That’s What You Get for Being You

Tania DakkaYour sass isn’t suitable for business. Bullshit. Your sass is what your business NEEDS. Because your SASS is YOU. Whether you’re a snarky, cheery-obnoxious bitch or an “ehrmehgahd” soccer mom who doesn’t DARE say a -gasp- swear word, that is what your business needs.

Your clients won’t like if you say “fuck”, but you love to say “fuck”, then they aren’t your fucking ideals.

They won’t like it if you are snarky and sharp-witted. That’s because intelligence is wasted on them and they aren’t your ideal clients.

They want you to smile and shit rainbows, and you can because you’re Susie Sunfuckingshine. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! You’ve met your match.

You cannot tolerate working with people who don’t get your brand of humor. You cannot tolerate working with people who are too rigid in their systems. You cannot tolerate a micro-managing client.


The beauty of being you? Is that YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHO THE FUCK YOU WORK WITH.

Use Their Language

You want those ideals lining up and drooling at the thought of working with you? Then you have to use their language.

No, that does NOT mean you say the words they want to hear and alter who you are. That means that you use the language that expresses their exact problems and the solutions they think they need to catch their attention.

If Jane sucks at seeing past her own brokenness to be able to manifest the bazillion dollars she wants. Then you say, “That bazillion you’ve been awake for weeks trying to earn via your Facebook group is exactly two meditation sessions away.”

Shit! Jane just spat her tea. Because you knew what amount of money she’s been fighting to earn AND you told her that it’s only a matter of sitting still twice to earn it.

You is a rockstah! And Jane? She loves you. And is feeling this bazillion knocking on her Paypal account already.

You’re welcome.

But had you NOT been you in all your unfiltered glory (because damn, isn’t life supposed to be filtered??), Jane would have stepped on by.

She would not have felt how unabashedly real you are and she would have never made that connection. Even if you HAD used the words she’s been fighting with herself over.

And Why the Fuck CAN’T You Be YOU?

Because you’re busy listening to the voices in the back of your head saying, “Oh, wait...scratch that.”

One person saw my videos and commented, “I just saw your Power Shot. Excellent mother. You’re going to be an excellent role model.”

Had I given a fuck, I would have given pause to that and said, you know what? He’s right. I better rethink my swearing.


I don’t.

Why? Because I’m confident in my ability to raise them in a way that a truckload of fucks isn’t going to negatively affect them.

Did you catch that?

What was the keyword?

Confident. Con. Fi. DENT.

Know yourself and it doesn’t make a fucking difference what others think of you. And when you do? You can be YOU. That’s when you get paid.

How do you get confident?

WELLLL. That’s a topic of a book I have coming out soon.

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