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Habits and Goals

We are, by nature, creatures of habit 

Not necessarily good ones, either.  I have, inadvertently, spent the last month transforming my chaos into cosmos by killing some old Monsters that I hope are gone for good.  These old monster habits have kept me from moving forward in my goals. 

The new Friends (Helpful Habits) that are replacing said Monsters are poised to take over.  One of those new Friends is nutrition.  This month, my junk food intake has been almost wiped out and my thinking is all the clearer for it.  My whole food intake has tripled and my waist is happier for that, too. 

These are just a few of the new Friends I have made this month.  We can systematically eliminate the Monsters that hide in our Minds by marking them and taking them out one by one. 

We all have habits that hinder us or help us.  By looking at our thinking and our actions, we can pinpoint the things that we do that work against our goals.  Choose the one that is most detrimental and for one month…ATTACK!!

Attack with a vengeance

Order your cosmos one habit at a time by developing a Counter-Habit in order to eliminate your targeted Monster.  Language is important.  Instead of trying to get rid of an old habit, try to REPLACE it.  Use whatever means you need to remind yourself that you want to do B instead of A.  As opposed to stop doing A.  Sticky notes, intention setting, journaling are all excellent means to help you focus.

The following month, B will be habit and you can move on to the next Monster on your blacklist.  One by one, you will accomplish your goals and Order your Cosmos. 

What Monster on your list do you need to take out first?  What Counter-Habit will replace it?  What steps will help you transform you chaos into your cosmos?

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