The Difference Between You and GaryVee

Here’s the thing. I’ve been doing something wrong. It’s been paying off, but I don’t think it’s the end of the song. There’s more. There’s another stanza, another verse. It’s a hugely important one.

It’s the crescendo on which your entire career is built on: The foundation of who we are.

Are you the one trolling Facebook all day, reading boring post, after boring post, trying to figure out what YOU should be doing? I was.

Are you the one asking question your ideal client doesn’t even know the answer to? No, I’m not doing that one.

Are you the entrepreneur spending more time on people doing the same shit YOU are, instead of spending time on people who are doing what you WANT to do? Well, I WAS.

Because if you’re her (us??)?


You will get NOWHERE reading the posts of people on the same level as you.

You will get NOWHERE reading the posts of (Damn it)

Now I’m not saying DON’T read them. I’m saying don’t spend inordinate amounts of time on them.

GaryVee actively creates shit from the time he opens his goddamn eyes until the time he closes them. He uses Twitter as a listening platform. And he isn’t reading your posts.

The difference between you and GaryVee?

You’re reading your Facebook feed and not creating the shit that is going to change the world.

Now, it’s not entirely your fault.

There’s a gear that, in your mind, you’re missing (but you’re really not). And that’s the gear that says, “I KNOW this”.

You have to know your industry inside and fucking out, in order to be able to own it. You have to know yourself. And the people who are struggling with the things you can fix.

And you have to have GODDAMN CONFIDENCE that you are a fucking Baller. That they need you.

That’s the gear you need engaged.

If you think “Oh, so-and-so does it better”, “so-and-so has already done it”...


You are you. And when you own that, it doesn’t matter what the fuck they do. It only matters that YOU do what you do.

Steps to Owning You

  1. Lists or Unfollow. You feel you need to accept every friend request you’re sent, fine. You think it makes you look more credible. Accept them. But either unfollow them (if you don’t feel you truly jive) or bulk them together in a list to keep your newsfeed clear of amateurs.
  2. Practice owning who you are - 110%. Practice letting shit slide off your back as soon as it hits your ears. Practice NOT reading everyone else’s shit. Practice acting like you’ve been at the top of your industry for YEARS.
  3. Fill your social feed with people who are doing what you want to do. And WORK to get there. Don’t sift through mindless bullshit. Your mind will become bullshit. Keep yourself focused on where you want to go and make it happen.

When you catch yourself reading other people’s drivel, stop. If you’re reading people above where you want to BUT...implement what feels good and what feels like it will work for you.

And hire people to help you do what you don’t understand. Because you can’t be the best fucking coach in the world, if you’re busy studying how to launch or whatever. Focus on YOU. Focus on helping them.

Want to OWN your place? Join the Diamond Bitch Club. Or join me at the Ink Bar. Either way? You is a fucking ROCKSTAR.