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Life's hard when you're a freelancer (and even if you're not)! The demands on you are overwhelming. Families needs, business needs, and taking care of your home are never-ending drains on your energy. I asked a dozen successful writers and writerpreneurs what they believe the keys are (or aren't) to balancing career, life and fitness are. Here's what they had to say! Enjoy!  


There's one more very important woman I'd like to add. She's a mom and a successful writer. This is what she had to say about balancing the demands of life and her career:

"I think the key is understanding that they're interrelated. They don't happen in separate compartments. Improve your fitness, you're more alert + productive at work. Improve your work, you're more confident in your life. Likewise, if you neglect one area or push yourself to burnout, that's going to drag down other parts of your life as well. So I think you have to hold a sense of the big picture and listen to what your gut is telling you about where you need to put your attention right now in order to cultivate an overall well-being."

Justine Musk


There you have it: everyone has a different idea of what balance means to them. What does it mean to you? Add your two cents in the comments and tell me what you think the keys to balance are!

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