Why I Write?

My Top 5 List of Writing Reasons: 1. Love - I love to write.

2. escape - There is nothing like getting lost in a piece, non-fiction or fiction, to help drown out the days' demands.

3. Voice - I have a lot to say.  Most of it, I am incapable of uttering out loud...just ask my mom to read you some of the letters that I wrote to her.

4. Learning - Writers and readers are inherent learners.  I absolutely adore learning new things to incorporate into my writing.

5. Purpose - My brain has always been busy, but now there is a point to its busy-ness.

Now, add these things together and you have one happy mama.  Writing has turned into my passion, no, my obsession.  Once dormant in me was this yearning.  It has been revived and brought to life recently and I am so thankful that it has been.  I love every moment of the sweat and the struggle.  Writing is an occupation self-fulfilling.