The one trick you need to learn TODAY to accomplish your goals

I've come to a isn't about knowing information, but FEELING it and feeling it is believing it.  And you have to believe something to accomplish it.

Gettier debated Plato's idea that belief and truth constitute knowledge saying that their intersection isn't enough.  While I am no epistemologist (student of knowledge science), I tend to lean toward his view in light of what I experienced this weekend. 


I've talked about how you have to internalize your intentions and so forth in order to make things happen.  Well, the other night, I felt something when I was trying to internalize my mama goals for the next day.  I noticed my internal tone.  I noticed my heart beat.  I noticed my gut feelings. 

I actually wrote down that I was going to "sit and eat with the kids" and that I was going to "be relaxed and not stress"  over who was playing instead of eating.  I wrote down "Stress Kills."  (Don't laugh...being Type A and a mama is HARD!)  :)

Guess what.  When I wrote every one of those words, I felt them move me inside.  And that next day, I was more calm.  I was relaxed when I sat and ate with them.  AND I got A lot done, even though I intended NOT to work that day. 

It was beautiful.  Just beautiful.

So I have decided that what we intend has to resonate within us in order for us to really internalize them.  They have to be perceived as beliefs. 

If you want to get things done and can't seem to, even though you plan and schedule,try this when you are planning for tomorrow's creative/work/family/personal goals (because you are planning ahead of time, right? :)). 

Write them down and feel them from your innards.  Say them with belief, not thoughts, that you will accomplish A,B,C,D,E,F :)  (Because we don't' stop at C, do we?)  When you believe that you are going to do what you need to will do it. 

I want to hear from you...what focus can you shift from knowledge to belief in order to help you become the best Creative Productive you can be?

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Photo Credit: via Stannered (Wikimedia Commons)

What you put in effects what you put out...productively and creatively speaking!