The key to your productivity

Love yourself into productivity. Sit no longer staring at the blank screen that mocks and torments.

Take the fear that and burn it.

You are great.

You are more than your fear.

Fear is a thief.

Don’t let it steal your love.

You love your craft…so rehabilitate that paralysis into a stronger, loving you.

A you that loves you enough to put your craft first.

A you that loves you enough to feed you the best.

A you that puts your all into whatever your art is.

You are the master…fear is your Rover.


When you listen to others, you listen compassionately.

Listen to you with that same compassion.

Release your fear and embrace you.

Your art(whatever it is...writing, music, accounting) deserves it.

When you treat you as well as you treat others, you light up your art in a way that you didn’t imagine.

You are your own master.

Own it.

Live it.

Love it.

Love you.

Top the charts.


What prevents you from making the most of your craft?  Drop me a line and let me know! 

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Photo Credit: Regi51 (Wikimedia Commons)