The most liberating thing you can do

Why are you wearing that?

OMG you listen to that music all day long?

How can you drink bourbon before 8am?

No matter what you do, there will be people who don’t like you. They won’t subscribe to your ways and they’ll suggest you change.

And you can.

Then you can kiss it all goodbye.

Because NOTHING is worse than living for someone else’s dreams. Your purpose will dissipate before your eyes when you stop feeding your hopes and desires.

Your life will become one of emptiness and regret.

And your business?

Bitch, that shit won’t even EXIST anymore.

Your business IS YOU.

It’s your voice in a world waiting for you to show up and offer your gifts. Because believe it or not, you CAN help them.

But only if you’re willing to OWN WHO YOU ARE. Because THAT is the most liberating thing you can or will do. Ever.

You might not be bourbon-before-8am. You might not be Lamb of God and Tool. You may be ABBA and One Direction. You may be wine after 5pm.

Regardless, you have to own that shit. And LIVE it.

Being unabashedly you creates a resonance that your ideal clients and your customers cannot ignore. It allows you to speak with authority about the things that matter to your potential clients. Being unabashedly you allows you to own the credibility on which all businesses are successful. It allows you to post content easily and effortlessly because you know in your heart what they need to hear and you are no longer afraid to say it.

But you have to be willing to break down the walls of structure and authority that have told you your apple pie isn’t good enough, that you need more sugar in your recipe. You have let go of every fucking negative thing you’ve been taught to believe about yourself.

In the Art of Sass, you get to go through exercises of breaking through those voices that you hear in your head that aren’t yours.

You get to chip away at the you they’ve told you you have to be to become the you you were born to be.

Because when your Sass is all out there:

  1. Potential clients can’t help but adore you and will be ECSTATIC to work with you.

  2. Work flows in because you’re showing up out there in a way that makes you feel good, no more forced posts or misaligned connections.

  3. Money becomes the secondary reason you run your business, opening the door for even more of it to roll in.

Your Sass is YOU. And you are your sass.

Own it.

Own the fuck out of it.

If you doubt who you are, what your purpose is, or why you do what you do? Look inside. Are you owning your shit? Are you being true to the things that call you? Are you listening to your gut or your ego?

Listen. You know if something is off in your life or in your business. Listen and correct it.

Be ABBA. Be One Direction. Be Pink Floyd. Be whoever you are.

Because you are a fucking legend.