They Won’t Respond Without This in Your Copy

The reason they don’t respond to your posts and your blogs is because you don’t give them a reason to.

WHY is a Universal question that has to be evident in EVERYTHING.

It’s WHY that’s passion.

It’s WHY that sparks movement in your needles.

It’s WHY that moves their souls to action.

WHY should they read your post if they don’t see intrigue, fire, and THEIR WHY in your words?

Day in and day out in social, people are passing your posts by. The market is saturated with people screaming their messages. And yours doesn’t look any different. So they roll on past without a clue that you really are the money coach, success coach, or transformation coach they need.


Because they don’t see WHY you are different.

They don’t see WHY your solutions are better than the next.

They don’t see THEIR WHY riddled in your words.

How do you make the WHY work for you?

You make their WHY, YOUR WHY.

People read what I write and are like, WTF? How do you do that?

It’s because I understand their WHY and it goes front and center. My words, the blood on the pages, are not my blood. I mean, it is my blood, but it’s your blood I bled for you.

You have to look deep into their souls to give them what they are missing. You have to see past the dollar signs you want crowding your inbox. You have to look beyond your own WHY to show them the reflection they long to see staring back at them.

I’ve always said “Excellent copy makes the reader feel like THEY wrote it.” It’s not just blown up words that have no WHY behind them.


Because that WHY allows you to expose their deepest fears and their highest goals.

People don’t buy because you SAID you’re the best at what you do. They buy because they feel the emotion behind the words. Emotion comes from empathy, compassion, and FIRE.

Don’t sell them a new life.

Sell them on a life that allows them more time to see the world with their kids. Sell them on being the go-to in their industry. Sell them on calendars that are booked until next year, so that not another day is spent in regret because they didn’t have the time to see that little league game Josh wanted them to be there for.

People buy on emotion.

And WHY is one of the most powerful emotions you can bleed.

Understand them. Feel their pain and their desires, as well as you feel your own. Know them as well as you know your spouse or your kids.

When you understand them the way I do, writing to them becomes second nature. It’s the spark that grows into fire that consumes them. It’s what makes their fires for more, burn out of control.

And when that fire is out of control they line up for you. You get that waiting list you’re working for. You build that business that pushes you to the next level of business. They come at you with money in hand, ready…without a doubt, without a fight in their hearts.

They need you. They need you to walk them out of their darkness. They need you to be the you, that you know you are, so you can help them become who they know they can and want to be.

The Result of the WHY.

When they see the change that you make easy they don’t question your ability to work miracles with them.

They don’t question if Coach So-and-So is better than you are.

They don’t wonder if they are investing in the right coach for their business.


Want to make them feel what you know they have to feel? Hit me. Let’s talk about how we can create a Diamond Evolution for you that will set your gem apart from the rest of the Net, creating the backlog of clients you want in your pipeline.