The Pusher

The darkness falls.

I am there.

The light comes.

I am there.

When your soul cries to you, when it screams that there is better, there is more, there is something other than the dirt under your nails from clawing your way out of your own abyss.

I am there.

I got you.

No one will hurt you on my watch. No one will let you hit the ground when you are free-falling from your leap of faith.

But it’s so hard.

Your fear is so much stronger than you are.

And every day that you give into it? EVERY decision you make to do SOMETHING ELSE, instead of what you planned to do. Every time you say yes to your demons and not to your soul,

I am there.

I am the Pusher.

I push you beyond your demons. Not because I want you to ignore them. Mostly because you want what you want. And you deserve it. ALL>

But you also have tremendous fear that stops you from having it.

And I want to fuck that fear up for you.

But I can’t.

So I have to push you to do it with me.

In Fire of the Diamond, we fight every goddamn day. We fight the demons that want to keep us comfy. That want to keep us from possibly being rejected or seen as “less than” or as “not enough”.

These demons mean so well. I love that they love us so much that they want for us what others don’t give a shit about.


Fucker. Step to the side. I got shit to do.

So every single day, I go through the fucking mental work of telling him to sit the fuck down until later. Sometimes MULTIPLE times a day. He’s a persistent fuck.

He gets pissy because he wants what he wants. There’s just no time for it.

Think about the last time you told the demons to sit the fuck down. What happened?

You got some amazing fucking results, didn’t you? You scored a contract you didn’t think you’d get. You walked away from a life that was no longer serving you. You made money that you didn’t know you could make.

Because you took control of what’s rightfully yours...your mind.

So I show up in Fire of the Diamond every fucking day to push the Diamonds to be better than they were yesterday, to not fall for the songs the lonesome demons sing to them.

Former military.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve held titles like these. But it all comes down to the fact that I don’t like bullshit...even if you are serving it to yourself.

So I own my status as The Pusher.

You will never get where you want to go if you don’t give yourself permission to OWN what’s rightfully yours.

Want to be pushed? Ready to face the demons? Want someone to face them with you? Join us.