Three Words: 2016



Since I don’t know when, Brogan’s inspired my Three Words. They’re what he taught us to use as guidance for the year. To help us become what we want to become.


I created vision boards around them. I posted them in places where they’d slap me. They - without a doubt - helped bring me to where I am.


Which is FAAAAAR from where I was a few years ago.


So. In the tradition of years past, here are my Three Words that will guide 2016:

Evolution Don Draper Muscle


I usually favor more dramatic shit. But I can’t think of anything not vulgar for two of them. LOL


Evolution – Self-explanatory. (Was going to go with Darwin, but there’s more power in “evolution” and I THINK you’ll see something special pop up here for that in a bit). So, I have and will continue to evolve who I am personally and professionally. Natural selection will weed out bad ideas and bad habits, leaving space for only success to breathe and breed. Want to join me? The door is open.


Don Draper – DUH. My goal, last year, was to get my foot in the door with agency work. And I did. But this year, is about escalating my creative strategist craft higher, still. I want to be THE GO-TO for copy and creative strategy (with a backlog of clients, 6-months deep).


Muscle – To finally appreciate my stocky and reactive body by giving it more of what it needs. To create more muscle in my business. To build my heart muscle. To muscle up my Thunda. To build my creative muscle 100 fold. Yeah. Muscle. And hustle.


Speaking of hustling, if you find yourself not yet ready to face the forefront of your biz? Let’s connect and make it happen (only three days left to snag a $99 Creative Targeting Session).


So tell me. What are your Three Words?