Three Ways to Magnetize Your Ideal Client

Plan for success | Tania Dakka“I need bios for my social media. Are you available? Go ahead and invoice me.” “I need a post. Are you available?”

“I need my site copy overhauled with some of your flair. Can you do it now?”

It’s that easy.

When you work with your ideal clients, they come to you waiting for the invoice so they can go ahead and pay you to get started on their project. Sounds unrealistic, doesn’t it?

It’s not.

When you work with people who love you and your style, they come to you ready to work, not ready to haggle and waste time. That’s just what happens when they want to hire you! And when you deliver, it’s roses and caviar, baby!

If you don’t have coaching clients lined up or projects in the waiting, then you haven’t attracted your ideal clients yet. No worries, though! You can.

And you will.

There are three things you need to know to magnetize them.

Your Style

I’m a hard hitter, not a “woo-woo” writer. So people that dig on me are not people that are easily taken in by “mystical love language”. Hey, I ADORE you, but I believe in tough love ;).

So what’s your style? Who’s going to love you? Who already loves you? How do your styles jive? What do they love about you?

Your Offering

You have to know your product inside and out. Yes, I know you know your craft, silly. But you need to know all the solutions your craft offers your clients.

Is it a better life? A better career? A better way to communicate with their own clients? No holding back when you nail these because you need to dig up all the benefits that your offering represents to all your potential clients.

Your Ideal Client: Wants, Desires, and Fears

Your ideal client needs you. It’s your job to make their dreams come true. Before we jump off the deep end, let’s not get crazy! Luckily the dreams they want you to realize for them aren’t dreams of grandeur. They’re dreams of a better way to communicate. Of a better way to run a business. Of a life less complicated. Whatever you can give them.

But you can’t fulfill those desires if you aren’t acutely aware of what they are.

So if you’re not planning on joining us at my party on Friday, then you’ll miss some easy to use tools that’ll help you identify those desires (among other things) and satisfy them.

Don’t know your ideal client yet? Or you do, but you don’t know how to uncover their needs?

Join me, Jon Mehlman of Hubspot, Shameer Shah of Business Banter, and Kristy Oustalet of The Creative Coach for a rockin’ time learning about your ideal client and how to play spy games to win :) Party starts at 10am EST on Google+!

Be sure to register through Eventbrite because even if you can’t make it live, I’ll still send you the tools to your inbox when the light’s have gone out. And, you’re going to LOVE these tools!

Thanks for reading! See you there!

T <3

PS Here’s the full lowdown of what registrants for the party walk away with:

  • 6 categories of shoppers
  • Their characteristics so you can identify your ideal’s best one and start offering him goodies that align with his goals
  • Where and how to find said characteristics so you don’t have to rely solely on awkward interviews
  • A tool to help you collect and organize your ideal’s mental info
  • A checklist to help keep your products stay in line with ideal’s goals so they actually want to buy them (the Product Architect)

Get over to Eventbrite to register and start making your life easier by dealing only with clients that love and adore you!