What's the Hold Up with Your App Development?

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 5.40.13 AM With only 7 days left to complete this little competition to see who’s the better app builder or figure-outterer (because neither of us actually built the damn things, here are some lessons from this week app development:

Lesson 1: Designer crap is NOT included. Uh...yeah. Make sure your project price includes EVERYTHING you need. Logo, splash pages, buttons, etc. Yeah. Buttons.

I found out last week I needed to develop my splash page and my logo. Yeah, that stuff didn't come with my app project because they are designer things and with what I'm paying for this app, I'm not adding to the bottom line at all. So...I offered to take them on myself. And with VERY little in the way of design smarts and only a tad more experience on the Adobe Elements 11 front, I did it. It's crap. But I did it.

So with 7 days left, I need to decide if I'm in love with this thing. I'm a firm believer in "If you're not in love, screw it", only not they way it sounds. I mean don't do shit just to do it. Which, as I write this, has me flipping over to my Dev Dude to tell him to hold off.

Lesson 2: Jason was smarter than I was. DON’T tell him that. Geez. He was smarter because he opened separate Google and Apple accounts for the purpose of the app. A move I WISH I’d thought to make.

Because when your app is developed, your Dev Dude is going to want your password. WHA??? I’d rather hand over my social security number than give out my Apple and Google IDs. But, I had already paid for my developer account licenses and couldn’t switch. The Dev Dude mentioned, after the fact, something about a temporary password and I’ve tried to research that, but haven’t had any luck with it, yet. So, set up your developer accounts separate from your usual Apple and Google IDs. Got it? (Unless, of course, you’re not concerned with giving

out the passwords to your entire life history…)

OR upload them yourself. Hmmmm.....

OR you can setup admin roles for your Google Play Store account, (and you can for Apple if you're a biz, but I set my account up as an individual because it looked way easier than the biz thing...mistake #2).

Lesson 3: Plan for updates. If you’re running on a budget, you’re may have to cut out some really amazing parts of your app to stay within it. So, if you do, plan to make those changes in the next version.

It’ll give you time to see how your app is received and what the feedback is on it as is. Then, you can make changes your user wants to see. (Not to mention, you spread out the dolla pain a little farther. And in my perfect world, I'll learn to code at least well enough to make the updates myself. BAHAHAHA! Shut up. I said “in my perfect world”, damn.

Sooo, those are the lessons from this week. What are YOUR questions about app building. What do you want to know most? Leave it in the comments!!

See you soon!



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