The Right Way to Use Facebook


Cutting out the noise isn't an option. It's survival.


Focus comes only from keeping your eyes on your own paper and building the shit you see that your tribe needs.


It comes from not being distracted by other people's successes or their numbers. Because, frankly, you don't have any idea about what's REALLY going on. They could be frauds (have seen many of those). Or they could have huge social numbers, but sell very little. The goal isn't to have what you see others have. The goal is to have a business that works for you.


Six thousand on Facebook, when only a handful are paying customers, does your Paypal account zero good.


Keep your eye lasered squarely on the reason you built your business and work the fuck out of it. Pull the trigger when you feel like you've struck on something your people need and will love. Then you do it again. And again. And again.


Learn everything you can about your ideal: Their secrets. Their desires. Their hopes and their (so far) unfulfilled dreams. Learn what makes them make the choices they make.


Do they want fame? Some people really are happy just knowing that everyone on Facebook knows their name. Or are they after the mighty dollar? They only want the comfort of knowing they don't have to sweat to buy the things they love. Do they simply want recognition from the world that they are, in fact, too sexy for their shirt? (What? You don't think that could be the case?) Do they buy so the neighbors will say, "Where the fuck did they get the money for that?" Or do they buy based on budget alone?


Don't waste your time in Facebook scanning useless content that won't drive your success.


USE that time to cultivate everything you need to know about your customers. Screw the newsfeed. Create a list of only the customers you love and watch them. As if you were watching for your favorite brand throw up a flash sale so you could loot it like you just finished throwing a molotov cocktail through the window. (Can't wait to see the remarketing after Google flags that in my searches.)


Don't waste your time reading blogs that don't serve you.


Guard every minute you have online with the knowledge that if you piss it're the one that's lost, not the clock.


And create like a mofo. After you've done all that heady research, make the things that make their mouths water.


Then, relentlessly put it and yourself out there.


Because if you don't? Someone else will reap the every ounce of goodness of the time you lost and the power you failed to create. And no, this isn't a competition. Especially if you're not in it to make their hearts beat for you, and you alone.