Write Like a Boss

The old ditty ‘bout Jack and Diane having to know, like, and trust you before they’ll buy only gets truer as the competition for attention tightens the noose around your neck.



It’s actually the whole crux of sales and since EVERYONE and all their offspring are now in sales, it’s harder than ever to earn those things.

So. What’s a Diamond to do, right?

First, she’s to make sure she’s using the right language to express her authority. Because they can know you all day, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, they’re not going to pay you a dime.

Building authority is one of the number one ways a rockstar sales dude can up the others in his industry.

And that starts with the words you use.

The language you use informs your perceived authority in your field, so choosing the wrong words/combos/patterns, can seriously hinder your progress.

And I cannot have that. So read on.

Words are Power

When you are so gracefully expressing what the fuck you do, be conscious of the “will”, “can”, “might”, “maybe”, “perhaps”, “could”, “help” words.

If used incorrectly, they undermine your attempts to establish that you is da bomb diggity. You dig? For example:

“This program could finally begin to help you fill your client calendar.”


“Begin to fill your client calendar, once and for all, with this program.”

Feel the difference?

The second sentence, besides being result-oriented, feels more authoritative because the reader can feel the confidence you have in your program. So, you’ve taken another step in the “kill the goddamn doubt” part of writing copy that triggers action.

You dig?

But I Naturally Talk Like a Wuss

So. You’re screwed.

Not really. It means you’ll need to practice a little more. It means you’ll need to develop that core belief in your own fucking program. It means you’ll not be writing like you talk. Or you’ll be developing new language patterns LOL.

Seriously, your belief in yourself and your work has to be deeply conveyed in your writing or people feel your doubt.

And, in turn, doubt you, as well.

We cannot haVE that.

We can haVE you being all heart-centered and soft, just not insecure. There’s a massive difference.

Insecurity bleeds through everything. I don’t even know how to explain it. But pay attention. 1OOOO%! Especially in social. You can read some chick’s post in a group and your brain, by the end of the post has made a decision: “She’s a bitch, I’m not working with her.” Or “Fuck, YEAH! She gets it!” Or “NEWBY.” Or...you get the idea.

Listen as you scroll through post after incessant post on Facebook and see what your mental reaction is. And when you come across posts that feel REAL and RIGHT? Pay attention to the language.

Confidence is Conveyed Subconsciously

It’s conveyed in words choice and sentence structure. It’s conveyed in (online) behavior, as well.

Develop that deep core belief in yourself and the work you do and let THAT guide and inform your language.

That’s the best way to build authority in your writing. Period