Your Voice Pisses Me Off

Your voice pisses me off.Rockstar singing girl voice Because it’s not YOU. You are full of fire and personality, or you wouldn’t be an entrepreneur. You have pizzazz and style. You have thoughts, ideas, dreams...so why are you hiding behind STERILE copy, snooze-worthy Facebook posts or common words that don’t fit you OR the brand you know you could be.

Ball-Buster women are hiding their true voice because not everybody “gets” them, not everybody reacts well to them.

Fuck them.

Little Miss Sunshines are hiding their glorious giddiness for the same reason: Because not everybody LIKES a Little Miss Sunshine.

Fuck them.

What if Ben & Jerry had said, “Let’s contain our idiotic ideas because not everyone will ‘get’ our jokes?” Think about that for a sec.

What if Express had said, “Let’s just tone down our lux so everyone will like our brand”? You’d be buying at Dillard’s.

What if Victoria’s Secret had said, “Let’s just not spread half naked woman across our windows and the pages of our catalog”? Would you still buy from them?

No. You buy Ben & Jerry’s, not only because that shit is pure sin in a cup, but because they paint their personality all over what they create. You buy Express because you deserve to feel luxurious, even on a casual day. You buy Victoria’s Secret because you want to feel sexy.

And what makes you feel these things? Their brands. Their marketing. Their messages. Which are chock FULL of personality and WOW.

So why are you stifling yours? Because you want to appease to no-matter-fucks who aren’t going to buy from you anyway?

Because you don’t know how?

Because you want everyone to like you?

Your branding, your marketing IS your voice, with YOUR attitude (regardless if you’re balls-to-the-wall or sun on a cloudy day), with YOUR take on the world, whispers secretly into the hearts of the customers who want to throw their money at you.

It speaks utterances of love and passion that only YOUR voice can.

You want them to love you? Be YOU. Use YOUR voice. Let the souls who need you and your products find you. And stop trying to please them all.

The entrepreneur who doesn’t whittle away at the masses, doesn’t find massive success.

How to Find Your Voice

To find your brand and your message...your voice...you need to artfully chip away at your preconceptions about what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Because everything is acceptable. You are you. Find it in your words.

Write a letter to your best friend. Read it, out loud, back to yourself. And listen for the inflections in your tones.

Never write copy as though you’re writing for a business. You write it as if you’re writing for a lover.

Write shit drafts. And edit the fuck out of them.

Let a friend or family member who knows you read your words and see if they rep you.

Practice. Practice. Practice. Or let me take the ten-ton mountain off your head.

Don’t be shy, use YOUR voice...it’s a gorgeous one.

Waiting for the Right Voice = Fail

Tania Dakka | Copy FiendI failed. So far, this year, I’ve dropped the ball on every fitness goal I’d set for myself.

Mostly because I've been waiting. Waiting for a voice to say, “Tania, you CAN do this.” Or “Tania, let me help you do this.”

I was waiting for a hand-holder, a cheerleader. Only I didn't realize it – until I had been asked what I was waiting for in Chris Brogan's newsletter this morning. (If you don't get it, don't. Unless you like reading that prompts action. All gold.)

One of the reasons we fail was just painted on the wall in bright red lipstick. And as much as I love red lipstick, seeing my failure for what it was wasn't so pleasant.

It's all in the voice

We give a lot of credence to the voices around us. Too much, maybe.

And we've been lucky enough to have some amazing voices in our Brave group to help push us farther, faster. Because of the voices heard in that community everyday, we're pushed to action. Because of them, we do and we achieve. We hold each others’ hands and cheer.

Accomplishing was easy. We listened to the voices. Did the work. Got the results.

But I listened only with my business goals. Not my fitness goals.

Have you ever failed?

Have you ever set goals and watched yourself fail because you didn’t see them through?

It’s embarrassing.

Were you waiting on a voice to tell you that you could or should do something? Were you waiting to hear a chorus of “Yes!” and “That’s a great idea!”

When we have cheerleaders, it's easy to be Brave. When we’re alone, it’s a different story. The tones become more ominous and prominent. Our challenges get bigger.

Maybe bigger than we think we are.

But those nasty voices telling us, “There’s no use” or “Don’t try. It’s already been done” are the most hideous voices of all – our own.

What if...?

What if you stop waiting for the right voice? What if you stop waiting for your cheerleader, consultant or whoever to tell you you can?

Would you sit still – paralyzed and unsure of what you're next move should be?

I bet not. The flames of your dreams would still lap at the inside of your belly making sitting still not really an option. Not for you. You burn to succeed. You can taste it every day.

So that means you have to stop waiting for the right voice.

And write your own cheers. Ones that say, "Yes, I can." And, "Yes, I will." That say, "Forget how hard it looks, you got this." That "You are the man!"

This isn’t going to be so easy because you’ve likely spent many years telling yourself you shouldn’t listen to you or your own ideas. That they aren’t really that good. Or that you’re not CopyBlogger or Jon Morrow, so don't try.

The truth is you’re not those guys. You’re you. And there’s a whole sea of people waiting to hear what you have to say.

Repeat after me: “I can do this.”

Now, put your head down and push through the voices that tell you otherwise.


Thanks for hanging with me today, I appreciate your time. Now, jump in the comments and tell me what you're going to do to start listening to your own voice.


Photo Credit: [auro] via Compfight cc