The Foundation of Your Greatest Work Starts Here

Lost in Facebook again. Sitting down to work, without doing the prep is exactly how shit gets fucked up. Whether it’s product design, package customization, or client meetings, if you don’t do the prep work beforehand, you’ve lost.

Either time, money, or traction. Or all three.

Because your brain isn’t ready, it takes time to dig in and find your sweet spot. So naturally you gravitate toward the things that you shouldn’t, like Facebook, email, and checking prices on massages.

Skipping the Pain

When a client comes to me and says, “I need a sales page” or “I need copy for my website”, they’re telling me two things: I haven’t been getting results and I need help.

So, I listen to the goals they have for their project. I listen to what they say about the work they’ve done and what they want to do for other people, then I think. And the flow is kicked off.

Because so many times, we want to skip the hard part. We want to put words on the page and say we’re done. And if you’re lucky, or freakishly over-qualified, you are.

But in most cases, it takes time. It takes reading, reading, and reading. It takes looking at patterns and analyzing them. It takes study. Before you ever pick up a pen to bleed a word or craft a growth strategy.

I’ve contributed copy to 5- and 6- figure launches. I’ve penned I have NO idea how many words (one day I want to calculate that) that people proudly display on their sites, I’ve taken syllables and turned them into currency.

But not without the pain of prep work.

We like to rush, but we don’t like the results of rushing.

So, if you have a project in front of you (and you have 9.876M other tasks to complete simultaneously) you have to decide what’s going to get your attention. Because if you don’t put 100% of YOU into the prep work? You’re not going to get 1000% return on your effort.

How to Create Flow

Walk up to your project with your goal in mind. Know EXACTLY what you want to accomplish. (I, for example, recently penned Facebook posts for a client who requested I write words that will bring $10K clients, so I started with that in mind: “I want $10K women to see these words and need what’s at the end of them.”)

Then, ask yourself, HOW. How will you bring in those high-end clients with the work you’re doing? What do those clients think of themselves? What do they struggle with? What do they want MOST from this life that you can give them?

Here’s the rub: What you think the answer is? Is rarely the answer. It’s a stepping stone to it. But you’ll never uncover what it truly is...without prep work.

Learn EVERYTHING. Leave nothing uncovered when it comes to yourself and the people you want to work with. Read what your clients write on Facebook. I’m not talking light reading. I’m talking “I’m going to fucking fail this exam if I don’t soak this shit up” kind of reading.

Watch their Youtube channel. Scour their Pinterest pins. Look for dots you can connect.

Then step waaaay away from them. Because THOSE are the sneaky bitches that YOU don’t want to see. You have to dig deeper.

What comes naturally to your mind, is rarely the key to doing the hocus pocus and making words become money.

You want creative? You HAVE to do the prep work.

Research, unearth, connect, disconnect, reconnect, pen.

Then edit, edit, edit.

Then edit some more.

Then question yourself. Question your results. Question your sanity. Scream, cry, evolve.

And publish.

Cash in. Because you did the prep work.

And if you don’t want or CAN’T because you need to do everything else, hit me. I LOVE the pain of bleeding over clients’ goals. And I LOVE the results they get from it.