The ONE Thing that Fuels Profitable Copy

What you want to say is trapped inside. Being terrified to bleed means that the people who need you, can’t recognize you. 

I’ve asked in groups and I’ve done assessment after assessment and the one thing that comes to me is the coldness that so much copy is riddled with. 

Do they tell what you do? Yes. 
Do they let people know how you can work with them? Yes. 
Do they introduce your detailed background in hopes of connection? Way too much yes. 

But the one thing it doesn’t do is move the soul. 

When you sit to write your copy for your site, you look at it from an analytical standpoint. 

“What do they want to know?”
“How can they work with me?”
“I have to put my entire life’s story in my About so they can love me.” 


That’s not at all how you write copy. 

Profitable Copy Has To Have FIRE

Profitable copy MUST be written with passion. With fire. Whether that fire fuels comedy (there’s a ton of passion in being funny) or deep wisdom of the ages. 

It’s the passion, YOUR passion, that your readers are looking for. It’s your passion that makes you stand above the noise. 

There’s not a single person that’s you, besides you. Until you write copy. Then you’re just like the chick standing next to you in Google search. 

You can’t have that. You can’t ALLOW that. 

Accepting less that the cathartic bloodshed that reveals the depths of your soul and your deep passion for helping them is accepting that no one will read your words. 

This is the kind of reaction you want from the people you want to work with
Just read the FIRST DRAFT of the sales page Tania Dakka is writing for Real To Ideal and I'm practically in TEARS!
Not only did she speak from my soul in a truly authentic way, but she also reached deeply into the soul of my ideal client and spoke HER truth too!
Not a single exaggeration or embellishment of what I can deliver, not a single pain point manipulated or bullied. This sales page had me running for the Sign Up Now button even though it's my own program! ~Mollie Fagan

You want them to read your words and be MOVED. You can’t move them to the “Book Now” or “Buy” button, if you can’t move their emotions this way. 

So. Either learn to bleed or let someone bleed for you. Even if it’s not me. 

Because that’s where your money lies. In the bloodletting and the soul shedding.