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There are pillars to creating a brand that people adore.

And copy is only ONE of those pillars.

The others?

  • A visually appealing brand

  • Marketing that speaks to the clients

  • Being GREAT at what you do

Because if you don’t have these bits and pieces in place? It won’t really matter what I write about you.

  • If your brand isn’t visually appealing, they won’t put stock in my words.

  • If your marketing isn’t on target, you won’t have the right traffic and they won’t FEED off the emotion I write for you.

  • And if YOU are not the best? What I write won’t get you anywhere because they’ll test you out, but they won’t stay with you.


Let’s expand on them, shall we? What do the above look like in practice:

You cannot have a visually appealing brand if your: 
Images are outdated
Site looks like 1999 called and wants its template back
Your colors and fonts are all jacked up, don’t flow together well, or create the emotionally visceral reaction your customers need to feel

You cannot get people to buy your shit if:
Your only marketing strategy is to stand on Facebook or LinkedIn and scream, “BUY MY SHIT!” all day. This is NOT a plan.
And if you are NOT great at what you do? People will know it and they will find someone who is.


IF you have all of these things in place with world-class copy? You’ll be gold.

But if not? You will struggle. Hard.

Unless you fix what’s broken.

How do you fix broken branding?

You are a business owner, you are not supposed to be a branding expert or a marketer. Give it to someone who is. Danielle is the best of the best. Hands down.

Let her or someone else handle it for you because you need to focus on something that is far more important to your business than colors and fonts.

How do you fix broken marketing?

Again, you are not a marketer. Let someone else help you with that. YOU have a higher responsibility.

Hire Danielle to manage your ads for you (because she is KILLING IT with ours and is more cost effective than an agency). Or go all out and hire that big ass agency and let them do what she does for a ton more money.

But your first step to fixing broken marketing is to acknowledge that you are not a marketer and be willing to let someone else set you up for success.

(This whole business about business owners thinking they are marketers was unleashed with the dawn of online business and way too many people are unwilling to admit they can’t.)

How do you fix a broken...YOU?

YOU are the end all be all of your business. If you are broken, your business will be broken. If you can’t be fucking FABULOUS at what you do? Don’t fucking BOTHER. Srsly.

Your ONLY goal is to say FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE. I am here to be the best ____ ever. And set your mind to improving your shit.

NOW. That said, the ___ that you are working to be the best at? Make sure there’s a market for it. Don’t be the world’s best ant relocation service when there’s no market for ant relocation.

And the last part of YOU? Your belief.

I cannot stress enough...even in all my ranting and hooha-ing this morning...how desperately serious I am about this.

If YOU do not believe you are the best? The people your marketing team are marketing you to? They won’t believe it either.

And that is the worst fucking shit you can do for your business. Ever.

Does that mean be arrogant? No. That’s my job.

It means be RESILIENT. It means don’t let ANYTHING slow you the fuck down. Not even low numbers.

Because no matter what? If you’re good? Those numbers COME UP.

How can you cultivate a conviction so deep that NOTHING stops you?

James Chartrand of Damn Fine Words once made us write what we wanted to be true about our work 25 times and then made us walk around reading it. Write out your affirmative and imprint it.

Listen to the feedback people give you.
But don’t get lost in it. If the majority of people you deal with give you negative feedback, there could be some things you need to learn and grow through. If they are mostly positive, feed off of them. But don’t walk around with those rose-colored glasses on thinking you don’t need to improve. We all do. How do you think I got my copy game up to world-class copy? Study with the right masters. Do it. It works.

Start and end your day with success.
Start out with the idea of what you want the day to bring you and work to make it happen. End it by remembering what you did well and visualizing tomorrow being even better.

Whatever path you choose - or choose all of them because they work - put it in your mind that success is your only option. Period.

And when you’re ready? THEN my copy will be ready for you.