You Have to Do More Than WRITE the Sales Page

You have a grand idea. So you did what every business owner does and put up a for sale page.

Maybe wrote a blog about it. Maybe sent an email about it. Maybe you even did a video.

And then you likely forgot about it.

That sales page was fabulous (especially if you got it from me). 27 people saw it. And out of those 27 people, you might have had one ask about your service.

The problem wasn’t the sales page. The problem wasn’t your service. The problem was that not enough people saw it.

So when you create a product that is being released as a long-standing (not a timed) service or product, you have to put in your mind that you need to drive traffic to it consistently to get your numbers up.

How much do you want to make from that page?

You have to calculate the revenue you want from your new sales page. Then you need to calculate how many people you need to buy it. Then you multiply that times ten and that’s how many QUALIFIED people you need to see the page.

Then you work to drive the traffic.

Not with just a blog post.

Not with just an email.

Not with a simple video.

You create a plan. A long-standing plan that allows you to take it step by step.

What I’m talking about here is what the big advertising agencies call a campaign. Yes, you are a solopreneur, bootstrapping your way to fame. But RIGHT NOW...with the way the landscape is shifting you have to become a marketer.

And Money Pages help you do that.

Money Pages are sales pages that come equipped with campaign suggestions that will help you stand on the level with great marketing teams to help you drive the traffic you need and want for your sales page.

You’ll walk away with creative ideas, strategy, and tactics (that go beyond “post in 10 groups” 5 days per week) that:

  • Remove a chunk of fear out of creating content
  • Help you create more targeted content
  • Allow you to stand above the noise of your industry
  • Gives your creative department a shot of steroids they need to really KAPOW your reader
  • Takes out your ideas that you don’t know what to create

Money Pages are more than sales pages. They are profit-makers.

So what program, course, or service do you have that you KNOW you need Money Pages for? Hit me and let’s nail the deets and see if I can help you navigate the murky waters of marketing your wares and making money from them.