Why Your $5000 Packages Aren't Selling

Selling $5000 packages requires a little more finesse than throwing them up anywhere on your site. You can’t list a $5000 package with your Services Page with little more than fodder at the top telling them they need you. That package needs a home of its own. It’s a big motherfucker. It needs a space big enough to claim its rights.

You’re asking people to give you their monthly salary in order for some knowledge you have locked away in the hidden spaces of your mind.

And you want to box it in on a little space not bigger than a few social blurbs.

It doesn’t work.

You can’t expect them to be convinced in that little box of text (usually sans any proof, as well).

Speaking of convincing, this is a side note for you: Your job is never to convince someone that they need your services, you’re convincing them that you are the ONLY choice for said services, which they already know they need. Dig?

Back to this other shit.

Give me $1799 to write you a new website that make them need only you for what you do.

There. Were you convinced?

Try this:

Give me $1799 to create words that set your sales on fire, make them adore you, and that make you the ONLY choice in your industry.

Because without the right words, their hearts could be turned away, instead of turned on.

That? Means your profits could go into the negatives. For real. Words mean money, when said and read right.

Now. Here’s the button. Pay me $1799 to make a difference in your bank account.

No? Still not convinced?

Of course you’re not. You’re not stupid. You know you work hard for your money. You know that I need to show you that powerful, edgy copy is the way to slip and slide your way into their hearts, but you also want to know your friends have tried it and they like it.

You also want to know people have gotten results from it.

You also want to know that your $1799 will earn you waaaaaaay more than that.

That’s why a package that’s $500 or more needs its own fucking home. Period. End of story.

You want to skimp? Skimp where your NAME and YOUR BRAND are not at risk. Skimp where the results don’t directly affect your bottom line.

Skimp where your customers are NOT involved.

Take the extra time and effort you need to take to create a drool-worthy page that makes them throw their hands in the air and sing “Glory, glory, halleluja”.

Here’s the fucking how:

  1. UNDERSTAND their biggest pain and (or) benefit to working with you and use the fuck out of that shit for your headline. But don’t give it all away in the beginning. They’re willing to work for it, make them...with love. Use a headline that calls out the benefit or pain (I prefer one, but I won’t tell you which), YET is based in intrigue so they NEED to read that next line. See how that works? You have to learn to tease them.

  2. Create body copy that literally slices their heart with a thousand tiny cuts. If you know their pain and suffering, this is the fucking EASY part. (I will NOT divulge how many times I’ve danced around to music I HATE to get me in their brains. So when I say “easy”, I don’t mean easy, easy LOL) Remind them of the reasons they’re looking for this service in the first place. And do it with love. Because the real pain? Is coming next.

  3. Pour fucking MORTON’S in those wounds you re-opened. Yeah, I’m sadistic like that. And it works. You reminded them of WHY they were there, NOW...remind them of how much that pain hurts by really digging into their flesh with their longings. (I know, I know...it’s a hard job, I’m glad I love it.)

  4. Hand them the goddamn band-aid. YOUR brand of band-aid. Because if they’re on your site, SOMETHING brought them there. SOMETHING made them think, “Fuck yeah, I want to work with her/him/donuts”. This is where you get to reveal your magic. This is where you get to say, “I’m the ONLY motherfucker who is going to save you, now pay me” - Only with less “fuck you”.

  5. Remind them all their friends are doing it, they’re buying your brand of band-aid. Remind them that they would be so wise as to listen because… Pepper your copy with testimonials in the places it makes sense to see words of praise from your loyal buyers.

  6. Fucking TELL THEM WHAT TO DO. You want them to sign up? Fucking ASK. You want them to book a Discovery Call? Fucking ASK. You want them to buy? WTF? We’re talking $5K!! That shit ain’t going to happen without a Discovery Call. Duh.

There you go. Knock this fucking shit out of the park and set up a sales page that SELLS your $5000 package. Or, if it’s too hard, let me take that weight off your delicate shoulders.