The ROI of Good Copy vs. Emotional Copy

First let’s define a couple of things:
Copy - the art of selling via words. Thus making everything you write copy because your ultimate goal is to drive an action. Even if you’re just hanging out and talking about booze and bikes. Or whatever normal people talk about.

ROI - Return on Investment, but I know you knew that. Whatever money you put into your biz, you want to know the ROI of it. But. Guess what? Not all returns are monetary. Some are in the form of connections or followers or growth.

Disclaimer: ROI of copy needs many strategic conditions to be put in place. When we talk ROI today, it’s going to be in concept, not specifics, to express a point.

Couple = two. Let’s get started.  

  1. Good copy tells.

    “You will not believe your eyes when you can finally fit into that bikini on the beach this summer! Super slim helps you stop cravings, keeps your energy up, and burns calories.

    Get your 30 day supply here.”

    Blah. Boring. Overdone.

    Will it make money? Likely. Because there are still people out there who are at that breaking point and who want to fit into that bikini so bad, they’ll invest in anything to make it happen.

    Will it make as much money as it did 10 years ago? No. Because the market is flooded enough that there are a bajillion more options out there for people to choose from. And more factors now come into play: authority, credibility, “do you smell like a scam artist” are all more important now than they were when this kind of marketing hit the net.

    So. Can you make money on shitty copy? Yes. And on good copy. Can you make better money on better copy? Read on…

  2. Emotional copy sells.

    “Don’t spend another year hiding under your tee shirt while the kids play in the ocean without you because you just aren’t comfortable on the beach in that two piece that you wore three years ago.

    It’s time. This time is different because you have Super Slim to curb that 3pm breakdown snacking that negates all your morning success, to help you dig up the motivation to step on the treadmill before you sit down to work, and to help you burn up the calories when you do take it.

    This is your year. Super Slim will help you make it happen.”

    Will this make money? At least double (approx) what the last made (assuming marketing tactics are a control in this experiment).


Because emotion is what people need. Emotion digs beyond the superficial. Emotion speaks to the soul.

And if you sell anything, you need your products to speak to the souls of your would-be customers. Especially if you’re in an online service space because you now have approximately 900X the competition that was once online. And you have to rely on your ability to connect to the heart of the people you want most to work with.

Without the emotion, you’re leaving a roadblock between your ask and their yes.

How to speak to their emotions

By understanding their desires and their fears beyond the superficial, you give yourself the advantage of whispering into their souls.

That’s where their WHY comes in. And the majority of my client questionnaire questions asks that WHY. The WHY is the lead into everything they truly want.

They want a BMW over a 4Runner? WHY? They want to shop a Neiman Marcus over Saks? WHY? They would rather spend their Friday nights around a campfire with 2 of their closest friends that at a bar in Ibiza? WHY?

The psychographics that guides each and every one of your prospect’s decisions are the things that also lead you to writing the copy that guides them to the YES!

So. Know their WHY. Write emotional copy. Make more money. WHY? Because emotion is what drives higher sales.

And if you’re focused on your clients and don’t have time or the inclination to dig deep enough to write that emotion, I am happy to do it for you with the Black Diamond Copy promo - more than doubling your ROI on this particular package.

Grab four pages of copy (Home, About, Services, and a SALES PAGE) for the OBSCENE (and limited time) price of $699. WHY? Because I want you to win. And this is a powerful way to do it.