The Cure for the Solopreneur

Consider the duties of the “solopreneur”:

Market your business - create content, network with others, create ads, run ads, create and setup webinars or telesummits,

Run your business - run and keep track of the numbers, emails, website maintenance,

Retain customers - sending thank yous, creating special content,

Feed the business - money or ideas or time

It’s a painstaking process when you’re going it alone.

Let’s break down a “typical”, ahem, day

Get up
Check email
Find fire
Work for an hour to put out said fire
Get an idea
Create the content for that idea
Take the idea to market to get feedback
Find the idea flops
Get another idea
Have to put said idea on site
Go into WordPress (because you’re still behind on the times and not using Squarespace yet)
Stay locked in loops of fixing shiz that you broke and can’t repair
Post about new idea in social
Make a video
Video needs editing
Create a blog
Find the right image and tags for image
Upload the blog
Create an email
Format and upload email to ESP
Schedule email to go out

And you haven’t even touched your analytics or anything else - and this is more like three days of work, not one.

That’s not half the stuff you have to do! Alone :(

Because you know...if you WANT support, you can have it. It’s not as out of reach as you think.

Find a VA. Find a mentor. Find a support group.

A good support group can mean the difference between flailing and flying. Because when you find a place that nurtures your soul as much as it nurtures your business, you cannot help but win.

Victory is inevitable

The right support group will:

  • Put your head in the right place when you can’t because there are days when you have no idea what you should be doing next

  • Take your hand and show you the way to find YOUR way (not some big head’s path that doesn’t fit you), especially on the days when you can’t see which way to go

  • Give you the tools to grow 3 - 4 times faster than on your own because you have leaders in your corner who have done what you want to do with your business

  • Free up the peace and calm in your mind that you need to focus on your growth and expansion

This is exactly the goal with Fire of the Diamond. And our active members are growing every day.

If you’re looking for a support group that will create space and peace for you and will nurture your growth with the tools and guidance you need to succeed faster than you would on your own, I highly suggest our home and open the door for you :)

In fact, we’re running a Taste of the Fire to help you see if this is the right space for you. For 7 days, you can get access to Fire of the Diamond for $7. Bring a piece of copy that you really need to fix and get feedback on it, take a look around and swipe our docs and files, get access to our Happy Hours where we jam on questions and creating success. You get unencumbered access to the one space that will ignite your own fire.

411: If you decide to leave after the door closes, all you have to do is cancel your subscription via your PayPal. You’ll not be charged another dime. But should you love it there as much as I know you will, after that 7th day, you’ll automatically be billed $49 a month thereafter. (Pennies considering the copy work that you have access to now!)

Come on in! The door is open!