The Badass’D: Who the hell are we?

Tania Dakka | Badass'D Biz+Ink

The Badass’D: Who the hell are we?

There’s some discord among the naysayers. And I want to take this chance to make clear just who the fuck we are.



The Badass’D are:

The headstrong. The tenacious. The last-laughers. We are the ones who don’t know the meaning of the word quit (unless it’s our last resort). We are the ruckus-makers, the mischief-makers, the disruptors. The ones who look at those who say we can't and say, "Fuck you. Watch me."


We’re the ones who don’t listen to others’ opinions of us. We’re the ones who pursue what we love until the last breath of life has left our bodies. We are the entrepreneurs who build their dreams, regardless of what other’s think is conceivable (what are they doing right now, anyway?). We don’t let a little thing like life knock us off our feet...for very long.


We’re the lovers. The dissidents. The passionate. The fighters.


We fight for what we need and what we want until there’s no fight left in us. But, we don’t go picking fights with the innocent. We don’t go around showing our asses just because. That would make us Assholes, not Badass'D.


And if provoked? Well. Don’t think that if we walk away it’s because we’re weak or soft. Know we walked away because it was the right thing to do. At the time. And watch your back. Because when we come back? There will be a world of confidence and power behind us. 


We are students of Sun-Tzu. We understand the importance of strategy, timing, and execution. When our dreams are threatened, we retaliate. With a vengeance. When the time is right.



But if you stand by us, you’ll be forever rewarded with an ally you want need by your side.


The Badass’D are not bullies. We are not punch-throwers. We are mentally tough. We are mentally resilient. We are the believers in ourselves. We are the believers in our ability to create our own destiny.


Because when it comes down to it? The Badass’D are the people who are smart enough to make the decisions that are good for their businesses and powerful enough to make them happen. Join us.