11 Badass'D Tools of the Trade

Badass'D tools | TaniaDakkaMaking your time online count is imperative. You’re a busy entrepreneur with LOADS on your head. You’re overbooked on courses and coaches. You’ve got client proposals to make. You've got content to create. Copy to write. Design to concoct. Marketing to conduct.

It’s enough to make your head spin, if you don’t have systems and tools in place to help you get it all done.

If you hang out with me on Facebook, you know I’m up butt-ass early (yes, butt-ass is a word, look it up ;) ), hustling. That’s the crux of my system. But the second part of a system that works is a toolbox full of tools that work for your biz.

So, I’d thought I’d share the tools that make Badass’D Biz+Ink run a little smoother so you can take advantage of them, too. Note: Assume that the links in this post are affiliates, not all are, but none of them cost you extra to use.

1. Powered by MailChimp: You have to have a list, even if you don’t know what you’re going to use it for. Start collecting addresses because these peeps will become valuable parts of your community (Hi Jason!).

2. Trello: I could not function without this. Most people will tell you Basecamp, but I’m in love with the little cards that I can shift from place to place and mark with priorities and assign to other parts of the team.

3. Google Docs: OMG. I didn’t realize how valuable Google Docs was until I got tired of DropBox crapping out all the time. Thank you, Google. Everything is organized, marked up, and shared so easily.

4. Spotify: TOTALLY not kidding. Chad Gray keeps me company in the wee hours when I’m digging in and looking for creativity and inspiration.

5. All of Chris Brogan’s courses: A year ago, I was struggling to get noticed and get clients coming in. Now, gratefully, my docket is full. It all started with the Brave program, then Mastering the Digital Channel changed the game by bringing me a focus to my online marketing efforts. Now, I’m working my way through BTMC for a more effective blog (finally!! whew!) and OMFG is keeping me on my toes with DAILY (yes…daily!) guidance from a business master. I honestly can say every one of Chris Brogan’s courses have changed the face of my business in some magical way.

But, the best part of all of the them are the communities and networks that come with them. We're constantly pushing and helping each other to be better, to do more. LOVE it!

6. Small Business Bodyguard: This is a great resource for templates for contracts, disclosures, and a step-by-step plan for getting legal. And saving thousands in taxes doesn’t hurt, either :).

7. Adobe Photoshop Illustrator: It’s like Photoshop for Hobbyists and saves me loads on creating headers, banners, and editing images for shareables like this:

Badass'D Biz+Ink | Tania Dakka

8. Brandgasm: The course that taught me how to freakin’ USE Adobe Illustrator. :) I ADORE our Brandgasm community where we work hard to support each other with feedback on copy and design attempts, a must have for solopreneurs trying to make it on a bootstrap budget.

9. Pixabay: While we're talking photos, etc. Pixabay's a great place to get quality images like the world you see above and most of the ones on Badass'D. :)

10. Rapportive: I ADORE seeing the person’s face I’m emailing to the right of the email. Rapportive is like a social screenshot of your client/customer right in your inbox.

11. Signals: Know when your email is opened. Sent an invoice, but didn't get paid yet? Know if they've even opened your email before you approach them about it.

That's it for my major players, but there are certainly more, especially if you want to include apps!

What tools have I missed here? What do you use that YOU can’t live without? Tell me in the comments :)