Work-Balance Lessons from James Chartrand

Yeah, so you know that I was a lucky winner of a scholarship to this little course called Damn Fine Words. :) And as we were going back and forth in the forum, James was helping us with our copy and it slapped me that I needed to talk to her. She is a successful business owner; she writes like nobody you've ever met, and she has a home and family to take care of. She does what I do - only so much better.

And, honestly, I wanted to pick her brain to know what goes through her mind as she's going through her day. When we have so much to take care of as work at home parents and entrepreneurs, it's hard to get it all done (if we can) efficiently. So, I wanted to know what makes James, well, James and how I can grow up to be her!

In this interview, you'll learn what makes awesome copy, how you have to deal with house and home so you can succeed, and what you can learn from her yourself.

James Chartrand spills it.

Oh, and in case you live under a rock or happen to be new to this game, James Chartrand is the owner of Men with PensDamn Fine Words, and her new course, Damn Fine Ebooks. She's a power writer who's voice is well known over the web from her contributions to Copyblogger, Write-to-Done and just about any other big name blog you can think of...yeah, cause she rocks.

Give a listen, then let us know in the comments how you are going to make your copy (and your life) great.

Thanks for listening and have an awesome week!


PS Don't forget to check out Men with PensDamn Fine Words, and Damn Fine Ebooks!