The Reason Your Facebook Ads Might Not Be Doing Well


“Damn, I need some sales!”

Immediately boosts post.

When in reality, if this biz owner would have taken the time to sit down and craft a well-thought out strategy that addressed the different stages of the customer’s journey, she would have done a shit ton better.


Because when content is thrown at the wall with little to no regard about the customer’s point of view or her place in her journey, the biz owner risks the reader not resonating with the copy.

Disclaimer: This post is simply to address a top level problem that many small businesses suffer when it comes to running ads. We will only address COPY, not the creative (graphics) or audience targets in this post.

What do I mean?

When a reader reads an ad for X product, but they don’t even know they NEED X product, they are not going to read the ad and say, “HEY! I NEED X!” They will scroll on through.

BUT, if you hit the reader with the emotions they feel that can lead them to realize they need X FIRST, THEN you talk about X, you stand a better chance.

What the FUCK does all this mean, Tania? I mean, MY GAHD!

It means:

  1. Your reader is being kept awake by a problem. It’s called the “Sleepless Night Syndrome”. What causes their sleepless nights?
    No money to pay bills, an unhappy marriage, not being enough for their family, etc.

  2. You need to write to whatever THAT is first so they will see their own faces in your words when they read them.

  3. THEN you offer solutions that create a connection and have them running to look for those solutions.

  4. Then you offer YOUR solution and the why YOU + testimonials, studies, proof, etc.

So, if you sit down to craft a structure like this FIRST and pull readers in at each stage, you will be able to stop with the last minute boosts of desperation.

In technical terms, when we talk about ads and funnels, last minute boosted posts are basically spaghetti thrown at the walls.

It’s trying to pull people into a funnel that they don’t know they need. And who’s going to let you do that?

They are suffering with problems (the top of the funnel), through research they find solutions (middle of funnel), and then they decide on a the right answer for them (bottom of funnel).

What a Funnel Looks Like


An example to flesh it out:

Let’s just use a simple example...because it’s butt ass early and I’ve only had three sips of coffee.

Problem: The reader cannot focus to make writing flow easily. She needs a solution because she’s DONE being stuck.

Ad: Alo Moves

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 5.11.14 AM.png

Note the copy addresses their class times only.

Her problem is not that she needs yoga, it’s that she can’t FOCUS (as she sees it and experiences it). Is she going to see this ad and say, “YES! THIS IS MY ANSWER!”

No. She’s not made the connection between a calmer mind and being able to gain focus.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 5.15.14 AM.png

While this ad at least addresses the stress, she still doesn’t see HER problem here.

IF Alo Moves wanted to go renegade and start collecting customers who are not “at this point” in their journey, they could begin creating content for ads that address different specific problems that yoga is the solution to.

But I suspect they are doing as well with what they have.

HOWEVER. If YOU need to grow your audience, you have to grow the content that you put out.

Address all levels of your customer’s journey in your content: The Problem (and yes, that means sitting down and addressing all the various situations that your customer might be struggling in that would lead them to you), the Solutions (offering different options and solutions - including yours), THE Solution (you, feedback and testimonials, compelling data, etc).

And then use them to generate ads that you can send out to different audiences, exposing not only your level of understanding of their struggle, but your expertise in the solution they are looking for...instead of just boosting bottom-level content when you think about it or need it most.

When you do this, you will likely see a greater impact with your ads on your bottom line.