Two Things Not To Miss in 2013 - If You're an Entrepreneur

Two Things for the Entrepreneur We look for the most innovative and cutting edge ways to make our businesses explode - and usually for free. We look for apps, diagnostic tools, and new trends. Searching for the easiest and cheapest way to get our work out there.

All we have to do is create it, tweet it and they will come. After all, Twitter tweets promise we'll earn our dreams and more - for nothing, right?

The problem is there is no easy or free way to spread the word or improve what we're doing. We spend months in research and development verifying the viability of our proposed products or services. Then, we spend months creating content we believe will change the life of our ideal customer.

Filled with anxiety and hope - we finally go live. But no one's sharing - if they're even reading. And it's upsetting to know that our hard work isn't received like we'd hoped it'd be.

So we stop creating. We stop generating ideas and moving forward. But the dream is still alive in us. It still yearns to be fleshed out and brought to life. Burning us from the inside because we know there's a need for what we have to offer.

But fear squelches that flame. Vulnerability isn't option - again.

Find Your Strength as an Entrepreneur

Now there are ways to find that courage again...despite past you can create and grow again.

This week, there are two major events happening that have the possibility of exploding your business dreams by giving you the tools to find the bravery you need to execute the ideas you have and to create the content your ideal customer is looking for.

A small word of warning for you, though.

These are NOT easy fixes you were looking for. They take work. They take patience. And you'll bleed, sweat and cry over them. But in the end, the words "it was worth it" will not even begin to describe what you've done. You will have, quite literally, transformed into a confident, more powerful entrepreneur who is ready to ship. Every. Day.

So, if you're not ready to analyze yourself, your methods, or who you are at your core, don't take these courses - they'll only be a waste of your money.

On the other hand, if you're ready to put yourself under a microscope and test your old ways against what you'll learn to find a new and empowered you that knows how to slide a reader down a page or push publish when you previously were scared to, then don't wait.

What's Happening

1. Damn Fine Words is finally open for the first course of the year.

2. Chris Brogan released an important and possibly life-changing ebook.

How will these events help you?

Damn Fine Words will teach you how to write to the right reader (because if you're not nailing it, they're not reading it...time wasted). You'll learn how to write quickly (so you don't have to waste more time than you should on content creation - or you could just hire me to do it for you:) ). And you'll learn the keys to tight content (so you can stop losing your reader halfway through your posts). All of this will guide you to creating content that matters and that's what sells. That's when you'll make more money. Warning: This course is very expensive. But consider one thing: What could you earn after you taking this course? Improving your sales comes at a price. But that price will come back to you quickly.

Even when you've learned how to write, you can't launch a business without the courage to step into your Uncomfortable Zone. And Chris Brogan will teach you that.

"It's Not About the Tights" is Chris Brogan's newly released ebook - designed to help readers put on their CAPEs. Without that, it's likely your business won't go far - if anywhere. Learn about confidence, acceptance, permission, and execution from his own experiences and how to develop them with his Action Tips inside. And get this, he already got a 5-star review from Seth Godin saying, "It won't take long to read, but it will take a very long time (years) to finish." Hello? Seth Godin - 5-star review...dreams coming true. :)

And it's a great side companion to the Brave New Year course that's taught hundreds of us how to have confidence, how to bridge where we are with where we want to be, and how to DO and DO big each day. The results will be nothing less than achieving goals and reaching dreams.

So if you're ready to be a winning entrepreneur in 2013, start now. Don't put off your success any longer.


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