Simultaneously, I received good and bad in the mail today. The good: My prize from the Everyday-in-May Book Giveaway from www.christinakatz.com!  I am so excited to read Come and Find Me by Hallie Ephron, the author of Never Tell a Lie (LMN made it into "And Baby Will Fall").  There will be a review posted when I am done.  If you are a Paper Sniffer like me, check out the giveaways that she is doing each day.  There are 10 more chances to win this month!  All you have to do is answer the questions at the end of each blog post for a chance to win.  Eazy Peazy.

The bad: My next rejection from my freelance attempts. Well, not really bad as every rejection brings us closer to publishing!  The letter included a checklist of possible reasons for rejection and the one that applied to my story was that they didn't have a place for it right then...not that it stunk. :)

I was hoping for something good in the mail today and I got it.  It just wasn't what I was hoping for...thank God for tomorrow.