The Deets You Don’t Want to Ignore Next Year

What is your industry’s open rate?

Most industries are somewhere between 19-24%. But there are exceptions, of course. What’s yours?

What is your industry’s average click-thru rate?

Most industries are somewhere between 2-7%, with the occasional exception, of course. What’s yours?

What subject lines does your audience open most? you know what your highest opened subject line is? What’s next? And then after that? Those three give you a great idea of the voice, tone, and type of content your readers are highly interested in.

Are you tweaking said subject lines with each week’s send?

Are you SENDING weekly, at least?

93% of companies don’t even utilize an email marketing campaign, so they send when they feel like it...which is usually when there’s a sale.

What length emails do you send?

Do you know that the length affects click-thru since over 50% of emails are read on mobile? Have you studied your audience’s habits and tweaked?

Did you know that you have a potentially larger audience in email than you have in social, if you write the right subject lines and content? It’s true, especially given the increasingly restricted algorithms.

Did you know that you can make a living off that “potentially larger” audience (even if it’s small!) if you’re listening to them?

Email marketing is the main line to your audience

Email marketing is the main vein running between you and your potential clients. But most businesses shove it to the side because it doesn’t FEEL like a profitable line, since they aren’t getting the results they want from their lists.

The problem isn’t the outlet.

The problem is the way the outlet is used.

Optimized subject lines matter. Length of emails matter. But more than that? The CONTENT matters. The voice matters. The angle matters. The COPY is the lifeblood of your email marketing.

If you do know what your industry’s averages are and your business is running well below it, tweak what you are doing.

If you know your audience well enough and you have the right tools in place, your business stands to earn $44 per $1 spent on email marketing (Wordstream). But it’s more likely that you’re one of the 93% of small businesses that aren’t even utilizing it.

Dude. I fucking love email. I will send every day. Most weeks. And I get responses and replies (very hilarious ones, too!) because my audience is ready for me to jump in and educate/entertain them.

As a result, when I post programs and offers, I get opens, click-thrus, then buys. That’s how you optimize for a list under 10,000.

If you think you can’t make money on a small list, you’re 100% WRONG.

Either fix your email marketing. Or let me do it for you.

Kick ass!
Tania Dakka