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You're a busy, busy freelancer (or want to be) and you want to be able to get it all done. But it's hard. Really hard.

Managing your family, your own health and your business can be insanely daunting. But with the right tools and information, you can master it all. You can become the sane freelancer - handling all that's thrown at you and asking for more!

Fit Freelancer's Your Ace in the Hole

Whether you want to be able to cook, clean, do 100 pushups or write that SWEET sales letter, it can all be done - but only one way - by USING what you learn. I'll give you the inspiration, the motivation, and the knowledge you need, but you have to give it the energy it takes to follow through.

Consider this a 50-50 partnership. Ok, maybe not 50-50. More like a 70 - 30 partnership that can help you get as close to balance as you can.

Balance Isn't Perfection

While we can work together to get you past the point of survival into thrival (sorry - I've a bad habit of making up words - but I'll try not to let get out of control), the most important lesson in all of this is that balance isn't perfection. Balance is acceptance.

It's knowing what you're capable of and using it to your advantage.

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