Why can you not understand???

There is NO one and nothing in this world that will ever make you feel worthy of the success you want. Not a fucking thing.

So this business about not showing up is all fear-based unworthiness. And I’m really fucking ready for you to own who the fuck you are.

You want the big ass home office? Fucking get it.

You want the wait list of clients? Fucking get it.

You want the goddamn blacked out 4Runner? Fucking get it. (Oh, wait...that’s mine.)

My point is if there is something you want, you deserve it. And showing up is how you get it.

Don’t fucking ask WHY you should have it.

Don’t fucking ask HOW you’re going to get it.

Don’t fucking WAIT for it to come to you.

NOTHING works like that.

You are already good enough to have allllllll the shit you want. If you show up.

So-and-so is not better than you because she has a gold MacBook.

She’s not better than you because she’s got the waitlist you want (or so she fucking SAYS).

No one is BETTER than YOU.

Yet. YOU are BETTER than NO ONE.

Sidenote: Let’s get this straight.

You deserve the fucking world. But don’t go getting all cocky and nasty about it, you dig?

The world deserves you to show up as fully in love with who you are and who you are becoming.

So act like that, too.

I’m walking a fine line with unapologetic bullshit. Because I still feel while we are worthy as FUCK to have every single thing we want, we still owe the world some fucking kindness.

Have manners. Be polite. Be respectful.

TO YOURSELF, too, goddamn it.

You can’t go saying shit to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a kid, you know the saying.

I can tell you, I’m playing small right now. This rant is a reminder to myself, as well to you. That I have to take what I want without asking if I deserve it or not. By showing the fuck up.

It’s not permission to shit on anyone to get it.

It’s permission to FEEL your own value and worth without looking at past behavior and going, “WTF, TD? Karma, bitch, you ain’t gettin’ it.” Because we ALL have demons. So just show the fuck up.

I, frankly, am in love with my demons and my darkness, so I’m not ready to get rid of them. That means I accept and love them for who and what they are.

Am I a perfect mother? Fuck no. I love the shit out of my kids, but I have no idea how to show them that.
Am I a perfect business owner? Fuck no. I’d be...I don’t know where I’d be. But I wouldn’t be still here.
Am I in perfect shape? Fuck no. I hate exercise, but I adore some fucking grease burgers from the Greek joint. OMFG. I’m going home today. To get some. Because I fucking deserve it. I also deserve to take care of myself. So, I’m going to lay off the ice cream instead LOL

Just fucking STOP second guessing everything. And yourself. Just show the fuck up.

Make the vids. Post the important posts. Don’t worry who might read it and say, “Fuck you!”. Don’t worry about haters crawling out of their holes.

Just fucking show up and DELIVER THE GOODS.

Life is easy. Let it be easy.

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