their roles, the sales page will miss the mark.

So what are the components you have to have in order to make money and impact with your sales pages?

  1. Emotion.

    Without emotion, your words fall flat and don’t touch the heart of those you want working with you.

    Without emotion, your words are likely not even read.

    Without emotion, you will struggle to get past the filters of the brain that say, “OMG! I NEED to read this!!! STOP!”

    How to develop emotion:

    Use words NOT used everywhere else.
    Use the passion you have for your product to display the solution in a creative way.
    Write as though you are spilling your heart onto the page (and edit all the water out of it when you’re done).
    Practice. Or hire it out.

  2. An understanding of the gambit of problems the product solves.

    Understanding starts with a wide-angle view of what your product REALLY does.

    For example, a newby just starting out might think that mindset sessions teach the client how to think for success. But that is only a small portion of what mindset sessions do. What’s really happening is they are learning to pull up the confidence to do the things their souls have longed to do for ages.
    They’re learning to block out negative voices from the inside and the outside. They are learning to trust themselves. They are learning to approach people, to close deals, to handle debate and argument.

    Mindset sessions don’t really teach you success, they teach you freedom. Freedom to do and be who you were born to be.

    So when you know and understand ALL the aspects of your product or service does, you can incorporate that into the emotion that you want to write with.

  3. An understanding of the people who will want to buy said product.

    Again. Not an easy feat. In fact, if you’re just starting out, you’ll likely not even know the details and the nuances of your client that makes them who they are in relationship to you. But you can craft something pretty close.

    Who are they when they are alone? What do they value in this life? What are their goals and dreams? What are their biggest fears? What will your solution mean to them and for them?

    How to address the people you want buying from you:

    You have to be able to say more than, “My service will give you the tools you need to create the life and the business you want.” (Mainly because that’s the same shit every other coach is saying, but also because it lacks the specificity to really strike a chord in them that they won’t be able to ignore.)

  4. Answers.

    They are going to have arguments about why they should believe what you say (they’re going to want to believe you, but they’ve been burned enough to know that your words hurt). And you’ll need to be able to address those arguments in a cohesive fashion.

    You’ll need to give them the answers they seek, before they even know to ask them.

    Why? Because you know them and you know what they need and that your product is undeniably the source of their relief.

    Because if you DON’T know, then you don’t have that bond, that connection with them that you need.

  5. Social proof.

    Because they expect to see people who have suffered the way they’ve suffered get amazing results with you. This is one of the 6 principles of influence as established by Robert Cialdini back in 1984.

    Because they need reassurance from you that your shit works and they don’t want to take just your word for it.

    Because it makes them feel better about buying with you.

Sales pages are abiotic salesmen working the floor of your store for you. And just as you wouldn’t pay top commission to someone who doesn’t know your product, you wouldn’t put up a sales page that is lacking in a key area of persuasion.


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Drive them to Want More

We all have doubts. Doubts & fears drive most of us most days.

But sometimes little things swoop in and remind us that we are WAY off the mark.

Exhibit A:

This would be mine.

This is a registration for an event that my eldest daughter was sending off.

And it hurt oh so good.

Three years ago, she wouldn’t have been writing that about me. Because I hadn’t found my Sass. I hadn’t developed my Art.

Have you?

With your Sass out there, front and center, bled profusely across the crown of your site, people can’t help but want to know more.

They get hit in all the right places: their hearts because they feel your words and your personality, their minds because they are looking for someone who resonates with them, and their souls because when they feel your struggle, they feel their own struggle.

What most DIY’ers lack is…

True understanding of how powerful emotion is. They sit down and write and let their fingers go. And they go on and on and on about themselves and what their programs do.

With next to zero acknowledgment of what their readers truest pains and deepest dreams really are.

What happens when that happens:

  • Sales are scant, if existent
  • Discovery calls are nil (or overbooked with the wrong type of clients)
  • Business causes you more frustration and angst than happiness
  • Money, impact, and all the accomplishments you long for are brushed aside because you have to get a job or go back to being just “mama”
  • Your spouse says they're not putting any more money back in your business because you’re not showing any profit

Sad but true, follow the path:

Jane comes a-knockin’ and she’s expecting to see some semblance of connection. You spout off all day long that you know this and you know that. And Jane runs to the freaking hills.

“I help women entrepreneurs stop struggling in their businesses.”

Because Jane is selfish. She has a problem. And she doesn’t give a rat’s twisted f*cking whisker that YOU say you’re an expert at changing her life. She only cares that she can actually FEEL that you’re an expert at changing her life.

How do you express your expertise so that Jane actually books a Discovery Call & is really already ready to buy:

  1. Use what you know about your favorite customer and reflect the emotions they experienced before and after working with you to put the emotion Jane is looking for on the f*cking page.

  2. Address Jane more often than you address yourself. When you are writing from a “you” perspective, you come off caring and less assy self-centered.

  3. Look like you’ve done this a few times and put a ton of thought into the art your words create on that page, making sure your sass is front and center, but in a caring and not-so-jerky way.

  4. Start your copy with powerful headlines that get their attention and keep it with engaging narratives. Not watered-down questions that evoke NO emotion.

  5. Take the Rock Your Legend copy course so you can get pro results from a DIY effort with your homework assignments and personalized feedback from the chick in black.

“No, Jane, you won’t have to go get a job. In fact, the number of targeted discovery calls you’re taking now is going to triple. And your spouse will stand beside you, beaming, and say, ‘You did it!’”

Book some done-for-you emotion or take the course that’ll help you put your Sass right in front of them. Your business longs for it.